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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough

The complete walkthrough of the main story of DMC 5



May 16, 08:06 PM

There was once a demon who saved the human world from destruction. That demon became a legend, but with time his name faded from the annals of history. Now the world faces a new threat. Will the outcome of this battle be determined by man? By demon? Or perhaps...

These words launch Devil May Cry 5. In the opening cutscene, we see a huge demon tree Qliphoth that has grown in Red Grave City. Agent Morrison, who helped Dante find work in many games, stresses that times have never been so challenging for his partner.

The scene is transferred to the tree’s womb, where Dante has no ace up his sleeve against an unknown villain Urizen. Another devil hunter, Nero, and a mysterious stranger V come to help him. By the way, this particular demon has once cut off Nero’s right hand.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-1

Once you have control over your character, follow V, go higher by double-pressing Space and you’ll soon see your first opponent – Empusa. This is the easiest opponent you can imagine. We will discuss all enemies in detail in a separate guide. A red sphere which is used as game currency will drop out of Empusa. You will learn about all spheres and items from another article.

Deal with the enemies using on-screen tips:

  • LMB – Red Queen blow
  • RMB – Blue Rose shot
  • SHIFT – capture target (pressing SHIFT again will cancel the action)
  • SHIFT + CTRL – select another target for capture
  • Hold E – charge Red Queen Exceed (the next blow will deal more damage)

A little further, you will notice Green Empusa. These flying insects have a green liquid which is used to restore health of other demons and resurrect fallen comrades. Hold RMB to make more powerful shots when aiming at flying creatures. After this, V will appear again and tell that Nero is required to cope with the demon.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-2

Keep moving and eliminating demons while Dante continues to fight against Urizen. Ultimately, you will find yourself in the same hole as Nero. Urizen has already managed to neutralize Dante, Trish and Lady. Confident Nero is next on the list. Having demonstrated the Red Queen Exceed, he enters the fight. Right now, you cannot defeat Urizen. Thus, there is no sense to resist so you can simply stand still and wait for your health points to end.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-3

In the next scene, we see how Dante is in time to save Nero from Urizen who wanted to kill the young hunter. Dante asks V to take away Nero, who, as expected, does not like this idea. Fallen stones separate Urizen and Dante from the two other heroes, and V persuades Nero to gain strength and only then fight against the terrible demon as only he can now do it. Meanwhile, Dante fails in the ‘’second round’’ of the battle against the Demon King. V and Nero manage to leave Qliphoth. Having exchanged a few phrases with agent Morrison, the heroes walk away.

Mission 01. Nero

June 15, 05:20 AM

The demon king Urizen’s strength was beyond all expectations. Dante was forced onto the back foot and yelled at Nero to get out while he still could. As a strange demonic infestation climbed higher towards the surface, V and Nero fell back in defeat, unable to do a thing to stop it. What fate lies in store for Dante, beaten and left behind?

Watch the cutscene in which Nico and Nero move around the Red Grave City on a van. These events take place a month after the prologue. Nico is an Artisan of Arms who will help Nero improve his combat arsenal. The girl grimly recalls her deceased father who was not a good person. However, his works were used to produce the mechanical arm for Nero.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-4

Soon, you will see a scene from the bridge where soldiers fail to oppose Empusas. Nero comes in just in time to save the last soldier. From now on, Devil Breaker is available to you. Deal with the demonic creatures while Nico talks to the soldier.

Several options are available to you:

  • Click the mouse wheel – ordinary Devil Breaker attack
  • Hold the mouse wheel – charged Devil Breaker attack
  • Z – throw Devil Breaker which will explode but get eliminated
  • SHIFT + mouse wheel – draw the enemy to yourself (if the opponent is heavy, Nero will be drawn to him).

Having defeated your enemies, move along the road and destroy the long sprouts of Qliphoth. Standing on the edge of the destroyed road, Nero notices a new mutant – Red Empusa. These timid creatures are made up of red spheres which you must knock out. Go up the road destroying the sprouts until you face the boss – Qliphoth Roots. Read more about boss battles in a separate guide.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-5

After the victory, Nico will drive up to Nero. The young hunter will recall the events of the past when he lost his hand. He was in Nico’s shop. Kyrie called everyone to dinner, but Nero decided to finish repairing the car. After some time, a stranger in the coat came to the garage door. Having approached Nero, he tore off his demonic hand formed by Yamato sword. The stranger emphasized that he took it back (meaning that Yamato once belonged to him) and then disappeared. This concludes the mission.

Mission 02. Qliphoth

June 15, 05:32 AM

Events were set in motion back before Urizen took his throne, when a silent, hooded figure came to tear off Nero’s demonic right arm. Now, a month later, Nero is back with a brand new power — his Devil Breakers — to smash his way through the demon swarms in Red Grave and reunite with V.

At the beginning of the chapter, Nico gives Nero a letter from agent Morrison who decides to share some information. In his letter, he tells that Dante has first introduced himself as Tony Redgrave. The man cannot fully confirm the connection of this name to the Red Grave City. Later, Nico will provide Nero with several different Devil Breakers. We will discuss them in more detail in a separate guide. Study the manual, buy new skills and go on the second mission once you are ready.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-6

Nero goes along the shopping lane which you could have seen in the demo version of the game. Move forward until demons appear. You will learn about the Stylish Rank. The more options you use in battle, the more tricks you use and (most importantly) the less damage you receive, the higher your rank at the end of the battle. At the end of each chapter, your results are summarized. The higher your rank, the more bonus Red Orbs you’ll get.

