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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Caspian

Where to find all collectibles, weapon and armor upgrades, and how to complete all side quests in the Caspian chapter


Unlike the Volga location, the Caspian won’t offer separate side quests, but you can still examine a few interesting places here.

How to Get a Car

After you have arrived in the desert, proceed towards the building with a high antenna. Go upside, killing monsters along the way, and find an oilfield worker. Having killed him, you will get the key from the only car that you can drive in the game.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Caspian-1

However, if you hesitate, the mutants will either kill the oilman or he will run somewhere, while the game’s script won’t work upon arrival on the roof, and nobody will attack Artyom. You will deprive yourself of the only driveabe vehicle.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Caspian-2

Flask for Nastya

After you visit the lighthouse and meet Giul, she will take you to an underground bunker. The girl will ask you to find at least one thing that belonged to her mother – and you can do it. When you will be investigating the complex, you will hit the closed door at some point. Damir will start communicating over the speakerphone. Go to the room on the right and crawl to the adjacent room. Here, you will find a table with a note. The door leading to the office with Gulnara’s mother corpse will be on the left from this table.

Metro Exodus Side Quests Walkthrough: The Caspian-3

Examine her hands to get the photograph. Having got out of the bunker, Artyom will automatically give this photo to Giul, and she will give him a flask as a reward. You can give the flask to Nastya from the train.

Points of Interest

Note that most of the upgrades from The Volga chapter can be found in the Caspian in case you missed them.

After the bunker where you were accompanied by Giul, you will drive on the road until the sole question mark. Having arrived at the site, listen to Anna who will tell you about three interesting objects – a crane, a torn ship and a building behind the port. The corresponding markers will appear on the map.

Having climbed the crane, you will be able to get the sniper and take his rifle. Also, there’s a workbench and spare parts inside the crane.

If you go to the ship moored to the shore, you will be able to save hostages. Inside the ship, in the main compartment, you will find a cabin from a container. There is a table where you will find either resources or a Reinforced Helmet if you haven’t found it on the Volga. Get to the captain’s cabin where there is a postcard and a note, then go out through any of the side doors and pull the lever. Thanks to this, you will free the hostages.

Finally, go to the building behind the port which is located further down the rails from the Aurora. There are a few buildings there, but you are interested in residential buildings rather than hangars. Go upside, kill mutants and bandits and get to the observation point. Here, there’s a workbench and the NVD Amplifier.

Along the journey in the game world, you will listen to the message from the Baron who is dissatisfied with the situation near the Source. A white question mark will appear on the map. Move to the upper left corner, clear the canyon from enemies so that a rope ladder descends in the far part of the location. Climb this ladder – you will hear a shot. You will find a death note near a dead body and an Armored Glass for the helmet in the nearby. This upgrade will allow you to protect the glass of the gas mask during battles.

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