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Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma

The surviving members of van der Linde gang find themselves on a tropical island and need to get out of this place


The bank robbery in Saint Denis was a big failure: the gang was not able to get the jackpot necessary to escape from America while several Arthur’s friends were either killed or caught by law enforcement officers. A small group of survivors headed by Dutch was able to get on a ship that was heading to Cuba.

Unfortunately for the crew and the passengers, the ship got into a storm. After the shipwreck, Morgan found himself on Guarma island which is located to the east from the original destination. You’ll learn what is remarkable about this place (in addition to the tropical climate) in the upcoming storyline missions.

At the beginning of this chapter, you have only one main task available, so there is no choice. In this walkthrough, we will analyze missions in order of their appearance on the map, storyline logic and convenience: the nearest quest comes first.

Welcome to The New World

Arthur will wake up on the beach after the shipwreck, tired and with a clouded sight. All that you can do now is to use the left stick to make the hero move and find something or someone. The protagonist will move very slowly so be patient – after the title of the new chapter appears on the screen, the process will go a little faster.

At the end of the ‘’clouded’’ portion of the mission, hold the touchpad/View button so that the hero notices the smoke rising from the camp in the distance. Move towards the signal to meet your comrades – Dutch, Bill, Javier and Micah have also survived the storm and are on the island. The reunion joy won’t last long – the heroes won’t have the time to discuss the situation as law enforcement officers will appear at the scene.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-6

In a conversation with Dutch, the captain of the guards will explain that the local government has more than enough problems without a new gang on the island. The prisoners will be chained, with Arthur being the last man in the chain. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to follow the procession without lagging behind. Just deflect the left stick in the necessary direction, and you won’t have any problems with this ‘’golden’’ condition.

On the road to an unspecified place, the captain will introduce himself – Levi Simon, senior manager of Alberto Fussar. The last name sounds familiar, and for a good reason – this is one of the visitors of the Saint Denis mayor’s party, at which the heroes have been in the previous chapter. Simon will order the soldiers to put the vagabonds in jail until their identities are known and will disappear from sight.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-9

After some time, your procession will catch up with the trio of arrested rebels and will join them. After some more walk in the shackles, the procession will be attacked by local rebels who will kill most guards, allowing Arthur to free himself and get a pistol. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to make 10 headshots so start fulfilling this condition right now.

The hero has some charge of the Dead Eye, but we do not recommend spending it now – the law enforcement officers will stand close enough and with their backs to you, while all tonics were left in America, so you cannot replenish your adrenaline. Having made (preferably) three headshots, Arthur with his old and new friends will retreat to the jungle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-12

During the escape, Javier will be shot and left at the mercy of soldiers. Meanwhile, the unnamed rebel leader will take the heroes to a fortified hill and provide them with rifles. The altitude advantage and the occasionally self-restoring charge of the Dead Eye will allow you to make the required number of headshots without any problems.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-13

There will be plenty of targets for headshots but do not be slow because the hero’s allies may kill the majority of opponents. When most enemies fall, the surviving ones will flee – this is your last chance to get one or two headshots that you need to fulfill the condition for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-14

At the end of the battle, the black leader of rebels will introduce himself – Hercule Fontaine – and will lead the characters to a safe place. Before you can leave this ‘’wonderful’’ island, you will have to save Javier, help the resistance of the workers who escaped from the sugarcane plantation and then meet Hercule in his secret refuge. You will deal with this in the upcoming storyline missions.

Savagery Unleashed

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-15

To the north-east from the new camp in the middle of the jungle, a question mark will appear on the map. This is an approximate place of disappearance of several workers who fled from the Fussar plantation and need help, according to Hercule’s assistant Leon. To start the quest, find the corpse which is hanging from a tree – a tranquilizing dart will stick into the hero’s neck, and Arthur will lose his consciousness.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-16

This time, one of the conditions for obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission is to complete it in five minutes and forty seconds, so act fast. A Hispanic soldier will interrogate the hero after Morgan awakens. As soon as Arthur is no longer beaten, he will be able to introduce himself as an American named Leviticus Cornwall which will buy him some time.

