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God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

How to Use Dwarves’ Shop in God of War

A guide on how and where to craft and improve your equipment in God of War and which items are the best to buy

How to craft equipment in God of War

In order to craft armor, visit any of the dwarves’ shops. Each piece of armor will provide various bonuses. Keep in mind that armor can both increase and decrease the stats of Kratos. Each armor part needs certain materials which can be obtained from dead enemies or chests, as well as found elsewhere in the game world. You can buy some materials from dwarves. Also, Atreus can wear armor that will boost his skills and provide various abilities. You can also craft pommel, which offers a chance of activating an effect like better health or stronger attacks. Don’t forget about talismans, which provide a chance to activate a special ability, protecting Kratos from attacks or slowing down time.

How to upgrade equipment in God of War

Dwarves’ shop is also used to upgrade equipment. Don’t forget to check the weapon’s level and its potential for upgrades. The same system works when you craft equipment. You check the possibility to upgrade a crafted item and then pay some amount of materials and Hacksilver to upgrade the item. The better your item is, the more you will spend. There is also a possibility to enchant items by selecting a slot and placing the enchantment there to increase the stats of Kratos. Higher-level equipment has more enchantment slots.

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What should you buy?

Search for valuable enchantments as well as materials and spend them in the store to obtain new items. It’s also a good idea to buy a resurrection stone, which allows Atreus to resurrect Kratos one time per fight. You’ll be using this stone when the number of enemies is overwhelming.