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Hitman 2

Release date: November 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent

This mission sees Agent 47 travel to the territory of Delgado’s drug cartel in Colombia to eliminate its leader and two lieutenants


This way, the agency will deal a crushing blow to the plans of the Shadow Client, who uses the cartel’s network to move his fighters around the world.


Your objective is to assassinate three key members of the drug cartel. The targets rarely meet with each other and are scattered around their home base most of the time. Your best bet is to take them out individually. Location is split into several important areas: peaceful village of Santa Fortuna, luxury mansion of the boss, construction site, coca plantation and laboratory. Moreover, a network of underground caves connects most of the key places on the level. The cartel does not save money on security, and its members are very suspicious of new faces. Have patience and coins to distract the guards — there are a lot of them on this map.

Targets: Andrea Martinez, Rico Delgado, Jorge Franco

Start with Andrea Martinez, as she is the closest to the starting position. Andrea is the face of cartel and its business manager, so she constantly moves around the village. She is full of problems though, including some personal ones. Plant a letter from her ex, and she will go to a secluded balcony right on the edge of the cliff.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-1

You can also lure the girl to the construction site, disguised as a local shaman. Put on a nice play at the site, and the workers will instantly disperse over the place. Andrea will periodically talk to the supervisor in front of the deep hole. Right behind her will be a huge concrete mixer, guess what happens next?

Rico Delgado will never leave his mansion for no reason. Therefore, you have to pay him a visit or take advantage of his vanity and lure him to the celebration in the village. Rico is so in love with himself that he ordered to build a statue of him in Santa Fortuna. Though, they builders are worried if it will withstand a good push. We suggest you check it out!

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-2
Unfortunately, the celebration will not begin until all members of the quartet gather on the square to perform traditional Colombian music. You remember that 47 is a great drummer, right?

Deep under Santa Fortuna is a network of tunnels, inside which there is a small factory assembling small submarines. Rico is very proud of this achievement and wants to be personally present at the tests of the latest model. But what if employees forget about safety?

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-3

Rico is obsessed with his personal security, so he is guarded by a whole pack of mercenaries. It can be very difficult to get him inside the mansion. Fortunately, Delgado’s wife needed some outside help, so they invited a famous tattoo artist to the estate. This is a good option to sneak inside and have a close contact with the target. Just make sure to think how you are going to leave the mansion and change the disguise.

Finally, Jorge Franco is obsessed with his work. Currently he has two projects: a revolutionary way to deliver cocaine and fully automated drug packaging. Unfortunately, he hit some roadblocks in both directions. 47 has an elegant solution to all of his problems. Find the courier who was responsible for the new delivery method in the hostel. He talks quite a lot, and you will quickly figure out what to do. Do not forget to visit the pharmacy!

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-4

The second option is a dangeros jungle tour to repair one of Jorge’s packing machine. A nice way for those who prefer accidents.

Points of interest

  • Santa Fortuna village  — 47’s starting point on the first playthrough. Key places: hostel, statue of Rico, Martinez’s office and bar. In fact, the village is full of buildings where you can find useful items and unique disguises. Take your time and explore the location.
  • Rico’s mansion — Right in the center of the map. There only two ways inside: the main gates and underground tunnels. Do not even try to knock at the main gates without an invitation and a disguise. The building itself is huge, and it is easy to both get lost in there and hide. Remember: do not touch the boss’s wife!
  • Caves  — They connect all key locations of the map (plantation, mansion and village). Inside there is a drug lab, a compartment with submarines and some living rooms. Passages between the rooms are basically unguarded, so you can slip through without any disguise.
  • Coca plantation — Even more guarded than the boss’ mansion. The field is in the lower right corner of the map. Fortunately, 47 has learned to hide in tall grass and can move there with little worries. Franco spends most of his time here.
  • Shaman’s hut — You will find it if you go back down the main road and turn left. There is not much to do there, just wait until all the tourists fall asleep and steal the shaman’s costume, which you will need for the Hallowed Grounds mission story.
  • Fishery — Located right behind Andrea’s office, near the bar. Here you can find several useful items and the starting point for Submerged mission story. In addition, the fishing boat is one of the options for departure.
  • Construction site — Workers strike because of the discovered tomb. Martinez will have to deal with this, and you will help her. In a tiny cabin, you can find the keys for the scooter for a stylish escape.


  • Drummer — Located in one of the small houses close to the bar. You will recognize the correct house by loud music coming from it. Inside you will find a corpse of the drummer, who was supposed to play at the opening of Rico’s statue.
  • Shaman — A unique disguise. The character is next to his hut. As soon as the shaman finishes the ritual and all the tourists are unconscious, you can take the robe for yourself.
  • Tattooist — An extremely nervous young man trying to boost his courage in the bar and thinking of fleeing from Delgado. His bottle of beer begs for a pinch of rat poison. Stun the guy when he goes to the toilet and hide the body in a dump outside the window.
  • Construction worker — Not far from Andrea’s office will be a small hut where one of the builders rests. It is easy to distract him by turning off the radio. Wait for him and take his uniform, no one will notice you.
  • Backpacker  — Lives in the local hostel. Visits the reception from time to time and hangs out on the balcony next to his room. Turn on the radio in there and he will come to check.
  • Cave worker — His disguise can be obtained in the fishery. The desired hut will be to the left of the woman talking to a seller. The uniform lies behind the closed gate in a pile of rags.
  • Mansion guard — After getting out of the caves in the back of Rico’s mansion, you will find yourself in a small area where the boss keeps his tame hippopotamus. Nearby you will see a lone guard and a container to hide his body.

