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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run

In the fortieth mission, Miles Morales tries to help the shelter with medicines and eventually faces Rhino

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-1

Peter decides to deal with Scorpion later (in the previous mission, we removed his neurotoxin from Spider-Man’s body): the hero has not seen his aunt since the fire in Harlem. Having arrived at the site, the nephew will find a cheerful but obviously sick May. Miles is not there – he went to search for medicines for the infected.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-2

Peter cannot contact the young volunteer as Morales is in the process of obtaining medicines, which is greatly complicated by convicts who escaped from Ryker’s. Former prisoners have settled in the vicinity of the warehouse, so Miles has to get to his target undiscovered. Otherwise, the game will be over.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-3

Once you get control of the character, move forward from the starting point and go around the right side of the scattered glass on the ground. If you step on it, the convicts on the opposite side from the nearby car will hear Miles, and you will have to improvise.

The exit from the parking lot is blocked by another convict. The choice of object for sabotage depends on which side of the boxes you want to use to bypass the enemy. If it’s the left side – hack the digital ad ‘’Have your documents ready’’. In case it’s the right side, use the searchlight that stands on the footboard.

After getting out of the encirclement, clamp R2 and turn towards the illuminated and half-destroyed brick wall. On the right side, you’ll see a brute, while scattered bottle fragments are on the left side. Thus, stick to the center. Having crossed the barrier, you’ll see the first portion of medicines.

After a close examination, you’ll find out that there are no antibiotics among these drugs – you need to search further. The road is blocked by an ex-convict that is looking at a broken car. There are two ways to distract him: you can hack a dormant drone on the left side of the criminal or you can hack a fire cabinet on the right side.

Having walked around the guard from the opposite side of the sabotage object, move forward. Two criminals beat a mercenary on the left – you do not need to go there. Hide behind the boxes with Sable logo – glass fragments are scarred on the ground, so be careful.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-9

From this position, you see your next target – a medical tent in the distance. You can get there by using the straight route, as well as the right and left routes. The choice of route is not important as each option is equally effective. Also, you can combine them: start from the center, then go to the left and so on.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-10

Regardless of the chosen approach, you will first need to distract the guard in the nearby. You can do this by hacking an electric generator on the left or on the right from the central route. The first option is suitable for paths #2 and #3, while the second one is good for paths #1 and #2.

Let’s go in order. If you have decided to move to the left of the central path, you’ll soon stumble upon a patrolman. Hack the searchlight on the counter to sneak past him. A convict will stand in the passage to the medical tent. Theoretically, he can be distracted by two objects – an idle drone in the nearby or a searchlight in the distance. However, the second option is better for this situation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-13

The second option is to go forward from the fork. In this case, you will not encounter the patrolman (if you are in time to sneak past him), but you will still have to deal with the guard in the passage. The ways to distract him are the same – the drone and the searchlight, but this time any method will do the job.

The last option is to go to the right, to the loading platform. It is patrolled by a lone ex-prisoner whom you don’t have to distract: just bypass him from the opposite side of the container. If you are not willing to take risks, hack the generator on the left or the fire cabinet on the right.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-14

Having bypassed the patrol, move forward until the end. You’ll see wooden boxes on the left side – you can jump over them. Having done this, Miles will find himself on the other side of the passage which is blocked by the above-mentioned convict. Press R2 and run towards the tent. Unfortunately, there are no antibiotics in this tent.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-15

The next potential target is seen behind the improvised barricade in front of you, but the way is blocked by two ‘’obstacles’’ – another convict and a sniper, whose laser sight is wandering around an upturned car (which is a good cover for Miles). The hero cannot do anything with the shooter but is able to distract the patrolman.

There are two objects to choose from: a dormant drone on the left side from the car and a searchlight right next to it. Both options are effective in theory, but the first one is safer – in this case, the guard will go far away. Having hacked the drone, bypass the scattered fragments on the ground and try not to fall under the sniper’s sight.

After Miles gets to the upturned car, he is not in danger anymore – the protagonist will crawl through the salon and get out right under the “roof” of the target tent. Examine the medicines to finally discover antibiotics among them and get ready to watch the cutscene.

Rhino will use his usual brutal methods to get patrol routes and timetables from Sable agents. Later, Scorpion will join his colleague. Scorpion’s ‘’subtle art of persuasion’’ will scare Miles so much that he will attract the attention of the ‘’walking bulldozer’' during his attempt to escape.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-22

So, antibiotics are in your pocket and now you need to bring them to the shelter. The first and only obstacle on the way to the shelter is the enraged Rhino. Wait until he comes to the spotlight and hacks the device to turn the villain away. Use this moment to reach the unlocked entrance to the tunnel.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Supply Run-23

Sneak ahead – at this time, Rhino will go along with you, but he will be above. Once you get to the exit from the passage, make sure that the thug has already walked away from the hero and get out. Rhino will go to the right while Miles will be able to climb the wooden boxes in front to move to the next section of the level.

You’ll soon meet the villain again: Rhino will wait for the protagonist at the opposite end of a wide ‘’corridor’’with containers on both sides. Run from cover to cover when the enemy looks in the opposite direction. Whatever happens, don’t hide behind the wooden boxes – their fate is grim.

When Rhino is left behind, run to the illuminated forklift cargo handler. Turn to the left and follow through the lopsided container to another underground tunnel. It will take you to a small courtyard. The exit from this courtyard is located on the opposite side from the starting point.

Obviously, Rhino is still around and will try to prevent Miles from escaping. Hide behind the green boxes and hack the cargo handler – the thug will run to check what’s going on while you’ll be able to run across the yard safely. Do not hesitate and press R2.

Once on the other side, follow through the unlocked container and hide behind a box. The exit from the location is blocked by wooden boxes. Fortunately, you can attract Rhino by using the radio in the nearby. Having hacked the device, wait until the villain clears your way and then gets out of sight.

As soon as Rhino gets away, run up the container – finally, you’ve managed to escape! On the road back to the shelter, Miles will run into a problem which he will solve using the recent self-defense lesson from Spider-Man. When you regain control of the superhero, his experience points counter will be replenished with another 5000 units.