When the barrier disappears, move along the only available direction. A Red Empusa will appear from underground in a small alley on the right side. Kill it to get the Orbs. Having destroyed several sprouts, you’ll find several Hell Caina in the courtyard. These tall monsters with long scythes are not that dangerous as they seem at first glance. You’ll have plenty of time to counterattack and interrupt the blow when they try to hit you.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-7

Having defeated them, go inside. Destroy red tumors and enemies, go upstairs and turn to the corridor on the right. Nero will see V who is fighting against demons. The paths of the characters are separated so he won’t be able to help him. Go to the room on the left and pull out Nidhogg’s hatchling from the yellow sprout. Insert it into the red trunk that blocks the way. Go up, follow the steps and turn to the corridor on the left to find a red sprout. Later, we won’t focus on such details as you will find many such sprouts as you move through the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-8

Once you have returned back, eliminate Red Empusa. Go to the other part of the corridor and enter the room in which you’ll need to kill Hell Caina. The way forward will be blocked by another Qliphoth’s trunk. Go to the right and find another sprout with Nidhogg’s hatchling in a spacious room. Kill the enemies, return to the trunk and insert the parasite inside it.

Roots of Qliphoth will appear in the corridor – pass along them to the right and see the first seal which allows you to launch a secret mission. We will discuss each of them in a separate guide. To launch the first one, you can stand next to the bed and look at the seal so that it is round. You get Blue Orb Fragment for the completion of any secret mission.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-9

Keep fighting against the monsters who stand on your way and you’ll soon find yourself outside. Run along the right road, pass by the barrier on the left and turn into the alley. At its end, you’ll find a sprout which contains Nidhogg’s hatchling. Pull it out of the sprout, go back and fight against new monsters – Hell Antenora. It’s worth mentioning that these creatures will spoil nerves of many players (not now, but later in the game) as they can interrupt your combos, eliminating the accumulated rating.

Insert the parasite into the Qliphoth’s trunk, follow the only route and answer the phone call. After a few seconds, Nico’s van will appear on the location. It allows you to spend Red Orbs and upgrade the main character. Typically, both phones and customization ability appear closer to the end of the mission, before the fight against the boss. However, longer levels will provide you with several customization opportunities.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-10

Once you have bought new skills, move forward until you meet the second boss in the game – Goliath. We have discussed how to kill him in a separate guide. At the end of the fight, you will hear about some fruit that Goliath wanted to eat to become the lord of the world. Soon, V appears and calls his Shadow (a dark panther) to first wound and then finish off the demon with his cane. V tells Nero that Qliphoth is a tree that grows in the underworld. It draws its strength by sucking the blood out of people. The mission is completed after Nico’s appearance.

Mission 03. Flying Hunter

June 15, 06:26 AM

With the city in the grip of a full-scale demon invasion, Nero found himself battling — and beating — a gargantuan demon at a church in the infested city. After meeting with V, Nero learned that the infestation can be traced back to a demonic tree known as Qlipoth. Looks like the only way to free the city is to attack the Qliphoth at its roots.

At the beginning of the mission, Nico praises her grandmother who was a ‘’.45 Caliber Virtuoso’’ and declares her desire to become an artist just like her. V decides to continue his journey separately and tells Nero that they must meet at the foot of Qliphoth. Nico gives Nero new Devil Breakers.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-11

Launch the mission after customization. At the beginning of the chapter, you will learn about ‘’Wire Bound 2’’. Stand on the platforms with fire so that a dark grip appears. Press SHIFT to aim and then pull yourself by clicking on the mouse wheel. Having done this, you will find yourself on the new building. Kill your enemies and find the Blue Orb Fragment on the other side of the building. We will indicate the location of all blue and purple fragments.

Repeat the procedure with the platform to get to the other building. Having killed your opponents, descend and enter the room with red tumors and a Gold Orb. The latter allows you to resurrect a fallen character.

You can continue exploring the location by jumping from the next building. Walk to the corner of the roof to discover a dark grip without a fire platform. Shoot it from the pistol and then use the Devil Breaker to pull yourself to it. This will allow you to explore the far part of the location, find a Gold Orb and find a whole tree of Red Orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-12

Use the fire platforms to get to the tunnel. You’ll find a first blood clot on the right. Destroy it to eliminate the trunk and get to the adjacent tunnel. Having killed the demons, move forward. Qliphoth’s trunks stretched through two passages on the left and on the right. The first blood clot is located a little further. Destroy it to get rid of the first trunk. Move forward, enter the room on the right and destroy the second blood clot. Below, you can activate a secret mission. Upstairs, you can find a rift in the wall leading to the library. If you go even higher (assuming you have unlocked double jump in skills), you can jump upstairs from the last step and find a Blue Orb Fragment.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-13

In the library, you will meet new opponents – Death Scissors. Dodge and counterattack to deal damage to the enemy. Sooner or later, you will destroy the scissors themselves, and all that will be left to do is to eliminate the demonic creature. Having got out of the library, use the telephone in front of the waiting room to call Nico.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-14

Go to the big waiting room where you will fight against the new boss – Artemis. Read more on this battle in a separate guide. After the demon is defeated, Lady, Dante’s friend, will fall out of her womb. Nico will come and mock Nero, saying that Kyrie would not have approved of naked Lady lying in the arms of the young hunter. Having picked up an organ of Artemis, Nico goes to the van to design a new weapon. This concludes the mission.

Mission 04. V

June 15, 06:35 AM

Nero and V split up to find separate paths to the Qliphoth, the demonic tree. Nero encountered a deadly demon wielding light as a weapon. When defeated, it turned out to contain Lady. Can she shed some light on the battle with the demon king? And what is V’s true motive?

