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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics

A complete bestiary of all the demons that Dante, Nero and V have to fight in DMC 5


Apart from the bosses, Dante, Nero and V will encounter 19 kinds of enemies in Devil May Cry 5. Each requires its own approach, which will allow you to get the highest score and avoid taking damage.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-1

Demonic bloodsucker insects. Worker ants that suck blood from the inhabitants of the Red Grave City. Having collected blood, they transfer it to the Qliphoth. They are stupid and straightforward. Regardless of the difficulty level, you will easily deal with them, but do not relax – if there are too many of them, they can surround your hero and interrupt the combo (say goodbye to your points).

Green Empusa

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-2

The green substance that is located in the belly of these insects is not blood but a healing nectar which allows to heal the wounds of other demonic creatures and even resurrect them. Thus, you need to kill Green Empusa as soon as you see it. By the way, they can also attack you, spitting poisonous juice.

Kill these creatures as fast as possible so that they cannot resurrect or heal their allies. From time to time, they can spit at you, so don’t ignore these demons and watch their actions.

Red Empusa

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-3

A rare demonic creature which fears everything that moves. It is comprised of Red Orbs. Attack it to break and collect the crystals which serve as in-game currency. The shy creature will try to escape once it sees you, so you must act fast.

This creature cannot deal damage to your character. On the other hand, it is a source of precious Red Orbs, so hunt it down and kill it after you have noticed Red Empusa. However, this will take quite some time to accomplish.

Hell Caina

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-4

Cannon fodder for the Legions of Hell, Hell Caina uses a long scythe in battle. While they have a material attack range, their attack speed leaves much to be desired. Regard this opponent as equal to Empusa. At first glance, they are ‘’spineless’’ like demonic workers, but if they manage to hit you with their scythe, you’ll receive material damage.

However, you can easily interrupt any attack of Hell Caina by simply hitting this monster with your weapon or by shooting at it. Alone, Hell Caina does not pose any problem, but when you are surrounded by three or four such opponents, make sure to separate them and don’t try to fight against all of them at once.

Hell Antenora

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-5

Hell Antenora appeared thanks to a squad of Hell Caina. They were tortured until they went mad. After this, powerful axes were put in their hands – they use them much better than Caina uses their scythes. After receiving damage and falling to the ground, Antenora falls in rage, so you should immediately dodge their attacks.

Together with Chaos, this opponent will be one of your biggest problems in the game. It’s easy to interrupt its attacks in the ordinary state – use the same tactic as in the case of Hell Caina. However, do not forget that Hell Antenora swings its two axes much faster. On the other hand, purple stripes will appear on Hell Antenora once you knock it out. This indicates that Antenora is now furious. Having got up to its feet, Antenora will immediately rush to attack you, and you won’t be able to deflect the attack with an ordinary blow. You have two options: dodge its attacks or continue hitting it while the demon is still lying on the ground. However, you will have to work really hard to interrupt the attack, so you’d better switch to another enemy.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-6

A demonic bat. An internal combustion chamber is located in its stomach, allowing this bat to breathe fire. Single Pyrobats are not dangerous, but if you see a flock of these monsters on the horizon, you have problems.

These bats spit fire but before this happens, you will notice that their belly turns red. You always have a chance to get ahead of the events and attack Pyrobat to interrupt its attack. The rule of thumb is to kill these bats as soon as you have this opportunity so that they do not interfere during the battle.

Death Scissors

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-7

Death Scissors is a ghost that is able to fly through walls and other objects. To destroy the enemy, you need to make one accurate shot at the head.

This is a very specific opponent who will try to attack you with the huge scissors. They are used to repel all attacks of the protagonist but after some time the scissors break. In addition, if you are lucky to make an accurate shot, you can immediately eliminate the enemy.

Empusa Queen

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-8

The queen of the working ants. This monster is protected by powerful armor and has solid weapons. Having drunk human blood, it turns red and becomes enraged. When you see that the monster turned red, run away immediately.

This is a huge demonic insect who uses long paws to attack. Dodge and try to attack the monster from the side or from the back. You can also use jumps and hit the monster from above. We strongly recommend avoiding frontal attacks or fighting when the monster’s head is bright red. It won’t hurt to activate the demon form.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-9

A reptile from Hell who is capable of long-distance jumps. It is equipped with powerful claws that easily cut metal.

We turn to demonic reptiles, and Riot is the first in the list. This mutated lizard will attack you with its powerful claws. The monster is moving much faster than all previous opponents, but it still lacks something, so you’ll be able to deal with each Riot using a long series of attacks. Be careful when you attack one Riot as another one can attack you from behind or even jump at you.

Scudo Angelo

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-10

You will have to fight against a squad of Black Angels who appeared due to transformation of a human hostage into a demonic creature. Initially, there was one Black Angel, but then it was cloned, and a squad of Scudo Angelo was brought to life. Most enemies use strong shields, so don’t count on a frontal attack.

