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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Tips and Tricks

A quick guide to management of your castle, production and use of the resources and ruling of your citizens

Tips and tricks

In many games, including mobile, there are usually many ways to simplify the walkthrough without using cheat codes or spending money. These methods also exist in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Place productive facilities (dining room, treasury, mana well, sawmill, mine) as close to each other as you can, preferably in one column. It will make gathering resources much easier.
  • Combine rooms of one type. The upgrade of one big room will cost you less than the upgrade of several small ones. Keep in mind that the castle editor allows to combine only rooms of equal level.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Tips and Tricks-1

  • During the building of a new room, send a couple of units into it (1 small room accommodates two citizens). Their presence will speed-up the process a bit.
  • Always keep at least one wizard – resurrector in the squad (the presence of the healer is also desirable). Even if the resurrecting weapon is losing a bit to other weapons in terms of the damage it delivers, it will still be in priority.
  • If you can, complete all daily tasks. Good equipment often falls out of trophy chests.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade the level of defense in the Arsenal and the level of spells in the Magic Lab. Sometimes even a minimal advantage can decide the outcome of the battle in your favor.
  • Always read the description of your enemies before the battle. This will help you avoid negative surprises and you won’t spend your time on unnecessary defeats.
  • The warrior’s level depends on the weapon he holds in his arms rather than his armor. Keep this in mind when you will be fighting with bosses. Some of them selectively kill archers or, for example, are immune to magical damage – take this into account when choosing the outfit.
  • Often, it is worth neglecting the armor of magicians and archers in favor of warriors’ armor. The bonus to the damage from the profile armor sometimes plays a less important role than the number of units’ health points.
  • If you value your time, you can save it with one feature of the game. The unit is considered to be put in the room when you just dragged it, but it has not yet run there. You should use this feature when you are healing your wounded in the hospital or upgrading your fighters in the training room. Drag your citizens into the barracks and immediately open the map for new adventures.
  • When you need a weapon with certain characteristics, craft it from fragments in the workshop rather than wait when it falls from the chest.
  • Invite your friends from Facebook – the game will be much easier with their help.
  • Immediately discharge units with one or two stars of potential. Don’t waste your time on their upgrade, wait for the birth of citizens with more stars.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Tips and Tricks-2

  • If you are happy with your current weapons and you don’t need additional resources, don’t open chests but rather keep them in the storage. The level of chests’ content and the amount of resources inside them increases together with your level so if you wait you’ll get better equipment that will certainly be useful. This does not work with chests that you get during the campaign.
  • Sometimes, there’ll be moments in the game when the map will be filled with high-level players and difficult invasion points. It means that your level is ahead of the power of your squad. There are two ways out of this situation. The first one is to wait until you can upgrade the level of the training room or until you have better outfit. The second one involves a bit of cheating, but it is faster and bullet-proof: decrease your rating. The level of your opponents is dependent on the points of your rating, so when they decrease, the level of your enemies will also decrease. This does not apply to storyline enemies. You can decrease your rating by attacking enemy castles with a weak squad (in this case, you don’t lose resources) or by leaving a weak squad to defend your possessions (it’s a passive method that does not demand your presence, but you’ll have to sacrifice the content of your storage).

How to defeat Argonius

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Tips and Tricks-3
Certainly not like this

This question often haunts players, which make several dozens of attempts to defeat the final boss of the fiery land. One of the winning recipes for the win – two tanks + healer + resurrector +3 spells Summoning of the Ally. All units should wear armor.