While your kidnapper is busy with Leon who got caught together with Morgan, as well as with the third prisoner, try to free your tied hands. Aim the invisible sight at the immobilized limb, hold L2/LT or R2/RT (depending on the side of the body) – after several unsuccessful attempts, the camera will move behind the hero’s back. Use the left stick to swing the chair on which the hero is sitting and free yourself.

Once you are back on your feet again, quickly press ‘’triangle’’/Y to grapple with the soldier and then beat him to death. In the cutscene (you can skip it to save time), Arthur will free his neighbors in the ‘’cell’’ and get himself a rifle. Squat – to minimize noise – after Leon, hiding from the guards, until you get to the three hanged workers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-21

As soon as you see them, turn on the Dead Eye mode and shoot the ropes that squeeze the poor guys’ throats. Next, kill the hangman with a headshot – you will need seven headshots to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. To achieve the maximum result in the mission, you need to release the prisoners in four seconds, so get to this task immediately.

As soon as all workers are saved, hide behind the column and position yourself to the south-west – in a few seconds, enemy soldiers will start their assault from this side. Use auto aiming and/or time slowdown to shoot the heads – time is running out – and do not let opponents get to the flanks or you will put Arthur’s life at risk.

In the end of the shootout, a sniper will appear on the roof of the opposite building. He will annoy you if you do not eliminate him in time. After the end of the slaughter, help Leon to release the workers – at this moment, one-armed Hercule’s assistant named Baptiste will sneak from behind and thank Arthur for helping the resistance.

A Kind and Benevolent Despot

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-26

According to Hercule, if Javier survived, he is kept in Aguasdulces – a well-guarded estate of Fussar. Fortunately for Dutch and Arthur who want to sneak there, there’s a cave hidden from prying eyes under the estate and it leads to the enemy territory. Move to the north-east from the temporary camp, to the rocks and the waterfall. Climb up the ridge and talk to van der Linde to start the mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-27

Dutch found the cave of which Hercule was talking about. In addition, he found a guide – a greedy old woman named Gloria. On the way to the site – deflect the left stick in the necessary direction to move along the ledge – your companion will show his plan: he wants to free Javier, flee from the island and return to Saint Denis to meet with others. Arthur does not find this plan ideal.

Gloria, who is dissatisfied that the heroes are late, will first demand the payment for her services – the last gold bar that Dutch has after the mess in Saint Denis. On the way to the underground entrance to Fussar’s estate, the characters will discuss the failed bank robbery. Dutch will find it strange that so many Pinkertons managed to arrive at the site of the robbery so quickly and would assume that there is a traitor in the gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-30

Gloria will lead the heroes to the jammed and rusty metal door that you need to open by force together with your companion (it remains a question how a helpless old woman managed to do this on her own) – deflect the left stick away from yourself and quickly press ‘’cross’’/A to take out the door. The way to the estate is now opened, but there’s one more obstacle ahead.

In front of the stairs leading to the surface, the old woman will demand more gold from the heroes. As a result, Dutch will hit her head several times as he does not want to keep such unreliable team members alive. Arthur will ask why van der Linde keeps killing defenseless people. Dutch will say that it’s all for the common good. The doubts inside the hero are gaining strength.

Once they are back to the surface, the heroes will witness how their friend and colleague is dragged by the donkey while Fussar and his associates mock the poor Mexican. Right now, the heroes cannot help Escuella, so Dutch will propose to come in from the other side. Follow van der Linde and help him kill two guards. Sneak behind the back to the one who stands on the right side and finish him off quietly.

Next, hide the corpse of your victim in the nearby bushes and go counterclockwise around the local sugar processing factory. Dutch will decide to visit the institution to make a diversion. Wait until guards separate and then sneak up to the closest one and put a knife in his back. To divert the soldiers from Javier, you will have to arrange a small explosion.

