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Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devil May Cry 5 All Blue Orb Fragment Locations

Where to find all Blue Orb Fragments and how to get all Blue Orbs to increase your health to the maximum

Blue Orbs are special items that increase the maximum health point supply for main characters of Devil May Cry 5. One Blue Orb increases your health scale by one point. Nero, V and Dante can have a maximum of 20 health points (two rows of ten points).

Six Blue Orbs are available for purchase starting from the second chapter. The price of the item increases with each new purchase. The first one costs 1500 Red Orbs while the sixth Blue Orb costs as much as 40000 Red Orbs. Here are the prices for the second, third, fourth and fifth Blue Orbs: 3500, 6000, 9000 and 15000 Red Orbs respectively.

The game has secret missions. You get one Blue Orb fragment for the completion of each secret mission. Four Blue Orb Fragments form one Blue Orb. Thus, you can increase your health scale by 3 points by completing all secret missions, giving you a total of nine additional health points.

You can also find Blue Orb Fragments during the playthrough, on various game levels playing as V, Nero and Dante. We remind you that the items serve all characters: if V found four Blue Orb Fragments and got a one-point boost to his health scale, Nero and Dante will enjoy the same boost. Apart from the twelve Blue Orb Fragments that can be obtained in the secret missions, you can find 20 more Blue Orb Fragments in storyline missions. Thus, the health scale can be increased by five more points. Below, we will discuss how to find Blue Orb Fragments in storyline missions. You can learn everything about secret missions in Devil May Cry 5 in a separate guide.

Devil May Cry 5 All Blue Orb Fragment Locations-1

Here’s where you will find Blue Orb Fragments:

  1. Mission 1. Watch the cutscene with Red Empusa, jump down from the bridge, turn around and you’ll see a glowing Blue Orb Fragment under the bridge.
  2. Mission 2. Get to the second Qliphoth’s root that blocks your way. Go to the room on the right where you’ll find Nidhogg’s hatchling. Once you have picked it up, you’ll be ambushed by your opponents. Go to the next room and dodge monster attacks until they destroy the floor. The Blue Orb Fragment is in the room below.
  3. Mission 2. Once you get out of the building, you’ll see Qliphoth’s root on the left. A little further, there’s a lane that leads to Nidhogg’s hatchling. Pick it up. Once you move in the opposite direction along the lane, look at the opposite part of the street. A part of the wall is destroyed in the residential building. Jump there and grab the Blue Orb Fragment.
  4. Mission 3. When you get on the platform for the second time and use Nero’s cable to pull yourself, you’ll get to the back of the building and find a Blue Orb Fragment between air conditioners.
  5. Mission 3. Go to the very top in the room with the stairs, then turn around and jump higher. You need to double jump, which means that you must unlock this skill. Use the dark grip to pull yourself up.
  6. Mission 4. Once you cross the bridge and grab the first Purple Orb Fragment, get out of the building and fight against a large group of demons outside. Press F to summon Nightmare who will break out of the nearby building, destroying the wall. After the battle is complete, you’ll be able to jump into this building and pick up the Blue Orb Fragment.
  7. Mission 4. You can grab Nidhogg’s hatchling in front of the warehouse where the first Purple Orb Fragment is located. Also, Nidhogg’s hatchling can be found behind the house described in paragraph 6 (you need to go into the alley, to the backyard). You need just one of them. Move forward from the place where Nightmare destroyed the wall and find Qliphoth’s root on the left after one of the turns. Use Nidhogg’s hatchling to open the way to another part of the street and get a Blue Orb Fragment.
  8. Mission 5. Once in the dock with the giant ship, destroy the first blood clot and climb onto the containers where you’ll be attacked by demonic creatures. Defeat them, descend from containers and turn around to find a small passage near the wall – it leads to the Blue Orb Fragment.
  9. Mission 8. When you get to the first statue, go forward along the only available route but do not rush to fall down where you see Scudo Angelo and Proto Angelo. On the other side, there’s a ledge with a Blue Orb Fragment. To get there, use the triple jump in demonic form that will appear only after you have completed the game at least once. You’ll also need to unlock the corresponding skill as the usual double jump won’t do the job in this case. You can also use Gerbera to get there (just press on the mouse wheel so that Nero pushes off the air).
  10. Mission 8. Once you have used lava platforms for the second time, you’ll find a blood river ahead. Do not rush to get inside. Go around it, destroy Qliphoth’s sprout, and a Blue Orb Fragment will appear near the entrance.
  11. Mission 9. Go through the mission until you jump from the high mountain (on the edge, there’s a stone building with a red tree on the roof). Kill Scudo Angelo and Proto Angelo and go to the left. There’ll be a closed passage on the left. Stand close to it and summon Nightmare who will fall on the blood clot, destroying Qliphoth’s roots. After this, you’ll be able to pick up the Blue Orb Fragment.
  12. Mission 9. Once in the crypts, go ahead and jump through the hole in the floor. Kill ordinary Empusa and then get outside. There are ledges on the rock in front of you. Jump on them and then move to the right to find the Blue Orb Fragment.
  13. Mission 10. In this mission, you’ll see several passages with red ‘’teeth’’. When you reach the second one, use it and kill enemies as fast as possible. Go upstairs, jump to the left and pick up the Blue Orb Fragment.
  14. Mission 11. Reach the multistoried buildings, destroy the blood clot and then eliminate two more blood clots below. After this, you’ll find a Blue Orb Fragment in the next room.
  15. Mission 12. When you find yourself near the statue, jump on the ledge and pick up the first Nidhogg’s hatchling. Go back and unlock the passage below by destroying Qliphoth’s roots. Go forward, eliminating blood clots. When you destroy the second blood clot, go through the hole and jump on the ledge on the right. It leads to the Blue Orb Fragment.
  16. Mission 14. When V loses all his demons, pay attention to the mountains on the right side. There, you can find a Blue Orb Fragment. To get there, return your Griffon. When this happens, try to find a spot to jump to the Blue Orb Fragment. You can also climb onto the nearby mountain and use Griffon to fly to the Blue Orb Fragment.
  17. Mission 15. Once you get to the statue of goddess, use the descent behind it. A cutscene will be triggered. You’ll see plenty of inclined ledges with red crystals. A Blue Orb Fragment will be shown at the end of the path. To get there, use Gerbera (press on the mouse wheel to push off the air) or Punch Line (shoot and hold the mouse wheel to jump on the prosthesis and use it like a rocket).
  18. Mission 15. Once you have reached the second statue, kill enemies to unlock the platform and the dark grip. Use it to get up, to the right side of the hall. Follow the path that leads to the Blue Orb Fragment.
  19. Mission 16. You will need to go down through the holes. After you have used the second hole and killed Behemoth and Hellbats, do not rush to go down. Instead, use the fragile platform to jump to the other side of the cave where you’ll find a blue corridor. Go down, kill Behemoths and descend to find the Blue Orb Fragment. It’s hard to get to it, but it’s not impossible. Use the double jump, Cavaliere (allows you to stay in the air) and air acceleration when Trickster (T key) is activated.
  20. Mission 18. After the blood river, destroy Shadow and go up. Three Red Empusa will appear on the nearby platform. Kill them before any of them escapes. A Blue Orb Fragment will appear. If Empusa escapes, reload the game from the last checkpoint.