Before the beginning of the mission, Griffon asks V whether he thinks that Nero will be able to deal with Urizen. V answers that they have a more important mission. V is a character that uses three demons in the battle while he does not engage in the fight. You can give orders to Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare. Customize if you wish and then launch the mission.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-15

Move forward and fight against the first demons. Learn the commands:

  • LMB – order Shadow to attack in close combat
  • RMB – order Griffon to attack from afar
  • F – summon a powerful Nightmare (consumes a purple-colored energy gauge)

During the battle, you must stay away from your opponents, but when one of them is on the verge of death, only V can finish him off with his cane. To do this, come closer, use Shift to aim and press on the mouse wheel. After the victory, move through the building until you face flying creatures outside.

Go downstairs where V for the first time activates the demon form and summons Nightmare. The purple gauge is filled each time V inflicts or receives damage. Having eliminated the enemies, look around, jump on several containers and pick up useful items including the Gold Orb. Move forward to the bridge where you’ll need to destroy a blood clot.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-16

Take the Gold Orb after the collapse of the bridge, go forward and pick up the first Purple Fragment. On the entry to the building with the Purple Orb Fragment (four such fragments allow you to increase the Devil Trigger Gauge), find a sprout with Nidhogg’s hatchling on the left. Take the parasite with you.

You’ll be attacked by monsters once you get out of the building. Here, you will learn a new trick: hold Q + LMB or RMB to order Shadow or Griffon respectively to attack all enemies in auto mode. This attack will last for some time, and you will spend one charge of the Devil Triger Gauge.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-17

Having defeated your enemies, jump into the building to the right of the passage through the hole in the wall. Upstairs, you can find a Blue Orb Fragment. You can move into the alley but for now go back and move to the left of the barrier in the last fight. Follow the only route until you find Qliphoth’s trunk on the left. Insert a parasite which was found near the Purple Orb Fragment and take the Blue Orb Fragment.

On the left, there’s another trunk that needs Nidhogg’s hatchling. To find it, return to the same building into which you have jumped through the hole in the wall. Get into the lane and follow the way until you find a sprout. Pull out the parasite, go back to Qliphoth’s trunk and destroy it. Go upstairs to find a seal for the third secret level.

Continue the walkthrough, kill the demons and find a phone booth in the alley. This will allow you to call Nico and upgrade the character. Then move forward to meet another boss – Nidhogg.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-18

This terribly stupid creature is a parasite living in the roots of Qliphoth. We have discussed how to defeat it in a separate guide.

Having destroyed Nidhogg, you will eliminate one of the Qliphoth’s roots. However, a huge four-legged monster will appear right after the root is destroyed. V will decide to evacuate as he is not strong enough to deal with such an opponent. Having run a few meters, V and his demons will fall underground.

Mission 05. The Devil Sword Sparda

June 15, 07:27 AM

The demons at V’s command made short work of the great demon parasitizing the roots of the Qliphoth, but the arrival of a colossal demonic monstrosity destroyed the road ahead, plunging V underground.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-19

Having fallen underground, V discovers many Qliphoth’s roots. Apparently, he will have to do some cleaning here. Move forward and destroy the demons, then eliminate blood clots at the end of the tunnel and move to the nearby room. You will see a huge repair dock with a large ship. V will have to get rid of Qliphoth’s roots, destroying blood clots, to get through the whole dock.

Having dealt with the enemies, jump along the piles of plates and attack the blood clots. Move along the left wall of the building, jump upstairs using containers and defeat the demons. Jump to the other side, turn around and find a passage leading to Blue Orb Fragment along the wall on the right. Continue moving, eliminating another blood clot. Having defeated your opponents, go around the back of the ship and jump up the plates. You’ll find a red tree on the right. Use the container to get to the other side to meet a new monster – Empusa Queen.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-20

Having defeated it, move in the opposite direction, this time at the bottom of the left wall. Pay attention to a purple glow above. There, you’ll find a Purple Orb Fragment. Thus, immediately climb the structure and jump to the purple fragment using double jump. Note that you need to press Space for the second time when V will be falling down.

Go down and move further along the location to destroy the last blood clot. Thank to this, you’ll be able to descend through the hole in the floor. You’ll have to pick up some fights in the tunnels. Before you go upstairs, go to the right from the entry and then turn to the left to pick up a Gold Orb. Get outside, use the phone booth to call Nico and upgrade V (if you wish). Do not forget that all characters share the supply of Red Orbs, and soon Dante will join Nero and V. Each Nico’s appearance is a separate story. While previously her van has almost crashed poor V a few seconds after he called her, this time he will have to wait for the girl for a long time.

Move forward to see the conversation between Malphas and her minion, Elder Geryon Knight. Malphas orders her knight to find and destroy the Devil Sword Sparda. She states that as long as Sparda’s blood heir is alive (Dante was apparently defeated, but perhaps there’s another character of whom we are not aware of?), there’s a threat to the Demon King. After this, Malphas leaves the location while V decides to fight against the Elder Geryon Knight.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-21

The battle with the boss will end with the destruction of the demonic horse while the knight will escape. V will begin to feel uncomfortable. He will stress that the knight must be forestalled as in case the Devil Sword Sparda truly exists, it is the last hope in the battle against Urizen. According to Griffon, even if V finds the sword, he won’t be able to cope with it. The hero states that he has another option – the boy Nero. This concludes the mission.

Mission 06. Steel Impact

June 15, 07:25 AM

After dodging the colossal demon above, V made rapid progress underground, moving towards his true goal of recovering Sparda. Meanwhile, back on the surface...

Nico will give Nero two new Devil Breakers. Customize your character and start the mission. Nero and Nico are in the van where Lady takes a rest. After a few seconds, there’s a strong roar, and you see the same monster that appeared at the end of the fourth chapter. At that time, V escaped, but Nero decides to deal with Gilgamesh. The tactics of the boss battle is described in a separate guide.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-22

Towards the end of the battle, Nero notices V and Griffon underground. Having exchanged a couple of phrases, the heroes will separate again. Nico will once again appear after the fight with Gilgamesh and tell that Lady came back to her senses and it’s high time to ask her a few questions. This concludes the episode.

