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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Summer

Leaving the Caspian Sea and struggle of Giul’s people behind, the heroes headed east in hope of establishing a viable colony

During the time that has passed since the Caspian Sea, the heroes managed to get closer to their dream — to find a suitable place for a normal life. Outside the windows of Aurora — scorching sun, and inside — happiness: Stepan made Katya a proposal that she could not refuse.

After waking up, Artyom will have the opportunity to sit/smoke/drink and listen to the story of his wife Anna about her mother’s death. At the end of the conversation, look in the hero’s journal, if you wish, and go out into the corridor. Before going after Krest and Tokarev’s ‘’train’’, take a walk in the opposite direction.

Proceed past the workbench of the gunsmith and the fuel tank into the car to which the trolley is attached. Here, in the workshop, you can find Tokarev’s note on the table — he prepared a gift for Stepan and Katya — and a place to smoke. There is no one here now, but Krest will be here at the end of the chapter.

In the restaurant part of the passenger car, there are two celebrations at once — Stepan and Katya celebrate their wedding, and Miller is preparing to announce the location of their new home. It will be a river valley — there is a forest and hydroelectric station, but there are no shady people.

Having dealt with the formal part of the case, the Colonel will take on the role of the priest and declare the lovers husband and wife. The fun won't last for long, because Anna suddenly coughs up blood — a cannibal doctor in Yamantau said that her lungs began to disintegrate after the contact with that gas in the Volga bunker.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Summer-10

Miller will convene an emergency meeting in the driver's cab — only Artyom and Katya are invited. According to her, the situation is not as clear as it seems, but in the worst case, there used to be a cure for gas and toxin poisonings in Novosibirsk.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Summer-11

Thus, the plan is finalized: Artyom and his partner will go to the valley to scout, and if everything goes as it should, the characters will settle there. In the case of Anna’s relapse, a detachment of volunteers will move to Novosibirsk for the necessary medicine.

At the end of the briefing, you can go to the map and immediately start the next chapter or, for a start, return to the passenger car. After a group discussion of the situation and a few toasts, Stepan will give a touching performance of the song ‘’Train on Fire’’ by the Russian rock group Aquarium.

Then it will be decided who will accompany Artyom on a mission to explore the valley. In the absence of better options, the choice will fall on the Aurora’s ‘’Don Juan’’ — Alyosha. When Duke stops blocking passage and walks away, you will be able to return to your compartment and other parts of the train.