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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Weapons Guide

All Dante and Nero’s weapons

In Devil May Cry 5, you control three characters – Nero, Dante and V. The latter uses his demons in battle. By coincidence, there are three of them: Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare. V has no weapons except cane which is used to finish off his opponents. Thus, we’ll focus on close-range and long-range weapons of Dante and Nero.

Nero’s Weapons

Nero has one close-range weapon, a sword called Red Queen, and one long-range weapon, a pistol named Blue Rose. However, the young hunter also uses Devil Breakers, mechanic arms with different skills and functions. We’ll list them all:

  • Overture. The first mechanic arm made for Nero. It contains a generator which can literally shock opponents.
  • Helter Skelter. The energy of this arm is concentrated on its tip which rotates at a great speed, allowing you to drill holes in enemies.
  • Punch Line. This mechanical arm was made using DNA sample of the defeated Goliath. It operates on a jet supercharger which is based on the combustion mechanism from Goliath’s belly.
  • Gerbera. Consists of petals forming a reflective furnace which creates a strong heat that could be released as a shock wave.
  • Tomboy. Allows you to enhance the power of Red Queen and Blue Rose.
  • Rawhide. This mechanic arm was crafted from the Hell metal gilgamesh that was mined during the destruction of the boss Gilgamesh. This is a slim and very sharp weapon that is much stronger than an ordinary cable. You can pull those opponents who could not be reached with an ordinary cable. You can also use it to wrap demons and cut them into pieces.
  • Ragtime. Created from a part of the body of Geryon who was destroyed by V in one of the missions. It shoots with energy spheres which slow down opponents. The effect lasts for a limited period of time.
  • Buster Arm. When creating this Devil Breaker, Nico wanted to return the arm which demon stole from Nero. It allows you to scatter demons and beat them to the ground.

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Helter Skelter
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Punch Line
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Buster Arm
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Red Queen
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Blue Rose

Red Queen also has an Exceed whose gauge is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen in the form of three fingers. You can charge it with the E key so that your first sword blows are stronger than usual. You also have the ability to upgrade Nero’s skills that reinforce the Exceed.

Dante’s Weapons

Dante has much more weapons, and we’ll list them all:

  • Rebellion. This sword was given to Dante by his father, demon Sparda. During the game, Dante will reveal its true potential.
  • Devil Sword Sparda. You’ll get it when V finds the sword.
  • Devil Sword Dante. Dante will create this weapon from Rebellion and Devil Sword Sparda when he returns to his home.
  • Balrog. Dante once visited Hellfire – a place in Hell ruled by Berial. After that, the throne was occupied by his younger brother – bastard Balrog. Dante managed to destroy Balrog and use his remains to create armor – demonic gloves and boots made of strong metal.
  • Cavaliere. A new weapon in Dante’s arsenal which is obtained after the victory over Cavaliere Angelo. We are talking about that demonic motorcycle which can be used to run over your opponents.
  • King Cerberus. Dante will get these ice nunchucks that transform into a fire spear or electric spear after he kills King Cerberus.
  • Ebony & Ivory. Two famous guns made by Nell Goldstein, Nico’s grandmother. They look similar but differ in color. There’s another, more important difference: one pistol is designed for fast shooting, while another one – for slow shooting.
  • Coyote-A. A modified shotgun, Dante’s classic weapon. Ugly but powerful.
  • Kalina Ann. You’ll find Lady’s rocket launcher in one of the buildings when Dante will be moving through the ruins of residential buildings. If you wonder where the strange name comes from, here’s the answer: Lady named it after her late grandmother.
  • Kalina Ann II. This weapon will be crafted by Nico after Dante loses the original Kalina Ann (or, more precisely, gives it back to Lady).
  • Double Kalina Ann II. Two rocket launchers are better than one.
  • Dr. Faust. A cool hat that allows Dante to shoot with Red Orbs. However, be careful as it consumes Red Orbs from your total stock!

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Devil Sword Sparda
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Devil Sword Dante
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King Cerberus
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Ebony & Ivory.
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Kalina Ann and Kalina Ann II
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Dr. Faust