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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian

After meeting the ‘’government’’ in Yamantau, the characters arrive in the desert off the shore of the Caspian Sea


Brushing away the disappointment from meeting with the ‘’government’’ in the Yamantau bunker, the crew rushed to the Caspian Sea. If the data obtained by Idiot is right, there should be a communication center that can help the heroes decide where do they go next.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-1

Located on the border of the largest inland body of water, the desert quickly reminds of itself: the team suffers from heat and thirst, and fuel is rapidly ending. What's more, on its way to a stop the Aurora is spotted by some bandits, who got into a car and drove away to report about the guests to someone named Baron.

Apart from Artyom, among the rangers, only Anna and Damir are still up to the task of scouting the area and learning where they could get water and coal. Artyom will be sent after the car — apparently, they stopped in a destroyed village nearby.

Similar to the Volga, collectibles in this chapter are not limited to story-driven locations. That said, look for the location of notes and postcards in specialized guides.

The Van

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-5

Before going out, pay a visit to Tokarev (the gunsmith now stands at the entrance to the passenger car) — he learned how to make explosive (burning) ammo for Tikhar. Most likely, you will not need them now, but they will be very useful in one of the following missions in the region.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-6

Craft anything else you may need at the workbench, and go west along the road (in the desert itself there is a higher chance of running into monsters), to the remains of the said village. Be careful — a new, sand version of humanimals is particularly good in blending with the environment.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-7

When you get closer to the objective — a half-destroyed two-story building, near which the bandits’ van is parked, a sandstorm will begin. At the same time, numerous mutants are crawling towards the structure.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-8

Put on your gas mask to avoid breathing dust, and listen carefully. You can hear shots from the upper level of the building — these are thugs fighting off the monsters and reporting to their command at the same time.

If you linger outside long enough, even more monsters will come, finally paying attention to the hero — you will have to shoot back. So, without wasting any time, go up to the second floor and kill three beasts trying to get into the door with one swift throw of Molotov.

When the fire subsides, go to the staircase and climb to the roof. Here, Artyom will be attacked by a bandit, who survived the recent battle. Perform the QTE, so you incapacitate the enemy and knock him out/kill him. This kind of decisions affect the ending of the game, so act judiciously.

The protagonist will pick up a strange-looking key from his body (there is also a familiar Shambler shotgun lying nearby), which you can use to open and start up the van on the street. The problem is that the mutants are all around the car.

Shoot them from your vantage point, or come down to them and interact with the car as soon as possible — you will save ammo and initiate a scripted scene, during which Damir will save you just in time.

The Lighthouse

While you were chasing the van, the scout found the supposed location of the communications center, for which we ventured into the desert. The place is located near a lighthouse in the northwest of the region. Jump in your van and drive to the objective.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-20

Do not expect any handling miracles from the old van and do not drive too fast. In addition, try to avoid driving into burning tumbleweeds, or you risk burning Artyom alive. The good thing is that humanimals are not a threat anymore — the van is quite successful in driving them over.

At this stage, it only makes sense to return to the Aurora for the workbench — you will not find anything new or interesting there. There is a safe place southwest of the said lighthouse — disarm the trap and pick up the enhanced flashlight from the table.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-25

On his way to the goal, Artyom will also have an additional task — a woman living in the lighthouse named Giul contacted Miller and asked for help in repelling the attack of the Baron’s bandits. In exchange, she promised to lead the protagonist to the communications center.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-26

When you reach the lighthouse area, you will find abandoned thugs’ equipment — take your time looting crates and bodies, — and you will hear Baron’s disgruntled voice. He is not too pleased that his people still can’t get rid of only one ‘’witch’’.

Go down into the cave and use rope to cross the gap. Finish a wounded bandit or wait for him to die and search his body. Now go along the bridge and notice how fiery geysers burn two Baron’s thugs — do not come close to stay safe.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-29

In the next area, an enemy will be dragging his injured comrade — sneak up on him from the back and eliminate the threat. He is moving backwards, so it should not be too hard. Having dealt with the enemy, turn around and pick up several filters for the gas mask from the corpses — they will come in handy a little later.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-30

Move in the only available direction, simultaneously looting the corpses of the thugs killed by Giul’s traps. When you get to the two chatting bandits — the third one is standing on high ground — stop and wait until the end of their conversation. They will disperse, and you will get a chance to eliminate them one by one.

