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Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City

Arriving in Novosibirsk full of radiation, Miller and Artyom are sent to the local institute to get medicine for Anna


After almost a year of traveling around Russia, the heroes finally arrive in Novosibirsk — ‘’the dead city, in the cold radioactive heart of which lies the hope of life.’’ We are talking about a cure for Anna’s lung disease here — there is little time left for Artyom’s wife, so we must act quickly.

On the surface

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-1

The good news is that the level of radiation in Novosibirsk rules out the possibility of meeting another crazy society. The bad — contamination rates, even in the city’s outskirts, are eight times higher than in Moscow. In this regard, it is recommended to wear a gas mask on the surface, just like in the remains of Russia’s capital.

Gathering in the driver's cabin, the characters once again go over the plan: Stepan, Idiot, Sam and Krest will go to the railway museum for a snowplow for the Aurora, Alyosha and Tokarev will stay to guard the train, and Artyom with Miller will go to the institute for the cure.

On the way to your van, you can see Anna in her room, as well as use the workbench — there are exactly two workbenches in Novosibirsk, so make sure you create everything you need for yourself. In particular, ammo, medkits and gas mask filters — the latter will be especially valuable in this chapter.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-7

Follow Miller to the car and, after listening to what Krest has to say, get into the passenger seat — the Colonel will drive for the first part of the trip. It was decided to get to the institute through the local metro — the radiation is lower there — so the first thing to do is to find the entrance to the station.

Reaching the first potential descent into the metro — it will be blocked by ice and snow — the Colonel decides to become into a co-driver and give Artyom control of the car. You have already driven the van, so do not expect any surprises and just drive along the only available route.

In the end, the car stops before an insurmountable obstacle and the journey will have to continue on foot. Snow on this stretch of road is knee-high, so do not count on fast movement. After reaching a big sinkhole, proceed through the tilted bus to go down to the metro ‘’entrance’’.

The Metro

Once at the bottom of the ‘’crater’’, with the help of Miller, open the doors of a frozen railcar to the right of the descent. The institute is located close to the Lenin Square station, where the characters are now heading — after getting out of the icy train into the tunnel, take off the gas mask (you can breathe here) and follow the Colonel.

The direct path is blocked, and you need to look for a detour — squeeze through a narrow passage to the next tunnel. As soon as Artyom gets to the opposite side, he will be attacked by nosalis — a mutated overgrown mole. Miller will deal with this one himself, but you will have to fight the rest together.

These monsters travel in packs, so be prepared for several waves of enemies. It is better to get rid of them from afar as soon as they get out of their holes. Use Kalash to help; otherwise, you risk getting involved in a QTE-fight with a hairless monster.

After surviving the attack, follow the Colonel into a dark room. Start the generator on the wall to turn on the light — it will be easier to see the first postcard in this chapter next to the lockers. Listen to the recording, if you want to find out how Novosibirsk residents survived without gas mask filters, and go out to the collector.

The bridge to the opposite side will be broken, so you have to go around in the water. Despite the abundance of mucus and strange sounds around, you will not encounter enemies in this part of the sewage system — except for the tail of a huge worm that flashes behind bars before you reach the ground.

The first thing the heroes will see here is the execution pit. Head up the slope and turn right — on the table to the right of the wall inscription will be the radiogram transcript. You can’t enter the nearby, so just follow Miller.

Be careful in the room with the lattice on the floor — if you step on it, the hero will fall into a small pit. You can't get out of it yourself, so you have to wait for the Colonel with a disgruntled face to give you a helping hand and advise you to be more careful next time.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the game, then go slowly and listen to Miller’s stories about how the locals defended their own subway. The road will take you through a train covered with corpses, in which Artyom and the Colonel will hallucinate and see the silhouettes of children — consequences of radiation exposure, we guess.

