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Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis

In an attempt to find the kidnapped Jack and escape from Pinkertons, the gang of Dutch van der Linde moved to an abandoned mansion that is located not far from Saint Denis


Having almost completely eliminated the two rival families of Rhodes, van der Linde’s gang decided to move to Saint Denis, where someone named Angelo Bronte holds the kidnapped son of John and Abigail. The new base is located in an abandoned mansion in the swamps to the south-west from the industrial megapolis.

Simultaneously with the search for the boy, Dutch is busy drawing up plans of escape from Pinkertons, whose leader – agent Milton – promised to visit Dutch accompanied by a whole army the next time the next time he sees him. Meanwhile, the gang Is short of money, and Hosea hopes to do the last big thing.

From the very beginning of this chapter, you have access to only one mission – to find Angelo Bronte – but it has several starting points. In this walkthrough, quests will be discussed in order of their appearance on the map, storyline logic and convenience: the nearest quest will come first.

The Joys of Civilization

Before parting at the end of the previous mission, Dutch told Arthur to ask about Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis. You have three potential clues: Guiteau Square, Doyle’s Tavern and Bastille Saloon – but the people in the first two locations will advise the hero to visit the third location.

One of the two conditions of getting the gold medal at the end of the mission is to complete the task in five and a half minutes. This is not as much as it seems, so we advise to skip cutscenes to save time – we will briefly speak about their content. Also, we advise you to do a manual save before the quest because it is hard to replay the mission with basic characteristics.

At the entrance to Bastille Saloon someone will point a revolver at the hero’s head – this is Dutch joking. He will wait for you on a bench near the park opposite the saloon, while you will have to get some information. Once inside, order whisky – the protagonist will ask the bartender about Bronte, but the barman will refuse to speak. One the way to the exit, Morgan will be stopped by a drunkard who will advise him to talk with teenagers in an alley – they know where to look.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-6

Go out of the saloon, turn to the left at the first turn (as soon as you can run – run). You will find yourself in a small courtyard. Don’t waste your time talking to the locals and proceed through the door on the left to get into a small square with two black women. The teenagers who were mentioned by the drunkard wait for the protagonist in the arch behind the ladies.

At the meeting, the kids will assure you that they know Angelo Bronte, but the road to him costs five dollars. Arthur will pay and follow two kids – the first one will tell the hero about city sights, while the second one will just go along. While the protagonist will be distracted by the local ‘’guide’’, his comrade will cut off Arthur’s bag (together with all the thousands of dollars) and run away.

Without the intervention of external forces (bugs or AI mistakes), you will not be able to catch the boy in the first half of the pursuit: first, he will jump on the cart, then into the tram – both vehicles move faster than the hero, so just try to stay close enough. Your route will run past the entrance to Bastille Saloon where the protagonist’s horse is standing – use it to continue the pursuit.

As soon as the boy jumps from the tram, get off the horse and rush after the thief into the arch. At the fork, turn to the left, to the three men who are talking to each other (see the screenshot above). After this, run into the next doorway where the young robber will appear again. Continue the pursuit but be careful: a cart will be passing, so do not fall under its wheels.

At this stage, Arthur will be lacking stamina so either save it or use the tonic – fortunately, this will not impact your ability to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. The bad news is that in order to get the gold medal, you should catch the boy before he gets to his friends – this is not easy to do.

There are several ways of catching the young criminal. The first one is not to follow him into the alley after the cart but bypass the building (use the yellow dot on the mini-map) and catch him on the stairs or immediately after it. The second option is to cut corners (see the screenshot above) through the courtyards and get to the avenue faster than the thief. In this case, is route will be much longer, which will allow Arthur to reduce or even eliminate the distance between him and the thief.

The sooner Morgan catches Cleet – this is the name of the bag thief – the better, because no one cancelled the ‘’golden’’ time limit for the walkthrough of the mission. However, the success of the chase won’t impact the storyline – even if the teenager manages to get to his armed friends, the protagonist will get both his belongings and the information regarding Bronte’s location – a big house on Flavian Street.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-18

Having collected the information, return to Dutch – there is no horse in the nearby, so you will have to walk. Do not relax as the clock is still ticking – try to get to van der Linde as fast as possible. Having discussed Bronte, the characters will agree to meet near the mansion along with John, whose son is supposedly captured by Angelo.

Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-19

Immediately after the end of the previous mission, Dutch and John will be waiting for Arthur in a park opposite Angelo Bronte’s mansion. On the way to the main gate, the characters will discuss a plan: in order to keep the boy safe, they will try to negotiate without using weapons. In order to make their appearance more convincing, van der Linde will hit the guard’s head at the gates, and the heroes will be let inside.

