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Graveyard Keeper

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows

How to Become a Successful Graveyard Keeper

A beginner’s guide that will tell you how to deal with corpses, how to get more iron and stone, what types of experience are there, should you eat in the game and give some useful tips for the game

Gamers who played Graveyard Keeper will probably be divided into two camps. The first will be interested in this economy-based survival because of its great variety and many difficulties, while others will say that it is the latter, which repels them from the game. Both are right in their own way. It is enough to say that there is no tutorial system as such. Sure, you will be told a bit about the core gameplay, but no more.

Do not despair: here we will thoroughly sort out everything that happens in the fictional world of Graveyard Keeper.

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A donkey, corpses, morgue, cemetery and much more

You are the Graveyard Keeper, therefore, one of your main duties is preparation and burial of bodies. This is accompanied by other tasks such as improving the quality of corpses and decorating graves.

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Every once in a while, a donkey arrives at the crossroad and brings one dead body. Starting with this moment, the countdown begins, and the corpse gradually loses its quality. You have to butcher the body before it drops below 90%. And the quality decreases constantly: whether the corpse is on the ground or the operating table of the morgue.

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The donkey will not come again until the body is still in the morgue. You can use this to your own advantage. If you are running short of time or just want to focus on something other than butchering and burying, either leave the corpse in the morgue (it will lead to lower quality), or put it in the grave but do not bury yet. The body will still be listed in the morgue.

  • Tip: To speed up donkey’s appearance, you can either restart the game or go and find it in the city.

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During the butchering, you can cut several parts. Always remove blood and fat, which will award you with one white skull and remove one red. The heart, brain and guts are mutually exclusive. So you must remove one of the parts to get rid of the red skull. If you guess wrong and do not remove the right organ, you lose one white skull. We recommend that you save before each time, so you can reload later and choose another part instead of what you have chosen before.

The skull, skin, meat and bones remain. Removing these parts of the body will lower the quality of the corpse, so they should be cut only if one of the NPCs needs them as a quest. Bones do not have any use, but the skin is used to make paper, and meat can be sold in a tavern.

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As for the skulls, they are divided into three categories — white, red and green. You must strive to ensure that the corpse has as many white skulls as possible and no green or red ones. White skulls allow you to increase the rating of the cemetery when you instal a tombstone on the grave. On the other hand, putting a stone on the grave with poor quality corpse will not help your rating and is a waste of resources.

  • White skulls provide +1 to the rating
  • Red reduce it by the same number
  • Green skulls indicated poisoned, decayed flesh, ruining the quality forever

Note: Never bury bodies with two or more red/green skulls. Try to ensure that there are none of them and at least two white ones.

For each buried body you receive a certificate, which can be sold to the tavern’s owner. The same certificate will be issued for cremation, but it will be available much later. Cremation is one of the ways to get rid of low-quality corpses, also allowing you to earn some money on a certificate.

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Before cremation, you can throw poor quality corpses in the river. There are no penalties for doing so.

The church is the main source of income

To be precise, the main source of income is not the church itself, but the sermons held in it. The amount of profit is completely dependent on the overall quality of the cemetery, i.e. its rating. That is why you need to start taking care of it from the very beginning of the game. The rating is influenced by the quality of buried bodies, grave decorations and timeliness.

The amount of profit also depends on the chosen prayer. The base one is available for free since the start of the game, and you will use it for the first five to six hours. This is the minimum, it may take you up to 20 hours! To unlock advanced prayers, you need a high level of writing skill. Even if you use valuable resources, without the writing you will get a basic prayer and waste your items.

By the way, the quality of the used items can be checked by the color of the star, which can be copper, silver and gold.

  • Remember! Despite it being obvious and useful to improve the church, there is no need to rush it. The thing is that after this the Bishop will inform the main character that only townspeople can use an improved church. To obtain the latter, you will need 1 gold coin (or 100 silver ones). So upgrade it only if you the required amount or status. Without a church and sermons, it is almost to collect this sum, it will take you too long.

Iron and stone

There are various resources, some are renewable, others are not.Among the latter are iron and stone. You can throw around bushes, berries, trees and mushrooms but save on iron and use it correctly.

This resource is necessary to create nails and parts, which are then used to craft a large number of items. Try to ensure that there are at least five bars in your inventory.

  • At the very beginning of the game, visit the swamp located at the top of the map and collect some iron. With its help, repair the bridge leading to the left side to reach the witch’s swamp. Use the last stock to create a bridge leading to the upper left corner of the map, where you can find an iron mine.
  • Alternatively, you can buy iron, nails and required parts from a blacksmith, but the prices will unpleasantly surprise you.

Generally, everything that concerns the game’s economy is hardcore. The rule here is: the less you sale the higher the price and vice versa. So selling one unit of resource will give you the biggest income. The same goes for buying something. This leads to the fact that profiting on farming and crafting is almost impossible in Graveyard Keeper.

As for the stone, small groups of it are scattered throughout the map. One heap contains one or two stones. Going up into the mountains, you will find bigger reserves of this resource, but they are still finite. In the mountains, there are dozens of large rocks, which are broken into smaller parts. Only a stonemason can do it, so it is best not to touch them before you have him around.

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Similar to iron, the cost of stones is too high

Experience points

To unlock different skills, you must earn experience, which is divided into three categories — red, green and blue.

  • For red experience, perform any physical actions, like woodcutting, using a pickax, etc.
  • For green experience, take on wildcrafting, remove bushes and stumps, and prepare food.
  • Finally, the rarest and desirable is the blue experience. To get it you can perform certain tasks, but the main source of it is the study table installed in the basement.

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To use it, you need paper. You can study any subject, but studying human parts will grant you the biggest amount of experience.

  • Do not forget: the cake increases the number of blue experience points obtained, so first pick a few subjects to research, then eat the cake and proceed to interact with the table.

Do I need food?

You will ask yourself this question after learning the whole process of its preparation. It is very time- and labor-consuming. First, you have to buy seeds, then grow the plants, collect and process it. In many cases, you will need meat and fish, which are not easy to come by.

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If the recipe contains dairy products, then be prepared to fork out for them. Any food is cooked on the stove, which means that you will need firewood (which need to but cut down and then sawed). In addition to time, you will spend a lot of energy, while the final dish will restore much less.

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On the other hand, food is still needed. It will give various temporary bonuses that can be useful to deal with a lot of stuff, increase the amount of blue experience (cakes), and help you complete dungeons. You can also turn it to complete certain quests.

A few more tips and tricks

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  • You can upgrade the machines to second and third levels in order to spend much less energy. The same applies to tools — the higher quality ax will consume less energy to cut trees.
  • It is not necessary to build a new machine, you can improve the old one using a special tab.
  • You can’t move constructions around here. If they block a path, you will have to destroy them,
  • Try to write down all the crafting recipes in a notepad on PC or on a regular piece of paper, since the game does not allow you to view them at any time.
  • Try to create several chests, which will be designed for different types of loot. This game has a lot of stuff, so without the proper sorting it is easy to get confused and spend time figuring out what is what.
  • Install flowerbeds in the cemetery, because they use a separate place and do not interfere with the installation of the graves. To replace the decoration, you must remove the old one.
  • To rotate different objects, use the R key, but it is not always available.
  • Confessionals raise the church’s rating by 5 points, so install two of them as soon as possible. They recharge automatically.