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Devices in HAWK: Freedom Squadron

A guide on how to acquire, upgrade and sell equipment for your plane, what the stats and types of the devices are

A mobile game of HAWK: Freedom Squadron not only has shiny graphics and lively shootouts, but also a complex device upgrade system. Aside from leveling up your plane as a whole, you can also work with it in detail to create your dream killing machine.

How to get devices

There are several ways to acquire useful (and not-so-useful) devices to work with. You can dedicate yourself to finding new parts or just go with the flow – your stock will be increasing as you progress.

These are the ways:

  • Completing missions. After a victory in a new location you’ll get rewards, which, among other things, will contain new devices
  • Purchasing in a shop. Contraband shop’s stock is renewed daily, so don’t forget about it or the most precious things will slip away.

Devices in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-1

  • Containers. You can see a green container icon on the right side of the screen in the main menu. Tap on it and the Containers menu will open. Containers are separated into blue (common) and Elite. You can open a new blue container daily and a new Elite container weekly. Additional containers can be opened for cash – 900 Credits for a blue and 60 Crystals for an Elite. If you’re in a desperate need of an upgrade, pony up 9000 Credits and open 10 blue containers at once – that way you’re guaranteed to get at least two rank B devices. If you’re rich enough you can open 10 Elite containers at once and receive an A-rank device, a Brobot or 10 Brobot cards.
  • Black Box recycling. We’ll talk later about that one.

Device stats

You can access the Devices menu by tapping your plane in the Hangar and selecting the Devices tab. Each device has a unique set of three stat upgrades. These are the stats that can be altered by devices:

  • Armor (shield icon). Increases the toughness of your plane
  • Luck (clover icon). Increases the reward for coins collected on the battlefield
  • Recharge rate (hourglass icon). Decreases the time needed to recharge your abilities
  • Power (bullet icon). Increases damage output of your main cannons
  • Overdrive Power (explosion icon). Increases damage output of your overdrive
  • Score (goblet icon). Increases score gain
  • Rage (fire icon). Increases damage output if your plane has been damaged (i.e. not at full health)

Devices in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-2

There are three device types:

  1. Generators. They create energy for your overdrive so their main stat is Overdrive Power. The other two can be anything (albeit they are likely to be Luck and Score)
  2. Armor. It’s your plane’s main survival tool so you’ll probably see big Armor stats on this one
  3. Scopes. Usually they’ll increase your raw damage output by having a mandatory Power bonus

Among other things, devices have levels (roman numerals) and ranks (Latin alphabet letters) that affect the amount of bonuses provided.

Some devices carry much more use than the others thanks to perks (upper right side of the screenshot above). For example, the «Rocket’n’Roll Armor» will restore 25 armor every 30 seconds. You can check out the perks of the device by tapping it and then entering the «Info» menu. Each device can have up to five of these perks.

If you’re too lazy to read through the stats and perks and whatever, you can always press the «Equip best» button and the devices with the largest stats will be automatically installed in their slots. The automatic system, however, disregards perks that often carry more use than a couple more points of armor.

Recycling and selling your devices

You only have six device slots on each plane and you’re sure to have much more devices in your possession. This doesn’t mean they should rust out in your warehouse – you can combine them to create new devices or simply sell them.

Devices in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-3

By pressing the «Black box» button in the «Devices» menu, you’ll access your warehouse. The bottom part of the screen is the warehouse itself with all of your devices not currently in use. The top part is a workbench of sorts, where you select four devices (the higher the rank, the higher the chance to get a better device). Combining the devices of a similar type will guarantee that you get a new device of the same type. Otherwise, the type will be randomly chosen. You can also add a Stabilizer to permanently increase the chance to get a better device by 10%. This, however, will cost you some real life cash. If you’re not quite ready to pay, but have a couple spare Crystals, you can use them for the same purpose as well – just tick the «Extra» box. After you select what you want to recycle, push the button and pray for the best.

If you’re in a desperate need of Credits, you can switch the Warehouse to «Sell mode». It’s quite simple from this point on – select the device you want to sell and if you’re good with the price, sell it. The better the device is, the higher the price will be.