Bronte will meet the uninvited guests without much enthusiasm: instead of answering the reasonable question regarding why he needs Marston’s son, the mobster will produce an angry tirade about Dutch and his friends (appearance, manners, participation in the destruction of the Braithwaite estate), but will suddenly turn kinder in the end. Angelo will promise to give the boy back in exchange for a service – you need to deal with robbers-debtors in the cemetery.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-22

Arthur and John will go to deal with the new assignment – Dutch will stay to chat with his new friend. Get on your horse and follow Marston to the entrance to the cemetery. The first condition of getting the gold medal at the and of the mission is to complete the task in 10 minutes and 40 seconds. Given the number of actions that you will have to do in this mission, you should act fast.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-23

On the way to the thieves, if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the quest, you need to stumble upon a drunkard and a dog. The drunkard is located to the left from the main route, while the dog is to the right. The location of both meetings (as well as the main goal) could be seen in the screenshot above. Having sneaked close enough to the area marked by a yellow zone on the mini-map, the heroes will knock out the door of a suspicious crypt but won’t find anyone inside.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-24
The shootout against the cemetery thieves is the only chance to get the four headshots that you need to obtain the gold medal at the end of the mission

However, the characters will find someone behind their backs – the robbers will open fire at Arthur and John and disperse around the cemetery. In this case, the speed is equally important as the accuracy – you need four headshots to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Typically, it’s dark at night, so use the Dead Eye mode to facilitate aiming.

As soon as the shooting begins, immediately activate the time slowdown to deal with one or (if you are lucky) several opponents. There are five enemies in the cemetery, and you can kill four of them without leaving your position with proper skill. You will have to search for the last/remaining ones - the enemies vanish from the mini-map once they are far enough from the hero.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-27

Time is running out so do not spend it on searching enemy bodies and immediately go to search for their loot. You will find it – a tiny bag – in the south-east corner of the cemetery. The heroes won’t have the time to party since they will hear the whistle of law enforcement officers. The nearby gates are closed, the walls around the perimeter are too high – you will have to return to the main entrance.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-28

Theoretically, you can fight your way out of the cemetery (you’ll be able to deal the remaining headshots if you still need them), but in practice it is not worth it. First, a significant reward will be announced for your head. Second, you will have to escape from the pursuit (which requires time). Third, the gold medal requires total secrecy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-29

As for the stealth, the game will advise you to follow John along the south wall of the cemetery (see the map above if you need landmarks) but it’s much faster and safer to move along the north wall (using this tactic, you will have to bypass just one enemy). Do not worry about Marston – he will ‘’teleport’’ to Arthur as soon as you get out.

Once you get to the main entrance, wait until the ‘’policemen’’ who are guarding it disperse – Arthur should avoid them at this point. Fortunately, you can get on numerous crypts and buildings on the territory of the cemetery to avoid being detected. Once you are outside the gates, jump on your horse and rush to Bronte’s mansion – you need to get the gold medal.

Jack will meet the heroes at the entrance to the estate – he is safe as Angelo promised. On the way back to the camp, Dutch will tell about the invitation to the party at the mayor’s house, while the boy will tell how father Bronte treated him. Everything was good: he gave him spaghetti, provided toys and tried to make the child happy. Despite this, ragazzo missed his mother very much.

Happy about the return of her son, Abigail will thank everyone except his father for Jack’s rescue. The heroes have plenty of work ahead, but it can wait since there’s a party for van der Linder’s gang today. If you wish, you can sit with your comrades by the fire, listen to the songs and take part in the celebration in every possible way. Arthur will get a little more than a hundred dollars for the completion of this mission.

Fatherhood and Other Dreams – II

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-37

The next morning after the mission ‘’Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor’’, a letter from Mary will be on Arthur’s desk in his room on the second floor of Shady Belle. As in the case with the previous letter, the former lover asks for help, but it is unclear what kind of help is needed. Being one of the optional storyline missions, ‘’Fatherhood and Other Dreams – II’’ needs immediate attention – you must complete it before the end of the fourth chapter.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-38

Go to the Grand Hotel that is located in the south-east of Saint Denis – this mission will be highlighted by the icon ML on the mini-map. After a brief conversation about the love affairs of the gone days, Mary will ask Arthur to help her father. Morgan dislikes ‘’daddy’’ who opposed Arthur’s relationship with his daughter, so if you want, you can refuse to complete the task.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-39

It is not clear what happened to the patriarch of the family – Mister Gillis drank, smoked and had parties, but, judging by the hero’s reaction, this is not something new. Put Mary on your horse and ride together to the stables of Theodore Eckhart. The girl will go inside by herself, and you will have to wait at the entrance in a company of an arrogant cleaner.

After some time, the relatives will leave the building together, but Mary won’t be able to persuade her father to return home – he has some business to do. In order to find out what’s on Mr. Gillis’ mind, you will have to follow him. The old man will go rather slowly so don’t hurry. Stay away and hide behind various buildings to avoid being detected.

As you will find from spying on Mr. Gillis, he was secretive because he wanted to sell a brooch belonging to his wife (Mary’s mother) to a buyer of jewels named Ashton. Your companion will not endure such impudence and will rush to deal with her father, while Arthur will promise to return the jewel and engage in a pursuit of the treacherous buyer and his carriage.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-44

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to catch up, steal and bring the stagecoach to the safe place in a minute and forty-five seconds, so you must first find a horse. Your horse is so far that it cannot hear the whistle of the owner, so you need to be satisfied with little under the conditions of time constraints. A horse is ‘’parked’’ on the corner of the street – take it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-45

Ride fast – do not worry about the horse’s stamina as the pursuit will be short – and press on ‘’square’’/X as soon as your reach the carriage to jump onto it. Next, deflect the left stick in the right direction to get to the front of the wagon – Arthur will automatically throw away the original coachmen and will sit down at the reins.

Hurry up – the ‘’golden’’ clock is still ticking – and move to the route marked by the yellow color on the mini-map until you see your goal on it. To save time, you’ll be able to cut the route by going straight to the goal (just avoid trees). Once you are at the ground, drag Ashton outside of the carriage and decide which way you want to return the brooch to Mary – the honest way or the gangster way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-48

The jewel can be bought back for $100, $50 or $25 depending on how many times Arthur hits Ashton. After the third blow, the buyer will agree to part with the jewel for free, but there’s not much honor in such a trade. However, your relationship with Mary won’t be impacted, so you can save money if you wish – the life in Saint Denis is not cheap.

The hero will return to the city automatically: when you meet Mary, you can go to the theater with her. As this is one of the conditions of getting the gold medal at the end of the mission, there’s no point in refusing. You do not have to wait for the end of the performance, which consists of the introduction, a song, tricks with fire and dancing. It is enough to just attend the show to fulfill the condition for the gold medal.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-51

On the way to the tram station, the characters will discuss their past, unfulfilled dreams, and then Mary will offer Arthur to escape together, away from the gangster fuss. If Red Dead Redemption 2 was a real role-playing game, it is likely that you would have had a chance to arrange the personal life of the hero, but… After parting with the woman, the protagonist will again be alone.

Help a Brother Out

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-52

After the completion of the mission ‘’The Joys of Civilization’’, an icon with a question mark will appear in the east of Saint Denis. As in the case with the quest of Mary, this task should be completed by the end of the current chapter or it will disappear. Having arrived at the site, you will find a penitent monk who calls himself Brother Dorkins and believes that Arthur is a kind man inside.

First of all, the monk will ask you to give aims, $5, to the poor. This will not impact the development of the storyline but will give a small bonus to the reputation. According to Brother Dorkins, the pawnshop owner in the nearby is engaged in slave labor – and this happens at the dawn of the 20th century. Morgan does not believe in monk’s tales and decides to check the story.

There are two conditions of getting the gold medal at the end of the mission. First, you need to complete it in two minutes and forty-five seconds. Second, you need to do it without threatening the store owner. So, without wasting your time on talks, proceed to the back of the room. A cabinet will stand in the corner. You will see scratches on the floor. Pull the burgundy book on the second bottom shelf to open the descent to the basement.

Free two Hispanic prisoners. On the way to Brother Dorkins – the pawnshop owner will escape by this time – you can give them money from the cash register (we remind you that time is of limited supply) or take it to yourself. Return to the monk and decide whether Arthur needs a monetary reward for the mission – this money will be useful to the poor. Selflessness will bring you several reputation points.

Brothers and Sisters, One and All

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-60

At the end of the mission ‘’Helping a Brother Out’’, another optional quest will appear in the north-east of Saint Denis, in the area of the old church. This quest will disappear from the map if you do not complete it before the end of the fourth chapter. Having arrived at the site, you will find Sister Calderon who teaches reading to homeless children.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-61

While the Sister will thank Arthur for his help to Dorkins, one of the students will decide to steal a pocket crucifix from under the sister’s nose and run away. Despite the constant denial of the presence of positive qualities in himself, the first thing Arthur will do when he learns about the theft is to rush after the thief. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to catch the runaway in 19 seconds. This is easier than it seems.

Run to the crossroads (there’s no time to walk), turn to the left, to the area marked by the yellow color on the mini-map. In the ordinary situation, you could have asked a local resident regarding where they boy has gone, but instead, turn to the right and run along the street until you see a man pressing the juvenile robber to the wall of the building on the right side.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-64

Drive the gentleman away from the child and, having received the gratitude from the homeless boy, take the crucifix from the ground. Arthur will be heading for the church when he sees a street prostitute which turns out to be Mrs. Downes – the widow of one of the Strauss’ debtors, who was left without a husband, home and livelihood because of the hero’s actions. The fallen woman does not want to have anything to do with Morgan, so she will begin screaming in order to attract attention.

You will have to flee from the law enforcement officers who will be attracted by screams of the prostitute as there is no horse around. Wait out the search for you in some remote place and return to Sister Calderon – on the way, you can visit a post office and pay off the ‘’police’’ – to return the crucifix. For your efforts, you will receive her gratitude and a few reputation points.

Gilded Cage

By this time, there are no storyline missions left in the city, so return to the camp to talk with Hosea. As a reminder, Angelo Bronte invited the heroes to a party at the mayor’s house – the gang believes that it’s a great opportunity to make useful connections. In this light, van der Linde and Matthews plan to take Arthur and Bill to the party.

You will not have to kill anyone within this mission, so the hero will remain unarmed for a couple of minutes. Get out of the carriage and follow Dutch to the balcony to greet Bronte – Bill and Hosea will go to the guests. Mafiosi will introduce you to the most prominent characters of the party – Arthur will have to meet them face to face in the future.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-71

When van der Linde wants to go away, Bronte will ask about the gang’s plans in Saint Denis. The answer is simple – money. According to Mafiosi, the tram station has significant amounts of money. Angelo himself cannot take part in the robbery of such an institution due to his status, but he can give permission for such an endeavor to Dutch’s gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-72

Having said goodbye to Bronte, follow your friend to the party. Morgan will be asked to build trust with mayor Henri Lemieux – he stands near the fountain – but do not hurry to deal with this task. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you will have to feel like a waiter, praise the outfit of one of the guests, save someone’s life and accept a gift.

