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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga

On the way to Yamantau, Aurora’s crew encountered an obstacle — lack of space for passengers and resistance of local religious fanatics


After getting out of Moscow and determining the purpose of their journey, our team, led by Colonel Miller, headed east. The path led through Volga river, but an unknown roadblock right on the railway stopped heroes for a while.

In a collision, one of the locomotive’s cylinders was damaged — the Aurora can’t go further in its current state. Presumably, enemies left in the direction of the fortified bridge visible in the distance. Before going on reconnaissance there, Miller advises you to check the church nearby.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-3

Take the map from the control panel — it can be used to find your current location, the location of main and additional objectives, as well as the description of the mission. Follow Anna (she will cover you on this mission) to exit the train.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-4

Near the door you will be approached by Tokarev — Aurora’s gunsmith — and he will give you a portable workshop in the form of a backpack. Now Artyom will be able to create useful items such as medkits and ammo on the go or in separate workshops — provided he has the right resources.

The Volga is the first truly open location in Metro Exodus. You can go wherever you wish, but within the framework of this guide we will focus on the main objectives. The first one is to survey the church to the northeast of the Aurora.

Church of the Water Tsar

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If you leave Anna wandering alone, sooner or later she will tell you that she will be waiting for you at the transmission tower

Follow your companion to the fishing village and look inside the abandoned building on the way to find some additional crafting resources. At the pier will be a boat, which you can use to get to the church. Anna will not go with you — instead she will climb the transmission tower nearby.

Hop in the boat and row to the church. It makes sense to stop at the small island with several collapsed houses in the middle of your way. Inside one of them is a single shot shotgun called A-Shot  — a very effective weapon when fighting monsters.

During the exploration of coastal buildings or when approach the church, a woman will begin waving to Artyom from the bell tower. We will pay her a visit later, so for now, swim to the water entrance of the religious building. Pay attention to the boat suspended at the pier — it will come in handy later — and row inside.

The protagonist will find himself in the heart of the technophobic cult — religious fanatics, who believe that technology only brings evil into this world, led by preacher Silantius. You will not have to convince them because the cultists have a rather short discussion with the heretics — lock up and shoot to death.

They had no problems with the first part of the plan — the exit from the church was quickly blocked — but it turned out that the second one is a bit more difficult to fulfill. A little girl runs out to meet our hero — she will lead you to her mom in the bell tower (the one that waved you from afar).

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-16

Both ladies were locked up there by Silantius a year ago. Katya (mother) and Nastya (daughter) do not approve of his policies, but they can’t do anything — in exchange for her and her child’s safety, the woman offers valuable information about the fortified bridge in the way of the Aurora.

Before this, however, it is necessary to avoid the armed warriors of Silantius, who came for the heretic hero. Katya will open a window — get out through it and squeeze through a narrow passage. At this point, the ‘’righteous’’ raiders will be far enough for you to sneak past.

If you wish, you can climb the stairs back to Katya’s ‘’apartment’’ and kill the three soldiers who came there. They will all stand with their back to you, so it should not be a big problem. It is not necessary to do so, but if you are short on ammo or resources, why not?

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-23

Next, go down the ladder on the north side of the roof to the second floor of the church. Without thinking twice, and crouching not to make noise, catch up with the paladin going away and knock him out. There is no big reason to stay in this location any longer, so we will immediately go to the exit.

Remember the suspended boat near the entrance to the church? This is where you go — using the yellow ladder in the room you just eliminated the enemy in, go down to the first floor and wait for the two devotees to finish talking (you can safely watch them through the window).

As soon as out chatterboxes disperse, sneak inside and follow the right on while keeping a safe distance — he will lead you to a hole in the wall, through which you can get to the aforementioned pier. Before going up there, eliminate your ‘’guide’’; otherwise, you will be detected.

After reaching the pier, turn the valve to lower the boat into the water. As soon as the watercraft starts moving, Anna will praise your peaceful and quiet way to solve religious conflicts — she is happy when things go smoothly.

On the way to the Aurora, you will be surely attacked by a few overgrown shrimps. The first one can be knocked off the boat with an oar, and the rest will have to be shot. Seeing the signal from Duke, row to him until the Tsar Fish, a huge mutated catfish, attacks you.

