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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker All Errands Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all side quests in the game Pathfinder: Kingmaker

A Secret Room

After you have eavesdropped the killers’ dialog, examine two rooms which are located next to each other. There are two statues inside. Interacting with each of them will lower or raise swords. Besides, if you touch one statue, other statues will be activated. It happens in a certain order that you should identify on your own. It's very easy to do.

Then you need to use the following combination: swords on all statues should be directed upwards. In this case, in the lower room a passageway to a secret room with a chest containing a ring and weapons will appear.

Svetlana's Ring

After you help Oleg on his trading post, take a night off, then walk down and talk to Svetlana on the first floor in the store. She will tell you about a wedding ring which is in rogue's possession. You need to find it and bring it back to the woman.

Walk down to Thorn Ford, the location that you should reach during the main quest Stolen Land. Defeat bandits in their camp in the lower right corner of the map, then examine bodies and take Svetlana's wedding ring. Give it back to her and receive a reward.

At the end of the quest, you'll get 49 experience points and 10 complete sets for a camp.

Fangberry for Bokken

You can take it at Oleg's Trading Post.

You'll be sent to the spider cave which calls Fang cave. To reach it, you should go down from Oleg's trading post, then turn to the right and stay the course. Soon you will find the location you need.

Clean up this location and enter the cave. There are giant and small spiders. You can annihilate the swarm of small spiders using fire or acid spells only. Use scrolls or join Regongar to your party. Collect fangberry from a bush on the right. You have to be tested by nature once again, it's not so easy to do. In case of fail, the character will receive damage.

After you collect fangberry, go back to Oleg's trading post without delay. Give the plant to Bokken to complete the quest. If you linger, fangberry can get spoilt and Bokken will ask you to bring a fresh one.

You'll get 165 experience points, a Regeneration Potion and 2 potions to heal minor injuries.

Moon Radishes for Bokken

You can take this quest at Oleg's trading post at the same time with the previous side quest.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker All Errands Walkthrough-8

Head for the location with Tuskgutter's refuge. It's marked on the map. Kill the giant boar or allow Amiri to do it on her own if you want to complete the quest Prove Your Worth successfully. You'll get 200 experience points, 400 golden coins, and a masterwork longbow.

Find the Temple of the Elk

This quest will be activated after you deal with bandits in the Thorn Ford during the quest A Bitter Rival. Here you can talk with Jhod Kavken. He asks you to tell him if you find the Temple of the Elk.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker All Errands Walkthrough-9

You can do it during the quest called Stolen Land when you'll be near an abandoned shack (Stag asked to destroy it). Here you'll find a note and learn how to find the Temple. You can also come across the location on your own (at the left side of the screen).

Pathfinder: Kingmaker All Errands Walkthrough-10

After you cleaned up an area and helped Tristian, a task will be updated – you should report on it to Jhod. Go to the trading post and have a talk with Kavken, who stands on the left of the entrance and sells magic scrolls. After the conversation with Jhod, you'll receive two scrolls, which can rid you of a blindness status.

Fresh Meat

At some point, you’ll have a random encounter with People from the League. They will tell you that you can give your life in exchange for one of your companions whom you’ll lose forever. You have two options: to give them a certain companion or fight against the enemies and activate A Warm Welcome from the League quest. We’ve chosen not to give them a companion but probably this quest would still be activated, and you’d be able to save your companion from the enemies.

Moon Radishes for Bokken

You can get it on Oleg’s trading post while having a Fangberry for Bokken side quest. When you arrive at the Old Sycamore location (you need this location in the hunt story quest), go to the central part of the area by climbing the hill from the northern or southern part of the map (now you have to show your agility). Here you’ll find a field of moon radishes with some kobolds lying around. Bokken doesn’t need the whole harvest, so you should just collect some radishes. But you can still take everything by killing everybody around and sell the harvest to Bokken for example.

In the Fangberry for Bokken quest, you had to deliver the radishes right away. Now there’s no hurry. When you get a chance, come back to Oleg’s trading post and hand over the items.

Swamp Bouquet

The old swamp witch Beldame will give you this quest. She lives in a hut which is located on the left, below the fortress. You’ll visit her hut during the Lost Child quest. Talk to the old woman but ring the bell first. Don’t try to break down the gates and throw a pebble against the window, or you’ll be attacked by the witch and her Scarecrow. In that case you’ll have to kill them, and two errands, including this one, will become unavailable.

You also need to find three types of herbs at this location (three pieces for each kind). You’ll find the first one at the bottom right, above the place where you fought Scythe-Tree. The second herb grows at the top right corner, just where you began the quest allowing you to fight with Scythe-Tree. The third herb is located at the top left corner of this location where you’ll also encounter the Giant Slugs lurking around. Once you collect three pieces of each type of the herbs, come back to Beldame’s hut and complete the quest. You’ll earn 400 coins and 300 XP.

Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl

You’ll get this quest from Beldame (read the Swamp Bouquet quest guide). The next location (the Mud Bowl location) is situated below your fortress and just a little to the left. Defeat the enemy, fetch ten black rattlecap mushrooms and go back to the witch. The quest is completed, and you earn 400 coins and 300 XP.

The Lonely Hunter

You need to get to the Lake Silverstep Village location which is next to a big lake, east of the capital. At the top left corner of the area you’ll meet Ivar. Talk with him and don’t start a fight if you want the quest to be activated.

Then you need to go back to the hut at the right edge of the location. Here you’ll see footprints going north. Follow the trail until you can’t see the monster on the map. Eventually you’ll find the exit. Leave this location and move to another one on the right – Silverstep Grove. Go upwards, kill the enemies and defeat the werewolf Ivar. It’s up to you whether you kill him or let him escape. You’ll get 300 XP at the end of the quest.

The Scary Box

This quest starts at the same location as it does in The Lonely Hunter quest. In the center of the map you’ll see the elf Lykka. Speak to her and offer your help. Go to the left part of the map and find the entrance to the cave. You should beat the bandits up and open the sarcophagus standing next. You need this to defeat Zombie-Cyclop and the other enemies. Investigate the body, then go back to Lykka and tell her the quest is completed. You’ll earn 300 XP, a gold ring, two chrysolites and 647 coins.

Elederian Pearls

You’ll get this quest at the Bridge over the Gudrin River location, on the southeast of the capital. Then go slightly below and turn right. Talk with the Goblin Prince and kill or threaten him to get the pearl necklace. Head down the trail until you meet a runaway girl. She’s the one who needs this necklace. End the quest by giving it to her and earn 600 XP.

Roc’s Egg

You can acquire this quest from Elina, who will come to the throne room and ask the baron to visit her. Go to the inn and talk to the girl. She will ask you to bring her the egg of the Roc, which lives in the Talon Peak location, not far from Varnhold. Go there, slay the monster and get the item.

Assemble a Militia in Varhnhold

The quest will start once you bring Varnhold back. Tirvall will come to the throne room and offer to assemble a militia in Varnhold. Agree with him; then go to the Kingdom Management menu and do so.

Green Stone

Jeweller Mim will visit you and ask to bring her an emerald. To complete the quest, buy some green quartz from any merchant in town and give it to Mim. She will be waiting not far from the throne room, in the city square.

The Ravenous Queen

In the Glenebon region, where the Fossil Fields and Armag’s Tomb are located, you will find several mysterious shrines. On each, there are stone slabs with movable pillars. Interact with them until the ghost of a woman appears and asks for help. To complete the task, put the pillars in correct order. But which is correct?

Magical Prison

A mage named Farnirras the Pensive is imprisoned under the Lonely Barrow. To set him free, you must kill a specific number of monsters and get the key. Deal with the monsters and six flames will lit in the prison. Then, get back to the capital and find the well in a small court, in the left part of the town. If you have Nok-Nok, this place will be to the up left of him. Interact with the well to get down and pick up the items from the table. The needed key will be among them.

The Impatient Pirates of Pitax

Travel to Pitax and head left from the city square, to the port. Find the inn and talk to captain Martyn to start the task. He will ask you to get him Blakemoor's grimoire.

This guide is going to be updated.