Having descended the stairs to the garden, go towards the trio of elegant women and offer to pour champagne in their glasses. Turn left – a woman in a refined headdress will stand in front of the arbor with a musicians’ quarter. Hold L2/LT and then press on ‘’square’’/X to compliment her. Two social interactions are completed, two more remain.

To the north-west from the previous guest, a man in a top hat is choking with a nut. Help him to avoid this ridiculous death and then go to the mayor but turn to the right, to the two gentlemen who are discussing the upcoming cabaret show. Receive tickets from them to complete the remaining point of the first condition of obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Meanwhile, Lemieux is forced to endure the drunken insults of his acquaintance. Take the drunken guest out of the party and return to the conversation – a salute will begin, and the hero will hear about a letter from Leviticus Cornwall, which was just brought to the mayor’s mansion. You will now have to follow the servant who reported about this letter to Lemieux.

In order to earn the gold medal at the end of the mission, you have to stay unnoticed during the entire pursuit. For this, do not come too close to the target – a few dozens of meters will do the job – and keep the target in sight. If somebody comments Arthur’s actions, you will have to download the nearest checkpoint.

The servant will put the letter in the drawer and leave the room. After this, you can come in. Morgan will open the lock and will find a ledger with the confidential letter enclosed in it. Return to Dutch – having left the room, turn to the left, descend the stairs and turn to the left one more time. Hosea and Bill will come, and all four will move to the exit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-84

Williamson did not manage to learn anything at the party, while Matthews figured out that robbing the local bank will be the most profitable endeavor (as if it’s a major surprise). Once the gang members return to the camp, Dutch will tell Arthur about his plans to enrich the commune. The protagonist will have to implement these plans in the following storyline missions.

No, No and Thrice, No

At the end of the mission ‘’The Joys of Civilization’’, Mary-Beth will be sitting near one of the carts in the camp. The characters’ talk about the life in the gang and Arthur’s lost love will be suddenly interrupted by Miss Grimshaw – Tilly Jackson was kidnapped by her former partners, Foreman Brothers. Get in the cart together with Susan and hurry to Radley’s House near Rhodes – that’s where the black girl is held.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-87

On the way to the goal, the characters will discuss the situation. The fact that Tilly’s ex-friends knew where she was located is not an accidental event: Foreman was after her back in the quest ‘’Polite Society, Valentine Style’’, because she has previously (in self-defense) killed one of his gang members. Having arrived at the site, your companion will kill the guard and take a defensive position near the door.

Inside the building, two Foremans await the hero. The first one is in the kitchen near the entrance, while the second one is in the room together with Tilly. Kill both while using the Dead Eye mode, as you need to demonstrate at least 90% accuracy if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Having freed the girl, you will learn that Anthony Foreman, the kidnapper, went hunting together with two colleagues.

Together with Susan, get on the first horse that you see and follow the riders – in order to get the gold medal, you need to kill both Anthony’s partners by yourself. If you come too close, the enemies will be killed by Miss Grimshaw, so use a long-range weapon and time slowdown. Having dealt with the guards, catch up with the leader and put a lasso on him, tie him up and take him to Tilly.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-92

Throw Foreman on the ground in front of the women. The characters will start a dispute: Anthony accuses the girl of killing his cousin, while she insists that she did it in self-defense. Ultimately, Arthur will be left alone with the kidnapper – Jackson wants him to go to his cousins and tell them to leave her alone, while Miss Grimshaw wants to cut the villain’s throat.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-93

The choice is yours – the decision will not impact the level of protagonist’s honor, so don’t be a hero. However, it’s worth noting that if Anthony survives the meeting with the protagonist, he could later be found in the game’s world. He will also be featured at the wanted board after the end of this mission.

Horsemen, Apocalypses

Following the completion of the two previous missions – ‘’The Gilded Cage’’ and ‘’No, No and Thrice, No’’ – a quest from Sadie will appear on the territory of Shady Belle camp. She will be sitting on the porch of the mansion. Arthur’s talk with Adler’s widow will be interrupted by Dutch who wants to discuss the upcoming robbery of the tram station with Morgan. However, this conversation won’t come to the logical end…

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-96

Kieran will ‘’ride’’ into the camp on the horse and with his own head in his hands – apparently, O’Driscolls did not like the betrayal of their former comrade. A mass shootout will begin. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to use pistols or revolvers during the battle so pick yourself a good one.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-97

Also, we advise you to make a manual saving before the beginning of the quest so that you are able to use tonics that restore adrenaline during a potential replay – you will have to activate the Dead Eye mode very often. The second and the third conditions of getting the gold medal are the following: kill 15 enemies with a headshot while keeping the accuracy level above 70%.

For Arthur, the battle will begin on the balcony, so take cover behind one of the columns to avoid getting damage – if you want to get the maximum reward for the mission, you cannot take medicines. Use time slowdown and don’t rush with shooting – there’ll be plenty of targets for headshots. After some time, Dutch will ask the hero to descend to the first floor – run to the main entrance.

Let the frightened people into the house and help John and other comrades to deal with O’Driscolls’ attack before returning to the mansion. Hide behind a wooden barricade and continue to shoot enemies using Dead Eye. Don’t lean out of the shelter unless necessary as there are plenty of enemies and you cannot restore your health if you dream of a gold medal.