If the hero makes a fuss here, later you will have to deal with several additional enemies, so it is in your best interest to do everything quietly. Hide behind the iron sheet from the closest thug, wait for him to go around the corner, and go after the guy.

His interlocutor will go up the slope to inspect a trip wire. Eliminate the enemy, while he is sitting with his back to you, and then disarm the trap — in addition to removing an obvious threat, you get an extra grenade. Sneak up to the last bandit from behind — he is looking the opposite way.

After dealing with all three, search their bodies and containers in the area, and head up the stone bridge into the ‘'corridor’’. Two or three opponents will be waiting for you here, if something went wrong earlier. Knock them out with melee attack or shoot on sight.

Go outside and head to the lighthouse via the rusted boat that god knows how got to this height. The lighthouse, as already mentioned, is under a siege. The thugs are mainly focused on Giul, so you will have an opportunity to stealthy get up close to them.

Crouch and hide from the enemies’ gaze behind the ruins. Even if detected, you can still finish off your opponents non-lethally. If mercy is included in your plan, just shoot everyone from afar.

When there are no more thugs, Giul will tell you about it and invite Artyom to her place. Do not forget to loot fallen enemies before going up to her — some of them were armed with a Bulldog rifle, which is new for you.

When you are ready, jump into the improvised boat-elevator and pull the lever — Giul is already waiting for you. The Munai-bailer turned her people into slaves, but the rebellious woman has no other plans than to fight for her freedom.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-43

Miller will then get in touch and remind of her promise to Artyom — as it turns out, Giul’s mother had been working in the command center before the war, but gone missing after the tragic events. In the bunker, Artyom must find archive records taken after the war, starting with year 2013.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-44

Before going further, use Giul’s workbench. Make sure to craft the maximum number of explosive bullets for Tikhar — this type of ammo will be very useful in fighting the new inhabitants of the command center.

Communication Center ‘’Caspian-1’’

When you are ready, follow Giul to the ‘’elevator’’ and go down to the base of the lighthouse. The warrior will lead the hero to the stairs to the underground complex, where the communication center is located. Access to the central lift is blocked — there is no electricity. There is a switch on the wall in the room to the left of the locked gate — activate it to restore power.

Giu will not go with you — someone has to make sure that the light does not turn off — but will ask you to bring a photo of her mother if you can find one. Below, a swarm of mutated spiderbugs is waiting for Artyom. Fortunately, arthropods are afraid of light, so when you turn on the light, they will immediately bury themselves under the ground.

The shells of these mutants are almost bulletproof, so it will take a long time to kill the enemy from the front. There are two alternatives: take advantage of fire (incendiary bottles, incendiary bullets for Tikhar) or stun the monster with light, and only then, when it shows a vulnerable belly, shoot.

Since Molotov cocktails are quite a valuable thing in the game, and the second option requires a certain amount of time to execute, we recommend using Tokarev’s weapon. It takes only one hit with an incendiary bullet to kill a spiderbug, which (if you do not constantly miss) you should have enough for the whole bunker.

When you get off the elevator, go forward a bit and turn left — you are interested in the doorway filled with sand with the number 01 above it. Squeeze through the hole and, without going into the next room, take some crafting materials out of the box in the left-hand elevator.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-56

Go out into the hall — move along the bridge until its middle part collapses. At the same time, a spiderbug will fall down from the ceiling — shoot it with the incendiary round of Tikhar to prove the effectiveness of this weapon, and then jump over the hole.

At the entrance to the next room, another arthropod will run past the hero — follow him into the hole that leads you to the floor below. After landing, put on a gas mask. Exit from this office space is closed — there is no power. There are, however, two more spooky spiders — set them on fire using Tikhar.

After looting the items scattered nearby, find a room separated from the rest of the floor by a lattice. There is an electric panel on the wall — Artyom will connect his universal charger to it, turn on a pair of switches and bring back the light.

While you walk to the door that has just opened, Damir’s voice will be heard in the headphones — he has finally reached the communications center and will now help the hero navigate through the complex. Before heading to the ground floor of the bunker, pick up a throwing knife from the corpse on the floor, and resources for crafting from the closets next to it.

Going down the stairs, you will see a closed door in front of you — Damir unlocks it with a computer at the top. The doors will open wide, and spiderbugs hiding behind them will scatter in different directions — if you can catch at least a couple of them with Tikhar, it is already good.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-67

Together with the opened door, the light returned to the command center Artyom has just reached — the surviving arthropods will hide in the sand. At the entrance to the command room is an elevator. Remember it because very soon it will be necessary to return here very fast.