Mission 07. United Front

June 15, 08:57 AM

Nero toppled the colossal demon striding through the ruins of Red Grave. He doesn’t have time for fear; no matter what terrors lurk in his path, there’s only one enemy on his mind. Nico managed to catch up with him and give him the good news: Lady’s awake.

During the conversation with Nero, Lady will tell that Trish was taken the same way as her, but she does not know what happened to Dante. V will come and bring Nico a trifle for a new weapon. Having exchanged a few phrases with Lady, V leaves the van. Lady doubts whether V can be trusted. While Nero knows him for a relatively short period of time, he feels that the team needs V. Despite the fact that Nero offered Lady to rest, Nico brings a second shovel to the girl and tells her to help them get out of the blockage.

This is the first chapter in which you can choose a playable character. Your choice will decide who you will control during this mission. Accordingly, the gameplay for V and Nero will differ, but they will move along a parallel route so the storyline will remain unchanged and you won’t miss anything.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-23

After you have obtained a new Devil Breaker from Nico and have customized your character, move forward and destroy blood clots. Defeat the demons and go through the car. Enter the room. Red Orbs are located below the stairs. There’s an exit on the next floor, but you can find Gold Orb if you go higher. Deal with monsters in the tunnel. Get close to a strange matter, from which new creatures appear, as soon as possible and destroy it.

Move through the subway station, killing enemies along the way, until you get to the blood clot. Destroy it and go to the main room to find yourself above the rails. Head the other way, destroy blood clots and go down. Defeat the enemies near the cars, go upstairs using working escalators and kill new demons. Go ahead until you find a phone that allows you to call Nico.

Having bought new skills, go outside to meet V. Ultimately, you will find yourself on an improvised stage where you’ll meet the next boss – Proto Angelo. Other knights will help him. Unlike previous boss battles, Proto won’t have a separate gauge at the bottom of the screen. He is regarded as a normal but strong opponent.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-24

Having defeated the boss, V will say that he remembers this place. It was here that he played with his mother, while his home is visible on the horizon, through Qliphoth’s roots. Here, the heroes’ paths diverge as V wants to visit his home where the Devil Sword Sparda should be hidden. At this point, Nero will be puzzled and understand that V hides something from him. This concludes the seventh chapter.

Mission 08. Demon King

June 15, 09:56 AM

Judging by Lady’s account, there’s little chance that Trish and Dante made it out of the battle against the demon king unscathed. Nero and V pressed on through the subway system and finally reached the roots of the Qliphoth.

The ruins of an old house there prompted V to share his thoughts...which only deepened Nero’s suspicions. Who or what is V?

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-25

As always, Nico arrives ‘’in time’’, but in turn Nero has a chance to thoroughly prepare for the next mission. Buy new skills or items and then launch the mission. Nero wants to confront Urizen by himself despite V’s warnings.

Follow the only route, killing monsters along the way, until you find stone platforms that rise up the blood stream. Climb to the ledges on the left and jump onto the platform as soon as it is formed. You can first jump to the ledge on the left, just above, to collect Red Orbs. You need to go even higher as you move along the storyline. Go forward until you see a blood river. Go inside to move to a new part of the location.

Continue exploring ruins inside Qliphoth, dealing with enemies along the way. Get out of the pit and destroy the tree with Red Orbs. Ultimately, you will meet a new enemy – Baphomet. Enter the blood river to get into another place. On the left, you’ll find a goddess statue that will allow you to customize the hero.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-26

Move on and fight against the knights. Use another blood river and you’ll soon discover a new stream that is raising stone platforms. Jump onto one of them and climb up. Jump on the ledges to the right, where you’ll see a Devil Breaker and a red tumor. Stand next to the tumor and look up to see dark grips. They move up and down. Cling to the nearest one, then to the next one. After this, double jump in the air to get to the top. This path will lead you to loot and a new secret mission.

Go back, use the platform to go upstairs and find a blood river. Bypass it, destroy Qliphoth’s sprout and find a Blue Orb Fragment near the entrance to the blood river. Enter the stream to find a phone that is used to call Nico on the other side. Follow the only route until you meet Urizen.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-27

Nero will talk to the Demon King. By the way, Urizen will say that he does not have a name. This should make you suspicious. Anyway, Dante is not around, but you will have to fight against the demon. Dodge his attacks and hit the orange thing that protects Urizen. As soon as it is neutralized, you’ll be able to attack the boss himself. A cutscene will begin. All that Nero will be able to do is to cut the demon’s hand. He will finally get up from his throne, and the battle will continue. When you neutralize the orange thing once again and hit Urizen, a cutscene will begin. Urizen squeezed Nero and wanted to kill him, but an unknown demon who challenged his lord appeared right before the fatal blow. We’ll know who it was later.

Mission 09. Genesis

June 15, 10:06 AM

With V determined to seek out Sparda, Nero went his own way and confronted the demon king Urizen alone. Just when he seemed on the brink of revenge, Urizen unleashed an unseen level of power that Nero could not hope to match. All seemed lost until an unfamiliar demon with blazing red eyes rushed in and beat back the demon king’s assault.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-28

The chapter begins with the cutscene that describes what happened on May 3, two weeks before the appearance of Qliphoth and Demon King. Agent Morrison came into Dante’s office and brought news about a new mission. Unlike previous cases, he had to act together with a mysterious stranger V, who was also his employer. Morrison emphasized that Dante needed help of Lady and Trish.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-29

Answering Dante’s question regarding the name of the stranger (we know that his name is V), he stated that he was just two days old and had no name. The guy will say that he was joking but be sure to remember this phrase in order to better understand the following events in the game. He will say that a powerful demon will soon arise, and that he needs Dante’s help.