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You can actually shoot the monsters before arriving at the platform with the Colonel in case you want to start a fight sooner

At the exit from the train, an even worse picture awaits — the pile of dead people at the sealed gate. The valve on the wall controls the mechanism, but before trying to open the exit from the station, you will have to fight off another attack of the mutant moles — they were hiding among the bodies.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-34

Stand with your back to the gate — except for the monsters hiding among the corpses, opponents will move from the opposite side of the station. The faithful rifle will once again be a perfect tool to get rid of nuclear consequences from a safe distance.

When the mutants have stopped coming, unlock the gate together with the Colonel and climb the escalator to the lobby. The exit to the surface is sealed, so turn left from the top of the ascent and knock out the door leading to the closed room.

There is nothing especially valuable here — a handful of ammo of various kinds and some materials for crafting. But on the table in the second of three adjacent rooms, you can find a weathered report. Head with Miller to the staircase and go down to the ventilation well.

At the request of the Colonel, move the hatch of the pipe to discover the source of noise — you will find a young boy. Frightened by strangers, he will run away, and Artyom will have to catch up with him — Miller will try to get him from the other side. Dynamic music will play in the background, but do not be deceived — you are not really in a hurry here.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-41

To be honest, it’s impossible to keep up with the fugitive (he is too fast), but he will not run farther than the script allows him, do not worry even if you let the boy go too far — the route of the chase and its final destination are always the same.

Ultimately, the paths of Miller and Artyom will cross again and the characters will be in the same room, but on the different sides of the iron bars in the middle of the room — the little boy is nowhere to be seen. Open the trash can to finally catch the boy.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-44

His name is Kiril Khlebnikov, he is a member of the OSKOM Special Department — an organization which was leading the Novosibirsk metro. The Colonel will explain that, together with Artyom, he arrived in the city on an important matter, and the boy will agree to take the heroes to his superior.

Follow your companions through the train into the tunnel to the entrance of the survivors’ base. As soon as the characters determine who came from where a scream will be heard — nosalis are on their way. Kiril will ask to boost him in the ventilation, and Muscovites will have to defend.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-48

Of all the battles against the overgrown moles in the Novosibirsk metro, this is the simplest, because here the enemies only attack from the side of the train you just passed. At first, the mutants will be hampered by a burning barrier on both sides of the tunnel, but the fire will soon go out.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-49

Seeing monsters behind an obstacle in the dark can be difficult — if you don’t have a night vision sight on your rifle — therefore, you shouldn’t waste your bullets and wait for the mutants to come closer. Preferably with a shotgun equipped.

At the end of the battle, Kiril will emerge on the opposite side of the barrier and, after asking the Colonel about the purpose of his visit for the protocol, will open the passage to the base. As it turns out, after the war with the rebels, only the boy with his father survived, but the latter went on a mission and has not been in touch for three weeks.

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On the same board, you can find pictures from Lake Baikal — potentially the most favorable place for living in the territory of the former Russian Federation

On a map of Russia with the radiation snapshots, there are orders and summaries on the viability of various regions of the country for living. In spring, the father is going to take his son out of the city; but first, he needs to get more accurate data. That is why the parent went to the local communications center.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-55

Now Miller will use the boy’s radio to contact the Aurora and inform them about the change of plans: he himself will follow the Kirill's father to get the maps, and Artyom, as expected, will find the medicine for Anna at the institute.


Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-56

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-57

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-58


The Colonel will also decide to give the hero the Hell Breath — a modified version of Tikhar, which lies on the table next to the entrance to the shelter. The last postcard in the game hangs on the column to the right of the weapon, and a workbench is located around the corner — you can use it as soon as your companion removes his backpack from it.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-59

After cleaning the weapon and crafting ammo (it will be troublesome to do later), take the ampoule of anti-radiation drug from Miller. This intramuscular agent is intended to combat the effects of radioactive exposure. In other words, it’s better not to go outside in Novosibirsk without it.

Flooded part of the metro

Get out through the ventilation hatch to the once habitable station — while you crawl, you can notice the nosalises running around in the distance. Loot the first floor, and then climb the staircase to the second floor in the center of the station.