The protagonist will survive the encounter with the aggressive creature and will safely get to Duke, who will report on the crashed plane nearby. Walk there, if you want to get hold of a sniper scope for your rifle and a compass for your watch — you will need to install the latter in the workshops.

Then, keeping away from shrimps and Watchmen to save ammunition, return to the Aurora, where Miller is just finishing Katya’s ‘’interrogation’’ about the potential foreign occupants. At the end of the conversation, Colonel will call Artyom to give him a new assignment.


Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-38

According to Katya, a mechanic nicknamed Krest is hiding in the port southeast of our train. Miller wants Artyom to find him and persuade the guy to help fix the Aurora ‘’in a reasonable time’’. Before you set out on the mission, visit Tokarev, who is standing near the entrance.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-39
Apart from Tikhar, Artyom can carry two weapons — it will be better if they need different types of ammo

The gunsmith has a present for you — the pneumatic rifle called Tikhar. With each shot (and the time), the pressure in the gun drops, so you have to pump it up by holding the reload button and tapping the attack one. Tokarev promises to throw some more upgrades your way, but for now, get used to the new toy.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-40

When you are ready, move out towards the port — we recommend using half-sunken railcars southwest of the train as a crossing. The area here is crawling with Watchmen and giant shrimps, who are always in for a tasty human, so do not stay in the open for too long.

On your way to Krest, you will stumble upon large iron gates — behind them is a bunker, which Artyom can’t get to right now, so go up the hill and look into the hut on top of it. Inside you will find your first shelter — a safe place where you can spend the night, replenish your health and use the workbench.

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Don’t forget to clean your weapons to maintain their efficiency

There is also a double barrels upgrade for your shotgun in this house — it is useful when dealing with large monsters, just do not forget to install it in the menu. After crafting enough medkits and bullets, go to bed and wait for the daylight — it will be easier to spot the monsters.

It is a short trip from your shelter to the port, but still beware of Watchmen — they always move in packs. It will only be possible to enter the territory from the north, through the courtyard of the yellowish two-story building — wherever you go from there (inside or towards cranes), a humanoid mutant will attack the hero.

In this particular case, you will be able to fight back with the help of QTE. However, in the future, you will have to use a firearm — engaging in hand-to-hand combat is far too dangerous. The best option is to use A-Shot — hitting from close range guarantees a quick death for the enemy.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-49

Do not go into the building yet — there are several mutants there, who will respawn anyway when you are back from Krest. As for the mechanic himself, he insults monsters with his curse from the top of the highest crane like no one else.

Run southeast, to the containers stacked on top of each other. Follow the planks laid out on the boxes and go up to the cabin of the rusted gantry crane. Inside you will find modifications for Kalash and some crafting materials. After climbing to the very top, jump to the roof of the adjacent building.

Before Krest allows you to get up to him, you will need to repel the attack of humanoid mutants. We recommend using a shotgun to defend yourself and occupy the southwestern corner of the roof — there is no danger from that side of the roof, but it will give you a good vantage point.

When there are no monsters left on the roof, Krest will lower a ramp for you — head up to the mechanic and talk to him: the guy has nothing to work on in the technophobic society, so he would not mind joining your crew.

During the conversation, he will give you binoculars and show all the main local sights: bridge, terminal and depot. Artyom will visit all three of them in the course of next assignments from Miller, but for now, follow Krest into his lair.

There is little different here from a regular shelter — a workbench, a bed and some crafting resources. On the shelf opposite the entrance, there are two incendiary bottles — extremely expensive weapons in terms of required resources.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-61

After getting ready and/or resting, follow Krest to the street and go down the cable the building with mutants inside — we have mentioned that one previously. The mechanic will find the Aurora by himself, so do not worry about him. All the enemies are gathered on the first floor, therefore, you can attract them to the second one by making some noise.

Anna is in Danger

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-62

Eliminating the threat, search the rooms and go out. At this point Miller will surely contact you and other rangers — Anna went to inspect the tower 200 meters from the train and does not respond anymore.

