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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 All Purple Orb Fragment Locations

Where to find all Purple Orb Fragments and how to get all Purple Orbs

Purple Orbs are special items that are used to increase the maximum supply of demonic power (purple gauge below the ‘’health bar’’). In total, you can get five Purple Orbs from the in-game store and eight Purple Orb Fragments (two Purple Orbs) when performing storyline tasks.

Purple Orbs become available in the in-game store after you have launched the fourth mission. The cost increases with each new purchase: 3500, 6000, 9000, 18000 and 40000 Red Orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 All Purple Orb Fragment Locations-1

Here’s where all Purple Orb Fragments are located:

  1. Mission 4. It’s very difficult to miss the fragment. Once you find yourself behind the bridge after you have destroyed the blood clot, a Purple Orb Fragment will glow in the building in front of you. You will need to go through this building anyway.
  2. Mission 5. Having destroyed the first Empusa Queen, go to the other part of the building and turn around. There’s a Purple Orb Fragment at the ledge above, and it’s not so difficult to get it.
  3. Mission 9. Reach the crypt, go through it, killing enemies along the way, and jump down through the hole. There’s a grate to the left from the exit. Stand near it and press F. Nightmare will appear and destroy the grate, allowing you to get to the hidden room. Defeat all enemies, and the Purple Orb Fragment will appear.
  4. Mission 10. After the second passage with ‘’teeth’’, move forward and find a white crystal. There’s a ledge to the right. Jump there, kill the enemies and get a Purple Orb Fragment as a reward.
  5. Mission 11. Kill Hellbats that you will encounter after you have passed multistoried buildings. Once you do this, a Purple Orb Fragment will appear.
  6. Mission 12. Once you are in a spacious hall with a high statue where you need to fill bowls with blood, take Nidhogg’s hatchling and place it into Qliphoth’s root on the first floor. Go forward and destroy the blood clot. Move through the hole where the blood clot was previously located and turn to the room on the right side. There, you will find a Purple Orb Fragment.
  7. Mission 14. Having returned V’s demons, follow the only available route and destroy the blood clot to which the right path is leading. Go back to the fork and follow the left path. On the right, there’s a place where you can jump down to the Purple Orb Fragment.
  8. Mission 16. Having killed Behemoth and Hellbats after the second descent, jump even lower (you are not interested in the corridor on the other side). Kill demonic reptiles and look down. Follow the ledges lower and lower until you find a Purple Orb Fragment on one of the platforms.