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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Moscow

Battle tactics, survival tips, stealth walkthrough, useful items and all collectibles


Following the intro video and difficulty choice — this walkthrough was played on Normal — the game’s protagonist Artyom will find himself on empty streets of devastated Moscow covered in snow. You will not have much time to look around as the protagonist will go down through the sewer underground.


There is nothing to collect or kill here, so use the first minutes to get acquainted with minor mechanics: turning on a flashlight, using your lighter to get rid of spider web, and jumping. In the icy corridor on the way, there will be a magazine for your Shambler (shotgun) near the corpse.

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You can change the QTE from tapping to holding or pressing in the settings

Follow the only available route until you reach the place shown in the screenshot above. Here, the Watchman will attack Artyom for the first time in the game — this is the most common type of monsters in Moscow underground. To defeat the beast, quickly tap the key/button displayed on the screen until it disappears.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Moscow-6

Do not hurry to run further as four more mutants will jump out to face our hero — they all die from one precise shot from the Shambler, so there is not much to worry about. The main thing is not to miss because there are few bullets in the magazine and reloading here is very slow.

If necessary, pick up a few shotgun shells from a corpse by the fire and a table with a lamp (there is a half-torn notebook in the same place), and then proceed through the tilted wagon. Ignore the surrounding sounds, run to the door in the distance and grab the valve by holding the interact button.

Before Artyom has time to close the door behind him, Watchmen will tumble from everywhere — front and behind. Beating several of them, the protagonist will start losing the fight, but the monsters will not be able to win as your faithful comrades — Duke, Idiot (nicknames), Damir and Alyosha — will come to the rescue and take the wounded fighter to the hospital.

After waking up in a hospital bed, Artyom finds himself in front of his wife Anna, voicing her concerns about his frequent (and widely accepted as useless as there are no other survivors) trips to the surface. Colonel Miller will come to support his daughter.

Under disapproving comments of the local doctor, stand up pick up a patient file from the table on your right. You can wander around a bit and listen to the characters here — guys at the reception desk and a boy with his grandmother behind the screen will not hesitate to express their attitude about the main character.

Before going to the party honoring your own return, take the first Moscow postcard from the locker in the other room. The celebration will not last long — Anna will join the conversation and by hand will lead her husband into the harsh post-apocalyptic everyday life.

‘'Fresh’' Air

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After hearing a distinct squeak, immediately change the filter on the gas mask to avoid direct contact with Moscow air

Artyom’s story picks up a week later. After listening to another static radio noise — there seems to be no signs of life outside Moscow — the hero and his wife decide to return to the subway. On the way down, look in the unlocked apartment to find the dusty diary and the second Moscow postcard in the kitchen by the window.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Moscow-24

Head through the destroyed building until you reach a spacious hall. Do not rush ahead, because several Watchmen will attack the characters — two from the escalators and another two from the windows. Your Kalash is not as powerful as Shambler, so be ready to shoot more than once.

After the encounter, search the place for useful items — you can find ammunition in the toilet and cleaning room, and the corpse at the entrance holds a stalker’s note. After finishing looting, go down after Anna to the ground floor.

There is a trolleybus that crashed into the front of the building. On one of its passenger seats is Shura’s note. Pick it up and go outside — the characters will find themselves on the remains of a highway. Move forward until you hear Anna’s warning about the approaching Watchmen pack.

If you do not want to spend ammo and/or medkits, we advise you to let the monsters run by. Take cover with Anna behind the yellow bus and do not move until you companion says so. However, even if you fight, only a handful (not more than five) of them will join the actual battle — the rest will rush somewhere else.

For some time there will be nothing to collect, so just follow Anna — on occasion, the hero will automatically help her up and climb up himself — and wipe the glass of your mask from time to time to improve visibility.

As a result, the characters will see a passing train powered by a working steam locomotive. The newlyweds will not have time to digest what they have seen, because a van with soldiers inside will drive to them. Not thinking twice, Anna and Artyom jump inside, and the protagonist gets hit in the face — so much for allies.

The vehicle, as it turns out, belongs to representatives of Hansa organization, with whom Miller and his Order are in a difficult relationship. Together with the main characters in this van, two residents of some remote village are traveling — before it was believed that there is no life outside Moscow.

Villagers are being taken to be shot — what a surprise! Artyom will try to prevent the execution, but it will only help him get in dog bites and a couple of bullets in his chest. As a result, Artyom is laying under two corpses, Anna is taken away, and there are no weapons to use.

After rising back up, move forward and crawl under the obstacle covered with corpses. On the other side, our hero will find a couple of medkits that will bring his health back to normal. Run to the fork (the path on the right leads nowhere) and pick up the crumpled letter next to the skeleton in the snow.


Follow the only available route — sooner or later you will see the train again. Head in its direction through the pipe and reach the room under the hangar. It is better to not get caught by the enemy soldier, so use crouch.

Artyom alone is not much against the enemy, so he must look for some help. Fortunately, there is a man named Yermak among them, who sympathizes with a young lady. For arguing with the command he was put in a workshop, which Artyom crawls into.

Yermak immediately befriends the protagonist and volunteers to help. Pick a couple of medkits from the table and to go into the hangar. The way further is blocked by the all-seeing eyes of the guards, so turn off the power switch on the far wall before anything.

Your objective now is to climb the ladder in the opposite end of the place unnoticed. Make sure to crouch and keep to the shadows. After getting to the second floor, crawl under the obstacle and knock out the enemy facing away from you.

Reunited with Yermak, pick up some cans on the floor — you can use them to distract the guards. Throw one of them into the iron fan in front (if you throw it somewhere else, they may raise the alarm) — the guard will turn around, giving your companion some time to open the door for you.

