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Nier: Automata

Release date: March 7, 2017
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NieR: Automata Fishing Guide

A quick guide to fishing covering the controls, mechanics, fishing spots and rewards as well as how to get a secret ending

NieR: Automata Fishing Guide-1

In the original NieR: Gestalt the fishing minigame was a big part of gameplay. Fish was an important part of getting buffs, cooking and completing some of the most boring quests. Still, lots of gamers found themselves charmed by fishing minigame tranquility. Such fans will be glad to know that it has returned in NieR: Automata. Thankfully, it’s less of a chore in this new title of the series, and it’s very easy to get started. In this guide, we will cover how to fish, where you can find the most interesting species, why you should even bother fishing and share some tricks.

How to catch your first fish with style

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You will get access to fishing very early in the game. As soon as you get access to the open world, come to the nearest water body. By getting close enough to it, your Pod will be triggered to prompt you to start fishing. Hold the circle button and 2B will fling her Pod into the water to try and get a bite. She also summons a stool to get comfy while she waits.

It isn’t difficult at all to do well in the fishing minigame, as you just need to make sure that you pay attention to your Pod for signs of a bite. The most obvious cue is the Pod splashing around rapidly, still, it’s not the only one. Pay attention and be ready to hit the circle button when the Pod suddenly stops moving or changes the direction of its water drifting. The last two signs usually mean catching something pretty rare. If you hit the circle button at the right moment, you will have caught something for your troubles. It can be a fish, machine fish, useless trash or even a new weapon or Pod.

When playing as 9S or A2 later in the game, fishing controls won’t change a bit. Probably it’s a part of pretty early androids’ design.

Fishing rewards

Selling your catch is a great way to get some coins but it’s not the only fishing value. A Round by the Pond achievement is a reward for catching twenty different types of fish. It can be easily acquired just by fishing in every game location.

You can also get Iron Pipe an Easter egg weapon from the original Nier by fishing in sewers between City Ruins and Amusement Park.

Flooded City has three different fishing spots — waterfall, by the sea shore and near the missile from Missile Supply Mission  — the most expensive fish can be caught here. Also, Pod B is a possible catch, don’t miss it!

Mackerel of Doom

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Art from Reddit user chickengogo

One of most unexpected fishing result in NieR: Automata is, well, death. Ending K: aji wo [K]utta is acquired by 2B eating a Mackerel.

In Chapter 6 you will receive a new message from Jackass, a resistance member obsessed with experiments. She wants 2B to try a fish for «science» to see how it affects YoRHa units. After eating a Mackerel, black screen with a message will pop-up:

Having consumed the mackerel, it didn’t take long for the android’s bodily fluids to congeal. “It was good though,” the android thought as consciousness faded. “Exquisite even, no wonder humans eat them.”