Gathering useful items along the way, head to the train car that is fixed on the ceiling. Once inside, pick up a notebook from the seat on the right and look out through the open doors to the station. If you attract the four mutants scurrying below with a shot, you can kill them on the spot.

As soon as the whole quartet is dead, jump onto the platform and get down into the armory — usually a couple of nosalises are waiting here, but since you shot everyone upstairs, then there won't be any. If desired, pick up Shambler from the corpse — some crafting materials are scattered nearby.

Go back to the hall and loot the entire first floor of the station — you will not find anything super valuable, but you will replenish your stock of resources. Next, climb the stairs to another railcar fixed on the ceiling — at the exit from it you can notice the moles quickly going to their holes.

After two left turns there will be a descent into a spacious hall filled with mostly wooden structures. Before jumping down there, pick up two incendiary bottles from the floor and search Kalash left by someone for ammunition and modifications.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-72

The exit from the room — another railcar — is blocked by the grille, which can be lifted using a valve located on the wall nearby. The problem here is that as soon as you try to turn the mechanism, mutant moles will emerge from everywhere and will not allow the hero to finish the job.

We advise you to run in any corner in order to see the direction of the attacks of enemies, and shoot the mutants on their way. After each of the waves of enemies — there are no more than three beasts in each — the music stops, but almost immediately turns on again. If this does not happen for longer than five seconds, then you can run back to the valve.

After unlocking the exit, proceed through the car to the sewer pier, where a boat is docked. Before you climb into it, search the area — find some ammo and resources. When you are ready, turn on the lamp on the bow of the vessel — add some brightness to your voyag. Then sit inside and paddle forward.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-79

If you wish, stop at the pier on your left hand — in the adjacent rooms you can find a new type of opponents, weapon and a collectible. At the entrance to the corridor, two nosalises will run past the protagonist — they are obviously fleeing from something.

Go ahead, shooting giant leeches off the walls and ceilings along the way — they spit poisonous liquids, so if you stay in one place, it’s possible to die from such projectiles. On the left side, there will be a locked grille door — we are going past it.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-82

At the turn, look into the room on the right for supplies, and then proceed to the room with the door ajar, through which you can squeeze into the previously mentioned closed room. Before you move on, shoot the two mutant moles; otherwise, they will find their way to you.

Once inside the room, pick up a worn-out diary from the table and modifications for Shambler. The box magazine expands the clip to 20 rounds — a good compromise between capacity and power for, remember, a shotgun. Taking a couple of filters from the locker, return to the boat.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-85

On the way back to the watercraft, the hero will be attacked by nosalises — if you jump in the boat fast enough, you can avoid them, but it is better not to risk it and spend a few bullets. Otherwise, you can receive some unnecessary damage literally from scratch.

The next part of the flooded tunnel, through which Artyom swims towards the mysterious institute, literally teems with leeches. Attach your sniper scope to your favorite long-range gun and stop rowing from time to time to get rid of the spitters.

The tunnel will lead the hero into the spacious hall — do not forget to put on a gas mask on in order to keep breathing. As soon as you swim inside, huge worms will ‘’flow’’ from all sides to the center of the room, one of which will eventually throw the character into the water. After getting out of the water, try to shoot the parasites’ ‘’faces’’, otherwise they will spit leeches.

Full Size
If you don’t patch the hole in the mask in time, Artyom will suffocate

When the water settles down, get back into the boat and row to the lit passage. Naturally, it is covered with mature leeches, who are not averse to spitting on you to death, so take the appropriate precautions. Having dealt with the threat, swim to the half-submerged staircase and go to the ‘’shore’’.

After picking up filters and ammo from the corpse, go up to the iron structure and, without entering the railcar on the right hand — there is nothing useful there — cross the platform to get into the opposite train. It is better to do everything quickly, because in the open space the hero risks being attacked by overgrown worms.

The interiors of the railcars are covered with slime, because of which the floor is extremely slippery here, and are covered with leeches. Theoretically, you can rush past all of them, but it is possible that you will slip right past your stop — the exit will be on the left — taking additional damage, so it’s better to get rid of the spitters.