After making your way through the ventilation into the room adjacent to the local chief’s office, bash the door open and save Anna — the sequence will play by itself, no need to press anything. During the fight, the equipment that, as it turns out, controls one of the jammers that fence Moscow from the rest of the world, will be damaged.

In other words, Artyom was right — there is life outside Russia and its capital. On the console behind the officer telling you about this will be a memo  — you need to pick it up now because you will not be able to return after the scene ends.

After that, Yermak rushes into the room with a bunch of equipment for our character. The plan is to get out using the same train we saw earlier, whose driver, coincidentally, is your newfound ally. But first, Artyom needs to get into the hangar through the yard full of guards.

After helping Anna to get to the roof of the building, where she will cover you with her sniper rifle in case of emergency, have a look at the stealth indicator. The light on your watch lights up if your character is lit enough to be detected by the enemy.

The yard is crawling with enemies — you can shoot them all if you insist. However, there is another way if you do not want to waste bullets and medkits. Wait until two chatting soldiers go away and sneak to the hole in the fence (on the left there will be spare filters and a box with ammo) on the right.

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You can spot Anna from the height of the tower — her laser sight gives her away
Full Size
You can spot Anna from the height of the tower — her laser sight gives her away

Do not hurry to climb the tower — another talkative couple of guards will notice you. Wait until both are gone, and then climb the stairs. At the top pick up throwing knives — deadly and silent ranged weapons.

Jump over the fence and crawl to another tower — if you were quiet up to this point, there will be a sentry. Crawl under the obstacle and eliminate the enemy by throwing a knife or using lethal/non-lethal takedown up close.

Before you descend from the second tower, make sure that the patrol at the bottom has moved far enough not to spot you. Once on the ground, keep to the fence on the right and sneak to the door mentioned by Yermak. If you approach the hangar from this side, you can use the back door aside from the main one.

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If the gas mask gets damaged, you will need to fix the hole in the glass

Once inside, pay attention to the revolver nearby. Yermak already gave you the same weapon, but this has some additional modifications (orange elements on the icon). Taking the gun and/or its ammo, proceed to the table with a light — there is a memo for the security officers of the Shield system — the ones you are currently fighting.

Search the lockers for some loot and pick up throwing knives from the barrel before entering the hangar itself — they are useful. During your absence, Yermak was captured and chained to the fence behind the locomotive. Before you release him, you need to get rid of every single guard.

You can be noisy about eliminating the enemies — there is plenty of cover in the area, and you can get up close with especially shy enemies. However, like the last time, there is an easier way out. If you get to Yermak undetected, Anna will create a diversion and all the soldiers, except the jailer, will run away.

Follow your wife’s advice and go down in the pit (ladder is in front) and knock out the enemy tinkering at the base of the platform. Move clockwise along the wall until you hear on the radio that group D is sent to aid another group, which has been attacked by Watchmen.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Moscow-80

Now only the jailer will remain in the location. Kill or knock him out and free Yermak. According to him, the guards will return soon, so you must act quickly — he will go to the locomotive, and Artyom with Anna will need to activate the turning mechanism.

Follow your wife up the stairs unlocked by Yermak and pick up the medkits and ammo — several soldiers will block the way to the control room. After killing them, search the corpses and lockers — extra bullets are always handy.

When you are ready, go to the control panel (there is a medkit and some ammo on top of it) and pull the lever — several enemies will run out to the bridge under the hangar’s ceiling. Take cover behind the panel and shoot back until the explosion happens and sends the characters back to the first floor.

Stand up and follow your wife — only a handful of enemies will try to stop you, and most of them will be dead without any action from you. After reaching the locomotive, do not rush to it — the smoke hides several opponents in front of you.

Eliminate them and run to the train — the heroes will automatically jump on board when it starts moving. Their joy will be short-lived because in just a few seconds a flash grenade flies into the cabin.


When Artyom finally wakes up, there will be a dozen new soldiers in the train, in addition to Anna and Yermak. Miller, who arrived just in time, recognizes his daughter among the detainees, so the Shield guards suddenly become a minority. After a heated dialogue, the whole gang is rushing away from Moscow on a hijacked train.

Before Anna was able to ask her father about all these lies and his collusion with city’s isolators, the Cruiser — armored train with machine guns, catches up to the characters. They want Miller to stop the train, but colonel has another plan — to stall the enemy, while Artyom plants an explosive.

Under the pretext of bad brakes, Yermak will begin to slow down, which will give us some time to get explosives and jump to their train. Take filters from the table and step out, ignoring the safety warnings.

Carefully walk to the unlocked window and eliminate the soldier standing with his back to you. Once in the car, turn left — there will be two enemies. Eliminate one of them — the second will ask for mercy. In the same room, there is an official letter on the table.

Go to the next car — several opponents are right in front of you, so keep right and sneak behind them. Once on the other side, go to the door — you should be fine as long as nobody saw you.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Moscow-104

Going further without a fight will be tough, so take out your gun and start shooting enemies ahead. Hide behind cover, use medkits if necessary, and replenish your ammo by looting corpses and items around you.

After the battle, pick a crumpled note at the entrance to the second ‘’combat’’ car — the last collectible in this chapter — and run to the engine. The only thing left for you is to push the fireman away and install the remote-controlled bomb on the fire chamber.

Opening the door outside and pulling the handbrake lever, Artyom will wait for the allied train to catch up, and only then he will jump to it. After boarding, the hero will take the detonator and, with a simple push of a button, free the team from their pursuers. Moscow is left behind.