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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga

Artyom and Alyosha scout the valley potentially suitable for life of Aurora’s crew, but events quickly get out of control


As Miller ordered, Artyom and Alyosha set out on to explore the valley on Krest’s railcar. While you are riding there, the partner will inform the Colonel about the poor condition of the railway tracks on this branch and briefly present you a plan: get to the dam, check everything there and call for the Aurora.

Before the heroes can enjoy the view, the rails under the railcar break, and the transport along with the passengers falls into the water. The protagonist wakes up on the beach under the caring glance of the local native named Olga. According to her, Alyosha was taken by the locals, and she does not dare to openly help strangers.

The children's camp ‘’Solnechny’’

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-3

After getting up, Artyom discovers that all of his belongings are lost — for the time being, you will have to explore the Taiga without your portable workbench and trusty Tikhar. However, the hero will quickly find a replacement for Tokarev's brainchild — a statue with a crossbow attached to it will be standing at the entrance to a small settlement.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-4
Unlike open locations, like the Volga, Artyom’s task is always the same in the Taiga — get to the dam, finding Alyosha on the way

Considering the hybrid nature of this location — it is something between a linear (Moscow, Yamantau) and open levels (Volga, Caspian) — collectibles here are scattered near the main route, and therefore there are little problems with collecting them.

Pick up the crossbow, turn right and proceed to the hut. On the half broken glass of the cupboard in the living room, the first postcard will be attached. When you return to the street, exit through the gate — you will hear the sound of an arrow shot in a wood. Turn around and take the note on a crossbow bolt from the plank.

Turn left from the signpost to the children's camp — a bandit tied to a pole is being terrorized by a wolf. If you want to get hold of several crossbow shots, the beast will have to be killed. You will not get anything valuable from the rescued thug — just a piece of advice not to make noise next to the locals, so they don’t catch you.

After freeing the prisoner of the forest or passing by him — there was a reason he was captured after all, — proceed to the children's camp. Hit the statue of Lenin at the entrance to get the achievement Decommunization, if you are not playing the Epic Games Store version of the game.

Before moving on, take a look inside the building on your right hand — Larisa’s unsent letter will be on the desk near the entrance. When you are approaching a dilapidated bridge, pirates will stop you and advise you not to go further, mentioning a stranger who was caught earlier. Naturally, they are probably speaking about Alyosha.

Go down to the base of the bridge and turn left. Head up the slope to get to the local library — there will be no enemies here, relax. Continue to the corpse by the window and look to the left — another postcard will be hanging on the wall of the cabinet.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-19

Visit the basement of the building if you want to find night vision goggles, and move to the part of the camp that has been captured by the pirates. It is better to sneak there under cover of darkness, but in the light of the sun, stealth is also possible — you just have to stay away from enemies.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-20

The road further is broken, and Artyom can’t swim — fortunately (or unfortunately), there is a rope from the tower on the enemy’s territory to the opposite side. Before you climb it, you must somehow get to the tower — there are a lot of opponents around, so you need to act carefully.

After eliminating those enemies, it will be possible to enter the territory of the camp. Before climbing the tower, head to the kindergarten (one-story building by the water) and pick up the little kid’s note there. When playing during the daytime, it is better to move in a wide arc along the coast, but at night you can sneak through the dining room, dodging the enemies.

If you don’t want to sneak to the opposite side of the location for the sake of a collectible item, make a quick save and bluntly run after the diary. After that, you can load the save and continue your stealth adventures. Collectible will be counted in any case.

Back to reaching the rope on top of the tower. There are two ways to get to it — several guards patrol the spiral staircase inside the building, while the rope ladder in the east wing is guarded by only one enemy. After killing or knocking him out (or slipping past him at the right moment), climb to the roof.

The upper part of the spiral staircase, which can be reached through the destroyed wall of the tower, is guarded by a lone pirate. Go around or eliminate him, then climb to the top of the building. Here you will hear Anna’s attempts to contact Artem and Alyosha, and you will also find the solemn oath on the box.

The Forest

Rope down to the opposite side of the destroyed road — you will see how a pack of wolves is scared by a giant bear. It is undesirable to meet with either of them, so proceed carefully or quickly. First of all, you are interested in a tree house — run along the road and look to the left.

Climbing up the rope ladder, pick up a dusty diary from the box on the floor. If you wish, you can spend the night here — there is no workbench here (and you have no backpack), so this structure cannot be called a full-fledged shelter, but you are allowed to choose the desired time of day.

Wait for the morning (or evening) and walk along the bridges to the rope. If you go down by it, then you will find yourself in close proximity to the dwelling of the local alchemist. You will not find a common language with him, so just stun/kill him and take the alchemist's log from the bed in a mini-cave.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-38

As you recall, Artyom only has a crossbow as a weapon, so do not hesitate to take a modified revolver from the wall. Your objective is located in the north of the forest area, but before moving in that direction, there is still one interesting place nearby that is not directly related to the plot.

It is a home of a fisherman in the east, near the shore. Avoiding wolves — you will still need crossbow bolts — cross the road and proceed to the water. In the hut, you can find the lost diary, and on the pier — the guy himself. If you do not attack him, he will advise you to hurry with the rescue of Alyosha.

Along the coast from the hut of the fisherman, you can get to the insurmountable obstacle on the way to the goal — water. Instead of trying to jump to the opposite side, move along the cliff to the west. To the left of the rope ladder leading to the next part of the level will be a passage into the cave.

If you are kind to wild animals, make a quick save, because you will inevitably have to kill the wolf on the way out. Pick up the dusty diary inside and get out — a beast jumps on the hero, so you must tap the required button to fight back.

If you wish, reload the game after picking up a collectible to clear your conscience, and climb up the rope ladder mentioned earlier. Go down the hill — the hero will fall into the pioneers’ trap, who, along with a squad of pirates, will discuss what they should do with the second prisoner of the day.

One of the scavengers will start boasting about Artyom's backpack he has acquired before the huge bear appears from nowhere puts an end to all disputes. The mutated animal will then vanish, leaving behind a few corpses, and the hero will be able to get out of the net.

Back on your feet, climb the rope ladder to the tree house and, replenishing your crafting resources, go rope down to the passage between the rocks. Here, the pirate with Artyom’s backpack, wounded by the bear, is spending his last minutes — take back your property and move on.

The Pioneer Camp

Stop at a turn — a detachment of four pioneers ahead is discussing further actions. As a result, the group will decide to visit the fellow comrade who has captured an alien (that is, Artyom) and will go in your direction. Instead of engaging in an unjustified fight, take cover in the trunk of the tree — the enemies will run past.

To advance the story you need to get through the pioneer camp. There are several ways to get into its territory: directly through the main entrance (not an ideal option), via bridges and ropes between tree houses (better) or through a cave with a safe place inside (ideal).

Turn left at the fork to reach the hut (a peaceful farmer-pioneer is working nearby) with a calligraphic note inside. Go clockwise around the building, pressing against the rock on the left hand, move forward until you see the cave.

Follow the tunnel, neutralize the trip wire on the floor and get to the ‘’room’’ with a fire. Take the incendiary bottle and modifications for the crossbow (after returning the backpack, you can customize weapons again), then rest until nightfall — sneaking through enemy territory is better in the dark.

Through the only available way out, go out into the street — pirates and pioneers gathered in the center of the camp to discuss outsiders (Artyom and Alyosha). Placed around the perimeter, the guards carefully observe the course of the discussions, so if you wish, you can ignore them — you are still going in the other direction.

First of all, take a look at the one-story building near the fortress wall — from the cave exit, it’s located to the right along the stairs and through the bushes at the central gate. Pick a scribbled note from the kitchen table. Go out the same way you came in and, flanking the council counterclockwise, climb the rope ladder to the tree house.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-68

On the suspension bridge, move to the next booth, where a lonely pioneer is enthusiastically doing something above the table. If you waited until the night before entering the camp, then theoretically you can sneak past the enemy — make a quick save for any unexpected events.

Leaving the enemy behind (alive, dead or unconscious), proceed to the tree house to which the rope is attached. Go down it, and then, waiting for the guard at the top to go inside the house to his friend, climb the ladder.

Act quickly, and it will be possible to sneak unnoticed past both guards — there is nothing valuable here anyway. Crouch and move to the opposite balcony and down the rope to the canyon. If you have not killed anyone during your stay in the camp, it will positively affect your karma.

The Bandit Camp

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-74

Move between the rocks to the fork in the road — the road ahead will lead you to the church, where, judging by the conversations of local people, Alyosha has already managed to get to, and the cave on the right passes under the bandit camp. It is worth visiting the tunnel anyway — there are several useful things in there and two collectibles at once.

There is an incendiary bottle on the cabinet to the left of the entrance, and a worn-out letter is on the box to the left. Slowly (if you run, the thugs at the top will hear you) move forward until the body of an unlucky thug falls down in front of the hero. Look up to see who dropped the dead man.

Keep on moving until you see another corpse under your feet — a crumpled note will be lying next to it. At this point, you can return to the fork the same way you got here or climb the ladder to the bandit camp. You should go there at least for additional weapons — you do not have access to the Tokarev’s workbench.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-80

You will find yourself in a house where thugs interrogate the captured pioneer — it is impossible to free him (and get a bonus to karma) without a fight, so decide for yourself whether the game is worth the candle. We will go along the path to the east, to the neighboring hut — at this moment the enemy will go out from it. Run up to him and eliminate the threat to remain unnoticed.

There is no need to go inside, so follow to the shore along the rocks on your right hand. Go down the slope to avoid dying when falling, and turn right — at the end of the road, there will be several boats, next to which there is a dirty diary on the table. Here you will find the bandit you released earlier.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-84

The second collectible (postcard) is nearby and located in a hut on the opposite side of the building where the pioneer is interrogated. You can get there by using force, but we are here for a stealth walkthrough, so you have to approach the problem from the other perspective.

Return to the fork between the rocks using the already familiar route and proceed to the church. At the top of the ascent, turn left to the hunter camp — here you can relax and wait for the night (or morning). From the gate to the territory of the church, go down the slope to the right, and find an alternative entrance to the bandit camp.

Keeping to the rocks and bushes on your left hand, go up to the aforementioned building — it is guarded by several thugs at once, but there is only one guy sitting in the room you need. After getting rid of him, take another postcard from the wall by the doorway and get out of the bandit den using the familiar route.

The Church

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-89

When you are finished gathering collectibles or ignore them altogether, head towards the gates to the church. At the right gate, there will be a corpse and a hunter’s note along with a couple of Molotovs placed next to it — the latter will come in handy very soon.

Loot the cemetery that precedes the church and collect all possible ammunition and useful items in the area, because as soon as you try to cut the rope at the church’s entrance, there will be no time to collect anything — the familiar overgrown bear will pay you a visit.

The game gives a chance to get out of the mess without a fight: after regaining control over the protagonist, immediately run up to the mentioned rope and cut it, then climb the ladder to the safe zone. Everything takes only a few seconds, so the monster should not have time to hit you.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-94

Those who did not know that was an option or did not want to escape the duel, will face a difficult battle. The bear, though rather slow — the hero sprints faster — hits quite hard. Three or four missed strikes — and you have to start from a checkpoint.

To shorten the fight, use the incendiary bottles you got before — they will slow the monster, giving you a chance to make a few more shots. A crossbow is not an optimal weapon for this fight due to its small magazine and slow reloading, but for a lack of better options it will suffice as well.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-95

The golden rule of this fight is to stay away from the boss (he can make a quick dash when you are close). At a distance, do not hesitate to shoot as many bullets and/or bolts as possible into his face — if you managed to find explosive ones, all the better.

As soon as you see that the bear is rushing at you, do not try to stop it. Instead, begin to move perpendicular to the direction of the attack — if you do it diagonally, you can accidentally get hit with his mighty paw. There are many fences and gravestones in the cemetery, so do not forget to jump over them in time when dodging.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-96

After receiving enough damage — be prepared for the fact that the battle may last a few minutes — the bear breaks through the fence of the cemetery and disappears in an unknown direction. Your reward for perseverance is the achievement called Master of the Forest.

Using the mentioned rope ladder, climb to the top floor of the church. Pour fuel from the canister on the floor into the generator to start it — the light turns on. With the help of a workbench by the wall, if necessary, create yourself some ammo and/or crossbow bolts and go out to the street through the door.

The hero will be stopped by Olga, who saved him earlier. She will tell him that Alyosha is already at the dam — the Colonel will not wait much longer. It is only possible to get to Artyom’s comrade by boat, which the pirates keep in their neighborhood. Instead of killing them, the warrior will advise you to stay out of trouble and out of their sight.

The Pirate Camp

Once you are ready, kick down the ladder to the base of the church and proceed to the graves of the counselors. Turn left from them and run into the gazebo in the distance — among other things, there will be a faded note and some crossbow bolts. Here you can spend the night or day — your choice.

The central entrance to the camp of pirates will be nearby, but we advise you to make a detour — this will avoid unnecessary casualties. Go around the settlement in a clockwise direction to reach the pier, where the boat is docked. If you jump in it now, you will be discovered by pirates from an observation post at the top (during the day).

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-112

Therefore, before doing it, we advise you to wait until the guards end the conversation, climb the post and eliminate the guard. A guard on the opposite side of the water reservoir (see the screenshot above) can still notice the hero, so pick the right time to sail.

Theoretically, you can ignore the boat, and move to the locked gate through the land part of the camp. This route, however, involves multiple clashes with pirates and is generally extremely difficult for stealth walkthrough, so go around.

After boarding the boat, row to the east side of the settlement — if a guard is standing on the bridge behind arch, swim closer to him (but not too close) to trigger the subtitles. As soon as the dialogue ends, the enemy will leave, and you will be able to get off unnoticed — at night it’s fine anyway.

To get out of the pirate camp, you need to raise the gates by pulling the lever — it is located on the second floor of the building to which you have just sailed. At night, you can get to the device without touching anyone, and in the daytime you will have to knock out the guard (see the screenshot above).

In addition, we recommend eliminating (preferably non-lethally) other guards on the upper floor — they stand alone, so there should be no problems with this, — otherwise your departure will attract undue attention to itself. On the way back to the boat pick up a folded note from the table on the lower tier.

The Sawmill

After getting out of the pirate camp, row to the old sawmill, where, judging by the note you just found, the local Admiral took refuge with his team. Get off at the pioneer statue and run to the barn to the right of the central building — there is no power inside, you must first activate the generator.

On the way to the objective, you will surely come across one or more overgrown shrimps — the main inhabitants of this area of the swamp. The shell of these crustaceans is strong, so you have to shoot their very face. And try not to stand still, otherwise they will spit on you (see the screenshot above).

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-123

Be prepared for the fact that the monster can jump on the hero, if you approach the water at the wrong time. In addition, poisonous glowing plants that could be found in the Volga terminal are scattered throughout the sawmill — do not forget to get rid of them from a safe distance.

When you get to the generator, activate the switch and run into the sawmill building — the faster you do it, the less chance there is to meet new mutated shrimp. Along the way there will be glowing plants — shooting them, get into the far part of the room and turn on the light with using switchboard on the wall.

As a result of all these manipulations, an elevator is activated at the opposite end of the hall — use it to rise to the upper, mutant-free floor of the sawmill. Bash the door to the home of a crazy Admiral, who is drinking tea with corpses of his former colleagues.

Before you leave, sit down at the table and listen to the old man's monologue to get the achievement 5 o’clock and take the penultimate postcard in the region from the wall. Next, cut the rope at the far end of the room and climb the rope ladder to the upper tier.

The Dam

From the balcony you can see the hill with a hairpin turn, along which the familiar Master of the Forest is moving towards the tunnel. Bad news — you are also going there. Use the rope and follow the huge beast — he will not go inside, but Artyom, of course, will have to.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-134

Two more unpleasant facts — first, the night vision device and the flashlight do not work underground, and, second, the site is teeming with spiderbugs. The protagonist now has no Tikhar with its incendiary ammo, and no way to expose the vulnerable belly of arthropods, so the only logical conclusion here is to run, run and run.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-135
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to illustrate Artyom’s route through a spider dungeon — it’s too dark

There is nothing really valuable — just a bit of ammo and resources — in this location, so it’s not a big loss. Avoiding spiders, rush forward to the dam, then turn to the door on the right. After climbing to the upper floor, exit into the corridor and, without stopping, rush to the right to one more staircase.

By this moment, the flashlight and night vision goggles will turn on again. The door on the top is locked: crawl along the wires to the next room. Like the previous ones, it’s full of spiders, but there is a solution — if you go up the locked gate using the stairs in the center of the hall, all the arthropods below will scatter to their holes.

In any case, you will have to get up here — to operate the mechanism, you need to activate the generator, which lacks fuel. The canister with fuel will stand to the left of the knife switch — pick it up, go down to the hall and proceed to the cabin lit up with a mushroom.

Fill the tank and turn on the light — now you can go back to the gate and pull the lever on the wall. In the opened room is a corpse, next to which you will find a blood-soaked letter. To the left of the exit to the staircase there is a workbench — create some medkits, ammo and throwables (there will be no chance to do so afterwards).

Despite the frightening sounds around, you will not have to fight anyone before going up to the surface, so headthere without fear. At the exit from the complex, Alyosha will meet our hero — Aurora is on the way, everything is not so simple. The local dam hardly contains tons of poisoned silt — it is impossible to live here.

Without waiting for your friend, go down to the village and proceed to the house number 34 on the right side. Inside the flimsy hut, the last two collectibles in this chapter are waiting — the unfinished letter on the table in the kitchen and the postcard on the wall of the adjacent room.

The weather suddenly worsens, so when you try to cross the bridge to the next church, the construction will collapse and separate the heroes. The situation will be complicated by a mutated bear that appeared out of nowhere. Alyosha will try to set him on fire, but he will only provoke him more — Artyom will remain one-on-one with the monster.

Similarly to the last battle, all that is required of you to survive is to keep a safe distance from the beast. Shoot the monster from all available weapons, throw Molotov cocktails at the enemy and run around to avoid attacks.

Receiving enough damage, the bear nails the hero to the ground, but will not have time to deliver the final blow — the ground falls out from beneath his paws. Alyosha will pull up his friend, and the decisive poke in the eye with a knife will send the monster to the abyss. The danger has passed, but the chapter is not over.

After the characters set up the rope they need to get to Aurora later, Olga will come running with several pioneers. If did not touch the inhabitants of the children and pirate camps just for fun, the heroes will part amicably. Otherwise, during the retreat, Alyosha will be injured, and will spend the rest of the game in a wheelchair.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: The Taiga-160

With or without a fight, the heroes will reach the train, where Artyom learns from Miller that neither the medicine nor the forest air have helped. Anna's disease is progressing, time is short — you need to go to Novosibirsk for a cure.