Getting out of the train, go up the stairs and proceed along the bridge to the control room. Shoot leeches on the walls to collect crafting materials and bullets scattered around in peace, then go outside and pull the lever to lower the stairs to the pier.

A boat is swinging over the pier — it is held by a crane. Without a boat, you can’t get out of this madness, so you have to find a way up. It lies — you guessed it — through corridors covered with spitters.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-104

Shooting leeches along the way, head along the only available route until you see a worm dragging a corpse under the floor. You can shoot the huge invertebrate being that emerges from underwater after that, but it is not going to touch you anyway, so you can save your ammo.

Before squeezing through the nasty passage on the right side of the corridor, proceed to the opposite nook. Here, you will find lockers with a variety of supplies, and a long-awaited workbench for repairing the gas mask, cleaning weapons and creating bullets.

After finishing putting your equipment in order, move to the other side of the manhole and, peeling leeches off the walls on your way, go up to the second floor and head to the said crane. Be careful, as this balcony is in shooting range of worms — hide behind the machines or fight them.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-110

After waiting out the ‘’artillery’’ raid or dealing with the attackers, collect all the useful items on the site, including crafting resources, filters for gas masks and fragmentation grenades. After that, pull the lever to lower the boat into the water.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-111

Go straight move to your new watercraft. Be careful, because the giant worms have not disappeared anywhere and can peek out from under the water at any time to spit on you. So you still have to fight for the right to use the vessel.

Before you jump in the boat (or immediately after that), we strongly recommend you to scout the horizon using a rifle with a sniper scope. Scare off or even kill the giant worms in the distance now, and then they will not be able to harm the hero later.

However, even if you shoot all the worms in the vicinity, at least a couple of them will ambush you at the exit from the hall. Kill them or drive them away with a few shots — you won't be able to swim past them quickly enough — and row to the light at the end of the flooded tunnel.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-114

Closer to the middle his route, Artyom will collapse, and up to this point the hero’s health will be gradually lowered by the radiation. However, there is no need to worry — the damage is purely plot-based and is not dangerous to the protagonist.

The Institute

Artyom will wake up at the station, where Anna is already waiting for him — or, at least, her image, burned into the hero's brain with an extreme dose of received radiation. After climbing onto the platform, the hero will inject an anti-radiation syringe — without it, it would have been impossible to continue the journey.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-117

Proceed to the opposite end of the hall — do not forget to use the medkit to get rid of the blood red strip at the top of the screen — and go up the escalator to the pumping station. On the way, the protagonist will experience blurred vision, but you can ignore it — it does not affect the gameplay.

Turn right at the first turn, and go into the open room, from which Kirill and Miller’s conversation is heard — the Colonel got the map and is now heading towards the institute. Gas mask filters from the shelf, crafting items from the cabinets, and a browned note from the old TV.

Come out of the room and run to the stairs leading to the first floor of the building — an unnaturally bright light will seep through the window. Collect gas mask filters scattered around the corpses and cabinets — the most valuable resource in the coming minutes of the game — and bash the door to the second tier.

After getting out through the breach in the wall to a snowy street, move between cars and tanks, until the hero sees the memory of the government’s violent suppression of unrest in Novosibirsk. Artyom will come to his senses and see traces of huge paws under his feet.

Go down the inclined combat vehicle into the underground crossing — in the distance, you will see the silhouette of a humanoid creature (it is useless to shoot at it). Before you go further, turn 180 degrees and proceed to a dead end. In the boxes here are ammo, resources, and next to the corpse — a dusty notebook.

Having collected everything you need, run after the mysterious creature — on the way you can look in the toilets on your left to get a bit of crafting materials. Climb the stairs to the surface to finally see the coveted institute.

So far there will be no one inside, so you can relax: just soak up the atmosphere of the institution, collect useful items and look around. On the second floor of the building, you can find a cinema hall, where they advertise ‘’Renergan-F’’ — the very drug Artyom came here for.