Proceed through the rows of computers to the large map and climb through the half-covered doorway on the right. The only route available at this stage will lead the hero to the toilet — another spider will be waiting in one of the cubicles or around the corner. You know what to do.

Having dealt with the threat, go out into the corridor and walk along it until it stops — the door to the archive, of course, is locked, so you have to go around. Fortunately, to the right of the blocked passage there is one that is not completely filled up — head through it to the next room.

First of all, take a walk to the adjacent office on the left. Inside, among other things, you will find a corpse of a woman in a gas mask, clutching a dear picture — this is a long-lost Giul’s mother. Take the picture out of the hands of the dead and go back.

Go to the local ‘’server room’’ — as soon as you go there, the light will turn off and the spiderbugs will fall on you. Stay in the room if you want to roast some enemies, or run straight into the doorway. After going through it, turn right to see the entrance to the ventilation.

Get into the shaft and keep Tikhar ready — sooner or later, a couple of arthropods will run out to meet the hero. There will be no more enemies until the archive entrance, so you can relax a bit. After landing in the right room, go to the far closet and press the interaction button — radiation maps are here.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-80

Proceed into the adjacent room and, before turning the valve responsible for the gate, take everything that is not lying around — there will be no chance for that afterwards. Opening the door, you will hear that Damir is forced to turn off the light in order to redirect the energy to the elevator — your only way out of here.

Full Size
Night vision goggles are a useful thing, but, unlike the flashlight, they do not deter the spider-looking mutants

Recharge the flashlight and run through the toilets back to the command center. On the way, spiderbugs will come across. It is not hard to stumble around them in the dark, so if possible, fry your enemies with Tikhar — just do not stop. Reaching the elevator, stand with your back to the locked door on the stairs to defend.

Shoot the spiders running in your field of view and wait for the yellow light above the lift. As soon as it happens, run into the booth that will bring you up to Damir and Giul. After repelling an attack of arthropods in the corridor, jump over the fence and run to the central lift.

On the way to the safe platform, one of the spiders is guaranteed to jump on the hero — throw him off, tapping the displayed button, and rush after your comrades. Igniting the army of creepy creatures that stopped because of the spotlights is not necessary, but damn, it feels good.

If you got a photo of Giul’s mom in the bunker, then the warrior will give the hero a flask of water (for Nastya) as a sign of gratitude. In addition, Damir also drove your van into the garage of the communication center (right along the corridor), so you do not have to run after your vehicle — it is time to return to the Aurora.

On the way to the locomotive — just stick to the road — you can visit Anna at the observation post to find out about interesting places nearby. When you approach the train, a storm will begin — take cover in the building — the temporary base of the crew — and sit at the table next to Miller to give him the radiation maps.

The Source

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-96

It will take some time to decrypt the data from the communications center, so Artyom will have a chance to get involved in more pressing matters. The Aurora and its crew need water — Giul told the Colonel about the location of the source, where you and Damir now have to go.

Before going to the mission, visit Tokarev with his next workbench and modification for Tikhar — put your equipment in order and, if necessary, craft yourself ammo with medkits. If you got a flask in the bunker, you can give it to Nastya now — the girl will be very grateful.

The spring mentioned by Miller is located northwest of the lighthouse — if necessary (it is better to carry out the mission at night) go into the shelter nearby, and then meet with Damir. He will be waiting for the protagonist by the fire on top of a hill overlooking the cave between the rocks — this is where you will go.

Follow your friend to the source’s ‘’back door’’. Charge the flashlight, craft a couple of filters for yourself — they come in handy inside — put on a gas mask and venture into the darkness. It is better not to run ahead of Damir, because sooner or later you will reach the platform with several sand mutants on it at once.

In the battle against the monsters, the companion will help Artem, however, you will also have to do the shooting — a shotgun works perfectly up close, and the incendiary rounds of Tikhar are capable of setting the enemy on fire with a single hit. After getting rid of the threat, move on.

The next stop is another round platform. Before jumping down there, you can set several humanimals on fire from afar, but upon landing, it is better to equip a shotgun — monsters will be emerging from everywhere. When opponents start advancing from the bridge side, shoot them with fire bullets of Tikhar.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-108

At the end of the battle, follow Damir to the exit from the cave part of the location. Before entering a short and narrow aisle (see the screenshot above), take off the gas mask and turn off the flashlight — otherwise you will attract the attention of the enemy in the next room before you have time to do anything.

