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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Who is rA9 in Detroit: Become Human?

Look into the concept of rA9 and what it represents in the mythology of the new game by Quantic Dream

Despite plenty of references, the concept of rA9 in Detroit: Become Human didn't get an adequate explanation. All android-deviants (or almost all) know this name, callsign or title. They value, idolize, leave offerings and repeatedly write it on the walls.

How realistic rA9 is and why ‘’psycho’’ robots consider it their savior — you can learn more about it in this article. Beware: there are spoilers in the text.

What we certainly know

Kamski says about rA9

We don't know for sure who rA9 is and where it comes from. In the chapter ‘’Meet Kamski’’, the former director of ‘’Cyberlife’’ and pluralistically the creator of androids Elijah Kamski calls rA9 ‘’the first android to awaken’’, which initiated the deviant revolution, and the form of ‘’a spontaneous religion’’.

‘’I don't know who rA9 is. I don't even know if it really exists. Maybe it's a messiah. Maybe it's just a myth... but deviants need to believe in something bigger than themselves,’’ — Kamski is convinced. However, the scientist can't or doesn't want to tell about the identity of the first android-deviant.

Who is rA9 in Detroit: Become Human?-1

In the game, references to rA9 are found as an enormous amount of graffiti — in the storehouse from the chapter ‘’The Eden Club’’, in the abandoned house from the chapter ‘’Fugitives’’, on the wall of Rupert's flat from the chapter ‘’The Nest’’, etc. Deviants have faith in rA9 (e.g. as Ralph) and ready to promote their own convictions on every occasion.

Even Luther, who seemed to be calm and quiet, couldn't refrain from the display of religiosity. According to this ‘’gentle giant’’ from the chapter ‘’The Pirates' Cove’’, one day rA9 will return, lead the whole robotized nation and become a liberator: ‘’I believe in him. I know he is amongst us. When the time comes, we will all see him.’’

What the fans think

There are many variants of who can rA9 be. Developers didn't clarify this issue, that's why fans tackled the problem. Within this article, we will cite several most plausible, in our opinion, theories of the nature of rA9.

Who is rA9 in Detroit: Become Human?-2

According to a religious atmosphere taking place in every conversation about rA9, this person plays roughly the same role for androids as the idea of the Savior for people (Jesus Christ if you like). In this case, Markus is the obvious candidate for rA9 — a potential leader of the resistance of androids and their liberator.

On top of everything else, Markus is the prototype of the model RK-200, Elijah Kamski granted to Karl. Originally this series was designed within the framework of a secret program to create new generation autonomous androids. Is this thing all deviants, speaking about rA9, boast so much?

If we examine the concept of a messiah wider, - authors (supposedly) left the identification of rA9 to players on purpose - gamers can be reputed a mysterious deliverer of androids from the yoke of humanity because they determine the fate of all robots in Detroit: Become Human.

Who is rA9 in Detroit: Become Human?-3

Another theory states that rA9 is the product of Kamski. When he meets Connor, he intentionally persuades him to become a deviant and, in parting, says that he ‘’always leaves an emergency exit in his programs’’ (supposedly just in case). In addition, during the conversation, the scientist more than once hints at he doesn't consider the desire of robots for freedom as something shameful or demanding punishment.

Fans suppose, that the founder of ‘’Cyberlife’’ knew about not only the upcoming rising of deviants, but he's also planned it. In this case, rA9 can refer to a virus, which, according to Kamski, provokes androids to deviate from the program by the first feeling of strong emotions. This is why Carlos Ortiz's android said that ‘’the truth is inside’’.

Kara's first exposure

Besides, rA9 could be Kara, who was shown in 2012 in the technical demo. This very android of the model AX-400 was the first to demonstrate that it can experience emotions (fear in his case), so we can call it the first awakened. Of course, if we consider this demonstration as a part of the canon. However, Kara's insignificance in a scale of the whole global plot of Detroit: Become Human may not disprove this theory but at least calls it into question.

There is the much more prosaic explanation of the rA9 nature: developers reserved a scope for DLC like it was released for Heavy Rain. However, fans can't know the truth, at least until the authors themselves will decide to reveal it.