Head through the spacious room with levitating objects and a bookcase in the far end. To the right of the exit will be a blockage — you can crawl under it. Take resources from the metal case on your left and climb onto the roof of the institute.

Before Artyom even climbs up, a giant eyeless gorilla running from around the corner will grab him — you could see one of those along the way. This monster, as you can imagine, is blind, and therefore focuses solely on hearing — if you move slowly or, better yet, crouch, the hero will not be noticed.

We focus on this because the game has the Guide achievement, for which you need to complete this level without killing blind mutants. Two factors make the task easier: opponents do not see the hero, and he runs much faster.

If you are not in the mood for mercy, then killing an eyeless gorilla is not so difficult: do not come close (or you will get hit with a huge hand) and just shoot the enemy's head from all the guns until its owner drops dead. After each burst, walk slowly, so that the beast does not find you.

As soon as the battle begins, rush past the mutant through the unlocked door behind him — the monster will not follow you inside the institute, and without wasting time examining the locked grille (hallucination of Anna is waiting behind it), get down to the floor below.

At the far end of the room, there will be a distribution box. After collecting the resources scattered around the room, charge the device to turn on the light and ‘’call’’ another gorilla — the monster will squeeze through the entrance. Wait until the enemy clears the passage, and run (or sneak) back to the top.

A switch is on the wall next to the locked grille — use it to unlock the stairs to the next floor. In the room cluttered with tables, there will be another gorilla — make sure that it does not block the exit from the room, and run to the elevator platform.

Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Dead City-148

All the way, Artyom is accompanied by various kinds of hallucinations and visions with Anna — do not pay attention to them and just move towards the goal. Climb the stairs to the floor above, clear the boxes on the wall, pick up useful items, and then go through the hole in the wall to the bridge leading to the next building of the institute.

After having another radiation ‘’trip’’, go down into the room filled with lockers — another mutant walks around it, but if you quickly run to the stairs on the right side, he will not catch up with you. Jump down to the floor below, go out into the corridor and immediately pick up the shipping list from the medical cart directly opposite the door.

Squeeze through a crowd of corpses and another vision into a spacious two-story hall — the exit from it is closed (no electricity), and several gorilla mutants patrol both floors at once. Fortunately, no one blocks the path to the distribution box on the right (see the screenshots above) and the device can be charged without any problems.

Next, avoiding the blind ones — you can even stop bothering with stealth, the room is quite big — go up the stairs in the middle of the hall to the second level and activate the switch on the wall next to the pile of human bones to unlock the door at the far end of the room.

If until now you were running from the mutants rather than hiding, now one of the gorillas will appear behind the hero’s back — rush to the exit to throw off the hostile. As soon as the hero finds himself on the stairs leading to the second part of the laboratory, the pursuers will automatically fall behind.

There is nobody and nothing to avoid, collect or kill any further, so just head for the elevator to the floor with the medical warehouse — the locker with Renergan-F is still intact. As soon as the hero picks up the case with the cherished medicine, another gorilla rushes into the room — it's time for the QTE-scene.

With the help of timely and fast presses of the same button, Artyom will overcome the resistance of the monster, but will keep lying without any strength in the institute’s courtyard. Arriving just in time, Miller injects his dose of anti-radiation drug into the hero and drags the poor fellow into the van.

The protagonist passes out once again, and then, upon waking up, he will see not the Colonel behind the wheel, but Kirill — the old man is resting in the passenger seat. Take the wheel and drive the car until Artyom passes out again — this time until morning.

The weather will clear, but Miller will not be able to see the sun — the radiation has taken its toll. Barely getting out of the car with the curative suitcase, the hero will fall to the ground, and then will be picked up by his happy comrades, who had come to the aid on the snowplow-equipped Aurora.

The gameplay part of Metro Exodus has come to its logical conclusion, but the story of Artyom is not finished yet — there is still an epilogue, in which the main plot will be summed up, and the decisions you made during the playthrough will finally have their consequences.