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Far Cry New Dawn

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Where to Find All Specialists in Far Cry New Dawn

The location of all specialists in Far Cry New Dawn and how to make them join you


On the Hope County map, you can find several specialist icons. You will need to help these people so that they can get to Prosperity. Specialists serve to increase the level of the base, there’s no more benefit from them.


Go to the indicated location and talk to Bean to start the quest ‘’Losing Streak’’. Deal with enemies and pursue Richard to the place where you meet new opponents. You can shoot him and then get him back on his feet to learn about the bunker. Having killed everyone, go downstairs and grab the business plan.


Go to Selena and talk to her to start the quest ‘’Deep Dive’’. Go downstairs. When you drop into the water, get back to the surface and go to the far room. Activate the valves to break the pipe. This will increase the level of water. Swim back. While the ascent stops, go into the nearest corridor. Repeat the same procedure twice. Instead of yellow valves, you will see red pipes – shoot them. Turn each valve once in the room with many yellow valves.

Grace Armstrong

You need to complete the quest ‘’Buzz Kill’’. Kill the enemies and take the weapon ‘’Saw Launcher V.2’’. Then, you will need to find titanium. The first safe is in the car below. Open it to release the skunks and take the titanium from the safe. You will also need to get to the two pink cars upside. The first one is easy to get into. Use the cable from the nearby tower to get to the second one.

Sharky Boshaw

Go to Sharky and help him install traps. Drink, then deal with raiders using machine guns. It’s simple.

Nick Rye

Visit Nick Rye, kill elite enemies and liberate the man. Together, move to the barn and then move on the plane on water and land. Unfortunately, you can only shoot in a straight line.