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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 Game Guide: Characters, Gameplay Breakdown and Beginner's Tips

This guide will introduce you to the main characters of DMC 5, their weapons and fight style, explain what items there are in the game and how to increase health and energy, and much more


Devil May Cry 5 is a long-awaited slasher which continues the story of the fourth part which was released in early 2008. The release took place on March 8, the game appeared on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox Once. In this guide, we’ll try to understand all game aspects, talk about various items, in-game currency, weapons, playable characters and much more.


You’ll control three different heroes in Devil May Cry 5. In total, there are 20 missions and a prologue. Each character has his own missions, but some of them can be completed with one of the two or three heroes. As a rule, these missions do not have collectible items or secret missions.

The first character is Nero, and the story is focused on him. The young demon uses the Red Queen sword and Blue Rose pistol. In addition, he has a mechanic arm which is called Devil Breaker. His friend and an Artisan of Arms Nico is happy to craft various prototypes of the mechanic arm which have different abilities and features.

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The second hero is a mysterious V. He is physically weak so he must stay away from enemies and use his three demons – Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare. Shadow is a specialist in close combat, Griffon strikes from afar while you’ll have to spend 3 points of the demon gauge to summon Nightmare. V’s cane is his only weapon which he uses to finish off his opponents. To be precise, he can finish off only those who were previously beaten by Shadow and Griffon. Nightmare attacks automatically, he does not need to be controlled, and he is able to kill enemies.

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V also has a verse book that can be read in the battle, filling the demon gauge

The third character is the legendary devil hunter Dante. His arsenal is much wider and includes several types of close-range and long-range weapons. Also, you may switch between four styles that enhance your gameplay. For example, if you like to act quickly using Balrog gloves, choose Trickster. Gunslinger style is suitable for those who like firearms. Classic battles that include the use of the Rebellion sword go well with Swordmaster.

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Just like V, Dante has his own demon gauge which is required to activate the demon form, providing Dante with completely new types of attacks. More on each character’s weapons in a separate guide.


You’ll find various Orbs when playing. Here’s what they are used for:

  • Green Orb is used to restore health points.
  • White Orb is used to fill the demon scale.
  • Red Orbs are in-game currency which is used to buy items and open new skills.
  • Gold Orb allows you to resurrect a fallen character. Red Orbs can also be used for this task.
  • Blue Orb adds one point to health scale, increasing the maximum amount of health points.
  • Purple Orb adds on point to demon scale, increase the maximum amount of demon points.

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Increasing health scale and demon scale points

You can buy six Blue Orbs and five Purple Orbs in the in-game store. The price of the item increases with each purchase. You can also find fragments of these Orbs when completing missions along the storyline. Collect four identical fragments and craft a complete Orb, increasing the specific scale.

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You can also complete 12 secret missions, but you’ll first have to unlock them. One storyline mission can contain no more than one secret mission. Read more on secret missions in a separate guide.

Note. You can buy six Gold Orbs in the shop, while you’ll have to search for the remaining ones at other locations.

New game+

The game has seven difficulty levels. Only two of them are initially available to the player. To unlock the third level, you must complete the game on the second one; to unlock the fourth level, beat the game on the third level of difficulty and so on.

The first five difficulty levels are increasing in difficulty, but the last two are unique. Activation of Heaven and Hell leads to a situation when both main heroes and their opponents die from the first blow. The last level of difficulty will please the true hardcore lovers: only your character dies from the first blow.

Speaking about additional playthroughs, we’ll note that you can collect Blue Orb and Purple Orb Fragments that could not be reached before. This will happen because you’ll unlock new forms of Dante and Nero as well as specific skills for all three playable characters. Read more in a detailed walkthrough of the game.

How to get maximum rank

During each battle, you’ll see rating points and a letter indicating a specific category on the right side of the screen. The lowest rating is D, the highest rating is SSS. For the completion of the chapter, you can get a maximum rating of S. The higher the rating in a separate battle, the higher the probability of obtaining the maximum rank at the end of the chapter.

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To get a high rank, you must use various tricks and combos and avoid damage. If any opponent hits your hero, knocking him out or interrupting the attack, the current rating will suffer. For example, if you had S and one of the opponents hit the hero, the rating will immediately drop to B.


You’ll meet various opponents as you progress through the game. The appearance of a new demonic creature will be accompanied by a cutscene. In total, you’ll face about twenty monsters. Read more on tactics that you should use against them in a separate guide.

You’ll have to fight against bosses at the end of almost each chapter. Each of them is a unique personality but sometimes battles are repeated. For example, you’ll have to fight against Urizen three or four times – and you will lose in two of them. Read more on boss battles in a separate guide.