Open the bags with sugar, close the windows and fire the oven to create the ideal conditions for detonation. Run from the building together with Dutch and hide behind a nearby well to observe the fruits of your labors. When Javier’s guards are attracted by the explosion, run to the cages where your friend is kept. While Dutch opens the lock, you will need to shoot.

At this stage, you need to fulfill two conditions in order to get the gold medal at the end of the mission – take Escuella to a safe place in two minutes and make ten headshots along the way. Before Dutch puts Javier on his back and moves away from the chase, you will have some time to make a few headshots. Use time slowdown and auto aiming to facilitate the task.

When van der Linde tells you to move on, immediately follow him and kill all enemies on your companion’s way so that the procession does not slow down. At the exit from the estate, a big pack of enemies will arrive from the east. Instead of confronting them, run after Dutch through the sugarcane plantation, killing those enemies who have come too close.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-44

Ultimately, the heroes will get to the river, and you will be tasked with stopping the enemies while Dutch is taking unconscious Javier out of this hot spot. Hide behind a boulder on the opposite side of the river and start methodically shooting the enemies. Now, you can concentrate on accuracy – there are many targets for headshots.

Beware soldiers on the rocks to the north-east and try to get rid of them as soon as you can. When the required number of pursuers is killed, Arthur will hide from the soldiers in the jungle. At this point, the mission will come to an end. If you have completed it after the mission ‘’Savagery Unleashed’’, the following quest, in which the hero will finally visit the secret refuge of Hercule in Cinco Torres, will automatically begin.

Hell Hath No Fury

After the two previous missions, Arthur will automatically head to the meeting with Hercule in Cinco Torres. Having arrived at the site, the protagonist will find Dutch and Fontaine discussing the situation. The latter argues that a ship cannot get out of Guarma because of the Cuban naval forces (thanks, Fussar!), so the bandits need to deal with the local tyrant before they can escape from the island.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-49

The heroes won’t have much time to discuss their plans as Hercule’s assistant will report about the Cuban forces’ assault. Follow your comrades to the observation point – a huge warship is coming to the fortress while enemy soldiers are already disembarking. Take the sniper rifle (find the weapon icon on the mini-map), hide behind the merlons and prepare yourself for the fight.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-50

The gold medal requires you to keep the accuracy level above 70% so shoot with precision. Contrary to our usual advice, do not use the Dead Eye mode – you will need it later, and you currently don’t have the items to replenish its charge. Auto aiming does not work in the case of the sniper rifle, so you can limit yourself to a standard carbine if you wish.

After some time, Hercule will ask Arthur to drag the cannon to the edge of the platform for future needs. Come to the cannon, deflect the left stick from yourself and quickly press on ‘’cross’’/A. Once you are done with this task, follow Dutch to the fortress wall – the enemy soldiers have broken to the territory of the fort. You can take the shotgun from the armory along the way, but it won’t be of great help.

Once you are on the fortress wall, hide behind the boxes and start shooting the assaulters. It may look counterproductive, but it’s better to use your pistol during this attack. The distance to the enemy is small so it’s not hard to make accurate shots (do not forget about the accuracy level requirement for the gold medal). When all enemies at this part of the fortress are eliminated, run to the next one – the sniper rifle will come in handy.

Having cleared the site, give orders to Dutch and Hercule regarding the flanks they must defend – in essence, there’ no difference so don’t waste your time thinking about your decision. The boats full of Fussar’s soldiers are heading to the fort from two sides. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to eliminate the crew of at least four boats before they reach the shore. You do not have enough time slowdown to kill everyone, so combine the Dead Eye mode with the sniper rifle.