After some time, a cart loaded with enemies will join the assaulters. Kill the coachmen (use time slowdown) and run back to the mansion – if you don’t hide now, the hero will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of attackers – to barricade the entrance with a closet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-103

In the middle of the fight, you will hear Sadie’s scream – she has not yet taken cover in the safety of the house. Jump out through the window and look behind the barn in front of you. Apparently, Mrs. Adler does not need help as she has just eliminated three O’Driscolls. Follow your companion to the trees and, having reached the docks, hide behind the boxes.

Quickly shoot the enemies in the nearby because you need to kill two O’Driscolls who are trying to sneak into the camp on the boat to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. You can do this from afar, but for more confidence, run closer to the water and use the Dead Eye mode. On the road back to the mansion, hide behind the trees together with Sadie and continue making headshots.

Near the house, other comrades will join the heroes which will allow the team to make O’Driscolls flee – this is your last chance to improve your accuracy level and make the necessary number of headshots. At the end of the confrontation, Dutch will order to bury Kieran’s remains close (but not too close) to the camp and will ask Arthur to visit the tram station – it’s high time for a robbery.

American Fathers – II

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-108
By the way, it were Rains Fall and Eagle Flies who watched your caravan on the road to Valentine

We will later get to the storyline missions of Dutch and Angelo Bronte, but now we will deal with what is happening in the city. Almost in the very center of Saint Denis, a writer Evelyn Miller is trying to help two Indians – the leader named Rains Fall and his son Eagle Flies – so that they are received by a local official.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-109

Despite the numerous agreements, the indigenous people are once again at risk of being driven out of their territories because of the discovery of large oil reserves in the area. According to Miller, the relevant reports are stored at the Leviticus Cornwall factory. To protect the people of Rains Fall, these documents must be stolen. Arthur will try to refuse, but as soon as he hears about a monetary reward, he’s in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-110

Complete any other mission (for example, the next one) – Eagle Flies needs time to get to the appointed place – and head to Citadel Rock which is located to the west of the oil fields. The young Indian will talk about the two ways to sneak into the factory – you can crawl under the fence or get into one of the carts that occasionally ‘’visit’’ the factory.

Since the second method must be used if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, we see no reason choosing something else. At the end of the conversation with Eagle Flies, run to the cart that stopped in front of the passing train and jump inside (‘’square’’/X). Wait until the cart stops on the factory territory and get out – use the mini-map to make sure that the coachman does not look in your direction.

The second condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission is to get to the office of brigadier Danbury in a stealth mode. Once you get out of the cart, climb the stairs in front and turn to the right, into the workshop (the passage will be highlighted by a lantern). The office you need is located on the second floor, so you first need to get to the stairs at the far end of the room.

Hide behind the wooden box in the front and wait until the mechanic goes to the wide door on the left. As soon as it happens, run straight to the stairs – the cleaner under the stairs will not notice the hero. Having got up to the second floor, you will see an illuminated door to Danbury’s office. Only a lone guard stands on your way to the door. After some time, he will turn away and allow the protagonist to sneak past him.

Move in a squatting position along the northern side of the room and get to the office. As soon as you are inside, pull Danbury from the table and start threatening him. After a few hits on the head, the employee will instantly find the necessary papers for the hero. Put the files in your bag – at this moment, the guard will knock on the door, but, guided by Arthur, Danbury will drive him away.

Leave Danbury’s office through the window to get into the street, where guards are already waiting for the protagonist. Fortunately, Eagle Flies has prepared a diversion – one of the oil derricks will blow out in the background. Theoretically, you do not have to kill anyone on the road to your ally – the gold medal requires at least 80% accuracy, which cannot be spoiled if you do not shoot at anyone.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-120

Get on your horse and ride together with Eagle Flies away from the factory. The heroes will be chased by three horsemen – kill them all to fulfill the last condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission. Use the Dead Eye mode to facilitate aiming and to get guaranteed hits – do not forget about the accuracy level requirement.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-121

Once you have broken away from the pursuers, the characters will discuss the participation of Eagle Flies in the operation and the results of Arthur’s mission. For his efforts, the hero will get $250, half of which will go into the camp’s budget. To continue with the storyline missions, you will have to go to Shady Belle or Saint Denis as the Indian will leave Morgan in the middle of a deserted field.

A Fine Night of Debauchery

Not far from the place where you met Evelyn Miller, Rains Fall and Eagle Flies, near the main tailor of Saint Denis, you can find Josiah Trelawny – from morning till evening, he will wait for you, while in the night it will be your turn to wait for him. On a tip from Dutch, the smart charlatan together with Leopold Strauss wants to rob a casino located on the steamboat.

Before he can get down to business, Arthur needs to upgrade his appearance – his thug looks are not suitable for the operation. First, follow Trelawny to the tailor and choose the Wittemore suit which will come for free. Next, go to the hairdresser and tweak your hairstyle so that it satisfies Josiah.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-126

On the road to the casino, the characters will discuss the upcoming operation: Arthur needs to make big bets in the game of poker and behave provocatively, while Strauss will provide signals to the hero (don’t count on them much, but we’ll get to this later). The friends want to rob a rich man named Desmond Blythe who loves to play big and always keeps a safe with spare money on the upper floor.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-127

When you reach the dock, hand the weapons to the guards and get to the poker table at the end of the cutscene. Strauss may tell you whether the game is worth the candles, but you need to win without external help if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission (do not press R1/RB during the game). Fortunately, the same cards are on the table at each replay, so you won’t have any problems.

