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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau

Our heroes have finally reached the Ural, mount Yamantau and the Ark government bunker, but an unpleasant surprise awaited Artyom and the company inside


After getting out of the Volga, the crew of the Aurora, headed by Miller, reached the location of the government bunker the Ark in mount Yamantau. The team barely holds back the joy: in the underground complex Miller will be meeting with the Minister of Defence himself.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-1

It was decided to send a Krest’s railcar ahead of the train to scout the area. Hearing Miller’s words about the high level of radiation here, put on the gas mask and wait for the car to arrive. Only Krest, Idiot, Sam, Artyom, Anna and Miller himself will go further — the Aurora will stay in the safe zone.

Get closer to the fence to climb over to the railcar, and listen to the dialogue between the father and daughter about the situation. Some time after you drive up to the Ark’s entrance, the minister’s voice will be heard over the speaker.

The government we deserved

The politic will advise the colonel to call the rest of his people from the Aurora due to external hazards, but Millers will ignore the recommendation. Under the nervous comments of Krest — the mechanic clearly does not like the Ark — the trolley will enter an abandoned tunnel of the bunker.

When the car stops, take off the gas mask, go to the platform and follow Miller and Anna — the rest of the ‘'delegation’’ will be order to stay in their place. The elevator will bring us to the mysterious leaders of the country, who for some reason are very happy that there are women and children aboard the Aurora.

A moment later, a dozen armed thugs jump from the ceiling and subdue the characters — do not even shoot anyone, you will only waste your ammo. As it turns out, only a handful of cannibals remained from the government of the country.

The hero will wake up in the central hall turned into a huge torture room. All this is controlled by a former doctor and a sadist maniac nicknamed Minister. Anna’s cough, who is still recovering from the poison in the mini-bunker, will not please him, and the girl will be taken away for a compulsory medical examination.

When the main cannibal is gone, his henchmen will start butchering the colonel — they will not do it for long though, as Idiot and Sam will rescue the heroes and arm them, Now you need to shoot back, until the elevator arrives.

Theoretically, spending ammo is not necessary — Artyom’s partners are immortal and do a good job of killing cannibals themselves — so, if you want, you can hide behind the table and wait for the lift to arrive. Inside the cabin and in the box outside are a few dozen bullets.

As it turns out, the Ark is made after the already familiar to the characters (and players of Metro: Last Light) bunker D-6, where Miller lost both his legs, so there will be no problems with navigating through it. But there is little time to search for Anna — the complex is large, so the group has to split.

The colonel with Idiot will go capture the command center, Sam is sent to inspect the ventilation, generator room and warehouse, and Artyom is left with the barracks and the medical block. After dropping the protagonist on his floor, the rest of the characters will continue without him.

Searching for Anna

Go through the opened doors and turn left after the metal detector, pick up the diary page 1 off the table. Then pull the lever next to the double door to open it — instead, the light turns off. Return to the entrance, look for the switch and turn the power back on.

Full Size
Ignore the cannibal hanging on the right — he is harmless

As the result of this manipulations, electricity will come back online, but the desired gates will not be fully opened — you will have to squeeze through. As soon as you find yourself on the other side, the door in front of you opens, and several crazy cannibals will rush to you.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-28

We forgot to warn you: for the next 10-20 minutes, Metro Exodus unexpectedly turns into a gory shooter with matching soundtrack. Hiding behind the doorway, shoot opponents from afar — Kalash is perfect for this task.

Most cannibals wield studded clubs, but there are also few shooters. You better deal with the first from a safe distance, and cover from the second if necessary. Use a shotgun in tight, narrow and/or small spaces — everyone is equal in front of its barrel.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-29

When there is no one left in the canteen, loot the bodies of your enemies and do not forget to disassemble their weapons into crafting resources. Do not relax to soon though, as there is still one cannibal hiding near the entrance to the next room.

Knock out the door to the cold room — an unlucky cannibal will die immediately. Another enemy will come from the front gates. Killing him with a shotgun shot, do not rush further — new opponents hide behind the numerous bodies hanging from the ceiling.

Full Size
Double dashes on the sight mean that you hit the enemy in the head, and the red color — that the hit was critical

The tactic is the same — killing the melee enemies first, take cover behind the doorway and methodically shoot the rest of the group. When the disturbing music calms down, you can go on — by the way, you are allowed to save during such breaks.

After looting all the corpses, head to the exit from the rom, but be careful — in the narrow corridor, two cannibals will jump out from behind the freezers. Calm the down with a shotgun and go out into the back room. Squeeze through the gap between the fence and wooden cabinet and find yourself in the shooting range.

Before you proceed further, activate the fuse box to turn on the light and crawl under the boxes to the targets. A postcard will be attached t one of them, and on the container on the left you will find the diary page 2. Collect the items and get back.

Full Size
Night vision scope for a shotgun can be found in the case at the exit from the shooting range

As soon as you approach the open double door to the right of the shooting range exit, a cannibal in the ushanka will fall down on you. He will be killed by a stream of hot steam. A sniper will hide behind the iron gates in the distance — you will not be allowed in just like that.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-40

Climb the boxes on the right into the ventilation and, ignoring the turn, move straight ahead. At end of the passage will be a way into the room behind the locked hates and two talking cannibals. Shoot them and jump down.