You will look for her on the hill near the first shelter. Stock up on ammo for A-Shot and get close to the hole above the bunker’s entrance — the protagonist will down after Anna as it turns out. The room is full of poisonous gases, which Anna probably had enough off already — we must save her.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-65

The iron gates that cut you off the exit open from the room behind the bars — it is locked from your side. To get there, you have to go around the whole (relatively small) complex. It is still too early to worry about the enemies — focus on collecting weapon modifications and useful items.

Move in the only available direction until you see a locked door to your right. Shoot the lock to gain access to a small amount of crafting resources, one of the diaries and extended magazine for Kalash.

After collecting everything you need, go out into the corridor and squeeze through the narrow passage next to the exit sign. From now on, you will have to worry about the nearby monsters as well — the first one walks around the room the hero just made his way into.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-71

There is nothing particularly valuable in this bunker, so it makes sense to examine it only if you have a surplus of ammo. In all other cases, turn left at the exit from the premises and proceed to the dead soldier sitting under the electric panel.

If you wish, you can turn on the electricity in the complex, but the more pressing issue are the mutants coming from the front and right. Wait for the opponents to find you and shoot the attackers. Only after that (disturbing music and footsteps will finally calm down) start moving again — otherwise, you risk being backstabbed.

From the panel go along the fence and turn left after reaching a dead end — another mutant will jump down from above. Move along the right wall — pay attention to the locked door on your left — until you reach the needed valve. Turn it and return to Anna through the opened passage.

By the time Artyom gets back to his wife, Damir and Sam will already be with her: poor sniper had enough of poison and can’t walk straight yet. Leave Anna to the care of Miller’s fighters and go back to the Aurora — a new problem has arisen there.


Upon arrival, it turns out that the colonel does not want to take Katya and Nastya on our journey — Stepan, who has become some kind of a guardian for the ladies, tries to persuade him. Meanwhile, Krest is discussing their further action with Miller.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-82

This is the plan: from time to time cultists trade with merchants who come by boat. Pretending to be such merchants, rangers will infiltrate the bridge, lower it and return to the train — with or without a fight. Now you just need the right moment to do so.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-83

Stepan, driven by his extreme sense of justice, joins the conversation and demands that Katya and Nastya will be taken on board. However, there is no place on the Aurora for them to live. This is when Anna steps in and reminds us that there is a passenger railcar nearby. Krest also remembers that he has a small locomotive suitable for delivering such railcar in the terminal.

Neither the colonel nor Yermak are ready to let Krest go get his train as the Aurora still needs to be repaired. Therefore, Artyom is sent there alone. Krest will give our hero a special fuse, which will make the railcar go, and tell us about the games’ time of day system.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-86

At night you are less likely to bump into bandits, who are stationed around the terminal, but monsters will be especially active as there are certain electrical anomalies. Taking this into account, we advise you to go in the afternoon.

When exiting the train, Artyom is approached by Tokarev — he has finally set up a workbench in the Aurora and prepared some modifications for Tikhar rifle. In addition, he will also store all the weapons you find in his workshop — so you can adjust your loadout before heading out.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-89

Outside, the protagonist is greeted by other requests: Nastya wants you to find her lost Teddy, and Stepan is eager to have to a guitar, with which the thieves dishonor the definition of music. Such requests belong to side activities — we cover them in a separate guide.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-90

Back to the main task. Duke set up an observation post near the bridge — you are advised to visit him before going to the terminal. Just go follow the rail towards your objective marker until you see a tank car.

Go inside and talk to Duke. He will tell you that it is only possible to get into the terminal by water (there will be a pier with a boat nearby), and share some points of interest around the place — those are completely optional.

Rest in his safe place, if you need to change the time of day and craft enough ammo — there are not much of them in the terminal. If you wish, free the captives in the building northeast of the cistern — they will give you a key in return, which allows Artyom to visit a certain room ahead of time.

It is a straight path east to the pier from Duke’s location — there is a gas station with bandits in the middle, so stay away, if you do not want to fight them. When approaching the pier from the north, beware of numerous mutants — but you can run past them most of the time.