Buy new skills or items and then start the mission. V goes to his home to find the Devil Sword Sparda. Move forward, descend and face a new demon – Behemoth. Before you can deal damage to him, you will have to destroy his armor. Continue moving along the only available route through ruins and canyons, defeat the monsters and go higher. Having descended, eliminate the demons and go to the left (the path to the right leads to the beginning of the location). By the way, if you go to the right, you’ll be able to find a Gold Orb.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-30

Move to the left and go down. Follow the path and enter a building. Move along the corridor, clear the room and jump down through the hole in the floor. Kill the monsters and pay attention to the only available passage. Do not rush to descend. Instead, jump onto the stone ledge on the other side. Jump along the ledges to the right and pick up a Blue Orb Fragment.

Fight against Death Scissors near a stone sarcophagus. Climb upstairs and find a phone booth. You can contact Nico and then go to the battlefield. Instead of a new boss, you will have to kill three new monsters who are called Nobody. These stupid dancing creatures are very dangerous because they can deal great damage to V with their clumsy movements.

Before the beginning of the battle, Griffon will once again mock the ‘’dancers’’ while V will find the Devil Sword Sparda. Having destroyed the monsters and having picked up the sword, V will destroy another Qliphoth’s root. Barely lifting the weapon from the ground, V will pay attention to his Shadow who found Dante in the pit. At this point, you’ll see the evil intentions of the guy who is obviously offended by Dante. It turns out that the Devil Sword Sparda concealed Dante from demons and helped him to survive.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-31

Here, V will no longer be able to restrain his rage. He will accuse Dante that he could have killed Urizen if Dante was not on his way. V will swing to attack Dante with the sword. This concludes the chapter.

Mission 10. Awaken

May 15, 04:44 PM

The entire crisis began when V visited Devil May Cry and hired Dante to take on the demon king Urizen. Now, V has left Nero’s side and discovered Sparda near its wielder — Dante, who appears to have been comatose since his battle with Urizen. With hatred and vengeance in his eyes, V brought the sword down toward Dante, but as the blade descended, Dante’s eyes flicked open…!

The episode begins with memories of the past. Dante’s mother, Sparda’s wife, hides her son in the closet. The woman asks him to take a new name and forget about his past, starting a new life. After this, she goes to search for the second son, Vergil.

Then, the events are transferred to the end of the ninth chapter. Dante woke up while V stated that by swinging Sparda he just tried to wake up the legendary devil hunter. Dante will ask not to push Nero into this mess. In turn, V will say that he would not have brought Nero if Dante destroyed Urizen but the Demon King turned out to be stronger than expected.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-32

Finally, you will witness the events that happened a month ago, when V, Dante, Trish and Lady went to Qliphoth to kill Urizen. Playing for Dante is a materially different experience. First, he has several types of weapons to choose from. For close-range fights, you can use the sword or boots and gloves which he got from one of the killed demons. For long-range battles, he can use a shotgun or two pistols that were made by Nico’s mother. Besides, you can choose different styles of play for Dante – from Trickster to Swordmaster. Read more about this in a separate guide.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-33

Move forward and face a new opponent – Chaos. This is a very dangerous monster. Avoid collision with him when he rotates. However, if you deal enough damage, you can stop the rotation attack. After the battle, move along the only route, collecting Red Orbs. Soon, you will notice a passage with ‘’teeth’’ for the first time. Jump on it and destroy the tree with Red Orbs. You may have to first kill the monsters to destroy the barrier. Note that as soon as you pass through the ‘’teeth’’, the passage will be frozen, so you’ll have to go upstairs to return to the previous hall.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-34

Proceed further to get into the cave with more teeth. Having killed the enemies, move through them and go upstairs, collecting many Red Orbs. Jump over to the next ledge on the left to get a Blue Orb Fragment. Kill the demons until you meet a new opponent – Pyrobat. Be careful when destroying this target: when the monster is on the verge of death, he falls to the ground and inflates. Shoot him from afar to blow up the bastard.

Attention. This room has two passages with teeth. When you go through one of them, the second one closes. A path that you need to take to move along the storyline is located between them. If you face the main route and go through the left passage, you will find a Gold Orb. If you go through the right teeth, you will find a place for activation of a secret mission.

Go back to the main path, follow the only route and jump up using the opening and closing platforms. Having climbed to the very top, turn around and see a platform with a Gold Orb. Take it if you want. Move forward, defeat the monsters and use the goddess statue. Soon, you’ll get to Urizen’s throne room. Urizen has already neutralized Trish and Lady. Fight against the Demon King until a cutscene begins. You cannot win or lose here. As expected, Urizen defeated Dante without any problems, and Nero appeared as we have already seen in the prologue of the game. This concludes the chapter.

Mission 11. Reason

June 15, 11:11 AM

After awakening from a trip through his boyhood memories, Dante spoke about the first battle with Urizen. Everything was going well until Trish, Lady, and Dante made it inside Urizen’s fortress and came under fire from Urizen’s terrifying power. Nero and V joined the fight but were quickly forced to retreat. And now...

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-35

V will be annoyed by the fact that Nero, their last hope, was useless. We’ll again see the tragic events of May 16, where Dante in the demon form and with Sparda in his hands failed to defeat Urizen. The Demon King took Trish and Lady, saying that he had his own plans for both girls. From now on, they will feed his strength.

Meanwhile, Dante decides to continue his way on his own, despite V’s requests to wait for him. The latter starts feeling worse…

Move through the ruins, dealing with your opponents with the help of Sparda and other weapons. As always, there is only one route. Having passed between the columns, destroy blood clots to go upstairs. Fight against the monsters near residential buildings and then enter inside. Go down to find a tree with Red Orbs. Climb back and go to the next room to the right. By the way, you can find an incomplete seal for the secret mission on the wall, but you’ll be able to activate it a little later.