In the corridor on the way to the barracks will be another opponent. After getting rid of him, switch to Kalash an get ready to shoot enemies running out of their rooms on both floors.

There is nothing particularly valuable in the rooms — just some crafting materials — but in the last room on the right side, there is a very hungry cannibal who can’t turn away from the refrigerator with human heads. He even left a modified assault rifle near the wall.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-45

The next room is a long and mostly dark corridor full of enemies. Shoot the cannibals running at you, and then, periodically hiding behind the boxes, get rid of the snipers. Optical sight for Kalash will be handy here.

Clearing the room and picking up the useful items, go to the fork (see the screenshot above). The pipe on the left leads you straight to the next part of the location, the middle one puts you between the two cannibals, and the right one allows you to bypass them.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-48

When you got rid of the enemies, look inside the lit cabin in the far end of the room. On the box there you will find the diary page 3, and in the locker and box nearby — crafting resources. Next, proceed to the exit, which leads to the elevator platform, killing a couple more enemies along the way.

Here a group of four cannibals defends from, apparently, your comrades. Instead of spending bullets on each of them, just shoot the red canister next to the group — an explosion will consume them in seconds.

There is no time to rest on the laurels — new pack of enemies are pushing from the corridor side. If you sit behind cover for a long time, you can wait for the enemies to come to you themselves. The shooter on the upper level of the room, however, is not going anywhere — you will have to take him out.

After dealing with everyone, proceed to the next elevator platform — there is no lift nearby, so pull the lever on the wall to open the gates leading deeper into the complex. Before you go inside, we advise you to save — just in case.

As soon as you enter the room, the gates behind Artyom will close and open in front of him. A heavily armored soldier with a machine gun will come out of the — as if that was not enough, regular enemies with clubs jump down to the arena from the second floor.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-57

Fortunately, there are plenty of high and durable objects in the room, so it is not hard to hide from the soldier’s line of fire. When in cover, deal with the melee cannibals first — otherwise they can mess with you at the most inappropriate moment.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-58

Now we need to deal with the big guy. Do not get out of cover when he is shooting and wait for his machine gun to stop. These breaks last only a few seconds, so you must act quickly.

Grenades and Molotovs are the most effective against the gunner. The first (along with shooting) tear down his armor, and the second immobilize him for a while (so he does not shoot). If there is nothing left, use a shotgun at close range, but make sure to hide in time.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-61

If there is a shortage of ammo, look inside the boxes scattered around the area — you find ammunition in them. Do not be greedy — it is better to drag the fight a bit and hide, rather than finish it prematurely because you want to shoot the enemy one more time.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-62

When he finally falls, loot the area and pick up his machine gun — it shoots really fast, but eats ammo like it is nothing. You do not have to take it with you: as soon as you pick it up, it will automatically be added to Tokarev’s storage on the Aurora.

With or without the machine gun, approach the red-lit gate leading to the medical part. Cannibals with clubs will jump down from the second floor, and shooters will start, well, shooting. Hiding behind the doorway, deal with the infantry and only then go for the ‘'snipers’’.

After the battle, search the corpses and look inside the room №2 — on the cabinet near the operating table will be the officer’s diary, 1. You way further lies through the morgue, where the cannibal doctor is holding Anna — there will be no enemies nearby, so run and untie the prisoner.

Before Artyom has time to finish, Minister will attack him from behind, but the knife, which Anna put to his throat will quickly calm the cannibal down. He will not be able to do any more atrocities though, because the hero’s wife will cut his throat wide open with a decisive move.

The Escape

Before leaving the room, take another postcard from the wall to the left of the exit. While the protagonist was rescuing his wife, Miller and Idiot had already captured the command center, so we are called there. On the barrel near the elevator in the far end of the corridor lies officer’s diary, 2.

After her imprisonment, Anna does not walk too fast, so you have to wait for her for some time. The elevator will bring the characters straight to the command center, where Miller finishes the last leaders of the cannibal commune. Losing his goal in the face of the government, the colonel begins to blame himself for what happened.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-74

However, self-torture rarely helps the cause, but Idiot does — by digging through the computer, he will find information about communication centers in the Caspian and Novosibirsk that have been working for some time after the war. They should have maps of radiation contamination that can help our crew decide what to do next.

You will not be allowed to continue the conversation on this topic — Sam will get in touch and advise you to get out as soon as possible, or you risk getting fried. Head to the corridor leading to the elevator platform. Pick up the officer’s diary, 3, and only get into the cabin.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Yamantau-77

During the ascent, remaining cannibals will open fire with their machine guns, but, similar to the last time, your participation is not required to complete this section — just sit down and enjoy the show.

After reaching the top of the complex, the heroes will safely get into Krest’s railcar parked nearby. When you are back in control of Artyom, a whole crowd of cannibals will be chasing you. They run slower than you move, so you can save your bullets.

A few hours after return to the Aurora, the crew will assemble in driver’s cabin and begin discussing their further actions. Arguments and self-incriminations will lead nowhere, so Idiot joins the conversation and reminds us about the communication center near the Caspian Sea — this is the next objective for Miller’s squadron.