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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker FAQ

Answers to the most frequent questions about kingdom management, upgrading settlements, advisors, having romance with your party members, healing, quests walkthrough, and various gameplay aspects


Kingdom management

How to upgrade the city

You will not be able to do so without proper preparations. All settlements in the game are divided into three different types: villages, towns and cities. To create your first settlement, you need to have three regions (including the first one) captured, on which villages must be present. To establish the next settlement, you need to have five regions and so on. Once you have three regions with settlements, you can upgrade one of them to town.

In addition, the capital should have 16 occupied building slots if you want to upgrade it to city.

How to upgrade village to town

You have to capture three regions, build villages there, and then upgrade the capital to town.

How to upgrade buildings

To upgrade buildings, you must upgrade villages to towns, and towns to cities. Continue to develop all the captured regions and establish settlements on them.

How to increase the number of advisors

To have a new position in the Kingdom (which will be a branch of the one already available), you must have a certain amount of points in a related stat. Then the advisor appointed to the current position will announce a new one.

This topic will be further discussed in the question ‘’How to unlock advisor positions’’ below.

How to unlock advisor positions

The game has ten positions in total, five of which are the basic ones, and five more are additional (one for each). When you increase certain parameters of the Kingdom related to any basic position to 20 points, it becomes possible to increase the rank of this parameter.

For each new rank, you will increase the number of rolls by two, which will simplify the problem solving by the current advisor, as well as increase the income of the barony by 1 BP.

As soon as the main stat is increased to the fourth rank, the advisor will tell you that he can’t deal with all the duties and ask you to hire an assistant. Thus, an additional position is either unlocked immediately, or it will be necessary to complete a special project related to the training of a character for a given position.

How to level up advisors

Advisors level up when they complete successful events or finish certain projects associated with increasing stat rank. You can also retrain advisors so they can serve at new positions.

How to find a Treasurer

For more information about which characters you can assign to which positions, see our guide Where to Find Advisors in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

How to increase/earn BP (build points)

For each new rank of a specific parameter of your barony, you get one additional build point per week. At the same time, there is a restriction related to the rank of your economy — if you upgraded the economy to the third rank, while your diplomacy and army are at the fourth rank, then you will only receive 9 BP instead of 11. The remaining two for the diplomacy and army will be added after you bring the economy to the same fourth rank (along with 1 additional BP for the new rank).

Initially, Jamandi Aldori will supply you with 30 BP every week, sending them from Brevoy. Also, your land has its own income, which was described above. It consists of basic income and income from other sources. The basic income includes those rank bonuses limited by the rank of your economy.

As for the other sources of income, trade agreements with different settlements can be a good one. You will have to save a hefty amount of money, as some contracts require 500 to 1000 BP.

However, there is one significant nuance — half of your income, excluding those 30 BP from Aldory, you send back to Brevoy. Therefore, if you earn 60 BP on top of those 30, you basically give back what you get. You will be able to get rid of this obligation further in the story through special projects/events. In that case, you will stop sending half of your income to Brevoy, but they will no longer supply you with the original 30 BP.

How to claim regions

To claim a particular region, you must open the Regions tab in the Kingdom management. Certain requirements must be met for you to claim each region. You need to complete story quests (chapters), upgrade one or another parameter to a certain value, etc. Claiming a region consumes BP, needs 14 days and requires one free advisor.

How to turn a building

This feature is not supported.


How to upgrade companions

You choose two different upgrade systems at the beginning of the game. You can either distribute skill points and characteristics in the same way you do with your own character or refuse this option and simply press the ‘’plus’’ icon to level them up automatically.

How to heal Jaethal

This requires spells that inflict wounds. During the rest, your characters should recover their health points. If they have the correct spells, they will heal completely (inflict wounds for Jaethal, cure wounds for others). If there are no spells anymore, then the characters will only recover a fraction of health with their natural healing. You can do two halts in a row — the first one will allow you to restore the spells, and the second — to apply them and heal your group.

How to revive characters

To do this, apply a resurrection scroll to a dead character.

How to respec

Similar to the tabletop version of Pathfinder, there is no way to reset skills in the game. You will have to use cheats, which can backfire, or restart the game.

What is the maximum level

There is the same limit for the main character and his companions — level 20.

How to start an affair

You can have romantic relationships with Valerie, Tristian, Octavia, and Regongar. The last two do not care about the gender of your character, Valerie prefers a man and Tristian is looking for a woman.

It is worth noting that the affairs do not depend on the characters’ traits. Bad guys fall in love with good guys and vice versa, though it will be difficult to maintain such a relationship. At the same time, in order to have a chance with any character, you must travel with them as much as possible, make decisions that they will like, choose the right dialogue options, etc.