Useful items

  • Rat poison — There are a lot of places where it can be found. The easiest to reach is a tiny nook to the right of the bar.
  • Glue — No, you can’t poison anyone with it, but it is required to complete the mission story about the backpackers. It will not be possible to buy it in the store, a car mechanic bought the last tube and does not want to part with it. You will have to explain to him the seriousness of your intentions with some heavy object. Luckily, there is a trash bin for unhelpful citizens nearby.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-5

  • Circuit board — Necessary to repair Jorge’s packing machine. Look for a crashed plane in the jungles near the shaman’s hut. You will see a red box with some chips. Make it fall down by throwing any object at it (for example, fruits that are lying around). Head down for the box and take the board.
  • Poison flowers — An alternative for lethal poison. They have bright red or purple buds and are found all over the map. The most obvious place is near the shaman’s hut.
  • Coca lab keycard — At the very edge of Jorge’s plantation there is a small hut next to the water. The keycard is inside. You can lure the worker out by breaking the air conditioner.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent-6

Walkthrough tips

  • First, just wander around Santa Fortuna. Delgado’s henchmen actively discuss their life in the countryside: many details about objects’ whereabouts and hidden assassination methods may come up in a conversation.
  • The mansion and the plantation are crawling with security. In order to navigate through them relatively freely, you will need a disguise — your clothes will cause them to shoot you on sight. Of course, if you intend to do the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge, prepare to knock out more than a dozen guards.
  • Tame hippo is a great opportunity to kill guards or get rid of bodies. The game will count these murders as accidents and you will not lose any points.
  • Underground tunnels are the fastest way to navigate between targets’ habitats.
  • There are plenty of escape routes: from simple jogging to taking off on an attack helicopter.

Perfect walkthrough

How to complete Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges on master difficulty.

Loadout and starting location

  • Choose the default starting location or the one in the hostel. Bring your sniper rifle case and a lockpick with you. Anything else is optional. Begin the mission.

Andrea Martinez

  • Run to the house of Andrea Martinez and go around its right side.
  • Next to the basketball hoop, you will see a half-destroyed part of the fence — this is your way inside.
  • Jump over the fence and approach the open window. You can leave the suitcase here and equip your rifle.
  • Enter through the window and go the farthest window in the room, climb out of it and stand on the ledge.
  • Now move to the right to the restroom window. It will be right after the drainpipe.
  • After entering the restroom, pay attention to the laundry basket — this where you will hide Martinez’s body.
  • Open the faucet and wait for Andrea to go down the stairs near the restroom. When she does that, open the door and hide in the laundry basket.
  • As soon as Miss Martinez closes the tap and begins to wipe the water on the floor, leave the basket and strangle your target (or shoot her to get the Sniper Assassin challenge). Hide the body in the basket.
  • Now it is time to leave her property. Exit through the window and climb up the pipe.
  • Jump to the balcony on the left and move along the wall. There will be a camera behind the corner — shoot it.
  • Go down the stairs to the street and leave through the same unfinished fence.

Jorge Franco

  • Now is Jorge Franco’s turn. Return to the starting position and cross the bridge.
  • Turn to the shaman’s hut and pass by it to the gate hidden in the jungle.
  • Open the lock with your lockpick and move through the vegetation, keeping to the right.
  • As soon as you reach the cliff, go down and towards the bridge.
  • Note that a surveillance camera is installed on the left of the cliff — shoot it with your pistol. Then cross the bridge and head to the plantation.
  • Once you find yourself in the thickets, move along the right side of the field (almost along the river). Focus on the cameras! Each house can have one or two of them. Ideally, you should shoot all of them, but be careful with the patrols. Do not shoot if they pass nearby.
  • Your goal is to reach Jorge’s house, which is located in the top left part of the plantation, at the riverbank.
  • There is an air conditioner behind the house. Turn if off to lure Franco’s assistant out.
  • Let him turn it back on, and then knock him out and hide the body in the container on the left.
  • Wait until the patrol moves away from the house and go inside.
  • Take all the useful items on Franco’s table and hide in the box.
  • After some time (maybe a few minutes), the target will enter the house and start doing something behind the stand. Leave your shelter and kill Jorge.
  • Hide his body in the container and exit through the window.
  • Near the house, you will see a stone arch in the rock. Go there and move to Rico Delgado’s mansion.

Rico Delgado

  • Going out of the gate, you will be at the estate’s backyard. A small party is in full swing here.
  • Move to the house. Keep to the left side, hiding behind black equipment boxes, a huge screen and some flowerbeds.
  • Turn right and head upstairs.
  • Go along the wall and enter the hall on the left.
  • Enter the double door on the left (wardrobe) and then proceed into the bathroom.
  • Here we repeat the Andrea’s sequence. Open the tap and wait until your target passes by.
  • Most likely you will also need to stun one of Delgado’s butlers since he also passes by the bathroom and may prevent you from luring Rico.
  • After both of your targets fall into the trap, hide them in the closet inside the bathroom.


  • Leave the mansion the same way you came here. Head to the Jorge’s house.
  • Now you need to sneak into the helicopter.
  • Move along the shore and pay attention to the cameras. There are few patrols in this part of the plantation.
  • Approach the helicopter from the right and fly away.
  • Nice work!