There are at least three boats at each side, so you have plenty of targets. If you manage to prevent all enemy soldiers from landing, immediately head to Hercule. In the other case, you will have to descend to the beach and kill all the attackers. At the meeting, Fontaine will tell you that Fussar’s warship is coming close, so you need to use the gun at the observation point.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-60
The cannon needs to be reloaded after five shots

Run after your ally and take the cannon in your hands: to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you should not miss a shot. In this regard, aim a little higher of your target as shown in the screenshot above – you need to compensate for the fall of the missile during the flight. It will be extremely difficult to understand whether you have hit the target or not because of smoke and explosions around – you will need at least six hits to sink the warship.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-61

Having destroyed all the enemy forces, Arthur will finally hear the good news – Hercule found a suitable boat for the heroes. Dutch will give orders to Bill and Micah, and the characters will start preparing for the upcoming departure from the island. Thus, the next mission will start automatically.

Paradise Mercifully Departed

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-62

It won’t be as easy to return home as the heroes hoped. First, Fussar captured the captain of the ship on which Arthur and his friends wanted to sail away from the island. Second, he placed artillery around the shore, and it is capable to destroy any ship that leaves the island in a matter of a few seconds. Bill stays to monitor the wounded Javier, while the rest of the gang leaves to solve new problems.

To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete it in six minutes and forty-five seconds – in a potential replay of the mission, you can skip cutscenes to save time. Follow your companions until you and Micah must eliminate two guards near the cannons. You need to do it stealthily if you dream of a gold medal, so sneak behind one of them and put a knife in his back.

Place dynamite charges on the cannon and prepare for a fight – as soon as it explodes, Fussar’s soldiers will rush to your position. The third condition of obtaining the gold medal at the end of the mission is to kill 25 enemies with headshots, so start shooting the enemy heads right now. First, eliminate the sniper on the tower that is located on the south-west and then deal with the three soldiers (use time slowdown) in the corridor on the way to the next cannons.

Follow Hercule, making headshots along the way. Micah, who is near the second artillery row, will decide to place dynamite charges while you and Dutch will protect him. Hide behind the stone fence and wait for the enemies who will come from the side of the sugarcane plantation that is located on the north-east. There are plenty of targets here, and most of them will rush directly to the hero, so wait a little before using the Dead Eye mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-69

After you have eliminated the enemies, Micah will be still dealing with his task, so you have the time to run over the defeated soldiers and pick up some ammo for your rifle (Arthur will do it automatically) – there are many enemies ahead. After the second ‘’set’’ of the guns explodes, follow Micah to the workers’ home where the captain of your ship is held against his will.

The site in front of the building is defended by a limited number of opponents. Most of them (if not all) will stand in the open space – ideal conditions for making several headshots using the Dead Eye mode. Having eliminated the guards, run to the bluish structure with a lamp at the entrance – this is where the captain waits for his savior.

Levi Simon, Fussar’s manager whom you met in the first mission of this chapter, will attack the hero when he gets inside the building. After a short fight, he will aim his pistol at the protagonist. Fortunately for Arthur, Dutch will come to the rescue with his revolver, but soon the status quo will be restored by Alberto Fussar.

By the time the fourth participant of the fight arrives at the scene, Morgan will be able to get up and take his gun from the holster. You can aim at one enemy or the other by using the right stick. Deflect it to yourself to look at the wounded captain who has been on the floor in the middle of the room all the time and push the gun to him by pressing ‘’square’’/X.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-76

The smart sailor will quickly evaluate the situation and kill Simon, while Fussar will manage to escape. As if the original time limit was not enough, here’s another one – you need to take your captain to the ship in one minute and forty-five seconds. Your companion won’t go forward until the path is cleared from the enemies so run and kill everything that moves (preferably, with headshots).

Having eliminated the first group of your opponents, rush forward – the enemy soldier will descend from the hill on the left when you approach the illuminated stone buildings. Kill him and hide behind the arch – the complex is full of Fussar fighters. Kill the first three opponents – you can use time slowdown as by this time it should already be restored – and run to the half-destroyed building.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-79

Here, four opponents are waiting for the heroes – three on the ground, one on the roof – but in reality, it is enough to just run past the building to the north-east to launch the cutscene. However, if you do not have enough headshots for the gold medal, do not skip these targets as there’s only one enemy ahead after this place.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-80

Fussar escaped to the tower and uses its cannon actively. Hercule proposes to get to another cannon that is located at the basement of the stronghold and initiate a counter-attack. Do not waste time, run forward and kill the sole soldier with a headshot – if you hesitate or decide to ignore the enemy, he can be killed by your ally.

