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Hitman 2

Release date: November 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line

A vast location in Miami that is essentially split into two key sections: a huge and noisy racetrack and a quiet marina. Expect additional security and a bunch of civilians



Your objective here is to eliminate father and daughter, Sierra and Robert Knox. The first one participates in the endurance race, while the second spends most of his time in Kronstadt Industries building. Playing the level for the first time, you can peacefully proceed to the stadium, pass a quick frisk and enjoy the race. Or you could go and explore the nearby marina.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-1

Most of the time, your targets will be apart from each other. Sierra prefers the racetrack and its backstage sections, while Robert sticks to his office and marina. You will be able to set it up so that both of the targets are in the same place (hunting that double kill challenge). They will also meet during the awards ceremony. However, the stealthiest approach is to eliminate them separately.

Targets: Robert and Sierra Knox

Robert Knox usually does not leave the building of Kronstadt Industries, but there are several tricks you can use to draw him out of there. One the most brutal ones is to disguise yourself as General Ted Mendez and sabotage the demo of the android soldiers — the latest innovation. You can use Robert’s confidence in the targeting system — scan his photo, and the android will shoot his creator.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-2

There is a similar opportunity in the company’s building, where an experimental racecar is displayed. No one but Robert has access to it, so why don’t you rip out a few wires and set a small explosive charge? When Robert attempts to fix it, he will be unpleasantly surprised.

Sierra Knox has a rather interesting route, which provides many opportunities. You can kill her during the race by tinkering with her car at the pit stop, or with a well-aimed sniper shot from the roof.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-3
A syringe with a deadly poison is located in a tiny booth next to Sierra’s office. The key to the box can be found at the first-aid post’s reception

Once the race is finished, you can impersonate the blackmailer, whom Sierra meets alone. Just push her into the elevator shaft and no one will notice. You can also get close to her by posing as a medic, her rival Moses Lee, or set her on fire during the awards ceremony. Have fun!

Points of interest

  • Parking garage — There are many interesting things here, for example, a starting point for Pretty in Pink mission story. Be careful, the area is filled with cameras. Fortunately, there is a security booth in the center of the garage, where you can destroy any evidence. You will need a keycard to access the building.
  • VIP area — After you enter the main hall of the stadium, look to the right. You will see several signs leading to the VIP area. You will need a ticket or a suitable disguise to get inside. More on that later.
  • Driver’s lounge  — After passing through the VIP area you will reach the driver’s lounge, where all the participants hang out, including your target. You can partake in the party or sabotage the chili shot challenge.
  • Pit room  — Pit room is far off to the right side of the map. Be sure to go there if you are going to orchestrate Sierra’s final race.
  • Winner’s podium  — On the other hand, you can let Sierra win and end her during her triumph. The podium is located right behind the Kronstadt building, where the pyrotechnics control system is located as well as the trophy itself. Surely, you will think of something.
  • Kronstadt building — Away from the crowded racetrack is the office of Knox’s company. Some floors are open to visitors, such as the expo hall with the experimental racecar. There is also an aquarium and a laboratory with some modern but murderous pieces of tech, though you are not supposed to be there.


  • Mascot  — If you have not unlocked the starting point which grants you the mascot disguise yet, go to the garage. Head to the van and follow the man in the costume, pick the right moment to knock him out and take the disguise.
  • Pit crew  — The easiest way to get this disguise is to go to the northern part of the stands. There you will meet an upset man that threatens to leave his team. Sneak up to him as he carelessly talks on the phone, stun him and drag the man to the nearest toilet or hide him in the basket.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-4

  • Security guard — The best candidate is also close to the toilets: a lone security guard is watching the gate. Lure him into the corner by throwing a coin, take him out and hide him in the aforementioned basked or elsewhere.
  • Medic — Medics have a whole separate area on the racetrack. It is not difficult to sneak in there. Lure out any of the medics and hide the body in the closet, plenty of space in there.
  • General security  — There are plenty of them outside and inside the Kronstadt building, but there is not much point in their uniform since most of the characters will recognize you in it.
  • Scientist — It is not easy to get one of their lab coats and there is not much to it anyway. All scientists are packed in the laboratory and only one of them wanders on the third floor.
  • Waiter  — Getting this disguise is a lot easier if you have access to the VIP area. A suitable NPC will occasionally have a cigarette break near the large white wall next to the office building.
  • Technician — Carefully slip behind the wall to the right of the racecar in the showroom. You will see two technicians over there, one of them can be hidden in a nearby container.
  • Ted Mendez — He can be found by the huge dolphin statues in front of the main office building entrance. He will wander off towards marina every now and then, which is a great place to take him out. Lure him into the garden behind the iron gate and do what you must. His disguise grants almost unlimited access, except for the third floor in the office.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-5