In the adjacent room with a checkered floor you’ll find a hole. Jump there and destroy blood clots. The building will go lower, and you’ll see other blood clots below. Don’t hurry to descend and jump out of the pit, go to the first building and go up. Look at the seal which can now be activated. Another secret mission is available to you!

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-36

Complete it or leave it for later completion, return to the room with the checkered floor and jump down. Destroy blood clots but do not hurry. Before eliminating another clot, climb up the fallen plates, turn into the room on the right where you’ll find a globe, and find Kalina Ann rocket launcher. Go back and destroy the last blood clot.

Jump onto the nearby ledge to pick up a Blue Orb Fragment. Defeat the demons, go up and leave the building to find a new enemy on the street – a commander of the demon horde, Hell Judecca. Deal with him, go higher and kill new enemies. When the barrier is removed, jump up the plates to get a Purple Orb Fragment. Descend, move further and use the goddess statue.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-37

Climb higher to find yourself on the road with another Qliphoth’s root. You’ll be attacked by another boss – Cavaliere Angelo. More on this in a separate guide. After you have defeated the enemy, you’ll get a new weapon – Cavaliere. Dante will cut Angelo’s body in half and save Trish. Having left the naked girl on the ground, Dante will head to Urizen’s lair, ignoring V who is trying to keep up with him.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-38

After some time, Trish will wake up and find V near her. V will confirm Trish’s words that Dante has left and then stress that he will most likely fail to win. Trish will ask who Urizen is because she understands that he is not a demon. It’s high time for V to tell who he really is. But, in this chapter we’ll only know that he is just a reminder of his former self who has lost everything.

Mission 12. Yamato

June 15, 11:47 AM

After awakening from a month spent recuperating, Dante headed for the demon king. He crushed the demon knight blocking his path and rescued Trish from within, only to continue making his way towards the Qliphoth. Meanwhile, V revealed his part to Trish.

The chapter begins with a story about V. He was a man whose body has exhausted its capabilities and gradually collapsed. These events took place on May 1, two weeks before the appearance of the Demon King. We see the same stranger who took Nero’s demonic hand made of the Yamato sword. According to V, the man had a final goal – revenge his twin brother. The stranger in the hood sticks Yamato into his stomach so that the demon is separated from human flesh. That’s how V and the Demon King Urizen appeared.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-39

V used the remnants of his former demonic force to keep the decaying flesh intact, but he has lost this power. This is a cause of his illness. Having finished the story, V asks Trish about her opinion, but she only answers that he is already a big boy and must go all the way until the end.

The events are transferred to the neighboring streets where Dante is racing on his demonic bike. After a cutscene, defeat the demons and go forward until you find yourself in the hall with a tall statue. Examine it. Three different bowls lack blood, so you’ll have to find it. There are blocked passages on the first and second floors – they can be destroyed using a parasite. Jump on the ledge with a red tumor and then on the elevation above blood. Move forward and pull the parasite out of the sprout. It does not matter which passage you will open first as you will anyway visit different points of the location.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-40

We have chosen the bottom passage, so follow us there. Go forward, kill the monsters, move further and turn to the left to find a climb. At the top, turn to the left and see a blood clot. Destroy it, and the blood will fill one of the three remaining bowls near the statue. Go through the hole in the wall to get to the tunnel with an asphalt road. Here, you’ll face a new opponent – Fury. Read more about it in a separate guide.

Move along the only available route until you find a new blood clot. Destroy it, move to the upper level and eliminate the last blood clot. Having filled all bowls, you’ll open a passage underground. Having done this, go through the formed passage and pick up the second parasite. Return to the hall with the statue and blood bowls. There’s a Gold Orb on the ledge from which blood flows.

Go down under the statue, then jump up the ledges and find familiar symbols in the passage. Turn around and jump on the ledge opposite them. Find a luminous point on the ground and look at the seal from it to unlock a secret mission.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-41

Regardless of whether you complete it or not, you’ll have to move on. There’s a statue of goddess behind the grate on the side. Use it if you wish. Once outside, enter Dante’s home. Dante will recall that demonic force has awakened in him after Vergil thrust a blade into him. Then he will wonder why his father, demon Sparda, gave him the Rebellion. After a few seconds, Dante thrusts this sword into his stomach.

Instead of separating a man from a demon, this action will lead to Dante absorbing Devil Sword Sparda and becoming more dangerous and powerful. The events are transferred to the top, where Nero was defeated by Urizen but Dante appeared in demon form. Above the usual demon gauge, you can now see a new gauge of the wrath demon. Hold F to fill it. Thanks to this move, the purple gauge will begin to empty but the red one will fill up. As soon as it is filled, you’ll be able to hold F to activate the wrath demon form which was obtained by merging Dante and Sparda.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-42

Destroy Urizen. Despite the victory, something that no one has expected will happen – Qliphoth will awaken. All goes according to Urizen’s plan. He uses the blood river to escape from Dante. This concludes the mission.

Mission 13. Three Warriors

June 15, 12:36 PM

V revealed the truth to Trish — he is in fact one part of Dante’s brother. Vergil used the power of Yamato to cleave himself in two, separating his human and demon sides into two distinct beings. As V recounted the tale, Dante absorbed Rebellion into himself and awakened his true power. He battled Urizen and forced him back, but at that moment the Qluphoth completed its emergence into the human world.