Once you get to the cannon, aim at the top of the tower (see the screenshot above) – theoretically, you can kill Fussar by hitting the center of the building, but our method is much faster – and press R2/RT. The tyrant is gone, the island is free, and nobody prevents the five friends to return to America – with the exception of Pinkertons who search across the whole country to eliminate the remains of the gang.

On the way back to the continent, Dutch will lay out his plans: go ashore one by one, be silent and secretly find the rest of the gang. Next, you will need to collect some money and escape. Returning to the first part of the plan – the search for the surviving gang members – van der Linde will assume that someone might have tried to contact the ‘’islanders’’ and will ask Arthur to visit Shady Belle.

Dear Uncle Tacitus

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-85
Arthur will get his horse and his belongings after the reunion with the rest of the gang

This mission starts automatically after the end of the previous one – the main hero will be taken by the boat to Van Horn Trading Post. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete the quest in eight minutes so ‘’borrow’’ a horse on the outskirts of the settlement and ride towards Shady Belle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-86

If you wish, you can turn on the cinematic camera during the journey. However, AI will be more careless with the stamina of your horse than a real player, so control the animal manually to avoid problems with your ‘’transport’’ in the future – in this case, you will be able to use short routes.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-87

Having arrived at the mansion, go inside, turn to the right and pick up the letter to Uncle Tacitus that lies on the table (it’s a fake name to which all the correspondence to the gang is sent). In this letter, a girl named Caroline who sounds suspiciously similar to Sadie tells that she went to visit relatives in the village of Lakay, north of Saint Denis.

As soon as you read the letter, four Pinkertons will come to the mansion. You do not have to kill them: to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to secretly get out of Shady Belle. Wait until one of Pinkertons goes past you to the next room and escape through the front door (see the screenshot above).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-90

Pinkertons may also show up if, out of stupidity or ignorance, Arthur goes to the second floor before he finds the letter – in this case, it will be much more difficult to leave the mansion as you could be detected when you descend from the second floor. Get outside with or without a fight, jump on any horse (including your opponent’s animals) and ride towards the new quest indicator.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-91

On the way to Lakay, a cutscene will begin – it will significantly shorten the journey to the new gang camp. Having arrived at the area marked by yellow color on the map, run to the west. Mr. Pearson, Abigail and Sadie stand near the hut and cook supper together. Go to them to complete the current quest and start the next one.

Fleeting Joy

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-92

In the absence of ‘’islanders’’, Charles and Sadie took command of the gang. They have buried Hosea’s body, learned that John was sent to Sisika prison after the bank robbery and found a place for a new camp. The reunion joy will be temporary: Dutch will start to assure everyone that the fight is not over when agent Milton and army of Pinkertons will appear at the camp.

Pinkertons have a machine gun so, following an order, the gang’s hut will shake under the thunder of shells. Exiting through the main entrance is a pure suicide so Sadie will propose to get out of the building from the other side. Follow your ally – once on the street, she will lay out her plan: you should use the passage to another house to bypass the enemies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-95
During the ambush with the time slowdown, kill the machine gunner or you will run into a major trouble

Move along the swamp and get into the necessary building through the loophole in the floor. Just when Arthur is ready to kick out the door that leads to Pinkertons, Sadie will throw him a gun – at this moment, time slowdown will turn on automatically. You need to kill two enemies during the time that Dead Eye mode is on to get the gold medal at the end of the mission. Theoretically, you can kill more opponents, but you will need your adrenaline later so save some now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-96
Increase the brightness of the game to the maximum to see at least something in the darkness of the local forest

Having left the time slowdown mode, hide behind the boxes and start methodically shooting your enemies. There is no special level of accuracy or speed that you must have to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, so concentrate on staying safe – you cannot use medicines if you want to achieve the maximum result. Do not use the Dead Eye mode in the fight to save the charge for the following section.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-97

Once you have pushed your opponents back, return to the machine gun. Once you are controlling it, do not rush to shoot – if you want to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to make five headshots while using the machine gun and keep your accuracy level above 70%. To facilitate aiming, we advise switching to first-person mode and using time slowdown.