The basic Black Angel. These enemies use powerful shields, but they are easy to bypass playing as Nero: jump and pull the demon using a cable. Besides, the shield will be destroyed once you have dealt enough damage. The best tactics is to dodge and hit the monster when Scudo attacks.

Proto Angelo

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-11

Another demon who is similar to Black Angel. Just look at its armor and weapons. Most likely, it’s either a prototype or an upgraded version of Black Angel. This creature is a commander of other clone servants. Their huge sword can deal big damage to your hero in one blow.

This powerful Black Angel uses a huge sword instead of a shield and a sword. It will be hard to knock him down like Scudo Angelo. Your chance is to timely dodge and counterattack. From time to time, the demon will be charged with energy – stay at a safe distance in this case, don’t even think about a counterattack.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-12

A demon who managed to turn his power into magic. It uses only ice attacks. The enemy will try to stay at a safe distance from you, deflecting any shots with a powerful magic shield. You should either attack or wait for the shield to weaken.

A demon who uses ice magic. When light seals appear around him, interrupt the magic with your attacks or be prepared to dodge flying missiles. In general, this monster does not pose difficult problems.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-13

Creatures that eat their fellow demons. To escape their gluttony, other creatures chained Behemoth’s mouth. In chains, the monster is inactive and does not present problems. However, you must unchain it to kill. As soon as this happens, Behemoth becomes infuriated and starts eating everyone.

Initially, the enemy is bound by powerful chains that materially reduce its mobility and do not allow to use the huge mouth. However, as soon as you destroy the chains, Behemoth starts eating everything including other demons. This is very useful, and you can set him on some unpleasant opponent like Chaos. Later, you’ll need to dodge and attack Behemoth from the side, back or top. In no case you should try frontal attacks.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-14

At first glance, Nobody is a stupid and undeveloped creature. However, it can tear you apart in seconds. These opponents dance for a reason: they pump out Hell energy from the atmosphere using ritual movements.

These strange creatures will constantly tumble and jump so that you will have trouble performing a series of attacks. Be especially careful with those monsters whose hand has turned red. They are much fiercer, their blows are more powerful, and demon eyes will periodically fly out of them. The eyes will move in your direction and explode in case of contact.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-15

Another demonic lizard that has sharp thorns on its back. Attack the enemy but do not forget to dodge each time the demon starts spinning around. Be careful as Chaos periodically spits at you with a strange substance contained in its chest.

As if Antenora was not enough, the developers decided to create an even more odious type of demons. Huge thorns are located on the backs of these reptiles. The most unpleasant thing is that they can make them turn and move across the battlefield, trying to saw the main character. It’s hard to interrupt this attack and we don’t recommend doing this. In this case, you’ll be better off staying away from the enemy and wait for it to rush. At this moment, double jump or dodge. If you start a series of attacks and don’t give Chaos any free time, it will have no chance to use the thorns.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-16

Unlike ordinary Pyrobats, these bats have combustion chambers directly on their backs. Each time the monster spits fire, it lights up. Shoot the combustion chamber to extinguish the demon and make it easy prey.

This is an improved version of the standard Pyrobat. This fiery red demon will attack you with fire much more often. The bubble on the back can deal crushing damage, so try to interrupt Hellbat’s attack as soon as possible. Hellbat can become inflated before death. Do not come close to it: shoot from afar, staying at safe distance.

Hell Judecca

Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-17

The highest rank in the Legion of Hell. These demonic creatures do not engage in close combat as this is the task of their minions that they summon for their defense. Judecca attacks from a distance using its tentacles. You will have to find ways to get close to this opponent.

This is the captain of the Legion of Hell. Unlike Caina and Antenora, it will stay away from you. Judecca constantly teleports but no more than two times in a row before throwing its blades at you. Dodge or try to get close to the monster and attack from the front to interrupt its attack. However, it’s better not to take excessive risks and to stand behind the demon or at its side after you have cut the distance between you and Hell Judecca. In general, you should first deal with other enemies and only then turn your attention to Hell Judecca.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-18

An improved and deadlier version of Riot. This creature moves by making inter-spatial leaps that consume Hell energy. In an instant, Fury can get behind your back.

This is an upgraded version of Riot. The monster moves fast: it does not run from one point to another but teleports instantly. It is able to temporarily become invisible. You should constantly dodge in the battle with Fury even if you don’t see it, increasing your chances to avoid damage.


Devil May Cry 5 Enemy Guide: Description, Attacks, and Battle Tactics-19

A monster that consists of many mouths that are used to pronounce various magic spells. As in the case of Baphomet, the creature is completely helpless in close combat and is barely moving around the location. If the enemy is about to cast a spell, try to shut his mouths by attacking the demon as soon as possible.

An improved version of Baphomet. A strange creature will try to practice witchcraft in a protective sphere. Get close and counterattack so that Lusachia cannot complete the spell and attack you.