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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga

Where to find all weapon and armor upgrades and how to complete all side quests in The Volga chapter


After you complete the first two chapters – ‘’Moscow’’ and ‘’Winter’’ – you’ll get to the Volga location. There you’ll have to go to the local church (and meet some crazy cultists), get a railcar, a new railroad car, and also find out how to lower the bridge.

Apart from the story missions on the Volga, you may complete two additional quests and find a couple of useful objects (the details are below).

Guitar for Stepan

While looking for a railcar, stop by the fire in front of the train, where your friends are standing. Stepan – a guy with a beard – will ask you to take a guitar away from the bandits that are not far from here, in the tower.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-1

Go to the tower, get upstairs, killing the enemies on your way. Climb higher using fire escape ladder and you’ll see a guitar resting on the railing outside of the building. Take it, get back to the Aurora as soon as you can and talk to Stepan.

Toy for Nastya

On your way to Duke, Stepan will ask you to find Nastya’s teddy bear that was stolen by a mutant. Follow the marker in the right lower corner of the map. Get up to the water tower using a circular ladder and you’ll find the mutant’s nest. Kill the monster, approach the nest and take the teddy bear from the suitcase next to the bike. Go back to the Aurora and return the toy to the girl.

How to Get Night Vision Device

Some thugs holed up in a warehouse which is to the left of the railway, not far from Duke’s observation point. See its location on the screenshot below:

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-2

Head for the warehouse, eliminate the thugs and free the prisoners – there are three of them in one cage – by firing at the lock with any weapon. Listen to what the prisoners say, and one of them will give you a key. When you get to the terminal where a railcar is, go along the right wall until you see a locked door. Open it with that key, get inside the building and take the Night Vision Device from the table on your right. You’ll want to use it in the dark terminal. If you didn’t find the key, you’ll have to get through the terminal without the device, but later you’ll be able to come to it from the other side.

Ammo Pouches (armor upgrade)

At the same warehouse, find a note on the table and the armor upgrade called ‘’Ammo Pouches’’.

Reinforced Helmet (armor upgrade)

Go down the railway, make a turn towards the marked building on your right; destroy the enemies and go to the first-floor room and get a Reinforced Helmet.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-3

Metal Detector

After you take a teddy bear, go downstairs and turn right (or left in relation to the map’s perspective). You’ll find a locked building not far from the water towers. Fire at the lock, get inside and find a metal detector.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-4

Battery Charge Controller

After talking to Duke, a question mark will appear in the center of the location and slightly below it. Head for this mark from the right or left bottom part of the map (if you choose the right side, you’ll have to keep the fence, so you better choose the left one). Look around: there is a building with a generator, a house with the doors closed and a small house with a workbench. You’ll find a gas can next to the building with a generator. Pick it up, fill the generator and start it.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-5

Get inside the house, open the left door by moving the lever next to it. Go forward and climb the planks up to get to the garret. Find a hole and jump through it down to the room with a switchboard. Once you fix it, leave the room through a red door. Get back to the entrance of the building, move the lever next to a large door on your left and open it with a valve. You’ll find a dead body. Pull the lever to burn the body and take the Battery Charge Controller from its chest.

Throwing Weapons Harness (armor upgrade)

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-6

Head for the gas station which is on the way to the terminal with a railcar. Take the enemies out, go inside and fire at the door lock to get to the room with the armor upgrade called ‘’Throwing Weapons Harness’’.

Extended Filter

This upgrade lets you use your gas mask filters longer. You can find it in the house marked on the map below (there is also one of the collectible notes):

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Volga-7


Having returned from the church and met Duke, look for a crashed plane nearby, northeast of the Aurora. Get inside and pick up a new gadget there, a compass.