Listen to Sadie and Bill to know from which side Pinkertons will come. Theoretically, you can leave the machine gun once you have made the required number of headshots and continue shooting enemies on your own. In this case, you won’t have to worry about your accuracy level, but you should be prepared for serious resistance from the enemies.

When you kill enough opponents, they will start retreating. Dutch will announce that the gang should prepare to move – it is too dangerous to stay at Lakay – while Abigail will ask when her husband will be freed from the prison. Van der Linde has more important things to worry about right now, so the desperate woman will ask Arthur and Sadie to help. Everything has its time.

A Fork in the Road

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-100

To start this quest, you need to visit Saint Denis after the completion of ‘’Fleeting Joy’’. Theoretically, you can do this in the next chapter after the gang has moved to a new camp, but we have decided not to postpone the matter. As you could have understood from Arthur’s periodic cough, something is wrong with him: walking along the streets of the megapolis, the hero will fall to the ground, unable to move.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-101

A worried passerby will come to help the protagonist and will lead you to a doctor. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to complete it in three minutes and five seconds so, once you have control over Arthur, move in the direction specified by the helpful gentleman – a cutscene will begin at the entrance to the doctor’s office.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-102
A visit to the doctor will cost you 10 dollars

The good news: Morgan will not have to wait as the doctor will deal with him without any delay. The bad news: he is diagnosed with tuberculosis. In the 19th century, there was no effective treatment for this illness (the first antibiotic was discovered only in 1928) – patients were advised to rest and go to a warm climate – so the news is like a death sentence for the hero.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-103
The animal that you will see at the end of the street depends on the hero’s level of honor

Once you are out of the doctor’s office, move in any direction – Arthur will hear voices. As soon as you reach the end of the street, an imaginary animal will run out before the protagonist, and the mission will be completed. From this moment, only a small amount of food and drinks will have a positive effect on the character’s state, but otherwise there will be no difference between a healthy Morgan and a sick Morgan.

That’s Murfree Country

Theoretically, you can help Sadie to get Marston out of jail before this quest. Regardless of whether this mission is completed, it will be on the quest list in the sixth chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. We won’t doubt the developers’ logic and will take on the quest ‘’That’s Murfree Country’’.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-104

Having returned to Lakay, talk to Dutch – he sits in a chair on the porch of an old house at the swamp. The characters will discuss the situation – van der Linde has another plan, but Arthur is worried about the lives of his comrades rather than Dutch’s ideas. The heroes will agree that the gang needs a new camp, and its leader needs loyalty of his team and some time to think about a correct plan.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-105

Dutch is thinking about a place near Roanoke Ridge, behind Butcher Creek – Arthur needs to do some scouting there with Charles. The hunter of the gang sits and sharpens his axe near the building to the north. Once you have a companion, get on your horse and follow your ally.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-106

The road to Butcher Creek is long, so Charles will propose to change horses for canoe – the boats are waiting for the heroes at the bridge up the river. The choice is yours, but the option with the water transport takes plenty of time and does not bring any gameplay advantages – when you reach the above-mentioned bridge, the horses will automatically take characters to the place of destination.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-107

On the way to the goal, Smith and Morgan will discuss the general situation and the situation in the region to which they are heading. The Indians that you know – Rains Fall and his son Eagle Flies – are struggling in their reservation, while the Murfree Gang (savages and cannibals) is hiding in the nearby caves of Beaver Hollow – everyone is afraid of them.