When you get to the boat, do not rush to get into it — there is another safe house in the nearby shed. Inside there are some crafting resources, a workbench and a bed. When you are ready, jump into the boat and row to the only entrance of the terminals — which is also the sanctuary of the cult.

You will not need your boat for long, so when you get to the main hall, swim to a small light in the distance — this is where you get out. On the corpse near the fire, you can find a few shotgun shells, and little further along the way — a frag grenade. Both can be handy in the future.

Follow the glowing mushrooms (and do not forget to pick them up to replenish your chemical resources). After reaching the half-flooded metal bridge, be cautious, as humanimals (local zombies) will begin to emerge on both sides.

In order to not get beaten to death, run to the very end of the corridor and wait for the enemies to approach you. When opponents are eliminated, go up the stairs — there will be a locked door. If you received the key from the captives earlier, you will be able to open it and prematurely get night vision goggles.

In another case, turn your back to the door and go up another set of stairs to the second floor of the terminal — there will be just one corpse and a mutant on the third one. Pull the lever to turn the bridge and cross it.

You need the stairs on the left, but you can inspect the corpse at the end of the path first. Before you can do so, a humanimal will approach you from below — you can shoot him even before he climbs the bridge. Pick up supplies from the body and go up another level.

The bridges here look especially flimsy, but there is no other way — you have to go ahead. Before Artyom even reaches the middle, the Tsar Fish appears out of nowhere — you have already seen that giant catfish. The monster will hit an already fragile structure, causing it to collapse and bringing Artyom with it into the water.

Luckily, Artyom will be able to find some solid ground in a concrete cylindrical structure nearby. Put on the gas mask — the air in this part of the terminal is less than ideal. Pick up some ammo and materials from the three corpses and the box between them and exit to the second ‘’tower’’.

From this position, several mutants can be seen on the walkways around the perimeter of the terminal — there is no point in killing them now because they will respawn when you reach those places. Gather resources from the body at the fence and climb back to the first ‘’tower’’.

You can get to the top by using a ladder inside the building or by using the stairs outside. In the first case, you will pass by the corpse stuffed with valuable resources, but be careful — another mutant might be eager to meet you there.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-119

After Artyom rises to the roof of the ‘’tower’’, Yermak will try to reach you over the radio — the reception in this box made of iron and concrete leave much to be desired, so the communication with your comrades is cut off for now. Pick up 15 assault rifle bullets from the corpse and get ready for humanimals’ attack.

If you still have a grenade, now is the time to use it — throw it into a crowd of enemies, but keep your distance — otherwise it the blast wave may seriously injure Artyom. Cross the bridge and get to the roof of the second ‘’tower’’ and be ready for another wave of enemies from the third.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-122

After the slaughter is over, search the numerous corpses around for materials and bullets, and then shoot the monsters walking around the perimeter — otherwise some with them may start throwing god knows what at the protagonist.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-123

When ‘’snipers’’ are put to rest, go down the stairs to the freight car. On the sides of it there will be glowing red plants — if you come close to them, they release poisonous gas. A couple shots from an SMG or one from a shotgun (those better be reserved for mutants, though) is enough to deal with them. Otherwise, you may simply run past them fast enough, so their attack does not reach you.

Crawl under the railcar and collect more valuables from corpses nearby, then go down to the ‘’ground’’ floor of the terminal once again. There will be an unpleasant-looking path leading to a ladder in front of you.

Without too much thinking, run forward — several humanimals will emerge out of the water — and, if possible, looting the corpse along the way, climb back to the second floor. Three mutants will jump on the bridge in front of the hero, but all of them will be unexpectedly killed by the catfish.

From this point, you can reach the northeast corner (see the map) in two ways — straight through the second floor or the third one. Both routes involve fighting and looting, but eventually, they meet at one point. The only difference is where you fight said enemies.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-130

You can see enemies more easily from the height, so we advise you to go to the third level, and only then, if necessary, clean up the second. When Artyom get to the mentioned corner, humanimals will begin to enter through the window on the east side.

When shooting these enemies, you are likely to make enough noise to attract the ones from the second floor and the rest of the hall. This is even better — Molotovs do an excellent job against groups of monsters. However, do not forget to turn around — some of them may sneak behind your back.

