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Far Cry New Dawn

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Far Cry New Dawn Beginner's Guide: Game Mechanics, Activities and Useful Tips

How to survive In the Apocalypse: game mechanics and new features, best methods to get perk points, where to find various resources, useful tips, and much more


While Far Cry New Dawn was based on Far Cry 5, developers made some interesting changes to the game’s mechanics.

Prosperity Base

Far Cry New Dawn Beginner's Guide: Game Mechanics, Activities and Useful Tips-1

In the game, you have your own base called Prosperity inhabited by civilians of Hope County. In Prosperity, you can develop various facilities in order to get different bonuses. The main facility is called Prosperity, just like the homebase itself. It has three levels; the first level is available by default. Each level of the base sets the maximum level for upgrades of all other buildings. Thus, when your base has the first level, you can upgrade all other buildings once. At the second level of the base, you can upgrade other buildings twice, while three upgrades await you on the third level. For upgrades, you will have to spend ethanol that you get at the outposts. More on this in separate guides: Outpost Liberation Guide and Prosperity Base Guide.

To get the first base upgrade, you need to save Thomas Rush (required by the storyline) and liberate two specialists. To get the second upgrade, you must upgrade any six buildings and liberate the three remaining specialists.


Unlike the previous part, in Far Cry New Dawn specialists are required only for improvement of the main base building. However, as before, you will need to visit their habitat and help them out with a certain task. To find out where to find them and how to make them join you read our Far Cry New Dawn Specialists Guide.

Guns and Fangs for Hire (Companions)

While the specialists are initially marked on the map, you will have to search for companions all by yourself. However, you will meet various characters while travelling along the game world, and they will indicate where to look for companions (talk to people who have icons above their heads).

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You can complete missions using only one companion at a time. If he is knocked down and you don’t have the time to get him up, he will die. To resurrect him, you will need to spend several plants. Companions also have the ability to resurrect you. If you have been wounded, press Ctrl and hold it until help comes. Even Timber and Horatio (a dog and a boar) can resurrect the main character.

Each gun for hire has three abilities. The first one is available by default, the second one is unlocked after 15 kills, while the third one is available after 40 kills. Read the descriptions of all skills in the corresponding tab in the game. More details on your companions in Far Cry New Dawn Companions Guide.

Talk to everyone

Look at the people around you to get map markers that indicate treasure hunts, companions or even storyline tasks. Some characters will have icons above their heads. Do not miss this opportunity and be sure to talk to such NPC.

Where to find treasures, photos and music players

You can read more on these topics in separate guides: All Treasure Hunt Locations and Puzzle Solutions, All Photograph Locations and All Music Player Locations. However, there’s another option: buy a map. This is done in the Cartography by spending ethanol. To do this, you need to upgrade it two times: the first upgrade must be done straight away, while the second upgrade must be completed after the base has reached the second level. Also, if you are near a treasure, photo or player, they will necessarily appear on your map.

Enemies and outposts

Each enemy has its own level in the game:

  • Rank 1 – grey scale;
  • Rank 2 – blue scale;
  • Rank 3 – purple scale;
  • Elite enemies – yellow scale.

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When liberating the outpost for the first time, you will encounter only ordinary opponents (supported by maximum two ‘’blue’’ enemies). During the second attack, ‘’blue’’ raiders and a couple of ‘’purple’’ raiders will await you. The third time, you will face ‘’purple’’ enemies and two elite opponents. It’s not that difficult to kill an elite enemy: he has better armor, but if you shoot exactly in the head, you will take down his helmet sooner or later. Shooting at an unprotected head almost instantly kills the target.

Where to find resources

Buy maps in Cartography on your base so that resource icons appear instead of usual ‘’squares’’. After you have done this, you’ll always know where to find what you are searching for. However, titanium can only be found in safes. The good news is that unlike Far Cry 5, the game has plenty of them.

Fast travel

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In order to unlock fast travel to any point on the map that you have already visited, you need to upgrade Expeditions to the second level. Thus, you also need to upgrade your base to the second level. You may move to any visited place or an outpost. If you have captured but scavenged the outpost, you won’t be able to fast travel to it.


Far Cry New Dawn Beginner's Guide: Game Mechanics, Activities and Useful Tips-5

Just like enemies, weapons have four ranks – ordinary, blue, purple and yellow. To allow yourself to craft best weapons, you need to upgrade your workbench. The weapon that was once created on the workbench will be always available. Besides, you can upgrade any weapons including elite ones once you have upgraded the workbench to the maximum level. Some items can be crafted using Far Cry coins. Some of these coins may be found inside stashes, while absolutely all safes contain solely titanium.


Your character will initially have 25 different perks which can be unlocked almost in any order. There are a few skills that require previous ones to be unlocked or an upgrade of the base (like the stealth killing of rank 3 and elite enemies).

The first perk that you need to unlock is Grapple.

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How to get all perk points:

  • Complete challenges. Go to the appropriate tab in the game and learn what you must do to get a certain number of perk points.
  • Save hostages: one hostage = one perk point.
  • Complete the quest where you search for places shown on Tracy’s photos. To do this, pick up the album on the second floor of the main base building. For each place you find you’ll get one perk point.
  • Liberate outposts.

In addition, the main character will have six more abilities associated with the Eden’s Gift. They will become available after you have met Joseph Seed in his temple and have tasted the Apple of Eden. To learn about all available perks, read Far Cry New Dawn Perks Guide.

Expeditions are the best way to get resources

Expeditions on the Prosperity base will be unlocked after you have upgraded this building once. Thus, you can engage in expeditions as soon as you accumulate some ethanol and upgrade the building.

Far Cry New Dawn Beginner's Guide: Game Mechanics, Activities and Useful Tips-7

In total, the game offers 21 expeditions. To get the access to the second one, you need to complete the first expedition at least once and then talk to Roger Cadoret. The expedition difficulty follows the same structure as in the case of outposts: first, second and third ranks. Having completed the first-rank expedition, you get access to the second-rank expedition and so on.

Expedition reward depends solely on rank. It means that the reward for the first, and, say, the tenth first-rank expedition will be identical:

  1. First rank – 300 units of titanium, 100 components, 100 duct tapes, 100 gears, 100 springs and 15 circuit boards.
  2. Second rank – 350 units of titanium, 150 components, 150 duct tapes, 150 gears, 150 springs and 20 circuit boards.
  3. Third rank – 400 units of titanium, 200 components, 200 duct tapes, 200 gears, 200 springs and 25 circuit boards.

As in the case of outposts, you will be able to go on a mission an unlimited number of times even if you have completed the expedition thrice. However, each time you will deal with a third-rank expedition. Many challenges are associated with expeditions: study them carefully to earn perk points.

Animal skins are another source of resources

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On the workbench, you can exchange animal skins for certain resources. You will see in advance what you will get for a certain skin. However, we do not recommend paying too much attention to this: just kill all animals that you see and get their skins. Do not forget about mutant fish that you can shoot directly from land.