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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough

How to successfully acquire new parts for your companions and not to lose anybody during the heist

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-1

In this chapter, Markus, along with his new friends from Jericho, will steal spare parts for the wounded androids left on the ship. Climb on the platform and follow North – the introductory part of this episode is linear and does not involve forks. Characters will separate on their way to the Cyberlife warehouse. North will offer to cross the obstacle on a container suspended to the crane, while Simon will go with the bypass option. To get a 100% rating, you will have to replay this segment twice.

When they have almost got to the warehouse, the characters will find a police drone on their way to the target. Markus will take care of the drone – plot your route to the flying robot (see screenshots above) and then eliminate it during the QTE section. If you succeed, the group’s opinion (including Jericho personnel) about Markus will improve. If you fail, it will worsen.

Once you are done with the drone, go to Cyberlife containers with spare parts. Open the first box – heroes will be detected by the android guard. When the first guard will be called by the second guard, you’ll have 15 seconds to make a choice (to get a 100% rating, you’ll have to try all four options):

  • Kill the guard – Markus will eliminate the threat but will seriously fail in Josh’s eyes;
  • Run away – the alarm goes off, which leads to the premature end of the mission and the ending ‘’Group Failed Their Mission’’;
  • Hide – the android reports on you and the group is forced to flee;
  • Grab the android and hide – Markus grabs the first guard and hides. This leads to the next fork and is the optimal choice.

Grabbing John (that’s the name of the android guard), Markus makes him a deviant (the same effect can be achieved by killing the second guard). The second guard continues to search for the first one. There are three choices in this situation:

  • Attack – kill the second guard;
  • Release – John tells his friend that everything is all right.
  • Hold position – the guard will walk around the containers and leave.

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-8

As soon as you have dealt with the second guard, you can continue to stuff your pockets and backpacks with spare parts. Then, climb the porch in front of the locked door and open a large container. There’ll be three new androids inside. Release them (there’s no sense in choosing the second option as it will be unlocked on the flowchart anyway) to earn the respect of the whole group and ‘’Jericho’’ inhabitants and get down again.

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-9

Then, John will want to join the group. You have the right to refuse him, but this will end the episode. If you allow him to join the team, North and Simon won’t be happy, while Josh and Jericho inhabitants will appreciate the decision.

The newly recruited John will tell you that a truck full of spare parts is parked in the nearby and that you can steal it if you like (if you agree, you will improve the relationship with Simon and North). Now you have to get the ignition key (you can refuse the idea which will lead to the end of the mission). It is guarded by two guards in the control room. Markus will volunteer which will have a positive effect on North’s attitude towards him.

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-10

When you get to the control room, jump into any of the two available windows and look around. Two guards sit behind the control panel and do not turn around. First, you need to find the key itself – just look at it (L1).

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-11

Next, you need to decide how you are going to steal the key:

  • Threaten guards – you’ll need a gun that is kept in the cage. Just approach it from the left side and take the gun;
  • Lure guards – if you look out at the back window of the control room, Markus will notice the barrels that stand outside. Kick one of them to attract guards;
  • Create blackout – pick a screwdriver from the basket in the closet and plug it into the server behind the control panel.

If you decided to threaten guards with a gun, you’ll eventually have to fight with them. To steal the key and avoid fatalities, just follow all the instructions that appear on the screen. If you do nothing during the fight, an alarm will be turned on and heroes will have to escape (more on this later).

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-12

You have an option to kill all guards during the fight. For this, press all the buttons that are shown on the screen until you are told to strangle one of the guards. After this, put your gamepad away and watch how Markus pushes the first opponent to the second opponent’s gun and then finishes him. Despite the bloodshed, the task will be accomplished.

Two other scenarios that include the blackout and luring the guards are very similar. Once you have completed the first part of the plan, sneak up to the key and slip out of the control room through the window in the toilet. If you do it fast enough, Markus won’t be detected and will steal the key successfully.

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-13

If you wish so (or if you are slow like a turtle), Markus can be detected by the guards (during the stealth section or straight away). In this case, you’ll hear the alarm and heroes will have to run to the exit. If John is with you, he will be stopped by the dogs.

If you leave him, you’ll bring backpacks full of spare parts to ‘’Jericho’’ and will unlock the ending ‘’Group Returned with Full Bags’’. If you decide to save him, you’ll become a victim of human’s best friends (which are not android’s best friends) and will lose half of the loot on the road to Jericho, leading to the ending ‘’Group Failed Their Mission’’.

Detroit: Become Human Spare Parts Walkthrough-16

If you don’t have John with you (you did not accept him in the team or just escaped earlier), you can be caught by the dogs on your way to the fence. For this to happen, you should stand still and do nothing – after some time, the wounded Markus will wake up on board the Jericho.

The insufficient ‘’catch’’ will negatively affect the attitude towards Markus from Jericho inhabitants as well as from members of the team – Simon, John and North.

If you have successfully stolen the key, get back to your comrades, get in the truck and hold R2 – then Markus will do everything himself. At Jericho, the team will be welcomed, and the main character will get a big reputation boost.

This ends the ‘’Spare Parts’’ walkthrough. Here’s the flowchart: