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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event

The second storyline mission is dedicated to the clean-up of Fisk Tower and confronting the Kingpin

The second main mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man starts right after the first one: Spider-Man is on a mission to clear the way for police into Fisk’s tower to arrest the villain for the committed crimes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-1

The very first fight inside the building involves a new battle mechanic. There’s a focus scale under the health indicator in the interface. The charge is added with each strike. The longer the series of attacks, the stronger Spider-Man’s strikes become.

The combo counter – and the corresponding strike amplification – is reset at the first missed strike or shot. At this stage, the accumulation of focus points can be accelerated by throwing enemies and fighting them in the air (later, other methods will be available).

Another useful feature of focus is the opportunity to heal yourself at its expense (the down arrow on the D-pad of the PS4 gamepad). The more focus points you earned in battle, the stronger the healing effect will become.

You can use this gameplay feature an unlimited number of times, but we do not advise to spend all energy on restoring health. It will later become clear why.

When you run out of enemies, new ones will come – they will run out onto the balcony in front of the elevator. Having pulled yourself up to the platform with the combination of R2 and L2 buttons, deal with the enemies and climb up the wall to the next floor. The process will be significantly faster if you press R2.

Having got out of the elevator shaft, pull yourself to the balcony on the next floor where a new pack of thugs is waiting for the character. During this battle, you’ll understand why you should take a more economical approach to spending focus points.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-4

Having accumulated a full charge, Spider-Man can finish the enemy off, immediately neutralizing any regular enemy and emptying the focus scale. Later, you’ll be able to expand the scale, but now you’ll have to live with what you have.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-5

Having dealt with the bandits, move to the next floor. The server room is behind a locked door, and Fisk’s men hope to remove all the compromising materials. To prevent this, get into the ventilation shaft under the ceiling and crawl until you see an enemy underneath.

After attacking the enemy from the depths of the ventilation system, Spider-Man will nail him down to the floor which will instantly reduce the number of enemies in the room by one. You need to get rid of other thugs as fast as possible – if you let the timer expire (see screenshot above), the mission will be failed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-8

After you have dealt with the bandits, you’ll have a brief conversation with Fisk – the hero will be in time to copy all the materials on flash memory, and the mafia leader will be extremely dissatisfied with this fact. In a second, another group of armed criminals will break into the server room.

In this battle, the hero will learn about the option to throw comrades into the enemy which has been thrown into the air. To do this, you need to press ‘’▲’’ while throwing the thug into the air. If you perform the same actions in the air, having previously shot the enemy with cobweb, you’ll be able to throw him at an exact opponent on the ground.

Two shooters are located at the exit from the server room, and you have a chance to make the ceiling collapse on them. Also, don’t forget about the option to neutralize your opponents by using the full focus charge. Having dealt with the enemies, run away (use R2 to increase speed) from the server room to the central hall.

There is nothing particular to comment in the next section – follow the quest indicator, pull yourself up to the marked points while helping civilians to deal with the rubble and crawling along the ventilation. Eventually, Spider-Man will get to a SWAT squad that is squeezed in a room. Once you pass through the doorway, you’ll understand the situation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-12

One of Fisk’s thugs is armed with a rocket launcher and fires at everything that moves. To avoid being hit by a rocket, use the dodge button. After you have evaded a rocket, quickly pull yourself up to the fence close to the shooter (otherwise the thug will fire again) and engage in a melee fight.

At the end of the fight, turn your face to the part of the room from where you entered and, using the combination of L2 and R2, get to the balcony on the next floor. Three more rocketeers will await you there – two on your side and one on the opposite side. Try to neutralize them with the cobweb as soon as possible and watch the danger indicator or you’ll get hit by a rocket.

Having dealt with the last shooter, tear out the door (L1 + R1) and, clamping R2, run forward across the debris and then turn to the right. Ultimately, the hero will get into a long corridor with several gangsters. Use attacks from the wall (dodge + strike) to stun several opponents at one time and use the skills that you learned in previous battles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-13

At the end of the fight, get out to a spacious hall with high ceilings and huge windows. A group of sappers who came to help Spider-Man will turn out to be a fake team, and you’ll have to fight against it. In addition to shooters, you’ll also have to think about shield fighters in this battle.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-14

However, before you proceed to them, we recommend you deal with the bandits that are armed with pistols. This will allow you to learn about a new type of opponents without having to be distracted by anything else.

There’s no sense in shooting web or striking at the face of shield fighters – you need to immobilize or stun them. For this, you’ll need any heavy object that you can find. A timely dodge will also be of great use.

In essence, the fighting tactics against the shield men is the following: strike the shield, roll under the enemy (strike + dodge) and deal a couple of strikes, then use the web to nail the opponent to the floor or the wall. The alternative option is to throw an object at the opponent and then proceed to the beating.

When all enemies are lying unconscious on the ground, listen to the conversation with the local police head Yuri Watanabe (you can’t skip it) and go to Wilson Fisk’s office.

The Boss: Wilson Fisk

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-15

The meeting with the underworld king of New York won’t be easy for Spider-Man. Without waiting for the end of the conversation, the big man will hide behind a thick layer of glass and will aim two very dangerous automatic turrets at the hero.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-16

Your task is to avoid crossfire and, when you have a chance, shoot one of the turrets with a cobweb and, using R1 and L1, throw it right at the glass behind which Fisk is hiding. Repeat the procedure twice, and the fight will get into the second phase.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-17

At this stage, you’ll have to deal with Fisk face to face. As in the case with the shield fighters, beating the big man with the fists without preliminary preparation is a useless waste of energy. First, the boss should be softened. You can achieve this effect with a few shots from the ejector or a with an accurate throw of an object.

In the first case, a hint signaling about the availability of a web strike (‘’▲’’ button) will appear above the enemy. In the second case, you won’t see this indicator but be sure that Fisk is vulnerable for a few seconds after the hit/stunning.

As soon as the big man comes back to his senses, run away swiftly or you risk being beaten by a huge fist – Fisk is surprisingly fast, so you should instantly react to spider sense. After a couple of such cycles, Fisk will drag Spider-Man to the next room.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-18

Here, several smaller thugs will join their boss. This phase of the fight is not much different from the previous one. The only difference is that the presence of additional enemies means that you need to deal with them first.

Stay away from Fisk – in addition to hand-to-hand attacks, he can throw objects, which, in fact, can be returned to him if you press L1 and R1 in time. Once you got rid of ordinary opponents, get back to the main one and use the old scheme: throw an object / shoot the web / strike several times / run away.

Ultimately, the big man will get mad, grab Spider-Man like a wrestler and throw him to the ground. After this, you’ll pass through four QTE sections, in which you’ll need to timely press on the buttons that appear on the screen. If you fail all of them, Fisk will nail the friendly neighbor to the floor, resulting in Spider-Man’s death.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-21

For the final victory in the fight, you need to strike Fisk at the face at least a couple of times during the final fall. The protagonist won’t let the enemy die but instead will pick him up with a web and hand him over to authorities, completing the mission.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Main Event-22

For the successful completion of this mission, you’ll earn 4100 experience points that will be enough to get to the second level. With each new level, the character becomes stronger so don’t neglect additional sources of experience points. However, this is a conversation for another article.