The chapter begins with a meeting of Trish, Lady, Dante and V near Nico’s van. V will state that Urizen went to the top of Qliphoth, while Trish will tell that the tree feeds on human blood and its only fruit matures at the top. It contains great power, and Urizen wants to taste it. Also, the Prince of Darkness Mundus who is familiar to the series’ fans has once used Qliphoth’s fruit to become a king.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-43

Then, Nico will meet with Dante. Nico, the daughter of a gunsmith, made two cool pistols for Dante. She will also hand him a cowboy hat which will be used instead of firearms to attack opponents, consuming about 10-20 Red Orbs. Soon, Nero will arrive. He also wants to get to Qliphoth’s top and fight against Urizen. V will intervene to protect Nero. Thus, all three characters will follow their own ways, while you will have to choose the hero for whom you want to play. In our case, it’s Nero.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-44

During this mission, playing for Nero, you’ll need to jump into the pit, kill monsters, destroy portals from which they come and eliminate blood clots. With each new level, the number of enemies will increase. Ultimately, the heroes will meet together but will fall down even lower.

Note. By the way, do not be surprised that the heroes go down as they head to the top of the tree. The tree grows upwards in the underworld while its roots are on the ground.

Mission 14. Diverging Point: V

June 15, 01:13 PM

Qliphoth, blood-drinker, infernal tree. At its nadir, all the life force it has absorbed is condensed into an unholy fruit. Dante, Nero, and V stand together, each for their own reasons, and prepare for the final battle. They set forth toward the depths of the Qliphoth, fighting through the harshest resistance yet. V is grinly determined; he will see this through to the end.

Follow the only available route until V gets dizzy. Malphas will appear, and V will finally lose consciousness hearing her laughter on the background. Having woken up in a nightmare, move forward. Collect different Orbs. You can leave Green Orbs and White Orbs for later to replenish health and demon points. There’s a Blue Orb Fragment on the elevation on the right. You will be able to pick it up after you have returned Griffon. He allows you to make double jumps.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-45

There are three available passages. Each of them leads to a ghost boss with whom your characters have already fought earlier – Goliath, Artemis and Cavaliere Angelo. Before the fight, you’ll be allowed to choose a demon that you want to help you – Griffon, Shadow or Nightmare. If you start with Cavaliere, choose Shadow. Griffon will be of great help with Artemis, while you may choose anyone you wish when fighting against Goliath. Pay attention that you will fight against the first opponent using only one demon. You can use two demons against the second opponent, and all demons against the third enemy. Then, you’ll be able to leave this place and return to reality.

Go forward using the only available route, kill the enemies and destroy blood clots on the elevation on the right. Deal with another clot and finally descend to Malphas’ lair. The demoness fears that if Urizen gets to the fruit everything will end as even Mundus failed to subjugate the human world. Soon, V will make a mistake, and Malphas will learn about his presence. Nero will appear before she attacks V.

Mission 15. Diverging Point: Nero

June 15, 01:13 PM

Time is running out. As his body started to fail him, V summoned what strength remaind to continue downward. With devilish illusions cast before him, he was thrown into pocked planes where he faced shades of the underworld life, and though he finally reached the source of his torment, he had too little strength to defend himself. But just then, Nero appeared, having reached this point via a different route…

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-46

Nico and Lady will appear before the beginning of the mission, so you’ll be able to buy new skills for Nero. Go forward until you face a fire platform. Stand on it and use the dark grip to move to the nearby plate. You may also use the bottom route. Run over the emerging spikes, follow the top or the bottom route through the room with a huge number of traps. Ultimately, you’ll get to a cave with enemies and sarcophagi. Move around the corner, go down and find a statue of goddess.

There is a way down near the statue of goddess. Follow it, eliminating the knights who block the path with their shields. There’ll be a couple of knights, but ultimately, you’ll get to the room full of various monsters including Behemoth. After the victory, go outside and find a new statue of goddess.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-47

Continue moving along the only available route (there’ll be no more forks) until you find yourself in a hall with Malphas. Here, you’ll fight against the demoness. During the battle, V will occasionally throw Devil Breakers to you. You can pick them up if existing ones are destroyed. Having eliminated the boss, Nero will talk to V. The latter will tell him about his final request: to accompany him to the end of the way, to Urizen. The heroes will continue their journey, and the chapter will be concluded.

Mission 16. Diverging Point: Dante

June 15, 01:13 PM

Revenge is almost within Nero’s grasp, and that’s all the motivation he needed to persevere through a gauntlet of fiendish demons. He took down the enemies in his path and finally managed to renezvous with V, who appeared to be at death’s door. Even so, the man was determined to press on. Together they continued toward the base of the Qliphoth. Meanwhile, Dante is even farther ahead...

The mission is similar to the thirteenth chapter. You will need to constantly move down, eliminating demons and collecting Orbs. Continue doing this until you see a statue of goddess. Buy upgrades and then go to the King Cerberus’ lair. You will need to fight against this three-headed opponent. Upon the completion of the fight, you’ll get a new weapon. You’ll learn more about it while the next mission is loading. Ultimately, Dante will jump down to get to the top of Qliphoth.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-48

Mission 17. Brothers

June 15, 02:01 PM

Having obtained the power of his Sin Devil Trigger form, Dante was the first to reach the deepest depths of the Qliphoth, where he defeated a demon in a battle reminiscent of a past encounter, obtaining a new weapon in the process. Then, at last, he arrived at the final battleground: the uncanny arena where Urizen lies in wait.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-49

V tells Nero about his past. He complains about lack of love and protection and states that the only thing he could do was to survive. At this point, V will shed light on the events: the demon Urizen does not exist. It’s a man who has rejected all human in his endless pursuit of power – Dante’s elder brother, Vergil.

