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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Winter

Having escaped from Moscow and leaving it a hundred kilometers behind, the heroes stopped in doubts about what to do next

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Winter-1

More than a hundred kilometers away from Moscow in their train, characters of Metro Exodus were surprised to find peace and quiet — their dosimeters (devices that measure radiation — author’s note) went silent for the first time in many years. Unable to believe her ears and eyes, Anna wants to deal with her father — Colonel Miller.

According to him, the war, which turned to ashes most cities on Earth, has not yet ended. In order to avoid new nuclear strikes, the command decided to ‘’not give signs of life’’ — to pretend to be dead. Thus, the Shield system was born — a network of stations for radio suppression.

One of them was successfully destroyed by Artyom and Anna, which angered not only Hansa themselves but also their close comrade — Miller. The colonel himself got access to all this information only six months ago and was forced to lie to his fighters under the threat of death.

Miller has a plan, but to realize it, Artyom needs to delve into the radio frequencies. Take the switch and move the slider until you reach ‘’350’’ — you will hear the announcer from the Special Restoration Committee, who broadcasts about the general assembly at the Ark base.

According to Miller, The Ark is a huge underground city in the Urals, where all the top leaders of the country gathered. This is where our heroes decide to go to tell about the state of Moscow. Therefore, their goal is defined — Mount Yamantau.

After giving their train a fitting name — Aurora — and having a drink for it, the characters will go about their business, and Anna will take Artyom to the world map. Do not hurry to continue the journey — there are still some interesting interactions inside and outside of the cabin.

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To gain access to the table and the firebox, you need to wait for Anna to finish talking with one of the soldiers

First, the table with the radio — Artyom’s journal holds information about all the characters, enemies, factions, types of weapons that you have already heard about. And down the stairs, to the firebox, you can find a survey report — the only collectible in this chapter.

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Aurora’s crew members are always glad to exchange a couple of words with Artyom and each other
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Aurora’s crew members are always glad to exchange a couple of words with Artyom and each other

Under the driver’s cabin, Duke works as a fireman — you can help him if you want, but do not expect any bonuses for this. If you approach Miller, he will offer you to go out for a smoke, where he will tell you why he kept the information about the jammers secret for half a year.

When you feel you are ready, go back to the map and select your destination to complete this short but saturated chapter.