There’s nothing to be done in the first round – fold – after this round, only Arthur and Desmond will remain at the table. You have nothing to fear in the two following rounds, so you can go all-in. Blythe will lose in both cases – first, the money, and then an expensive watch. Follow the pit boss and Javier to the top floor.

When the safe is opened, Escuella will knock out the nearby guard. Take the loot – after this, the pit boss will draw a gun, and you will have to deal with this problem as fast as you can. Fortunately, the Dead Eye mode will be automatically activated so you will be able to make a headshot. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you will have to score five headshots.

Once you have dealt with the safe, follow Javier to the bar where you will find Strauss and Trelawny who are arguing with Blythe. The latter accuses the heroes of cheating. He would have had no evidence if the guard, in whose form Escuella was walking around, did not appear at the scene. A shootout will start, and you will have to deal with a few rather difficult tasks to get the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-135

Actually, the fight will be very short, so you may not need the medicines that you cannot use in pursuit of the gold medal. However, the two remaining conditions may cause some problems. Having received control over the hero, immediately turn on the Dead Eye mode to get the maximum number of headshots in a short timeframe – you need to get out of the steamboat in 35 seconds.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-136

You are hard pressed for time, so you must act precisely: you cannot rush to the exit too early as you will fail the task, while the delay means that you failed one of the ‘’golden’’ conditions. In this light, keep an eye on Javier – hide behind the bar counter until the Mexican moves behind the column and then move to the stairs from which two enemies will descend. This is your last chance to get the headshots if you need them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-137

A door will open from the right side of the hall – use it to get out and jump into the water together with your companions. Once on the shore, the heroes will share the loot – each one will get $750, and $3000 will go to the camp’s budget – and will go about their own business. The next time, Arthur will find himself in Saint Denis in his usual clothes rather than a tuxedo.

Urban Pleasures

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-138

At the end of the mission ‘’Horsemen, Apocalypses’’, Dutch and Lenny will wait for Arthur in the center of Saint Denis. To get out of America forever, the gang needs a ship and, therefore, money. The money obtained during the robbery of the river casino is not sufficient enough to start a new peaceful life, so van der Linde decides to follow Angelo Bronte’s advice and rob the local tram station.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-139

Put on your gangster mask and break into the building together with your companions. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to rob three visitors of the station before proceeding to the next stage of the walkthrough. Fortunately, there are only three civilians there: hold L2/LT and then press ‘’triangle’’/Y to order a man to turn out his pockets.

Following Dutch’s order, the clerk will open the entrance to the ticket office for Arthur. Next, he will open the safe with money. There’s not as much money in this safe as Bronte promised. As if this was not enough, law enforcement officers will arrive at the building from all sides. Van der Linde will suggest getting on the passing tram, and the heroes will jump onto the steps of the public transport vehicle.

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to kill ten opponents during a short trip (less than a minute) on the tram. In this case, accuracy, unlike speed, does not matter. You should not make poor shots since reloading the revolver takes some time. In this light, do not forget to use the Dead Eye mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-144

You are not allowed to use health restoring items in the pursuit of the gold medal so as soon as you see a bunch of enemies (two – three), immediately turn on the time slowdown mode to mark several targets. Periodically, the enemies will go from the opposite side of your tram – change position in a timely manner with the help of ‘’square’’/X in order to not miss the law enforcement officers.

Ultimately, the tram will reach such a speed that it cannot stay on the rails. Once you get out of the cabin, hide behind the broken cart or any other shelter and start shooting enemies – the speed and accuracy don’t play a role here so just don’t catch bullets.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-147

Soon, Dutch will propose to move on – follow Lenny into a small courtyard where two law enforcement officers wait for the heroes (one will be on the balcony, while the other will be waiting on the stairs). Run through the streets, hiding behind pillars and buildings, and kill your opponents. They will be numerous, so prioritize safety rather than speed or accuracy.

Ultimately, the heroes will get to a cart that can be used to escape. Get inside the cart together with Lenny – he will drive, while you will have to defend your small team. Try to kill the enemies as fast as you can – if you hesitate, they can get inside the cart which is not allowed if you plan to get the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-150

First of all, shoot the horsemen – these individuals are the first ones who try to get into your cart. A new problem awaits on the way out of the city – the bridge is blocked by law enforcement officers. Fortunately, Dutch has a dynamite in his pocket which will be used by Lenny to destroy the barricade. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to shoot the dynamite charge (use time slowdown).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-151

Once they get away from the pursuit, the heroes will stop and discuss the situation. According to Dutch, the gang needs a big deal to escape – the bank robbery is such an operation. Van der Linde will agree to discuss the gang’s plans in the camp. At the end of the cutscene, you will receive a very modest reward – about 16 dollars.

Country Pursuits

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-152

At the end of the mission ‘’Urban Pleasures’’, Dutch will be on the balcony of the Shady Belle mansion where he will argue with Hosea about his new plan. Van der Linde believes that the gang needs to get rid of Angelo Bronte before robbing the bank. The reason for this is not his betrayal with the tram station but his connections with the police.