When there are no opponents nearby — ‘’snipers’’ may take you by surprise — go down to the second level and pick up two grenades from a container nearby. The passage further is blocked by another upside-down tunnel — you will have to go down to the water again.

Once again, there will be a very suspicious walkway leading to a glowing tube. Like last time, run past the emerging mutants without turning around and crawl inside the tube. On the other end of the tube, the catfish will help you for the last time, eating all the humanimals.

By the time you are out in the open, there are no more enemies. Head up the stairs and use the valve on the wall to open the gate to the street. Next, turn around and see Krest’s railcar — it is hidden behind the upside down tunnel.

Go through the only unlocked door in the terminal and pull the lever next to the console to unblock the car. If you cut the ropes with the photos of now dead people, their corpses will fall into the water and attract the Tsar Fish. It will try to kill you, but the spikes will kill the catfish before it is able to do so. You can also ignore the corpses and continue with your objective.

Next, walk through another unlocked door into the room with the night vision goggles, if you have not already done so, and then return to the car. Artyom inserts the fuse Krest gave him, and the starts up. Press the jump button to rotate the seat 180 degrees and face the required direction.

Reaching the border of the terminal area, go out into the street and check a small cabin to the right of the railway — this is another shelter. Prepare for the rest of your way — clean your weapons, replenish ammo and choose the desired time of day.

Passenger Car for Katya and Nastya

Ride in Krest’s railcar until you pass a deep pool of water — there is a fork in the road after it, which will bring you to the dead end if you do not pull the lever outside. After changing the track, return to the cabin.

The next forced stop on your way is the bandit blockpost. After breaking it, the railcar will inevitably slow down — there are no enemies in this sector, but this is not the point. First, there is a safe place on the middle floor of the building, and second, the easiest way to Nastya’s toys begins here.

You will not have to ride for long after the blockpost, though. The depot with the passenger car is very close and it is captured by the thugs, so it even makes sense to go on foot from here. Krest’s railcar is not a stealthy one, so unless you want enemies to raise the alarm, get out of it.

It makes little sense to be completely stealthy here — you still can’t get the whole car out of the depot without being spotted. But it is best to start fighting from the positions offering you the most advantage. Chatting soldiers on the crossing over the railway are most easily taken out by shooting a lamp between them.

We do not advise to go up to them personally — two snipers on the second floor of the depot will be happy to find a new target. Hiding behind the wagons scattered along the tracks, shoot both snipers in order to focus on the ‘’ground troops’’ — by this time at least one more enemy could have remained in the area.

After clearing the junction, switch to the building. At first, do not go inside, but rather look around the perimeter — enemies may want to flank you. When there is no one left in the street, find a place to enter the building: there are always two-three enemies near the main entrance, so it is better to come in from the other side.

There are few options: an underground passage to the right of the depot and a staircase to the upper floor on the left. The first route allows you to reach very rear of the enemy, while the second is the shortest way to the objective — the lever responsible for opening the gates.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-162

If you killed the snipers when approaching the building, then only one bandit will stand between you and your target on top. Shoot him and get ready — additional forces are expected from stairs’ side. When only a couple of enemies are left alive, they will beg for mercy — do as you wish.

Loot both floors of the building and open the gates. Then return to the railcar and get it next to the passenger car — they will connect automatically, and all you have to do now is to drive the railcar back to the Aurora. Fortunately, there will not be any more unpleasant surprises on the road.

Traders’ Tug and Bridge

After listening to Katya and Stepan’s gratitude for delivering the car, follow Miller to the driver’s cabin. A caravan of merchants arrived at the nearby, so the operation must be started: most of the group is already in place, everyone is just waiting for Artyom.

Pay a visit to Tokarev before leaving the train — he prepared a new modification for Tikhar — and go on the mission. Potential routes to the docks will be told by Damir: by rope from the bandits’ tower (Stepan’s guitar is located there) or through Krest’s safe house over the bunker, where you saved Anna.

When you reach your destination, climb the ladder marked by a neon stick to the top of the gantry train — your wife will be there. Discuss the situation — the caravan has more guard than anticipated, but if you capture the captain, the rest may put their guns down — and go up to Krest’s place to wait for the night.

