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Realm Royale

Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Realm Royale Starting Guide

The basic guide on the game Realm Royale: the class choice, the type of battle, weapon, airdrop, a forge hearth, and many other things


Realm Royale is the Battle Royale game with cartoon physics, in which players can use special abilities, various types of weapon and armor. Before each game, the player can choose one of five available heroes. Unlike other games of this genre, there is no the acceleration function for a character. Instead, a player can summon a horse for moving faster around the map.

We've prepared a number of hints for beginning players of Realm Royale.

The class choice

Realm Royale Starting Guide-1

There are 5 classes in the game. Each of them contains unique armaments, but there are no restrictions on the use of other weapons. Heroes also have 3 kinds of unique abilities:

  • Passive  — these don’t need activation and grant constant effect;
  • Movement — allow quick movement;
  • Looted — use various equipment.

So, let’s have a look at the five classes in Realm Royale:


An all-around fighter, who handles not only firearms but also swords and the unique throwing axe. The special feature of a warrior is a recovery of lost health (5 HP per second). The active class ability — Heroic Leap — allows to leap over a big distance with possible damage on the impact. The list of looted abilities includes:

  • Charge — a character dashes dealing damage on impact.
  • Flask of Healing — a regeneration potion. Allows to heal oneself or team-mates who are near you.
  • Net Shot — throws a net to immobilize an enemy for a few seconds.
  • Shielding Potion — creates an impenetrable shield around the character.


A master of turrets mounting and armor repairing. Uses the Plasma Launcher as the unique weapon. A fighter of such class restores damaged armor automatically (5 points per second). The active class ability — Thrust — a big jump up in the air. The list of looted abilities includes:

  • Fire Bomb — a character attacks with a firebomb.
  • Barricade — creates a protective shield.
  • Healing Totem — creates a totem which restores health.
  • Deploy Turret — deploys turrets.


One of the most powerful classes in the game. Such character can use the legendary single-loading sniper rifle. The active class ability — Blink — allows the Assassin to teleport on a short distance. It has a very long cooldown on the first level (15 seconds). The Assassin is faster than other classes (pace increased by 10%). The list of looted abilities includes:

  • Ghost Walk — makes a character invulnerable increasing the pace by 20%
  • Sensor Drone — allows to see enemies through obstacles for 5 seconds.
  • Concussion Bomb — the assassin casts a bomb, which damages and throws off an enemy.
  • Smoke Screen — creates an invisibility cloud.


The second character in a woman's form. As the active class ability the Mage uses Soar — the ability to fly for a short time. This class uses potions 30% more efficiently than other classes. The unique weapon is the Stone Spear. The list of looted abilities includes:

Wall — creates a wall in front of a character.

Explosive Flask — slows down selected enemies.

Ice Block — blocks incoming damage, regenerates health at the same time (3 seconds).

Fireball — creates a fireball, which causes great damage.


The hunter has a reputation for accurate archery. Compared to other classes, the Hunter reloads and swaps weapons 10% faster. The active class ability — Dodge Roll  — a roll in the moving direction. This ability has a very short cooldown. The list of looted abilities includes:

Blast Shot — launches a sphere, which damages enemies.

Flare — this perk allows to spot enemies using a flare.

Withdraw — the ability which not only gives invisibility but it also throws back a character.

Proximity Mine — it places some small mine which explodes if somebody approaches.


There are 3 types of battles in the game: solo, duo, and squad. If you don't like team battles, the solo mode is for you. Choosing a battle with a squad, you'll go to a random team. You can also invite 3 friends in your squad.

Realm Royale Starting Guide-2

Any battle you choose presupposes the same type for all players. It means that if you start a solo game, there'll be single fighters only. The choice is yours!

Communication with friends

Although the game is in the alpha-access, there is the voice chat function that helps to communicate to players without a third party software (‘’T’’ button on default). Don't forget to inform your team-mates about located enemies or an approaching threat.

