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Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Far Cry 5: Fishing Tips

Fishing advice including what you need for fishing, where to find fishing rods and fishing places

First, you need to get a fishing rod that can be bought in every gun shop or unlocked by completing certain quests. Press ‘’Q’’ when playing on PC to open a gun selector and choose the fishing rod.

Next, you need to find a fishing place. Each place has its own fish – salmon, trout, sturgeon. When you find a good place (pay attention to the water – the fish must dabble, and midges must fly around). Equip the fishing rod and cast a bait. Pull it gradually by periodically pressing on the left mouse button.

Far Cry 5: Fishing Tips-1

Thus, you’ll entice fish. Cast a bait where splashes are visible.

Once the fish is hooked, press on the right mouse button to fish out. Draw the fishing line in the opposite direction to the movement of the fish but do not overdo it. If you see that the fishing line is too tight, cool it down.

Where to find new fishing rods

By default, four fishing rods are available in Far Cry 5:

  • Standard;
  • Natural;
  • Miracle rod;
  • Old Betsy’s rod.

Standard and natural fishing rods can be bought in any shop for $300 and $800 respectively.

As far as the other two fishing rods are concerned, you’ll have to complete special quests in the Hope county. One of them is simple and serves as a tutorial. You take these quests from Skylar. They are called ‘’Admiral’’ and ‘’Gone fishing’’. The last fishing rod allows you to fish in difficult fishing places.

Fish places