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Realm Royale

Release date: June 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Realm Royale Armor Guide

A guide to types of armor in Realm Royale, crafting and protection rates

Almost all games of the Battle Royal genre contain diverse equipment, protecting a character against damages when being hit by an enemy. In Fortnite: Battle Royale gamers use special elixirs as an armor, in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS you can use bullet-proof vests and helmets to protect a character.

In the alpha-access, there are 4 types of armor: helmets, chest armor, gloves, and boots. Each of these items has durability and also increases the overall rate of defense. If you found and put on a character any of these items after an armor loses its durability, you can restore it using elixirs. You can find equipment and elixirs on any missions when opening chests.

These elements are divided into common, rare, epic and legendary. All 3 types of armor you can find in chests, but a legendary equipment you can create using a forge fire. There are 19 forges located on the map, where you can forge only one random element of a legendary armor. If you have already used the forge, you have to find another one to create the next component of armor.

When the forge starts to forge the element you've selected in the menu, each player could see the countdown for production. The owner should have time to pick up the forged item because any passing player can take it.

Realm Royale Armor Guide-3

Before you come to a forge, you should collect a certain quantity of resources (shards). Otherwise, you'll fail. You can do it by breaking any items (X button on default). This resource has a collection limit. You can't break items if you collect 200 shards — in this case, you have to find a forge and spend shards.

Realm Royale Armor Guide-4

Usually, it requires at least 60 shards to create one element of armor. We recommend breaking all useless weapons, armor, and abilities to gain shards. Main rates of each type of armor are listed below.


  • Common helmets give 100 armor points.
  • Rare helmets increase this rate to 160.
  • Epic helmets have 220 points and reduce the recovery time by 10%.
  • Legendary helmets triple rates of common helmets and also reduce the recovery time by 30%.

Chest Armor

  • Common breastplates give 100 armor points.
  • Rare breastplates increase this rate to 160.
  • Epic breastplates have 220 points and accelerate health regeneration by 5 points per second.
  • Legendary breastplates triple rates of common breastplates and also accelerate health regeneration by 15 points per second.


  • Common gauntlets give 100 armor points.
  • Rare gauntlets increase this rate to 160.
  • Epic gauntlets have 220 points and increase the weapon swap speed and reload speed by 10%.
  • Legendary gauntlets triple rates of common gauntlets and also increase weapon swap speed and reload speed by 30%.


  • Common greaves give 100 armor points.
  • Rare greaves increase this rate to 160.
  • Epic greaves have 220 points and increase mount speed by 5%.
  • Legendary greaves triple rates of common greaves and also increase mount speed by 15%.