Dante has already arrived at the site where Urizen looks at Qliphoth’s fruit. The hunter has already understood with whom he has to deal with. Dante will try to reason with Urizen but nothing will come out of this attempt as the creature has no memories of him or the past. All that he ever wanted was to taste the fruit which is the source of the true power. He’ll taste it, and the battle will begin.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-50

Use all your skills in this fight against the boss. If you have trouble, read tips on destroying Urizen in the seventeenth chapter in a separate guide. While Dante deals blows to Urizen, Nero will be outraged by the fact that two brothers are fighting each other. V will say that all people fight for their truth, and sometimes they have to fight against a brother. The brothers disagreed on the reasons for their existence, so they must fight. However, Nero is still perplexed.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-51

Urizen is defeated, Nero and V appear on the location. Dante will try to stop the latter, but he will ask not to interfere as he must finish the job. In conversation with the demon, V will emphasize that he made a mistake by separating with him and it’s time for them to become one again. While Dante realizes what’s going on and runs to stop V, the man sticks his cane into Urizen. After a few seconds, Vergil will appear at the scene. This concludes this chapter.

Mission 18. Awakening

June 15, 03:06 PM

Urizen ate the fruit of the Qliphoth and gained power beyond reckoning, but Dante’s new strength proved greater still. The furious battle reached its climax, with Dante finally bringing the demon king to his knees. As the life ebbed from the Urizen, V approached and merged with the fallen king. Where once stood man and demon...Vergil was restored.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-52

The chapter begins with Dante trying to attack Vergil. However, he is too weak, which is highlighted by the older brother. He will not enjoy the victory when Dante is in such a state, so he offers him to gain strength and then settle their affairs. Vergil thanks Nero and leaves the location.

This is not the last mystery that is revealed in the game. Nero wants to go together with Dante to fight against Vergil who took his arm. Dante reveals that Vergil is Nero’s father. He realized this when Yamato sword merged with Nero and formed a demonic hand. Thus, Dante does not want Nero to kill his own father.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-53

Meanwhile, Vergil moves to the top of the Qliphoth’s roots and watches the earth. He wonders if the fate of the two brothers would have changed if mother saved Vergil first rather than Dante. Would the brothers live each other’s lives?

Dante and Nero returned to Nico’s van. The girl crafted a new weapon – an insane model Kalina Ann II. The next mission will be dedicated to the battle against three V’s demons which were liberated after human flesh reunited with the demonic origin. While no one gives them orders, demons want to destroy Dante.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-54

Move forward, periodically battling with Griffon and Shadow. Along the way, you’ll need to destroy blood clots to get higher and higher along the platforms. Ultimately, you will have to fight against three monsters at once – Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare. Attack those who are not curled into a sphere. When the monsters are in the sphere, they are almost invincible, so you won’t be able to deal any damage. The road will be long but linear. Dying, Griffon will wish good luck to Dante – he’ll definitely need it.

Meanwhile, Nico, Trish and Lady want to leave the location. They will help Nero get into the van. They won’t be able to convince the guy to leave Dante and Vergil alone, so he will soon jump out of the van to go meet his relatives.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-55

Mission 19. Vergil

June 15, 04:04 PM

Dante revealed the truth to Nero: Vergil is his father. Leaving the younger Devil Hunter in shock, Dante then went on alone to confront Vergil at the summit of the Qliphoth. The path was blocked by V’s castoffs, the three demons that served him until his reunion with Urizen. Having proved to them what it means to be a legendary Devil Hunter, all that’s left to confront is his brother.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-56

Dante came to Vergil and asked him to return Yamato. The elder brother says that if Dante wants the sword, he has to use force. The battle will begin. After the fight, Vergil will ask whether Nero is his son. Soon, the brothers will decide to end everything once and for all, turn into demons and fly at each other. However, they’ll be stopped by an unknown demon…

Mission 20. True Power

June 15, 04:27 PM

A brotherhood defined by hatred and grudging respect. A rivalry for the ages. Vergil and Dante clashed...all their grievances, their enmity, their reasons to fight, focused into one decisive battle. But this would not be their end…

Nero, having found his own reasons to fight, comes between his father and uncle. There will be no fratricide this day.

At the beginning of the chapter, Nero calls Kyrie. He needs help because he is in doubt. Kyrie supports her lover, saying that he has always chosen the right path. He says goodbye to her, telling that he has unfinished business. Nero failed to save Credo as he lacked force at that time, and he still hates himself for this failure.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-57

Epic footage follows. In his desire to save his father and uncle, Nero awakens his true power. It turns out that he is a demon who is much stronger than Dante and Vergil together. A demon who embodies what Sparda was fighting for. To put it mildly, the brothers are very surprised. Nero declares that their confrontation is over.

Vergil does not calm down. He wants to defeat Nero since if he does this, he’ll easily deal with Dante. The latter does not object at all. Fight against Vergil as Nero (do not forget to turn into a demon). This fight will be much easier than when you were playing for Dante as Nero is very strong. Ultimately, he will win.

Dante will joke that Vergil tore off his son’s hand to become stronger but still failed. Nero will try to distract brothers from their disagreements, saying that the underworld will soon absorb the human world, and they need to hurry to close the portal. Dante and Vergil go down to cut off Qliphoth’s roots. Nero must stay above to deal with the remaining demons. Vergil promises to keep up with Nero the next time and leaves him V’s book.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough-58

In the next scene, Nero is with Nico in the car. The girl claims that crying is not scary. Ultimately, Nero says the phrase that serves as the title of the game – Devil May Cry. Finally, demons appear on the road. You’ll see credits, but you can still fight against the demons, this time without any interface.

Meanwhile, Dante and Vergil reached Qliphoth’s root in the underworld where they are attacked by demons. Fight against them as Dante. Watch credits and then some cutscenes. Trish and Lady don’t know how to occupy themselves in the Devil May Cry agency. Agent Morrison comes and offers them a job. Perhaps, it’s a hint about the future DLC.

We again move to the underworld where Dante fights against Vergil, this time in a friendly atmosphere (at least we thought so). Having crossed the blades, they are attacked by demons and gladly switch to their destruction. This concludes the game.