Useful items

  • Rat poison is located in a small shack opposite to the marina docks. You will need a crowbar or a lockpick to get inside.
  • VIP ticket — An awful scalper is trying to sell his ticket in the last corridor to the stands, by the medical tent. Lure him around the corner by tossing a coin, knock him out and take the ticket.
  • Sugar is useful if you chose an “explosive” way of eliminating Sierra. Look for it behind the bar in the driver’s lounge.
  • Octane booster is used for the colorful end of Robert. In the office building, sneak into the garage located behind the experimental racecar. You will find the fuel on the shelf in there.
  • Krondstadt building keycard is located in the same office building, behind the racecar stand. Slip backstage and find the card on the table. Beware, usually there is a technician nearby that can notice you. The remaining keycards are often lying around the area you need access to.
  • Robert Knox’s photo — Can be torn out of the magazine. There a few of those on the level: in the personal assistant’s office in the Kronstadt building (third floor) and Sierra’s VIP lounge near the podium (second floor). Magazines will be on the tables — difficult to miss those.
  • Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 2: The Finish Line-6

Walkthrough tips

  • Miami is a huge level, so do not expect to find all its secrets during your first run. Take your time and try something new — you will definitely find something.
  • You will be frisked if you want to enter the racetrack. Do not forget to get rid of any noticeable weapons. Agency can drop-off a rifle or any other weapon in the level for you, but you need to unlock it first.
  • If you want to access the track’s backstage, you need to disguise yourself as a security guard or a pit crew member. Some characters will still be able to identify you, but it is the fastest way to get inside. You can also steal the VIP ticket.
  • You can influence the outcome of the race from the race marshal’s booth, which is located next to the winner’s podium. Waving the flags correctly, you can disqualify Sierra Knox or her main rival Moses Lee.
  • There are less obvious and more interesting assassination methods on the level. Look for the “Florida Man” on the jetty in the marina.

Perfect walkthrough

How to complete Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges on master difficulty.

Loadout and starting location

  • Choose a starting location in front of the Kronstadt Industries building and order an agency drop with a sniper rifle to a company’s garage (you can also just take a sniper rifle in a suitcase with you). Begin the mission.

Robert Knox

  • Run to the parking and pick up your sniper rifle.
  • There is a fuse box next to the door to the security room in the parking lot — turn it off.
  • As soon as the guard comes out to check, rush inside and into the next room.
  • Throw a heavy object at the sleeping guard (can be a suitcase), shoot the surveillance hard drives with your pistol. Pick up your stuff and hide the guard in the closet.
  • Leave the security room through the door to the left of the closet. Head upstairs to the light.
  • There will be a fence on the right — approach it and climb to the other side.
  • Run along the big stone wall, round the truck and go into the garage of Kronstadt Industries.
  • Head up the yellow stairs and through the door on the right. This is the laboratory floor.
  • Hide behind the cleaner’s stand and wait until Robert Knox arrives for some tests.
  • Pass along the test site, go into the small room behind it and exit to the balcony.
  • Pass along the beam in the middle and leave the guard’s gun from the parking area in a conspicuous place. 47 must hide behind the boxes on the other side.
  • Unbox your sniper rifle and wait.
  • After the tests are over, Robert will come to the balcony and see the gun. His bodyguard will carry the weapon to the guard post, and your target will be left alone for a moment.
  • When Robert leans on the balcony, shoot him in the back, so he falls over the parapet. The body will not be found there.

Sierra Knox

  • Return to the Kronstadt garage by the same route.
  • Leave the restricted area to the garden on the left. There are many athletes running around, you will not miss it.
  • Run along the tiled path to a large bridge over the track. The entrance is behind a metal fence in the back.
  • Climb up. There will be two marshals. As soon as they disperse, knock both of them out by throwing something non-lethal (you have the suitcase and there is a crowbar on the bridge) and hide the bodies in a container.
  • Take your rifle and shoot Sierra’s car.


  • Cross the bridge, go down and leave the location through the sewer right in front of you.
  • Fabulous!