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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough

Where to find to find all secret missions in DMC 5 and how to beat them


Devil May Cry 5 storyline is 100% linear so you won’t face major difficulties when playing. In order to increase the complexity of the game, you can complete it on the medium difficulty level and then choose the level ‘’Son of Sparda’’ which will provide you with a real challenge. However, if you like to solve various puzzles or search objects, you can do two things:

  1. Find and complete all secret missions.
  2. Find all hidden Blue Orb Fragments and Purple Orb Fragments.

We’ll talk about fragments in a separate guide, while this article is focused on secret missions. In total, there are 12 secret missions that are activated by seals depicted on stones, walls, ceiling or floor. These seals may be divided into several parts, so you’ll have to search for a certain angle at which the whole picture is visible. Typically, there’s something like a signal flare at the points where you should stand and look at the full seal.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-1

The game has 20 story missions. Conclusion: not all of them have a hidden seal. On the other hand, secret missions are numbered. So, if you have found a seal and unlocked a secret mission 04 in Mission 8, while the secret mission 06 was unlocked in Mission 10, the fifth mission should be searched in chapters between them – in Mission 9.

Unlocking the seal is half the battle. You still need to complete the secret mission. You can repeat the walkthrough as many times as you want, but you’ll get the Blue Orb Fragment only for the first completion of the mission. Thus, you can earn 12 fragments, craft three Orbs (4 fragments are used to make one Orb) and increase the health points’ stock by three.

The first secret mission should not mislead you: it’s easy to kill Empusa in the allotted time, but subsequent tasks will be significantly more difficult and not so obvious. We’ll discuss them in detail.

Secret Mission 01

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-2

Where to find — Mission 2

Almost impossible to miss. When you enter the building after the first meeting with Hell Caina, Qliphoth’s roots will block the way in one of the corridors. Go to them and turn to the right, to the bed. Here, the game will warn you about the opportunity to unlock the first secret mission. Stand next to the bedside table which is located further from the door and look at the doorway to form a seal. You’ll see a hint telling you that you need to press E to activate the mission.


Your task is very simple: kill enemies in the allotted time. This mission should not present any problems.

Secret Mission 02

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-3

Where to find — Mission 3

Once you reached the tunnel, destroy Qliphoth’s roots by eliminating two blood clots. Having done this, you’ll get to the partially destroyed ladder. Instead of going upstairs, descend and enter the alcove on the right, near the stairs. Look up to see the seal.


It’s a more difficult task. First, you’ll face one Red Empusa, then two, and three in the end. It’s relatively easy to destroy the first three, but your task will become more complicated when you must deal with three of them at once. Kill the first one as soon as possible and run after the second one. First, Red Empusa get away from you and then, feeling safe, start digging a passage beneath themselves. If at least one of them succeeds, you lose. It’s a difficult task but we have completed it during the first playthrough (at third attempt). This mission will be easier if you upgrade your character.

Secret Mission 03

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-4

Where to find — Mission 4

Playing as V, get to the bridge and destroy a blood clot. Inside a building, you will see a first purple fragment but there’s also a sprout with Nidhogg’s hatchling outside, to the left from the entry. Take it, move further through the building and deal with the enemies outside. Pay attention to the fact that a wall is broken in one of the buildings. Memorize this place and walk further down the lane.

After a series of turns, you’ll find Qliphoth’s root on the left side. It could be destroyed by using Nidhogg’s hatchling. Insert it inside and find a Blue Orb Fragment. Another Qliphoth’s root will be located on the left. You need another Nidhogg’s hatchling. Go back to the destroyed wall, jump into the building and go to the backyard. A sprout with Nidhogg’s hatchling will be in the lane around the corner. Go to the root, destroy it by inserting the parasite inside, climb the stairs and find a huge seal.


This mission is relatively easy. Use double jump to pick up Orbs that are located above. Your Griffon will pick up V and take him to the necessary height. First, move forward, avoiding obstacles and picking up Orbs below. Then run around the tables arranged in circle. You need to move straight along them without running into the gaps with Orbs. This distance will be sufficient enough to pull them automatically. Finally, you’ll need to collect Orbs that are floating in the air.

Secret Mission 04

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-5

Where to find — Mission 5

When you are on the warehouse with a ship, go down after defeating monsters on top of the containers. A blood clot will be on the right, and you’ll see scaffolding with wooden panels in front of you. Go to these panels and notice a Green Orb through the hole. It means that you can get there. Stand close and summon Nightmare who will destroy the wall. Kill the enemies, climb the stairs and find a flare that allows you to activate a secret mission.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-6


The task is simple – you need to destroy all demons without getting damage. You’ll be better off unlocking V’s skill that allows you to saddle the Nightmare. In this case, you’ll be able to summon the monster, jump on his back and kill your enemies. You are not obliged to do this immediately so you can wait for Hell Antenora to come. Be careful when you are on the ground: while V finishes off his opponents, other enemies may strike him.

Secret Mission 05

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-7

Where to unlock — Mission 8

In this quest, you will face plasma flows that are going up. Stone platforms will move along them. You are not interested in the first flow: just go up and continue the walkthrough. Once you reach the second plasma flow, jump onto the platform and go up. Jump on the ledges on the right where you will find Devil Breaker and Red Orbs. From here, you can aim at the dark grip. Shoot it using the cable to pull and then shoot at the second dark grip. Pull yourself again to fly higher and find the loot and the seal for the secret mission at the very top.


