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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide

A guide on how to defeat every boss in DMC 5: forms, attacks and battle tactics


There are 11 bosses in Devil May Cry 5, some of whom will take different forms. Thus, you will have to fight Goliath, Artemis and Cavaliere Angelo twice — first as Dante, then as V. Besides, the heroes will have to fight their phantoms. As for Urizen, Dante and Nero will face him two or even three times. Below, you’ll find tips and tactics on how to beat every demon boss.

Qliphoth Roots

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-1

Qliphoth Roots’ weaves could be seen throughout Red Grave City. Their outer shell is monstrously durable, and you can spend half a day trying to destroy it with your sword or bullets. However, the boss whom you face at the end of the first chapter has his soul wide open. You’ll see a pulsing red biomass in the middle of the roots. This is the heart of the rhizome which pumps the collected blood into Qliphoth.

You need to attack the red flesh in the center of the roots. Do not forget to dodge the attacks of sprouts who are trying to hit you. Qliphoth Roots don’t have other types of attacks.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-2

Stupid like a log, Goliath is dangerous because of the mouth in his belly. Periodically, the monster sucks in everything, fries and turns into a hell of a barbecue, splashing out a powerful stream of energy that targets the protagonist.

Roll over, use jumps and try to stay behind the monster’s back as often as possible. Do not engage in a frontal attack as it will facilitate the enemy’s task. The battle will have three stages. Sooner or later, Goliath will break the roof, and you will find yourself inside a church. After some time, he will begin sucking everything into his belly, and you will not be able to avoid this fate. Then, the demon will pour out a powerful energy stream – together with Nero – outside the church. The last phase of the battle will take place outside where there is plenty of space. Be consistent with your previous tactics.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-3

Artemis is a weapon that was manufactured by the legendary gunsmith Machiavelli. It was constructed as a mix of gun and a man.

The opponent uses several types of attacks:

  • Horizontally directed luminous missiles (jump over them);
  • Vertically directed luminous missiles (go sideways);
  • Flying ‘’drones’’ that try to shoot you (dodge).

Get close to the boss, jump and attack. The second half of the battle will begin with Artemis flying up into the air. You must shoot any ‘’drone’’ and then use it as a grip which will allow you to get into the air, attack Artemis and force the boss to come back to the ground.

Having done this, continue fighting against the boss. The demon will become more aggressive and will try to ram you more often. You will need to dodge when Artemis rushes at Nero.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-4

Nidhogg is a parasite in symbiosis with Qliphoth. He sucks up some blood coming to the top of the tree and tries to protect itself by using little tentacles. There’s another interesting fact: Nidhogg is much dumber than Goliath.

In the fight against Nidhogg, we recommend chopping off three limbs that are swinging in all directions. After this, Nidhogg will be temporarily immobilized, and you’ll be able to deal material damage to him. When the boss comes back to his senses, the same limbs will reappear. Chop them off again. Repeat until the complete destruction of your opponent.

Elder Geryon Knight

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-5

Geryon is a demonic horse. One of the notable features of Geryon knights is their ability to control time.

You will control V in this battle. Thus, just like in the previous missions, stay away from the enemy and attack him with your demons. Get closer to your demons only if you need to ‘’patch them up’’ (when you come close, health regeneration accelerates).

When everything around you turns gray, you are in the ghost world. Here, Geryon is much more mobile so you’ll have to dodge twice as often.

Cavaliere Angelo

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-6

An improved version of the original Black Angel. Both hands have built-in shields that are used for both attack and defense. Cavaliere can make lightning attacks which are possible because Trish is locked inside.

His powerful cloak is used as a shield. In order to deal damage to Cavaliere, you need to get behind his back as soon as possible. By the way, the shield will temporarily disappear if you deal enough damage to it. As in the case of Goliath, Cavaliere should be attacked from the back. Use constant rolls and double jumps.

If Cavaliere moves away, prepare for flying electric missiles. Dodge them and get close to the enemy. When Angelo lifts his sword, stay away from him or you’ll get damage from the explosive electric wave.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-7

In fact, gilgamesh is a metal mined in Hell. This boss was formed by combining metal with the demon flesh. Someone combined Qliphoth’s roots with a pile of gilgamesh to create this giant. He can literally create shock waves out of nowhere. He will use them to try and kill Nero, so you’ll need fast legs. However, you’ll have to get close to the enemy in order to destroy him.

To win in the battle, you need to attack the blood clot on his back. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Wait until one of Gilgamesh’s paws falls through the hole in the roof and jump there by yourself or using a cable.
  2. Attack the tumors on Gilgamesh’s legs to open the dark grip and use it to fly up, on the back (one grip is enough).
  3. Get on any building and jump on his back from the roof.

The last option is more extreme.

Mirage Goliath

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-8

Acts like Goliath. Use one of your demons to attack him. Stay away to avoid damage.

Mirage Artemis

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-9

Acts like Artemis.

Miraggio Angelo

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-10

Acts like Cavaliere Angelo.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-11

Two creatures fused together. Apparently, the upper part is a sorceress who decided to merge with a bird but realized that she could not fully control it.

During the battle with Malphas, you should attack the three-headed woman on the Адский Птенец and not vice versa. To do this, use double jumps. When the bird jumps, run back or jump together with the bird to avoid damage. In the middle of the fight, Malphas will be stunned, providing you with a chance to deal as much damage as possible.

Closer to the end of the battle, Malphas will go underground to resurrect and become even stronger. The bird will teleport more often and try to trample Nero, so you need to act carefully and select the time for attack only after the bird runs from one end to the other.

King Cerberus

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-12

King Cerberus has three different heads that allow him to use ice, lighting and fire attacks.

This opponent uses various attacks to destroy you. He can switch between three elements – fire, ice and thunder. Each time the element changes, stay away from Cerberus to avoid getting damage from the blast wave. Keep dodging and using double jumps to jump over his paws.


Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-13

Your main target. You will face Urizen several times in the game. You can do nothing against him in the prologue, but you’ll have to fight in the eighth and seventeenth missions. Each time he will have approximately the same attacks. Avoid any luminous points on the ground as they highlight places of explosion or a target for the luminous missile. Jump over a powerful stream of energy that appears when Urizen calls the seal.

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-14

To deal damage to Urizen in the eighth chapter, you need to first destroy an orange sphere with spikes. This is not a difficult task. Do not forget about the wrath demon form which is available to Dante. In the seventeenth chapter, you will also need to dodge Urizen’s fists and legs that will be used to try and hit Dante.

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-15


Dante’s brother. As it turned out, Vergil was behind the whole story. After the exile in Hell, he used Yamato to separate human flesh from demon core. That’s how V and Urizen were created. After Dante defeated Urizen at the top of Qliphoth, V asked the legendary hunter for an opportunity to finish off the demon by himself. However, he planed something completely different: V used his cane to merge with Urizen and resurrect Vergil.

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battle Guide-16

Focus on dodging in the battle with Vergil. Try to avoid his attacks. If he repels your attack, he will immediately jump and hit the ground. You must either bounce or jump together with him. Vergil will teleport each time you have made a series of blows.

Do not rush to activate the wrath demon form as Vergil is also able to activate it. When this happens, switch to demon and attack him. It’s worth noting that you will first have to fight against Vergil as Dante and then as Nero. In the second case, your task will be much easier than in the first one.