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Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

Release date: September 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads The Collectibles Guide

Find all the souvenirs in Life is Strange 2 to unlock the Dillydallying achievement

Six collectibles are hidden in Life is Strange 2 Episode 1. You will receive one achievement for each discovery, and if you find them all, you also gain access to the seventh achievement. In this guide, we will hint where to find each of the six souvenirs.

Warning: no plot spoilers.

1. Fishing bait — Into The Woods

The first collectible is on the river bank in the forest. But, according to the plot, you will have to collect wood for the fire to pick it up. After the scene where Sean says that he and Daniel have time to look around, you can go scout for the souvenir.

Walk to the left along the coast to the bush, and you will see the ‘’Odd thing’’ option. Click ‘Take’’ and in the next transition scene Daniel will reach for the fishing bait on the tree-branch, unlocking the Sidetracked achievement.

2. Feather — Bear Station

When you reach the gas station, do not storm into it. Walk around to the rear end of the building and find the Halloween pumpkin. There will be a box next to it, behind the logs. Release the stranded bird and pick up its feather earning the Ranger achievement.

3. Bear-keychain — Bear Station

Now enter the gas-station mini-market and find the bear-shaped key chains on the cashier's desk. Choose ‘’Look’’, and after the transition scene you will obtain not only a toy bear but also the Bear Aware achievement.

4. Sticker — Bear Station

As soon as you get the keychain, turn to the left. Scout the window area near the entrance door for Truckers stickers on the sill. You will earn the Bonus Miles achievement for this item.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads The Collectibles Guide-9

5. Tooth pendant — Sand Castle

In the scene on the beach near the motel look at the stick lying on the ground. Select ‘’Play Fetch’’ and after the video, throw the stick into the grass. Wait until the dog returns, carrying the fifth collectible along with the stick awarding you the Trail Angel achievement.

6. Card — #Roomwithaview

Open the closet in the motel room, and find a card on the right-hand side. Examine it, and then pick it up to earn the Room Service achievement.

After acquiring all the 6 collectibles, you will gain the Dillydallying achievement.