How to have an affair with Valerie

To be able to do this, your hero should be male. If so, just take Valerie everywhere with you and complete her personal quests.


How to find the Stag Lord

You have to move south from Oleg’s Trading Post. Move to the ford, which you must see on the map. Search the place, kill the bandits and take Stag Lord’s orders. Next, head up the river (and the map), which flows into the lake up north. Get to the hut, view the memories and learn where the Temple of the Elk is located (south of here).

Having dealt with the affairs in the temple, go back to Oleg’s Trading Post to find the Stag Lord’s fortress, which will reveal itself in the magic fog. Before heading to the fortress, you will have to get to Tortuccio, the spy, having found him in several locations.

How to find the Stag Lord’s fortress

His fortress is located on the southern edge of the first region, but a magic fog hides it. You will be able to access it after you complete all the previous story objectives.

How to find the Temple of the Elk

The Temple of the Elk is located south of the house by the river, where you viewed Stag Lord’s memories. You can also move southwest from the Oleg’s Trading Post.

How to find the Goblin Village

It is located to the north of the Gudrin river and northeast of the Bridge over the Gudrin River.

How to kill the Primal Shambling Mound

To finish off the Shambling Mound, you will need a weapon with the гнилостный (putrid?) tag. You could find such a club before meeting this monster. Spells with the same effect will also work nicely. You can use Disintegrate spell, but in this case, you will destroy all the loot from the enemy. You can also use Jaethal by giving her a scythe that channels negative energy.

How to enter Pitax

To enter Pitax, you must first participate in the Rushlight Tournament organized by King Irovetti, and then wait for his advisors to visit the capital. Receive them in the throne room, and then go to Pitax. They will say that you must bow Irovetti.

How to get to the Sycamore Hall

You need a relic of the Mite Queen, which was taken by the leader of kobolds. Head down and take it back. After that, you can open the magic door. Read more about this in the Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough.

How to open the secret door

You need to lower all swords on the statues in the first and second rooms (more in our walkthrough).

How to open the door in the Abandoned Keep

Here you need to put out the candles to open the door. There will be a lot of useful loot behind it (and some undead enemies).

How to save the child

You must use intimidation, and then kill all opponents before they hurt Tig.

How to save Bartholomew Delgado

During the Bloom, do not hesitate to return to the capital.

How to deal with the epidemic

This happens during a story quest, and if it does not — perhaps, you encountered another bug.


How to cook

The process of cooking is tied to your ration supply. If you have enough, you will be able to cook even in a cave, although not at all times (you still need fire for this), which means you also will not be able to rest. Rations are harvested during the hunt, but you can’t hunt in any of the dungeons or caves.

Each character has his own talents — one is a better hunter, another will be a great cook and the third one will make a good guard for your camp. When you start camping and the corresponding window opens, select the ‘’Edit’’ button on the left side of the screen. Here you can assign characters to certain duties. Hover over any companion or the main character, hold LMB and slightly move his avatar. In every empty window of the different activities, you will see a number — those can be both positive and negative. It is clear that it is better to assign a hero to an activity in which he has the highest numbers. Same with cooking.

How to camp

To successfully rest, assign characters to important activities: hunting, cooking, disguising the camp and protecting it. You can’t do it in a cave or dungeon.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker FAQ-1

How to enter stealth mode

At the bottom of the screen on any map, there is an icon that allows you to enter stealth mode.

How to beat a Spider Swarm

Spider Swarms are afraid of fire, so you can use a Flask of Alchemist’s Fire, or throw two bombs. You can also try the torch, but it will not be the most efficient way of spending your time.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker FAQ-2

How to get through the fog

Neighboring regions will open by themselves further in the story — no other way.

How to dispel fog

The fog clears automatically along the storyline.

How to remove a curse

You need a scroll called Scroll of Remove Curse (original, isn’t it?). To undo permanent damage to a stat (not from a curse), you must use both types of restoration.

How to increase the game speed

No official way — only through third-party programs, such as trainers, Cheat Engine tables, etc. You do this at your own peril.

How to import a portrait

First, create the portrait, making it from scratch or downloading any picture from the internet. After that, use any photo editor to set the correct resolution — 1024x692 pixels (height x width). Next, you should save the image in PNG format and rename it to Fulllength. Using a similar method, create a smaller image with 432x330 dimensions, calling it Medium. Then you can use your medium image to create an even smaller one — change 330 to 185 but make sure to save proportions. Call it Small.

Click on the ‘’custom portraits’’ icon in the portrait creation menu, choose ‘’open portraits folder’’, replace all the portraits and click ‘’refresh portraits’’.

How to increase rank

The rank rises through a special project after you upgrade the parameter associated with to 20. Naturally, you need to get it to 40 for the third rank and to 60 for the fourth.