Hosea does not find Dutch’s arguments sufficient enough. However, Morgan, despite his doubts, will decide to support the initiative of his mentor. To get to Bronte’s mansion unnoticed, the bandits will need a boat. Fortunately, van der Linde has recently found a suitable person in the settlement of Lagras – his name is Thomas – whom you will have to meet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-153

Follow Dutch to Lagras and, having arrived at the site, talk to Thomas. He will agree to help you with transportation to Mafiosi’s mansion, but first he will need to discuss everything with his ‘’business partner’’ Jules and check crawfish traps. On the way to the first traps, the boatman will warn the heroes that the area is full of unusually big alligators.

Just follow your companions and, when necessary, help Thomas check the traps – go to the cage and hold ‘’square’’/X. After some time, an alligator will swim in front of the characters. Stay where you are until the reptile goes away and then continue moving. The second trap will get stuck in the mud, and the boatman will ask Arthur to help him out.

Having pulled out the trap, Thomas will see that it is literally bitten through and recall rumors of a huge male alligator that lives in the area. Dutch will propose to move on, but reptiles will once again stand on your way. Wait for them to disappear and follow the boatman who by this time will be worried about Jules.

Thomas will suggest splitting for a search and will send you to examine the right side of the swamp. Run (to an extent it is possible in this quagmire) to the south-east/ quest indicator on the mini-map until you hear Jules’ cries. A monster drove the poor guy to the tree and threw his boat out. Go to the boat and get inside – soon, other companions will join you.

On the way to the pier, the heroes’ boat will stumble upon a stump, and Jules will be sent to pull it out. As soon as he completes his mission, he will be dragged under the water. Arthur will be sent to search for Thomas’ partner. Swimming consumes a lot of stamina so do not hesitate to use the appropriate tonics – this is not forbidden in this mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-165

If you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to return Jules to the boat in one minute and forty seconds. Get out of the boat and run as you can to the north-west until you see a head sticking out of the water. If you hesitate with your rescue activities, Jules will once again be dragged under the water and will then appear at a different place – listen to sounds and stare in the darkness.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-166

Do not worry: Jules is alive, but he cannot walk because of a leg injury. Take him on your shoulders and hurry to the boat – you need to bring him back in time if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Arthur’s stamina is consumed even faster with Jules on his back, so you will be putting him into the boat using your last bits of energy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-167

Once you are onboard, take your revolver or rifle – the monstrous alligator will rush at the heroes. To get the gold medal, you need to shoot at the reptile five times. It is not as hard as it seems – just use the time slowdown and mark the required number of points on the reptile’s body.

The alligator will dive under the boat, and Jules will need help with his injury. Twist the right stick clockwise to apply a bandage and hold L2/LT and R2/RT to put the necessary pressure on the bite. Next, the monster will come up again, and you will have the last chance to put five bullets into the giant as it will be much closer. At this point, the swamp adventures of Dutch and Arthur will come to an end.

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-170

After the end of the previous mission, return to Lagras where Dutch, Bill, Lenny, John and boatman Thomas are already waiting for Arthur. Everything is set for the assault of Angelo Bronte’s mansion. On the way to the estate, the heroes will discuss the military past of Williamson and the necessity to never forget about the love that binds the bandits.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-171

Having disembarked, climb over the fence. Dutch will give orders: Morgan and Marston will go to the left, while the remaining gang members will head to the right. Follow your partner until he sees two guards ahead. It is impossible to eliminate them stealthily so be prepared for a mass shootout. Turn on the Dead Eye mode and make headshots to the guards – to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need 20 headshots.

Shots will come out of everywhere, so do not get out of your shelter unless you really need it – you will have to complete the mission without medicines if you plan to obtain the gold medal. Timely kill your opponents on the balcony and the porch of the mansion – the first ones are dangerous because of their altitude advantage, while the second ones could bypass you. As soon as all external security forces of the house are eliminated, come to the back door together with your allies.

When Arthur approaches the door, he will receive a shotgun that will be used to shoot the lock. Having knocked out the door, go forward a bit and use time slowdown to make two headshots when two Bronte’s guards appear. Before you go to the second floor, clear the first floor from the enemies. You do not have to show world-class accuracy in this mission, but you must aim at the head.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-177

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to inspect each room of the mansion so do not miss a single one. When you climb to the second floor, you’ll face another opponent. Shoot him in the head and inspect the left and right rooms marked on the mini-map. Then, proceed to the central room – Bronte is hiding in his bedroom.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-178

Mafiosi will try to pay for his life, but John will hit him with a butt of his rifle. You will have to drag Angelo back to the boat. The protagonist’s task will be complicated by law enforcement officers who will arrive at the scene by this time. Also, you need to get to the boat in one and a half minutes if you plan to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Fortunately, you can shoot while dragging Angelo.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-179

Having picked up Bronte, return to the stairs as fast as you can and descend to the first floor to run out into the garden. If you wish so – or do not have the required number of headshots for the gold medal – you can use the Dead Eye mode to shoot law enforcement officers (in order not to spend too much time for aiming), but ideally you should leave the shooting to your comrades and head straight towards your goal.

