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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough

Full crime scene investigation with all possible outcomes

After the events in the chapter ‘’Russian Roulette’’, Lieutenant Anderson and Connor arrive at the sex club ‘’Eden’’ where a murder has occurred. Follow Hank to the crime scene where detective Gavin is already waiting. Ignore his version of the cause of death of the victim and inspect the surroundings.

Examine the switched off android prostitute on the floor to identify traces of serious damage and detect the robot model – WR400 ‘’Traci’’. You can also find a large bruise on the body of the victim which provoked cardiac arrest. Reconstructing the events, Connor will come to the conclusion that the man was strangled.

Despite the detective success, strangling does not prove the fact of the killing – as Hank noticed, there’s a possibility that the client loved it hard, so they should find another way to prove Connor’s hypothesis.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-6

Fortunately, the hero (as we remember from the chapter ‘’The Interrogation’’) has the ability to penetrate the memory of other androids. However, they need to be switched on for this. Go to the robot prostitute on the floor and open her stomach. Connect a pair of wires and reactivate a potential witness.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-7

Resign yourself to the fact that you won’t learn the details of the recent events from the shocked Traci. You have just one and a half minutes to get some information. After this, the android will switch off again, this time forever.

The flowchart of this episode assumes two interrogation approaches: aggressive and calm. For the first one, use ‘’Direct’’, for the second one – ‘’Soothe’’. By the end of the dialogue, heroes will learn that there was another Traci in the room besides the two victims.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-8

After leaving the scene of the crime, Connor will notice an employee of the club on the opposite side of the corridor. She could have seen the other Traci. Go to the booth and put your hand on it – in ‘’Eden’’, only humans are allowed to use the services, so Connor will need to use Hank and his wallet.

If you do not ask the detective for help and just stand still for three minutes, Anderson will offer to leave the place due to lack of evidence. If you accept this proposal, you will unlock the ending ‘’Mission Failed’’ and your relationship with Hank will worsen.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-9

Let’s get back to Connor who is determined to complete the mission. After a little hesitation, Anderson will agree to help his partner. Take the rented android by the hand to see the world from her eyes: unwind the time back until you see the blue-haired Traci coming out of the room where the murder was committed.

At this stage, Connor recalls that androids’ memory in this club is erased every two hours, so he has only three minutes to learn about the route of the blue-haired criminal. If you fail to succeed in time, you will fail the mission and lose your reputation so act fast.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-10

The potential criminal went to the exit. You can learn where the blue-haired Traci moved late from the pole dancer or from the male android in the booth on the opposite side of the corridor. The criminal moved in the direction opposite from the club exit.

Next, scan the memory of the pole dancer at the far end of the room to find that blue-haired Traci entered the so-called red room. Go to this room and enter memories of the androids from the left or the right (choose any).

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-13

Next, the killer android moved to the blue room. At the entrance, turn to the right and scan the memory of any of the two androids ‘’on display’’ – the blue-haired Traci entered one of the rooms. Unfortunately, no one will be inside – apparently, the criminal has already changed this shelter to another one.

Go back to the blue room and touch the android cleaner. He has seen that the blue-haired Traci has run away through the staff door. Go through the staff corridor and enter the warehouse where local employees are stored. If you want to finish the chapter quickly and get another ending ‘’Mission Failed’’ (and worsen the relationship with the lieutenant), just stand still, wait until Hank suggests leaving and agree to his suggestion.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-16

In other cases, proceed to search the warehouse. Go down the stairs and inspect the rows of androids. Next, proceed to the far end of the room and pick up the magazine from the container. Inside, you’ll find articles ‘’First Immortals’’ and ‘’New Super-powers’’. On the nearby wall, you can also notice the inscription with the mention of RA9.

Go back to the warehouse entrance and analyze the drops of blue blood on the floor. The trail will lead you to a group of androids that stand in two rows – a blue-haired Traci, which is hiding there with her red-haired friend, will attack the heroes. The fight will result in Connor’s victory or his defeat.

To win against the deviants, you need to press the keys that appear on the screen in time. In case of the triumph, the battle will eventually go into the street, where you have to fight with both androids. To lose in a battle, don’t press any buttons during the QTE section. In this case, once the action continues on the street, you won’t have to actually fight.

Detroit: Become Human The Eden Club Walkthrough-23

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Connor will have a choice: kill the deviants (deviant) or spare them. The consequences of this decision partially depend on your result in the fight:

  • If you lost and decided to shoot, you’ll unlock the ending ‘’Connor shot Deviants’’, but the hero will significantly worsen the relationship with Hank and will decrease the software instability rate.
  • If you won and decided to shoot, you will kill the red-haired criminal. The blue-haired one, mad with grief, will kill herself with Connor’s gun. This is the ending ‘’Deviants Died’’. The impact on the relationship with Hank and on the software instability rate is the same as in the previous case.
  • If you spare the deviants (regardless of the outcome of the fight), they will simply run away. Lieutenant Anderson will appreciate your decision and your software instability rate will rise sharply. This is the ending ‘’Deviants Escaped’’.

Whichever option you choose, the blue-haired Traci will confess to the murder, stating that she feared for her life – the client loved beating employees and she did not want to be next, as well as she wanted to return to her loved one.

This is the end of ‘’The Eden Club’’ walkthrough. Here’s the flowchart: