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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold

This article contains some tips and tricks that will help you to beat four types of challenges given by a mysterious figure with a skull mask

In Marvel’s Spider-Man Taskmaster’s challenges appear after completing half of the missions. Taking part in these challenges gets you a challenge tokens. It’s necessary for you to take up these challenges if you want to improve or buy some new suits and gadgets.

We’ve already formulated the main principles of completing such tasks in What’s in the box? Main mission walkthrough: the more effectively Spider-Man completes each task, the better he scores and the more tokens he earns.

The Amazing (Bronze) tier rewards one token, the Spectacular (Silver) — two, and the Ultimate (Gold) — three tokens. So you can get a total of six tokens. It’s not that easy to fight with Taskmaster. That’s why we’ve prepared some really useful tips for you.

General Tips

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-1

First, you shouldn’t try to complete all the challenges at once. If you want something more than achieving the average score, you better wait for the final missions or even for the end of the game story to get gold.

You’ll get prepared for the tasks by upgrading the skills and getting new suits and gadgets. Before meeting Taskmaster, you need to gain enough experience, to learn how to maintain Spider-Man’s momentum, how to use gadgets during a fight and so on.

Besides, as you level up, Spider-Man reaches a greater level of strength and durability: he upgrades a swing speed, improves a maximum health or concentration bar capacity, and the damage ramps up. So it makes sense to tackle these missions only when you’re ready to prove that you have all necessary skills to complete the task.

Secondly, each type of challenges has its own features. Some of them require stealth, so you need to use special suit mods (for example, Silent Step). Use the power of your suit that gives a boost in concentration which is really necessary during a fight.

Your final result depends on how fast you’ve managed to complete the challenge, i.e. To beat the enemies up, quietly take out the thugs, catch the drone and disarm a bomb. This isn’t the only key to success, however, you’ll get more benefit from Spider-Man’s speed.

You don’t have to complete all Taskmaster’s challenges with the ultimate level score to buy all the suits, install suits mods and upgrade your gadgets. And remember that you have an unlimited number of attempts, so you can keep redoing the challenge until you get gold.

The challenges have different difficulty levels. Some players find it impossible to complete the Drone Challenge with the ultimate level score, the others fail to beat the Bomb Challenge. If you’re not able to tackle any of Taskmaster’s challenge, just leave it for later.

Bomb Challenge

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-2

In the first type of Taskmaster’s challenges you’ll have multiple bombs to defuse. You’ll need to get to all the three (four) bombs as quickly as possible, grab each one with the help of a web and detonate it in the air, so it’s safe for citizens.

Sometimes you achieve only silver-level scores and you have just a couple of thousands or even dozens points left to get gold even though you’ve made everything perfect. This usually happens when a player chooses the wrong way of completing the task. Your final score depends on some important factors.

First, you should learn how to get from one bomb to another as quickly as possible. In contrast to the ability to move through the concrete jungle quickly and efficiently, the route doesn’t play a significant role — you just need to find the nearest marker on the map.

Some of these skills might help you: Point Launch (L2 + R2 and Cross just before the landing) and Quick Zip (press Cross when you are in the air). The first move allows you to launch forward on a flight to the desired location, the second one — to maintain your speed without losing altitude.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-3
Momentum web-swinging mechanics

It’s important to swing gently if you don’t want to gain more height. You need a jump after a full swing during the whole game process except for a Bomb Challenge.

Moreover, try landing next to a bomb to save time. You may find the bomb in a short period of time, but then you land too far away from it or not close enough. This slows you down, and you lose precious seconds.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-4
Sticking the landings

You’ll want to use a little trick to save these seconds. As you come in, you’ll see a small circle next to the bomb. Press L2 + R2, and Spider-Man will launch forward to the explosive device. Another option is to press and hold L2 and choose the landing spot (R2).

Finally, when you throw a bomb into the air, hit the web button (R1) as fast as you can to destroy the target using your ejector. Each hit scores extra one hundred points. It’s not that much but every little bit counts.

Drone Challenge

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-5

This challenge is, to some extent, similar to the previous task. Drone Challenge tests your moving around the city skill more than anything else. Your task is to follow the drone and destroy spy cameras which the flying robot leaves behind.

The drone will zigzag between the buildings, fly up and down, pass through the narrow streets and under the bridges. It’s really difficult to be accurate when swinging this high which is a real fun, of course.

So your accuracy also counts. If you haven’t missed any of the cameras (their locations are marked as blue spheres), you’ll get the bonus points. If you’ve missed something, the score will drop to zero, and this time you won’t get gold.

That’s why you need to learn the drone’s route literally by heart to get the ultimate level score. You’ll have to redo this challenge anyways until you master the mechanics, at least.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-6
How to catch the drone quickly

If you remember the exact or even rough locations of the spy cameras, you’ll be able to find the alternative routes. You may need them to reduce the distance to the target when you fall behind (see the example above).

Another key to success is using Point Launches. The drone leaves the cameras mostly in such places to which you can zip (L2 + R2). If you press Cross just before the landing, you’ll not only fly over the blue sphere but also launch Spider-Man forward.

There’s a risk of missing the target, So you’ll want to press L2 while approaching the next location. This will slow down the time, and you’ll have a few seconds to choose the landing spot.

Thus, a Drone Challenge requires a lot of practice, more than any other Taskmaster’s challenge. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll succeed. Practice makes perfect.

Combat Challenge

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-9

Since fighting with thugs takes up a considerable amount of time in this game, you’ll probably have understood the main principles of a typical Marvel’s Spider-Man fight. Taskmaster prepared this challenge to test your combat skills.

As you can guess from the title, Spider-Man will have to fight with a specific group of enemies. The more effectively you complete the tasks, the more tokens you earn. A combo count and a high health are also essential for your final result.

Most of all, you’ll need a concentration, and these tasks require a full concentration bar. One segment of a concentration bar will allow you to knock out a basic enemy.

If you want to use the whole potential of your concentration, get a Chain Finisher skill to immediately perform a second Finisher using just one concentration bar segment. You may also use a Battle Focus suit power which generates focus for a short period of time.

One more important thing is that you must know your enemies and their weakness, though you won’t have a chance to fight with some dangerous opponents, such as a whip-wielding enemy or mercenaries in jetpacks of all things.

Don’t use two concentration bar segments to take out just one opponent unless it’s necessary. Instead of it, you can use Impact Webs, pull combos on the enemies to knock them into walls and then glue them to a wall using a Web Shooter.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-10
That’s the way you should beat your enemies up

Gadgets allow you to eliminate the thugs faster and they restore as you finish off the enemies, so you can use everything you have. Web Bombs and Electric Web are better for taking out the groups of thugs, Web Throw — for attacking one target.

Remember that it’s much faster to web throw your enemies (especially the shooters) than just use basic combat moves. Take out (or disarm) the men with the guns and grenade launchers first.

Payback is another useful skill. It allows you to pistol enemies for an instant takedown after Perfect Dodging, especially since you’ll be performing a dodge during the whole fight.

It would be perfect to finish the battle without taking damage, however, it’s not that easy, and you still have a chance to get the highest score. Anyway, stay away from attacks and don’t forget to heal yourself from time to time in order to get more bonus points.

Sneak Challenge

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: How to Beat Taskmaster's Challenges and Get Gold-11

This challenge suggests being in stealth. Your task is to neutralize all the enemies fast and without being detected, otherwise, you’ll have to restart the challenge, luckily, at the last checkpoint.

If during the main storyline you’ve gained enough experience to eliminate the enemies quickly and quietly, some of the Sneak Challenge tasks may seem too easy for you to complete. Usually, there are no more than a dozen of thugs on the “battlefield”. They are standing far from each other and have some kind of delayed reaction.

Your final result depends on two factors — your speed and a combo count. There is no need to explain the first factor, but the second one should be clarified. A combo count refers to the number of enemies you finish off at minimum intervals.

It means that you need to chain your takedowns. You may choose one of these two moves to destroy a thug: Air Launcher Follow Up (Square button) and Web Attack (Triangle button).

Mastering Every Stealth Challenge Showcase by Swifty Unknown

Mastering Every Stealth Challenge Showcase by Swifty Unknown

Both of them are quite good, but since we prefer the fastest way of completing the task, the Web Attack is more efficient and good for stealth. By the way, some opponents can be destroyed with the help of your gadgets.

In stealth situations, the most useful of them are the following: Web Shooter (pins the enemies down to walls), Concussive Blast (emits sound waves that push enemies off the roof; this is also some kind of knock out) and Trip Mine (you can install it on the ground, draw a thug’s attention by shooting a web, and it’s done).

In general, this type of task suggests you take out the enemies in a certain order, however, improvisation also takes place here. If you can’t knock out your opponent because he’s still not prepared to fight, then you’ve chosen the wrong order and you should find another target.

It usually takes a couple of tries to memorize the enemies’ locations and actions. You need this to complete the Sneak Challenge. Don’t forget to press R3 to see whether it’s safe to attack the thugs or not.