Having arrived at the site, Charles will propose to go by foot. Take a bow and a gun from the saddle – you will need them. Squat and follow your companion until you stumble upon two Murfrees. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to make 15 headshots while keeping your accuracy level above 85%.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-110

Following this fight, the heroes will discover a stagecoach that has recently disappeared – Murfrees have made a bloody pagan totem out of the bodies of its two passengers. Climb the hill at the entrance to the cave and choose: use the dynamite to lure that savages outside or stealthily sneak to them. Both options lead to a mass battle so choose what you wish.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-111

Descend from the hill and notice how one Murfree is dragging a corpse. Eliminate the villain (he will move with his back to the protagonist) with a headshot – from the bow to keep you incognito or from a rifle to attract attention. If you have chosen the scenario with dynamite, throw it into the savages’ shelter (do not forget to get away) and prepare for the slaughter.

Murfrees will run out of the cave – hide behind the boxes and start shooting your enemies. The ideal scenario is to turn on the time slowdown mode and kill several enemies at each activation of the time slowdown. You cannot use medicines if you plan to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, but tonics that replenish your adrenaline level are allowed. Use the Dead Eye mode to kill enemies before they have the time to run in different directions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-112

In case you stealthily eliminate the enemy at the entrance to the cave, the heroes will secretly sneak inside. Charles can kill the first Murfree you see after you have entered the cave – he will be beating an unfortunate corpse with a machete – but since we need headshots, use your bow to kill him. Sneak through the passage on the north side to the next room.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-113

Here, you will find two enemies at once – no matter how quietly you eliminate one of them, the second villain will immediately notice the loss of the comrade. Fortunately, Arthur’s companion will stay alert and silence the enemy before he can raise alarm. The alternative option is to turn on the time slowdown mode and kill both savages at once from the bow.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-114

You will have to fight your way in the far side of the cave, so take your best gun – most Murfrees are armed with machetes that kill the hero from the first blow, so we advise to eliminate them from afar. You should also take care of Charles – he can shoot (and his shooting skills are good), but if he dies, the mission will be failed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-115

Try to find a place to which the enemies will come from one side (see the screenshot above) – in this case, you won’t have to worry about a flank attack and you’ll be free to make headshots. Do not forget to use time slowdown to facilitate aiming – misses lead to lower accuracy level and to a potential death from machete.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-116

When all Murfrees in the cave are dead, come to the cage at the far end of the location. There, you will find a frightened and exhausted girl. Arthur will volunteer to take the girl to her native Annesburg while Charles returns to Lakay to meet the rest of the gang. To get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to take Meredith (that’s the name of the ex-hostage) to her mother in two minutes.

You will not be able to do it if you follow the route proposed by developers, so you must go straight through the forest – beware of treacherously placed trees and high cliffs. Having arrived at the city, go to the zone marked by yellow color on the map to ‘’hand over’’ the girl to her mother. If you want, you can refuse the material reward – in this case, you will get a small reputation increase.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 5: Guarma-119

On the way back to his horse, Arthur will see Mrs. Downes, who is still engaged in prostitution. The woman does not want to deal with the killer of her husband, so she will hide in the house. In the next chapter, the protagonist will have a chance to help the Downes family, but now Morgan will return to Beaver Hollow to meet the gang.

The reunion will not be happy: Dutch’s girlfriend Molly, who tried to talk to him in several previous chapters, will come drunk to the new camp and confess that she told agent Milton about the gang’s plans to rob the bank in Saint Denis. Putting loyalty ahead of everything else, van der Linde will get out his revolver but, before Arthur has the time to interfere in the situation, Miss Grimshaw will end the argument by killing Molly.

The fifth act ends at this sad note: Molly is dead, there is no way to return the victims of the failed robbery, Arthur is mortally ill, John is still in prison, Pinkertons are on characters’ trail. We will learn where these challenges lead the heroes in the sixth chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2.