Having reached the boat, the heroes will automatically break away from the potential pursuit and will switch their attention to Bronte. Mafiosi will fail to bribe Dutch’s comrades and will pay his life for this mistake – first, van der Linde will keep Angelo’s head under the water for a long time, and when he drowns, the gang leader will use the traitor’s corpse as food for the nearby alligator.

Your reward for the completion of this mission will be limited by items that Arthur picked up from the mansion’s inhabitants. However, the jackpot awaits heroes in the bank of Saint Denis – everything is ready for the robbery.

Banking, the Old American Art

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-182

By the time you return to Shady Belle after the end of the previous mission, the gang’s bosses will already be discussing the plan of the upcoming bank robbery. Hosea and Abigail will make a diversion which will lure law enforcement officers away from the building of the bank, while the others will do the real business. The heroes have no choice – time is running out – but Arthur believes that it will be possible to enter a shootout if necessary.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-183

Get on your horse and ride to Saint Denis together with your comrades. Along the way, Dutch will distribute roles in the upcoming robbery among characters: he and Morgan will deal with the manager and the vault, John and Lenny will guard the main entrance, Javier will be busy with the side entrance, Bill, Micah and Charles will work with customers. Having arrived at the site, wait for the explosion in a distance – the work of Hosea and Abigail – and move to the bank.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-184

Do not take rifles from the horse – you need to use pistols/revolvers if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Make sure that Arthur is well rested before taking on the task – you cannot use medicines in pursuit of the gold medal, and the Dead Eye charge will be used to kill at list 25 enemies with headshots.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-185
The slower the dial moves on the safe, the closer you are to the correct number

Having rushed into the building, the heroes will push the visitors to the back room while Dutch and Arthur will deal with the manager who will open the vault door under the threat of death. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to open any of the three safes without mistakes – it is much easier than it seems at first glance.

As you recall from the mission ‘’Sodom? Back to Gomorrah’’, you break the safe by using the left stick. Slowly rotate it counterclockwise until you hear a click – this means that the first number of the combination (there are three such numbers) is found. Repeat the procedure by turning the analog clockwise, and then again counterclockwise. The winning sequence is 19, 72, 54.

As soon as Morgan picks the loot from the safe, John will bring news about the problems – Pinkertons have arrived with Hosea as a hostage. The agreement will not be reached, and as a gesture of bad will, agent Milton, who is heading the assault, will kill the hostage, initiating the mass shootout. Don’t lean out of your shelter more than necessary and frequently use time slowdown to make the required number of headshots.

As soon as reinforcements start coming to the bank, Dutch will call Arthur. You are not obliged to run to Dutch as fast as you can – you can spend at least thirty seconds to make another five or more hits at enemy heads as there’ll be plenty of targets. Dutch won’t be happy, but he cannot do anything – without the hero, the storyline will not move on.

There are too many law enforcement officers in front of the bank, so you can’t run through the main entrance. Thus, Dutch will propose to make a hole in the side wall. Take the dynamite and set the charge. Before you take cover from the upcoming explosion, you can return to the windows and shoot at the enemies in pursuit of headshots. When you have made enough headshots, shoot at the charge and, having run out through the formed passage, climb the stairs to the roof of the nearby building.

Your task is to cover the retreat of the rest of the gang, i.e. just shoot at the enemies. Hide behind a wooden partition on the edge of the roof – this is the best view point – but do not forget about the destructibility of the local environment: sooner or later, you will have to change your position. After some time, a cart with a machine gun will arrive at the bank. Eliminate the shooter quickly (use the Dead Eye mode) and continue collecting headshots.

Dutch will be the last one to get up on the roof. He will announce that law enforcement officers grabbed John. There’s no point in returning for him right now, so you have to flee. Follow Lenny until he is shot by Pinkertons who came out of nowhere – the time slowdown will turn on automatically and allow you to make two more headshots. This won’t save the young thief though…

You need to move on. Jump over to the next building. There, Dutch will suggest changing tactics and acting secretly. Follow your ally along the balconies and roofs – the surviving bandits will hide in an abandoned building where they will decide to wait for the night. Under the cover of darkness, van der Linde wants to sneak into the docks, find a ship and sail away from Saint Denis.

When it gets dark, it will be time to move out of your shelter. Take a squatting position and follow your comrades until you get to railroad tracks which are protected by Pinkertons. To avoid a collision, Dutch will propose to go through a train. Halfway to the exit from the car, the road will be blocked by a guard. Hide behind one of the passenger seats and wait until he leaves the scene.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 4: Saint Denis-200

Once you are out of the train, sneak behind Dutch until the next ‘’stop’’ – two more Pinkertons are on your way. Run away from your ally, hide behind the numerous bags and boxes in the nearby and whistle (up arrow) to attract the agents’ attention. After this, stealthily return to your companions and continue moving towards the ship.

The remaining obstacle on your way to the ship is a group of several law enforcement officers. Charles will decide to distract them. Finally, run towards the ship so that all of you – Arthur, Dutch, Micah, Bill, Javier – can get onboard. The characters will hide among the cargo and van der Linde will be able to negotiate a trip to Cuba for all the gang members.

The heroes will not have much time to enjoy the sea breeze – after some time, the ship will face a storm. At this point, this mission and the fourth chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2 will come to an end.