On the other side of the passage will be a two-level (underground and ground level) camp of the Baron’s thugs. Damir will immediately set off to steal a cistern with water, and Artyom will be sent to open the gates of the fortress — there is an appropriate lever at the top of the tower.

Your first task is to get out of the underground part of the camp. This can be done in two ways: using stairs patrolled by the guards or on one of the buckets scooping up water, which then rise to the surface. The second option does not involve clashes with opponents, so we prefer it to the other one.

Going down the slope to the base of the stairs, wait for the guard to go upstairs, and then crouching, so you do not make any noise, sneak to the mini-pier in the center of the cave. Don't touch the slaves (Giul’s people) on the way — they don’t raise the alarm, they don’t annoy you, and killing them negatively affects Artyom’s karma.

Coming closer to the chain with buckets, grab any of them and wait for the hero to be lifted up — during your trip, Damir will have time to knock out the guard of a water carrier. When you get off the ''elevator'', you will find yourself under the platform on which the slaves are turning the wheel, causing the water supply mechanism to move.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-118

Getting out from under the platform, knock out/kill the patrolman, who is wandering between the booth near the gate and the shed at the cistern. Theoretically, you can leave the slaves’ warden of slaves — you can’t get close enough to stun him (he is sitting in the very corner), so you may want to avoid unnecessary murders.

If you did not kill the supervisor, sneak through the above-mentioned construction (in other cases you can go straight through) to the yellow ladder against on far wall of the camp — the room is fenced from three sides, so no one will notice you. It is better not to go to the side of the truck from here — there are guards and dogs.

Full Size
If something went wrong during the stealth walkthrough, Damir will open fire on the guards in an attempt to protect you

Climb to the second floor of the wall and turn left — the passage on the right side is guarded by enemies at the far end of the location. If you still have not disturbed anyone, then you can proceed to a higher level without any problems — another guard will be standing near the stairs and will not notice the hero.

The only guard at the top floor periodically turns his back to a potential threat, so you can ignore him if you choose the right moment to be exit the cover. Having dealt with the enemy or sneaking past him, cross the bridge leading to the cherished lever on the tower.

As soon as you open the gate with the mechanism, a cutscene will start — Damir, who has got into the truck with water will start driving, and Artyom will be able to jump onto the car’s roof and then get into the cabin with his friend. The hero will be offered to take a nap on the way to the Aurora, and there is no reason to refuse.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-130

When the protagonists open his eyes, the water carrier will already be standing by the train. However, in addition to the heroes, numerous and armed Baron’s thugs have also come to visit the Aurora. Miller will advise you to flank the enemy — and we will listen to him.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-131

From the starting position, run left to the boulders — no one will chase you, so you can get your workbench and attach a sniper scope to your favorite rifle. The situation is worsened by a storm, but there should not be any problems with distinguishing the opponents.

Briefly exiting the cover to shoot, kill everyone directly in front of you, and then move to the next group of stones, which gives you a great view of the enemy’s flank. By this time, the weather will start to clear up and your main problem will become visible — an armored soldier with a machine gun.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-134

Given the openness of the location, we do not recommend approaching such a foe closely — he will not kill your companions in any scenario. If you are attacking the enemy too aggressively, sooner or later he will pay attention to the hero — in this case, do not even think to peek him.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-135

Your chances for a counterattack are his short periods of reloading. Incendiary rounds of Tikhar are the most effective against the machine gunner. If you do not want to spend your own ammunition, just sit behind a boulder and wait for the comrades to do all the work for you.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-136

Finish the remaining fighters and search the corpses to make up for the bullets lost during the battle. In the trucks on which the bandits arrived, there are several boxes with crafting materials — do not forget to clear them too.

Baron’s fortress

When you have finished marauding, return to your comrades — collectively, the characters will decide that it is time to leave the Caspian Sea. This plan is hampered by the lack of fuel for the Aurora. While the rest will prepare the train for departure, Damir and Artyom (and Giul) will be entrusted to steal a truck with fuel from the Baron.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-139

Before you go on the raid, check up on Tokarev at the base — he has a regular Tikhar upgrade for the hero. Do not forget, if necessary, to repair the gas mask, clean the weapons and craft the necessary number of medkits and/or ammo for yourself.

