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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Time to Decide Walkthrough

Getting Markus to know the dwellers of ‘’Jericho’’ and establishing new relationship

Detroit: Become Human Time to Decide Walkthrough-1

Last time, we left Markus in the company of androids on board the ‘’Jericho’’ – the abandoned cargo ship. Since then, the hero has not disappeared and waits for the player to ask the ‘’sailors’’ his questions. It does not matter which questions you choose as they won’t impact that attitude of ‘’crew members’’ towards the protagonist.

After the end of the conversation, you’ll be offered to look around in the hold and visit Lucy. Let’s start with the first task by using R2 to highlight interesting objects and androids.

Talk to North and Josh, two minor characters. Markus will slightly improve the relationship with them by initiating the dialogue. During the conversation with North, don’t choose the option ‘’You’’ or you’ll spoil the relationship with her.

You can also find two talkative androids which are close to ‘’death’’ on different ends of the hold. Listen to what they have to say and move on. Next, fire up the barrels with firewood to activate the corresponding element in the flowchart and create a place for communication of more shy androids.

Next, go to Lucy, the local healer. The entrance to the ‘’tent’’ is illuminated by the light from the fire inside. Follow the healer’s instructions to heal your wounds and fill the Thirium stock in your ‘’body’’. After this session of traditional medicine, go into the hold and inspect the Cyberlife containers on the opposite side.

Detroit: Become Human Time to Decide Walkthrough-9

The analysis of boxes will help you find the address of the company’s warehouse where android spare parts are stored. Tell Simon, the unofficial leader of local androids, about your idea. Markus’ proposal will positively impact the relationship with Simon, North and the whole crew.

This is the end of the chapter ‘’Time to decide’’. The chapter is short and linear, so you can get a 100% rating during the first play. Here’s the flowchart:

Detroit: Become Human Time to Decide Walkthrough-10