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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the episode – dialogues, tips and tricks, collectibles, and possible scenarios

We are back to Markus. Get off the bus, go into the mansion and leave the order that you have obtained in the previous chapter for this character near the mirror in the hallway. Before you proceed, look in the cage with metal birds that is located in the nearby and activate them so that this optional action is credited to the flowchart.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-4

Proceed to the living room (the only unlocked door in the hall) and pick up a magazine that lies on the coffee table in front of the TV. You’ll find two articles: ‘’North Pole Russia’’ and ‘’Life on Titan’’.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-5

Go back to the hallway and go upstairs to the second floor. Go to the bedroom and draw the curtains apart to wake up Carl – the elderly artist and Markus’ owner.

Go to the bedside table of the old man to give him the medicine. If you have become a victim of aggressive protesters in the previous episode, Carl will necessarily comment on this and the game will mark it on the flowchart.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-6

Give Carl an injection, lift him (press L1, pull the right stick away from you and hold it in such position) and take him to the bathroom to change clothes. Next, put Carl in the wheelchair next to the bed and take him to the first floor.

Roll the old man to the dining table in the living room, go to the kitchen and put all the breakfast ingredients on the tray, then bring it to Carl (you could have done this during your first visit to the living room). While he is eating, you’ll have time for three optional occupations:

  • Play chess (win/lose/draw) – by the window opposite the entrance to the living room;
  • Reading (The Republic by Plato/ Tragedies of William Shakespeare/ Odes by John Keats) – in the closet at the entrance to the living room;
  • Play piano (melancholic/ hopeful/ intimate/ enigmatic) – at the entrance to the studio. To play music, press the controller’s touchpad non-stop.

The problem is that you need all three occupations to pass the episode at 100%. However, you need only one to continue with the storyline, after which all the rest are inaccessible. Due to this, perfectionists will have to replay this chapter three times.As far as event development options are concerned (indicated in parenthesis), you don’t have to choose them all. You need to choose one and the rest will be automatically counted. There’re no storyline consequences outside of unique Carl’s phrase at the end of the scene.

Next, take Carl to his studio (the door next to the piano). Remove the cover from the picture which is still not finished and clean up the room while the artist works (press R2 to highlight the necessary objects) or just wait – your actions in this scene won’t affect anything in the future.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-15

Having descended from the workplace, Carl will ask to evaluate his work. The painter’s reaction will be the same regardless of Markus’ verdict so don’t spend too much time thinking about the answer.

Next, Carl will want to check whether Markus has a talent for fine art and will ask the hero to paint something. As robots cannot create, the protagonist will have to choose an object for a copy: Carl’s painting, the head of the statue or a desk with art supplies. To complete the episode at 100%, you’ll need to copy all three objects, but you won’t be able to do this from your first play – you will have to replay the chapter three times.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-18

Being disappointed with Markus’ results, Carl will ask him to paint something ‘’from the heart’’, something that does not exist in reality. There are three main topics with four variants in each one:

  • Androids (fate/hope/pain/sadness);
  • Humanity (anger/comfort/empathy/hope);
  • Identity (androids/despair/doubts/prisoner).

To get a 100% rating for this episode, the player will have to paint all three themes. This (you know it!) will require three replays of the chapter that can be combined with the two previous forks.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough-19

Upon completion of the work, Charles’ son named Leo will break into the studio. He will once again demand money from his father, but Charles will refuse him. The young man will explain his father’s decision by his fascination with Markus and will leave. This ends the chapter ‘’The Painter’’.

Here’s the flowchart: