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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Get All Endings in Metro Exodus and Save All Your Team Members

Find out how to get the good and the bad endings in the game and what can happen to your fellow squadmates during the journey across post-apocalyptic Russia


As of now, two endings of Metro Exodus have been unlocked, the one being the ‘’good’’ and the other — the ‘’bad’’. However, the developers have previously stated that such dividing is not correct.

Before you proceed, note that there are huge spoilers in this guide. We warned you — spoilers ahead.

How to get the good ending

Metro Exodus walkthrough is divided into several chapters, but the main ones are Moscow, The Volga, Yamantau, The Caspian, The Taiga and Dead City. These chapters are separated by smaller ones taking place on the Aurora, which Artyom can explore while talking to other characters.

Throughout the game, you can make various moral decisions. For instance, knocking out an enemy instead of killing him, doing side quests, freeing prisoners and so on. You may think that it affects the ending you get. In fact, it all depends on whether you managed to get all the Spartans from your squad safe and sound to Dead City. The ones to die, leave or become disabled are Duke, Damir and Alyosha. This can happen in The Volga, The Caspian and The Taiga chapters respectively. First things first though.

  • Important. Turns out to get the good ending it’s enough for two of the three Spartans (Alyosha, Duke and Damir) to stay on the train and be unharmed. For instance, if you have Duke and Damir with you while Alyosha is shot in the Taiga, you will get the good ending. And if Alyosha wasn’t shot, you need either Duke or Damir — having both of them isn’t necessary. However, in case Alyosha got injured and Duke died or Damir stayed in the Caspian, the ending will be bad.

How to save Miller

Unfortunately, Miller dies at the end of the game no matter what you do.

The Volga and Duke

How to Get All Endings in Metro Exodus and Save All Your Team Members-1

In this chapter, you can kill the bandits without hesitation, and it's not necessary to rescue the hostages, get Stepan a guitar or find a Teddy bear for Katya. To make sure Duke survives, all you need to do is to pass the last stage of the chapter stealthily. Don't engage in open combat because it will have bad consequences. You can find out how to do it properly in The Volga walkthrough.

Note that it's not necessary to capture the merchants' tug quietly or not to kill anyone in the church. And if you want to help you friends anyway, read our Side Quests guide.

The Caspian and Damir

How to Get All Endings in Metro Exodus and Save All Your Team Members-2

Unlike The Volga, we can't specify the actions required to keep Damir in your team. However, it definitely happens if you do the following:

  • Find a family photo for Giul in the bunker where you look for radiation maps. Read The Caspian walkthrough for details.
  • Save the slaves in a rusty ship, which Anna shows you. To do so, deal with the enemies, go up to the captain's cabin and leave through any side door to find the lever to open the lever that opens the cage.
  • Save the slaves near a rusty barge located across the road going from South to North. Just go to the top floor and kill all enemies.
  • Don't shoot the slaves who are attacking you in the cave on your way to Baron's tower.

If you complete all these tasks, Giul will appreciate what Artyom did for the resistance and Damir will admit that he managed to help his people.

The Taiga and Alyosha

If you do bad things in The Taiga, Alyosha will be shot at the end of the chapter. Later on the train, you will hear Alyosha cursing Artyom and promising to kill him if Olga doesn't survive. This way, Alyosha's disability will not let him donate blood for Artyom at the end of the game.

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To save Alyosha from the injury, you have to make a good impression on Olga. Avoid killing pioneers and pirates in their camps. Besides, try not to kill the pirates waiting for you on the other side of Solnechny camp at the beginning of the chapter. If you act aggressively, Olga will eventually call Artyom crazy. You can also save the tied hostage in the bandit camp. First, you need to kill all enemies and only then free him. But that's not necessary.

How to get the bad ending

If you have fulfilled the above-mentioned conditions, the Spartans will save Artyom after he returns from the radiation epicenter in Dead City regardless of how you passed the previous chapters. However, if at least one of the three Spartans can't donate blood for Artyom, he will die.

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Thus, to get the bad ending, you need to make sure you meet two of the three conditions:

  • Duke dies in The Volga;
  • Damir joins Giul in The Caspian;
  • Alyosha is shot in The Taiga.