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Fate/Grand Order

Release date: August 12, 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide

This guide will help you understand the game basics such as battles, including skills, decks and combos, classes with weak and strong points, crafting and in-game events


Fate Grand Order is diverse card-collecting RPG game with an elaborate storyline and unique battle mechanics. The game offers a unique pre-selected tap sequence battle mechanism, a wide selection of character classes, and a weird vast collection of diverse characters. It also sports a bizarre fictional storyline that involves time-travel, master-servant gameplay, and a quest to rewrite history and save the world from ultimate destruction.

The game offers a large collection of well-drawn anime-like characters. Events that let you acquire limited edition servants happen regularly. The game already has over 200 servants to collect but about over a quarter of them are considered ‘’unobtainable’’ because the events where they were given were already finished.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-1

Game Story

The game takes place in the modern era where mage craft exists alongside with technology. While magic cannot be explained by science, technology reinforces what magic cannot achieve.

As a mage, you are among a selected group of people with immense magical and scientific aptitude.

This covert organization monitors the future of humankind. However, the Near-Future Observation Lens, a machine that can see the future, saw a dark end to humankind. Your group is now on an experimental mission to go back in time to the ‘‘singularity point’’, a certain town in Japan. You must investigate and fix whatever has caused the anomaly that will lead to the destruction of humankind.

For a lame reason (you slept through the briefings), you were not included in the mission. However, the experimental mission failed, which lead to the destruction of your facility. In an effort to save the people in the control room, you find yourself accidentally transported to the singularity point for unknown reasons.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-2

Another master who got transported with you becomes your ‘servant’, a powerful being you can control to fight against your enemies. As a master, this is where your journal begins and you are now tasked to collect servants that will fight through different monsters in a post-apocalyptic world setting.

Battle Mechanics

Set-up a team of servants and fight your enemies using skills and pre-select tap sequence battle mechanism. At the start of the battle you select 3 cards from 5 options and it will determine how your servants will attack.

Card Types and Decks

There are 3 types of cards and they are determined by color: buster (red), arts (blue) and quick (green). Buster increase attack power (1x1.5), art increases Noble Phantasm (super attack) charge gain, and quick increases the stars gained when defeating an enemy.

A deck has 5 cards with random types for each servant. This means that in the team composed of 3 servants, you have a 15-card deck and you get a random 5 cards at the beginning of each turn to select from.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-3
Pressing the attack button, gives you an option to select 3-card combination attack

Chains (combos)

When the 5 cards appear after you hit the attack button, you can set-up combos called ‘’chains’’. You need to plan your attack to maximize the potential of your cards.

Here are the chains and combos for your card selections.

  1. Same color chain (buster, arts, or quick chains). Increase the effects of each card type.
  • Buster chain. All cards gain +20% damage.
  • Arts chain. All servants used in the chain gain 20% Noble Phantasm gauge.
  • Quick chain. Earns 10 critical stars.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-4

  1. Same character chain. This is also known as the brave chain. Selecting 3 cards of the same servant will trigger an additional attack.

Noble Phantasm

Once your NP gauge is full, you can cast the servant’s ultimate attack. This is a very powerful animated attack that is specific for each servant.

Servant Skills

Each servant also has a specific set of skills that can be cast before attacking. There is no limit to the number of skills you can cast at the beginning but take note that each skill has a cooldown period.

Player skills and command spell

Your character also has a set of skills that you can cast before you attack as well as 3 absolute skills called command spells.

You need points to cast these spells and you can only have a maximum of 3 points. You can only regenerate 1 point per day, so use your command spells wisely.

The following are the 3 command spells:

  1. Fully heal 1 servant (1 point to cast).
  2. Increase NP gauge to 100% (1 point to cast)
  3. Revive full party with full HP and NP (3 points to cast).

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-5

You will always have the first turn to attack. To simplify the battle mechanics, you have the following options during each turn.

  1. Cast player skill or command spell.
  2. Cast servant skills.
  3. Select enemy target (default target is the first enemy).
  4. Click on the Attack Button.
  5. Select on a 3-card combination to perform an attack.

Servant Classes and Rarity

Mastering the battle mechanics will help you win the missions with ease. However, the biggest factor in every battle is still your servants.

The game offers 13 classes of servants and 5 rarities. Servant classes have their own strengths and weaknesses, so the best classes largely depend on your gameplay preference. In terms of rarity, 5-star servants are always the best, so always aim to get them.

See below quick descriptions of every class. If they are classified as ‘’strong’’ against a specific class, it means that they deal 2X damage.

  1. Shielders. Defensive servants. There are not strong against anyone and have no weakness against anyone.
  2. Sabers. They are strong against Lancers but are weak against Archers.
  3. Archers. They are strong against Sabers but are weak against Lancers
  4. Lancers. They are strong against Archers but are weak against Sabers.
  5. Riders. This class is strong against Casters but is weak against Assassins.
  6. Casters. They are strong against Assassins but weak against Riders.
  7. Assassins. Strong against Riders but weak against Casters.
  8. Berserkers. This class is generally strong against anyone but they are also weak against all other classes.
  9. Rulers. Strong against Moon Cancers.
  10. Avengers. Strong against Rulers.
  11. Moon Cancers. Strong against Rulers.
  12. Alter Egos. Strong against Foreigners. They are weak against Sabers, Archers and Lancers.
  13. Foreigners. Strong against other Foreigners and weak against Alter Egos.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-6

Craft Essences

Craft Essences are items that give additional stats that can be equipped and transferred to any servant. Like servants, they can also be leveled up and ‘’ascended’’ using the method called Limit Break. This is done by using the same essence in leveling up when you reach the current max level.

Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-7

The consensus is that 3-star essences and below are generally useless. Some 4-star essences can be useful but the best advice is to always aim for 5-stars essences.

Craft Essences have over 20 property types. To ensure that you are not developing a ‘’bad’’ essence, make sure that it has any of the following recommended properties.

  • Increase NP Gauge at the start. This will ensure that your NP is ready by the time you fight the boss.
  • Increase Arts/ Buster/ Quick card effectiveness. Useful in specific situations but mostly effective for Busters.
  • Increase NP Damage. Very useful for Arts team because you will be spamming NPs.
  • Increase Attack % by X. Additional damage is never bad.
  • Receive X Critical Stars per turn. Very useful for Crit teams.
  • Attacks always hit. Useful for cases where a boss spams dodge or block.
  • Taunt. Situational. Just in case you need a sacrificial lamb to spare your heavy hitters.
  • Utility CEs. Even though they do not add combat stats, they are useful for farming extra friend points, QP or Bond Points.


Fate/Grand Order Beginner's Guide-8

The game offers regular Events almost every month, so you need to watch out for them. They offer exclusive servants and items which you can no longer acquire once the event is over. Every event has different mechanics.

Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it has helped you understand the game better.

Ian Leo Bertoldo