As for your partners, they will advise Artyom to rest, while they themselves will go to the observation point not far from the fortress of the bandits. When you are ready, take your van and drive to the mark on the map — Damir and Giul will wait for the hero near the agreed cistern, even if you advance to the goal before them.

Comrades will offer to get into the Baron’s fortress through the basement, where they keep slaves — the main entrance is too well guarded. However, only Artyom will have to hang around the sewers, while his companions will try to cut down the thugs at the main gate unnoticed.

Follow the ‘’guides’' to the entrance to the basement — on the way, Giul will ask to be as gentle with the slaves as possible, and Damir will support his fellow citizen in this — and crawl under the grid, which will be lifted for you. Despite the fact that the hero will be in the dark, do not turn on the flashlight; otherwise, you will immediately attract the attention of enemies ahead.

Let the first guard go out into the corridor — if you eliminate the enemy earlier, his colleague sleeping in front will wake up. While the enemy is away, put out the fire, so that when the patrolman returns, you can attack in the dark. Repeat the procedure with a sleepy man or sneak past him onto the stairs.

By the time the hero gets there, there will be another guard on the lattice bridge ahead. If you eliminate him, then the slave worker at the bottom will raise the alarm, so without drawing attention to yourself, proceed to the fork: the left way will bring you face to face with the enemy in the kennel, the right way will allow to bypass it.

Exit through the door to the sleeping/entertainment area. Stick to the right wall and sneak forward — do not turn on the flashlight and extinguish all sources of light that come in your way. If you crouch and do not touch anyone, the protagonist will be able to cross the whole room unnoticed.

Having slipped behind the hookah man, hold on to the middle of the aisle and get ready to meet the guard near the ‘’Exit’' inscription on the wall. Stay in the shade until the enemy exposes his back, then knock out or kill the villain and finally head outside.

On the street, meanwhile, Damir had already taken down the entire guard of the truck with fuel and somehow lost Giul. The central gates of the thug base are closed, so it is impossible to get the fuel out at this stage. While you are waiting for further events, loot the bodies of fallen guards.

After some time, Baron’s voice will be heard from the speakers, who will invite Artyom to his tower. Hide the weapon (H key on the keyboard or the right arrow on the PS4 and Xbox One gamepads) and proceed through the opened gate to the elevator — it will bring the hero to the top of the fort.

If you do not want premature problems, do not touch anyone here and simply go up the stairs to the throne room. If you are not able to remain silent at the sight of injustice, then for the sake of bonus points you can knock out the slaves' oppressors, but don’t count on a warm reception anymore.

Meeting the hero, the Baron will offer a deal — fuel and the right of passage in exchange for Giul. Before Artyom even opens his silent mouth, the missing Kazakh warrior appears and disrupts the transaction. The criminal boss hastily retreats, and you will be left alone with your ‘’savior’’ and bad foreboding.

After a few seconds, numerous defenders of the Baron will burst into the hall. Before that, grab a medkit and three Molotovs from the table nearby and, if desired, take the machine gun from the wall. Next, find a suitable cover that will not be shot from all sides, and proceed to defense.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-168

Giul will help in the fight against Baron’s forces — during the battle she will shoot several enemies dead. You will not be able to relax for long — after some time, the warrior will announce her desire to catch up with criminal authority personally and hide in an unknown direction.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-169

After the parting, an armored machine gunner will arrive at the arena along with several ordinary assistants. Get rid of the standard enemies in the first place, in order to subsequently focus on the most dangerous adversary — incendiary bottles will come in handy.

If combustible shells run out, use standard tactics: shoot the target several times, hide behind cover and wait for him to reload, and then repeat the procedure again. The enemy moves extremely slowly, so there should not be any problems with maneuvering.

When the machine gunner falls, Damir arrives to ‘'help’’. Knock out the door through which the Baron hid to see him trying to kill Giul. Heroes will prevent this from happening, the warrior will be saved, and Anna will once again demonstrate her sniper skills.

In the end, Baron will meet his inglorious end, and the rescued Giul will report that for her the fight for freedom of her people has just begun. If you have not shown due care for the slaves, then Damir will not be able to abandon them either, and therefore, he will not return to the Aurora together with Artyom.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Caspian-176

An alternative option — you did not touch Baron's slaves in vain (when extracting water and fuel) and even saved them where possible (see points of interest in the Caspian Sea). In this case, Damir will decide not to leave his friends and will go down to meet Anna with Artyom.