Once you are ready, go back down to the roof of the building where you fought the mutants, and, picking Molotov cocktail in one of the iron boxes, proceed to the barge. There is only one entry point — the last vessel in the caravan.

Before infiltrating the ship, we strongly advise you to eliminate the patrol at the post between the second and third ships (see screenshots above) — otherwise, this individual will really complicate the stealthy approach in the future. When the guard is dealt with, go down the stairs to the ramp.

The ‘’entrance’’ to the barge is watched by a soldier — sneak up on him from the back, get rid of him, and then quickly repeat the procedure with the mechanic who repairs the left side. Without standing up, climb onto the deck and turn right to avoid meeting with two talking guards.

Pull the lever on the outer wall of the cabin to turn off the light on the vessel, and, going counterclockwise around the cabin — the guards will go to check the generator — sneak to the bow of the ship, keeping to the right side. If you did everything quietly and eliminated the patrol at the post, no one should look for the hero.

Turn off the lamp just in case and jump over the fence on the left side — chatting patrol guards will be on the right — to the raft between the third and second vessels in the caravan. Not wasting any time (otherwise you risk getting caught), climb aboard and move between the boxes on the left side while crouching.

Squeeze through the narrow passage between the containers, and then proceed through the watchtower to the tug, turning off all the light sources just in case. The captain’s ship is patrolled by only one soldier, but he can be ignored — just open the door to the cabin.

Appearing out of nowhere, our comrades Duke and Krest will force the captain to order his fighters to lay down their weapons (if you or your friends did not shoot anyone), and then the four of you will go to the bridge. Rangers must lower it, so the Aurora has a path to continue heading east.


Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-195

This is Miller’s plan: while Krest distracts the guards, Artyom and Duke must get into the control room and lower the bridge. Then the Aurora rams the gates of the fanatics’ stronghold, pick up the team and takes off before enemy realizes it.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Volga-196

After getting to the bridge — the heroes will do so without your help — you will get to the lower level. The control panel is on the top, so the first task is to find the elevator. Do not even go to the left from the starting point — you will be spotted immediately, so go straight ahead.

Go forward all the way, then turn left and sneak through the bedroom — here a guard is sleeping in a chair, but you can leave him be because you way lies through a narrow passage between the toilet and the right wall. Once on the other side, jump over the obstacle in front and eliminate the distracted cultist.

Do not go inside another bedroom on your left hand — there will be a locked fence — instead jump to the stairs through the hole in the fence on the right. Head up to other living quarters and eliminate kneeling paladin. Exiting through the far door to the “street”, turn left and sneak up to the elevator behind the lamp.

Pull the lever to get up to the top floor — it is full of Silantius worshipers, but we are not interested in them. Crouch, follow the soldier moving to the right, and eliminate him behind the canvas. Next, jump over the obstacle and proceed to the locked fence in front of you.

There is no way to open it, so look for a way around. Fortunately, there is a boat hanging to the right of the hero (Metro Exodus is less than a stellar platformer, so you better save here). Squeeze under the pile, jump to the boat, and then over the obstacle.

If you acted quietly, then there will be a patrolling guard in the next room (otherwise he would be looking for Artyom elsewhere). Wait until he turns away, sneak up and deal with him. Head up to the next floor.

Turn left at the fork — to the small room under the stairs filled with iron barrels. Now climb up to the platform with two guards — one always stands still, and the second goes back and forth. You need him to stand near the other one, as shown in the screenshot above.

When they stand like that, you will be able to slip into the control room undetected — go right and up using another ladder. Silantius will be waiting for our heroes (Duke will catch up very fast) inside. The outcome of the scene depends on Artyom’s approach when dealing with the cultists.

If you were behaved like a maniac and killed his people in the church and/or during the bridge sequence, sectarians will not spare Duke’s life — wounded in the gut, he will not be able to make the jump to Aurora and will forever stay in the Volga.

Alternatively, if you were careful and knocked people out or avoided battles altogether, Silantius will ask his fighters to put their guns down, and both Duke and Artyom will safely make it to the Aurora.