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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire

In the thirty-seventh mission, Spider-Man will have to deal with the problems caused by Rhino and Electro

Following the mass escape from Ryker’s and Raft, New York has been flooded with criminals of all shapes and forms. Sable’s mercenaries are on a leash – they have opened a hunt for Spider-man and began to drive people into concentration camps for torture, while the city itself lives in a quarantine mode because of Dr. Octavius’ move to spread the Devil’s Breath.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-1

As if it was not enough, Yuri Watanabe will tell Spider-Man that Electro and Rhino together with their mates are assaulting two police stations in Manhattan – in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side, respectively. You’ll find this out after landing on the summit of the Empire State Building in Midtown.

You can choose any of these villains to start with – in any case, Spider-Man will have to deal with both. Be careful when traveling through the city: many roofs are full of aggressive mercenaries who wouldn’t mind shooting at the hero using a sniper rifle or even a rocket launcher.

On the way to the first target, Peter will be contacted by his aunt who will ask him to help with the F.E.A.S.T. shelter office in Harlem – convicts are hammering in the front door, demanding food and supplies. For now, the protagonist cannot provide his help – supervillains are more important – but he promises to come to the shelter as soon as he can.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-2

Let’s move back to Rhino. Just like a running tank, he cleared the way to attack the police in the Upper West Side. Your task is to help local police and deal with aggressive ex-prisoners.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-3

Initially, there are three districts that you should clean up. All of them are located around the besieged police station. Let’s start with the nearest one which is also the simplest one. Here, you’ll meet several shooters and Molotov cocktail throwers, as well as a few shield fighters and fighters with electric batons.

As usual, try to neutralize gunmen and other long-range attack enemies before others in order not to be distracted from what is happening in the immediate vicinity of the hero. Impact web and electric web will be useful in this battle.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-4

The next battle center is located in the east. There are fewer enemies here, but one of them has an energy whip in each hand. Don’t go up in the air (you’ll immediately find yourself back at the ground) and try to stun the enemy by throwing an interactive object or dodge his attack at the very last second to make him vulnerable to your counterattack.

When the fighter with a whip is vulnerable to your attack, it is very easy to neutralize him: knock him to the ground with your attacks and then with your web or just push him to the wall with your strikes. The alternative option is to finish him off in case you have accumulated two focus charges.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-5

On the southern barricade, you’ll meet with a brute prisoner. Shoot him from your ejectors or stun him using an abandoned object before beating him or nailing him down to the ground/wall with the web. Don’t forget about the opportunity to take away weapons from enemies.

As soon as you have dealt with prisoners on the streets, the convicts on nearby roofs will start hammering you with rockets. You’ll be dealing with the first group of enemies with rocket launchers when you will be stunned by energy ball – Sable has soldiers with jet packs. Hooray.

These flying shooters are able to fire plasma volleys, which, in addition to the damage they deal, also turn off Spider-Man’s gadgets for some time. The hero needs these gadgets to quickly deal with such enemies: having fired at the flying soldier a few times from your ejectors, use web attack to cut the distance and blow the enemy.

The alternative option is to use battle focus in combination with a series of finishing moves. Having initiated a suit skill, you’ll be filling the scale non-stop for some time. One scale interval can be used for instant neutralization of two fighters with jet packs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-8

The cleaning of the remaining two roofs will go under the sign of confrontation between Sable agents and former inmates. In this situation, the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy so you will have to eliminate them all. You should start with the ээflying monkeysээ as they can potentially deliver more problems.

Fortunately, while the opponents are busy with each other, they will pay much less attention to Spider-Man than usual. This allows you to quickly sneak to inmates: get to them from behind and use a stunning wave, sending prisoners on a free flight.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-9

After you have secured the area of the police station in the Upper East Side, hurry up to meet Electro. Together with demons, he has electrified the building of the department and locked all workers there. Nearby transformers, from which he draws energy, allow the villain to create this chaos.

Your task is to destroy Electro’s ‘’charging stations’’, leaving him without the means to maintain strength. There are five such booths in the area – three are on the roofs of the buildings, one is attached to a helicopter that is circling around, and one is located in the parking lot of the site itself.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-10

We’ll start with the roofs. You don’t have to go far to the nearest roof – while you will be evaluating the situation at the end of the cutscene, a shooter who is located near the first transformer will aim at you. Deal with the demons and prepare your ejectors – you will need about five shots to destroy the station.

Two other booths on the roofs are guarded much more seriously: a brute awaits you near the southern one and a swordsman guards the western one. Theoretically, you don’t have to fight with them as you just need to destroy the stations, so you can save some time and just shoot your targets from afar before moving on.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-11
If you are in a hurry, you can chase the helicopter, but be prepared to dodge rockets

Things aren’t more complicated with the helicopter. Stand on some relatively safe roof (the one that is not under heavy fire of snipers and grenade launchers) – and wait for the ‘’carrier’’. When it flies by, just shoot the transformer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-12

If you decide to chase the helicopter, you can go to the parking lot where you’ll find a truck with a transformer on a platform. It is guarded by several demonic shooters. You don’t have to eliminate them – shoot the booth and rush away from the place.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-13

When all transformers are eliminated, and Electro is out of sight, three cars with demons inside will approach the entrance to the police station. Two shooters and two swordsmen (who can block your gadgets) will be among your enemies.

In view of the abundance of opponents, we recommend starting the battle with an electric web or web bomb – these gadgets will stun your enemies and will provide you with some time to look around. Try to get rid of bandits with cold weapons as soon as you can: when they are stunned or wrapped up in web, they are vulnerable to any device from Spider-Man’s arsenal.

Don’t forget that swordsmen are vulnerable for a few seconds after their attack, so sometimes it is a good idea to choose a waiting tactic. Wait for the enemy to make the first step, dodge and use his weakness to your advantage by nailing him to the car with the impact web.

As for the rest of the enemies, don’t expect easy life: thugs with machine guns will shoot at you from all sides. Throw enemies into the air to accumulate focus and isolate the most dangerous opponents.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-14

After suppressing the resistance of the demons, hurry to the veteran center in Harlem – angry convicts have set the building on fire. Aunt May and Miles are still there. Having arrived at the site, Spider-Man will manage to save them both at the last moment, but his heroism will put him in danger.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: … into the fire-15

Fortunately, friends will come to the rescue and save the hero. Having united, the characters will come up with a plan: Mary Jane will look for a vaccine from the Devil’s Breath, Miles will help Aunt May in the shelter while Spider-Man will deal with the gang of crazy men in suits that is terrorizing the city.

For your efforts to help the police and rescue Miles together with Aunt May, you’ll get as much as 5000 experience points.