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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Weapons Guide: Weapon List, Customization and Ammunition

In this guide, you’ll learn what weapons are present in the game, which ammo they require and how to craft it, how to get and upgrade new weapons, whether your weapon can break down, and much more


In Metro Exodus, Artyom has three slots for different weapons:

  • Firearms can be put in slot 1 and slot 2;
  • The third slot is for Tikhar or Helsing.

In total, you’ll unlock eight firearms and two pneumatic weapons for the third slot. Not all weapons are immediately available in the game: you will get new guns when you kill an opponent that has them. Even if you simply disassemble the weapon rather than take it from the corpse, it will be credited: from this moment, you will be able to choose this new weapon at any workbench.

Weapon list

Here are the game’s weapons:

  1. Bastard. This submachine gun is characterized by a high fire rate, which makes causes overheating and wedging. That’s how it earned its name.
  2. Shambler. This is an accurate shotgun with high fire rate which is good for both medium range battles and close combat. However, it takes quite a long time to reload.
  3. Kalash. This is a classic pre-war assault rifle. It is very common in Metro, valued for its high combat qualities and reliability.
  4. Valve. This rifle is produced by skilled gunsmiths in Metro and is distinguished by high accuracy and power. An excellent weapon for long-range combat.
  5. Bulldog. This assault rifle is the pinnacle of the Kalash family. It is superior to its ancestor in firepower, accuracy, ergonomics and also weights less. Bulldog’s lower fire rate allows accurate fire bursts. However, the complexity of its design complicates maintenance which leads to low reliability in the post-nuclear world.
  6. Gatling. A machine gun with a high fire rate made by local gunsmiths. It can conduct continuous fire for a significant period of time. It requires a spin-up of the barrel block before shooting.
  7. Revolver. A simple, accurate and reliable weapon produced in Metro. It has an excellent stopping effect but has a strong recoil.
  8. Ashot. This is a mass-produced pistol of a primitive design. It is known to be a powerful and reliable weapon for close combat.
  9. Helsing. A silent pneumatic revolver crossbow of original design. Excessive pressure in the tank increases its power but does not last long.
  10. Tikhar. A self-made air rifle, silent and accurate. Excessive pressure in the tank increases its power but does not last long.

Weapon cleaning

Your weapon cannot break down completely but still demands care. In order for it to jam less and be more reliable, you need to periodically clean it with chemicals that can be found virtually everywhere. This job is performed at the workbench.

Weapon upgrades and customization

When killing enemies, be sure to disassemble their weapons to get ammo, components and modifications. If you see orange parts when examining weapons on the floor (or on the ground), it means that you do not have these modifications, but you will get them when disassembling the weapon. You can install modifications at the workbench.

Firearms have an almost identical set of modifications (with few exceptions):

  1. Grips and stocks. These are designed to increase the stability of the weapon, in other words – to decrease recoil. Upgrades are listed from left to right in accordance with the efficiency increase – the leftmost is the standard stability, the rightmost is the maximum possible stability (among the modifications that you have found).
  2. Barrels. You can install a silencer that improves the shooting accuracy but decreases damage and stability, or a long barrel that reduces stability but increases accuracy and damage.
  3. Sights. Sights with varying degrees of magnification. Do not affect the performance of the weapon.
  4. Magazines and cylinders. Allow you to increase the weapon’s ammo capacity.
  5. Gadgets. Laser pointers, which are used exclusively for convenience and do not impact the characteristics of the weapon.
  6. Shambler has a barrel that turns it into a double-barrel gun.
  7. Helsing and Tikhar have a separate modification category – the pneumatic system. In contrast to the standard system, the hermetic pneumatic system does not relieve excess pressure, while the automatic system starts pumping as soon as pressure falls below normal. By the way, you can pump manually even if you use an automatic system (that’s a faster way to increase pressure).
  8. Increasing Tikhar and Helsing capacity reduces their stability.
  9. For Helsing, you can replace its bow to increase the fire rate.


You can find ammo when disassembling weapons or searching various buildings and objects. Also, you can craft them at the workbench. Here’s what you need for crafting:

  1. Revolver and Bastard require Handgun Ammo of .44 caliber. To craft 6 Handgun Ammo, you need 12 components and 6 chemicals.
  2. Ashot and Shambler require Buckshot 12x70mm. To craft 6 Buckshot, you need 16 components and 6 chemicals.
  3. Kalash, Bulldog and Gatling require Assault Rifle Ammo 5.45x39mm. To craft 19 Assault Rifle Ammo, you need 19 components and 7 chemicals.
  4. Valve requires Sniper Rifle Ammo. To craft 5 Sniper Rifle Ammo, you need 25 components and 5 chemicals.
  5. Tikhar uses Steel Balls and Incendiary Ammunition (the latter will become available at the Caspian location). To craft 10 Steel Balls, you need 10 components. To craft Incendiary Ammunition, you need 40 components and the same number of chemicals.
  6. Helsing requires Bolts or Explosive Bolts. To craft one Bolt, you need 10 components. To craft one Explosive Bolt, you need 7 components and 7 chemicals. Bolts can be picked up from a corpse or a tree.

Throwing Weapons

Besides firearms and pneumatic weapons, Artyom also uses throwing weapons:

  1. Decoy (a tin can) is used only to distract enemy’s attention. Five components are required to craft one Decoy.
  2. Throwing Knife can become an ideal weapon for a stealth killing. You need 10 components to craft one Throwing Knife.
  3. Hand Grenade explodes right in the place where it falls (almost immediately). You need 30 components and 15 chemicals to craft one Hand Grenade.
  4. Molotov Cocktail allows you to set your opponents on fire. You need 10 components and 40 chemicals to craft one Molotov Cocktail.

Press C to throw any object. By default, Artyom throws cans, but you can switch to other throwing weapons by holding C and moving the mouse in the desired direction (refer to the tip in the lower left corner).