The first challenge is to get through the segment where you use grips and the cable. Each grip should be activated with a pistol shot. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to get used to the sequential pressing of keys (buttons). I suspect that it’s much easier done on the gamepad than when using keyboard and mouse.

Here’s the sequence for PC: Space to jump while simultaneously holding SHIFT to aim at the grip, shoot at RMB and throw the cable using mouse wheel. Release SHIFT and hold it again to aim at the second grip, then shoot and pull. Also, jumps in the air will come in handy. If it’s your second playthrough, be sure to unlock the rock ability for Nero’s demon form. You are not obliged to switch to demon form, and the skill is used anyway. You’ll be able to perform triple jumps and, in the last case, hold Space to soar through the air on demonic wings.

Secret Mission 06

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-8

Where to unlock — Mission 9

Location. Playing as V, go through the mission until you see a red tree on the roof of a concrete structure. Regardless of whether you jump there or not, you’ll have to descend. The left path leads to the cemetery. However, there’s a passage on the left that is blocked by Qliphoth’s roots. Stand close to the roots to see blood clots behind them. Press F to summon Nightmare and destroy the blood clot, opening the passage. Besides Blue Orb Fragment, you can jump on the ledge in front, turn back and see the seal in the passage.


You need to destroy all demons in the alley in 20 seconds or less. We have completed the mission at first attempt during the first playthrough so you shouldn’t face any difficulties. If something does not work out, use the demon form or scatter Devil Breakers which will explode and destroy targets.

Secret Mission 07

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-9

Where to unlock — Mission 10

In this mission, you’ll deal with passages with ‘’teeth’’. When you find yourself in the room with such passages that are located opposite each other, go to the right one to find the seal. If you go through the left passage, you’ll find a Gold Orb.


You will fight against Death Scissors. You are asked to destroy them with a single blow to the vulnerable spot.

Secret Mission 08

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-10

Where to unlock — Mission 11

Once you are in residential buildings, move from the first one to the next and destroy a blood clot in a small recess on the black and white floor. Having done this, jump back out and return to the first building. Go upstairs, jump into the hole leading to the second building and turn around. Pieces of seal can be seen on the building in front and on the part of the wall on the left: combine them to unlock the secret mission.


You’ll have an S rank at the beginning of the battle. You need to fight in a way that ensures that the rank does not drop below the specified value. I would have easily done this playing as V and Nero, but the gameplay for Dante is very specific so you’ll probably have to suffer a bit while getting used to his combo. It’s impossible to provide exact advice here.

On PC, the tactics is simple: choose Rebellion, start killing everyone, using LMB as well as mouse wheel, Shift and Space.

Secret Mission 09

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-11

Where to unlock — Mission 12

When you fill the bowls under the statue with blood, go down and start going up, jumping on the ledges. Turn around and jump onto the stone floor above. Turn around again and you’ll see the seal.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-12


You need to spend 15 seconds or more in the air playing for Dante. Equip Cavaliere (the demonic motorcycle) and use it to hit your enemies in the air by holding LMB during jumps. That’s simple.

Secret Mission 10

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-13

Where to unlock — Mission 14

Once you have V’s demons back, move forward and destroy blood clots. You are not interested in the first one, but you’ll see a flare on the floor after you have destroyed the second one. Stand near it, turn in the direction of the passage where you have previously seen Qliphoth’s roots and you’ll notice the seal.


You are asked to reach the goal without touching the ground. Everything is simple: unlock V’s skill that allows him to get on Nightmare’s back. Look down, press F and summon Nightmare. Jump down and hold Space to glide down on Griffon. Falling down, jump on Nightmare’s back and control him to get to the Blue Orb Fragment.

Secret Mission 11

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-14

Where to unlock — Mission 15

Get to the first statue of goddess and, regardless of the chosen route, go down the slope behind her. A cutscene will begin, and you’ll see inclined ledges with Red Orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment.


You’ll need to use the Punch Line Devil Breaker. Release it, hold the mouse wheel and saddle the explosive arm to move on it. Use it to travel around the location. You are not interested in inclined platforms along the side walls – move between the rooms and climb up the walls until you find yourself under the ledge with a Blue Orb Fragment. On the side, you’ll find a red flare that allows you to activate the mission.

Secret Mission 12

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-15

Where to unlock — Mission 16

After you have defeated Behemoth and Hellbats, you need to immediately go down rather than jump to the opposite corridor. Kill Chaos and Fury, jump to the ledge below but don’t rush to move even lower. Look around to find a descent to the collapsing ledge with a red tree. Go there, destroy the tree and jump to the other room at the end of the corridor. A red tree will be located below. You’ll see an alcove on the ledge above the tree. A red flare lies in the depth of the alcove – it will light up as you come closer, and you’ll activate the secret mission.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission Locations and Walkthrough-16


Start with buying the third upgrade for Dr. Faust. Better yet, upgrade it to the fourth level. The skill increases the number of Red Orbs obtained with the help of the hat. Equip the hat as a long-range weapon, select the Shooter style and attack the enemy. Allow Empusa to drink blood from a puddle on the ground, then repeat the procedure but remember that in no case you should kill Empusa.