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Far Cry New Dawn

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Far Cry New Dawn All Music Player Locations

Where to find all music players to unlock Audiophile achievement

This task begins after you have found any of the ten music players. Once you find them all, you will unlock the achievement ‘’Audiophile’’ as well as ten new songs for the radio station.

Far Cry New Dawn All Music Player Locations-1

Here’s where to find all music players:

  1. The lake to the north from Chop Shop. Climb into the building from the water using the grapple.
  2. Rotgut Pass, inside the building. You need to break the door or open it with the key form the nearby box.
  3. Fillmore’s Hovel. Descend to the bunker through the hatch in the ground.
  4. Frobisher’s Memory. Go inside and use the crampon to get on the ledge.
  5. Big Mike’s Dale. Descend to the bunker.
  6. Tombwater. Inside the building, you need to break the door or open it with the key from the fridge. Shoot the fridge door.
  7. Sein’s Sanctuary. Break the boards on the ground near the house and take the player.
  8. Bradbury Woods. Break the boards and go inside from the corner of the building.
  9. Sergey’s house. Break the boards and find the music player inside.
  10. You need to go to Forgotten Barraks located west of the outpost called Empty Garden. The music player is in the house, behind the locked door. Use Lock Picking to opent the door or pick up the key under the table.