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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.

This is a story of how suspicions of infidelity can help to solve the potential crime

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.-1

Starting location: Midtown

Available: Complete A Shocking Comeback Main Mission

Rewards: 1,500 XP

In Madison Square Park, in Midtown, a girl named Carmen is worried about her husband Rodrigo. Lately he has been acting weird, and today he even meets with some woman. Spider-Man tackles the problem and goes to a meeting point.

Once you arrive, you’ll see Rodrigo actually talking with the lady. However, it doesn’t look like a date. Carmen’s husband is obviously being blackmailed. Move from your position to the near streetlight to snap a picture of the woman who will eventually get into a taxi and leave.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.-4

Tail the car and remember that it doesn’t matter how far you are from it and what way of moving you choose. The taxi will finally stop under an overpass, and the lady will meet with a man in a tracksuit. You need to move to the spot from which you can get a good shot of the guy’s face.

Hold L2, aim the camera to the bridge above your head, press R2 and Spider-Man will stick to the ‘’ceiling’’. He’ll send the photo to Carmen who immediately recognizes the guy. This is Deshaun, an old friend of Rodrigo’s. He just got out of prison.

Now tail him. Not having a car, he’ll dart into the subway line. Spider-Man can tap into the train system to be informed of the exact location of the train. Deshaun will enter the building and go up to the seventh floor where some people have already been planning the casino robbery.

Your challenge is to snap a picture of the casino plan in two different versions (on the whiteboard and on the TV screen). If you want it to get into the shot, climb the window and take a photo. The conspirators are standing with their backs towards you but still be careful, they might notice you.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.-11

Then the perps get into the cars and start their plan. If you first stop the lead car, the second will pull up, and you’ll have to fight with all the remaining criminals. So it’s better to eliminate the cars in course.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.-12

The process of stopping the vehicles is identical to that of an open world: when you get close, make a web throw and get rid of the passengers by jumping from one side of a car to another.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Man P.I.-13

The last driver will be automatically pulled out of a car by Spider-Man. Stop the car in a QTE sequence to prevent any damage. Once you destroy the criminals, you’ll earn Carmen’s gratitude and get 1,500 XP.