Choose a place for landing

Best locations for landing are remote places with a large number of houses, near the forge (outside the white line of a zone preferably). Many players go immediately to the zone center, but you should keep in mind, that there'll be most murderous battles. That's why the number of players decreases so rapidly during the first minutes of the battle. Besides, the farther you are from the center, the more forges you can visit!

Search and the choice of weapon

After landing, first of all, you should find any gun for defense. The optimal way is to find rare or legendary class equipment.

Realm Royale Starting Guide-3

There is a great number of options of weapons in Realm Royale. We will start with a description of its rarity. All weapons are divided into 4 types. It's easy to make it out according to colors:

  • Common — white;
  • Rare — green;
  • Epic — purple;
  • Legendary — golden.

The rarer item is, the more damage it can deal. Even if you don't know which weapon is better, there are several green arrows appearing over a weapon you've found (if it's better than you the weapon you use).

Realm Royale Starting Guide-4

The list of all types of weapons which exist in the game today:

  • swords;
  • handguns;
  • crossbow;
  • shotguns;
  • rifles;
  • class weapons.


Airdrop is an inherent part of every battle royale. Every few minutes the zeppelin drops a golden chest to a random point on the map. The contents of the chest depend on the level of the fighter, who will open it. In any case, it will be a legendary class weapon. You can see such chest on the main or on the mini-map. Moreover, the chest emits a bright beam high up, so you can't miss it! If you didn't find your class weapon, there is no sense to look for the next.

The disenchantment of items and the forge

You'll find some useless items (especially if you equip your hero well) — weapons, armor, and abilities. You can disenchant every item and turn it into shards. Shards are a special resource by which a player can create armor and health potions as well as parts of legendary armor and legendary abilities.

We recommend you to read the detailed guide ‘’Realm Royale Armor Guide’’.

How to make good use of a forge fire

In the squad or duo game, you can use a forge fire in following ways:

On your way to the forge, you should have 60 shards to start the creation of an armor (creation time — 60 seconds).

One of the squad stays to look after the forge fire, other members of the squad continue to look for armor or weapons in neighboring buildings.

Be ready to go back to ‘’the guard’’, because skilled squads attack four at a time and have no mercy on anyone!

If you play solo, you should use the forge carefully. It is desirable not to lose it visually and to be near it a few seconds before the creation of an item. Why? It's easy to understand — you have only 10 seconds to take an item. Otherwise, any player passing by can take it, so you'll spend your shards for nothing. But that's not all. In such case, you have to kill a supposed thief to take the armor part back or to head for the next forge fire.

Horse riding

There is no sprint function in Realm Royale, so using horses is a necessity, especially if a storm comes to you (X button on default). If you are hit while riding your mount, the stallion will disappear, taking upon itself a part of the damage.

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The fog in Realm Royale is presented in the form of restriction of the area for a specified period of time. If you have some armor, getting outside the red zone, the character will lose it gradually. First 2 waves take not so many health or armor points, but following waves take too many points. Try to reach a marked place on the map in time in order not to fall a victim to the fog.

General tips

Hear attentively

As in every game of the Battle Royale genre, to hear an approaching enemy is the best way to win because you can catch him before he knew it. If the enemy started shooting at you, try to find out his location before he'll injure you. As soon as it happens, there'll be no point to do it because the interface presupposes a red stripe over the player's sight. It shows the direction of the shot.

Don't stand still

You'll certainly die if you shoot from one spot. Maneuvering can save your character's life and your squad. Always be in motion, look for shelters to reload guns, and shoot enemies in a proactive way (especially during battles at long distances). In almost all cases these actions can help you to win the shoot-out.

Always finish off enemies

You can't kill at once an enemy in Realm Royale. After causing a critical damage, every character turns into a chicken (a hen). The character has 30 seconds to revive. If you don't finish off the enemy, he becomes human again. Everyone has 3 revivals, a character dies after the third time.

Realm Royale Starting Guide-10

On the other hand, if your health level has descended to zero — find some shelter and try to stand these 30 seconds till recovery happens. Mainly it becomes complicated because of a distinctive noise (melody) which the chicken produces. That can help to find its location. Nevertheless, using the chicken skin you can get through places which a common character can't get — use it.