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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Beginner's Guide: Game Basics, Equipment and Useful Tips

Beginner tips and tricks: weapon and armor upgrades, map markers, collectibles, workbench, day/night cycle, and much more


Artyom’s adventures continue. This time, the protagonist decides to go outside Moscow to find a place with clean air and wildlife. In the third game of the series, Metro Exodus, you will find many familiar as well as new mechanics. We’ll get into more detail below.


Artyom has access to all the same items as before:

  • He has to use a cigarette lighter to burn the web (L key);
  • The way forward can be illuminated by a flashlight which is charged by a special device (activate flashlight – press F key, charge flashlight – hold F key and press LMB several times);
  • Gas mask is used to protect Artyom from radiation (hold G key to put the gas mask on or take it off, press G key to wipe or seal the glass).
  • At the Volga location, Artyom can find a night vision device (also in The Taiga). To activate the device, press the N key;
  • The binoculars are used to explore the location of the opponents and mark interesting points on the map (press B key to take the binoculars);
  • Press M key to open the map (right-click to zoom or LMB to expand the tablet and find the goal of the mission). The map will become available starting from the Volga.

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But that’s not all. Now, you can improve the outfit of the main hero. For this, you need to place one of the upgrades that you have found in the corresponding slot. In total, four slots are available: helmet, body armor, charger and bracer. Each slot has one upgrade by default: in fact, these improvements describe the standard functions of the item so even if you switch to any other upgrade, the functions of the first slot will remain unchanged.

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Three more upgrades can be found for helmet, body armor, bracer and charger. The effect of each of these upgrades will vary so choose what you see fit. To collect all gadgets, read All Armor and Equipment Upgrade Locations guide.

How to use the binoculars

Binoculars will be especially useful on the Volga and the Caspian. You will receive it after you have met Duke on the Volga according to the storyline. Take out your binoculars. It has three magnifying positions: LMB – zoom in, RMB – zoom out. First, zoom out to the maximum and start moving the binoculars’ sight around the location. You will hear clicks indicating that the binoculars are aimed at some interesting place. Zoom in and find the required object.

Focus on the blur on the screen. For example, if the crane is blurry, that’s what you need: zoom in and wait. The blur should disappear while a symbol of binoculars will appear in the upper left corner. Open the map and you’ll see that a ‘’question mark’’ has appeared at this place. There is one exception: if you have visited this location before and the mark has already appeared on the map, the binoculars symbol will not appear at the top left.

Map markers

Several types of markers may appear when examining locations:

  • A ‘’question mark’’ indicates an interesting place that you haven’t visited but have already learned about it (for example, from your comrades or by using your binoculars);
  • A ‘’red skull’’ indicates that the place where you have already been is occupied by enemies – bandits or mutants (you will find resources there, less often a note or an upgrade could be found).
  • A ‘’green house’’ or a ‘’green fire’’ (in Taiga) indicates a safe shelter with a sleeping place or a workbench;
  • A ‘’white cross’’ indicates the next place you should visit to progress along the storyline.

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Collectible items

The game has two types of collectible items – notes and postcards. There are fewer postcards, but it is significantly more difficult to find them: they are very small, and many buildings have other pictures that cannot be collected. Press ESC to open the pause menu and go to the appropriate tab to learn which notes and postcards have already been collected.

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In linear levels, you can use this list to navigate as all postcards and notes are placed in the order in which you can find them. For example, if you found a postcard 4 on Yamantau but missed postcard 3, you can be sure of one thing: the third postcard is located in that part of the level that precedes the location of the fourth postcard. Read more on collectible items in All Postcard Locations and All Note Locations guides.

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  • Tip. You can replay chapters through the main menu to find postcards and notes that you have missed. However, the last save will be lost in this case, but the access to all previously completed chapters will remain in place even if you are launching the very first chapter of the game.


In the game, you can find several types of weapons. The first two slots are for all weapons except for Helsing and Tikhar. One of these items can be installed in the third slot.

During the walkthrough of the game, you may search the bodies of your enemies as well as disassemble their weapons (or exchange with what you have in your hands). Please note that when you are disassembling the enemy’s weapon (hold R key), its icon may be completely white, or it may have orange elements. The latter indicate that you have received new modifications for one of the available weapons.

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Use any workbench to install the modification. Typically, modifications are shown in the order of their strength: the left one is the weakest while the right one is the strongest. We have discussed this in Metro Exodus Weapons Guide. The weapons in the game cannot break down completely but they need to be cleaned at the workbench to prevent jamming.


The workbench is used for several things:

  • Repairing the gas mask;
  • Installing new gadgets on the helmet, body armor, charger and bracer;
  • Crafting ammo;
  • Cleaning weapons;
  • Installing weapon modifications.

Components and chemicals that can be found in game locations are used to craft ammo. Components can be obtained from various tool boxes, chests,and when disassembling enemy weapons. You can get chemicals from canisters, cannibals in Yamantau, or green mushrooms.

Only chemicals are required for cleaning weapons. Dirty weapons will constantly jam, and you will have to reload them often. A broken gas mask does not let radiation in (if you seal it) but decreases vision quality.

How to open locked doors

You will find closed doors and grates in some parts of the game world. Some of them can be unlocked solely from one side, and you often have to bypass them through the neighboring rooms, while others have a padlock. You can get rid of it – shoot it or hit with the butt (V key).

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How to change the time of day

In the game, you can move both during daylight and nighttime. It is harder to spot you in the night – and some people are just sleeping at this time. However, the night is the time of monster activity. Also, you may have to deal with fireballs that cannot be destroyed. You can use a sleeping place (typically, a mattress on the ground) to change day to night and vice versa. You can find such mattresses at various parts of the map which are marked with ‘’green houses’’.

Game endings

Even before the game’s release, developers officially announced that Metro Exodus will have several endings and that these endings won’t strictly divide into good/bad. In previous installments of the series, you should have made certain actions marked by a white flash on the screen, in order to get a better ending. Such a system also exists in the third game of the series.

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On the other hand, your screen will turn grey when you kill innocent people. The good actions are usually associated with the release of prisoners, completion of certain parts of the game without killings (for example, in the church, on the merchant barge, in caves on the way to Baron’s lair). Obviously, if you constantly kill innocent people and refuse to do good things, the story will have a sadder ending, and vice versa.

How to defend yourself on the boat

On the Volga and in the Dead City you will need to travel by boat which can be attacked by water monsters. If they attack you while you are rowing, the only way to defend yourself is to press E key. If you want to get ahead of them, hold E to drop the oars and then shoot the opponents. Long creatures in the Dead City can be destroyed even when they move on water (aim at the luminous belly).

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What numbers in the lower right corner of the screen mean

These numbers usually appear during saving or loading a game. Having chosen a quick save in the pause menu, you will see the distance that separates the Artyom and his friends from Moscow. The distance is shown in kilometers. It is the distance covered by the Aurora.

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When the game is loading, the number in the lower right corner shows the loading percentage.